Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara £8.45 currently half price (£16.90 originally)

If you read any of my monthly beauty box posts, you may recognise this brand as being something included in the June GlossyBox. I didn’t really think too much of it initially, and put it aside. Oh how silly of me. I then stayed a night at a friends house and threw this into my handbag as a quick (and nifty travel sized) mascara option. When I first opened this, I grimaced at the size of the brush head. It does look massive, in length and thickness. It scared me a little, putting this near my eye. I once owned “bad gal lash” by Benefit, and that too had a very large brush on the wand, and I didn’t get on with it at all. It was messy, difficult for accuracy and sometimes a little painful (bristles in eye scenario). Now, I believe  I have normal sized eyes, and that although Louise calls me Chumbolina (in reference to Thumbolina), my eyes are of normal size, so if you’re thinking “but Zoe, everything looks big compared with you”, i’m pretty sure someone else would feel the same way. Once I had gotten over the sheer horror of the size of the brush head, I went to use it on my eyelashes and very surprisingly, had absolutely no problem using it to apply the mascara. The shape of the brush allows you to easily grab each lash with no difficulty what so ever. 

So what makes this mascara so amazing? The first thing I love about it, is the bristles. They are really dense, which means they literally grab every lash, which also means minimum clumping. I am someone who really likes volume in my eyelashes, and this is exactly what “sexy pulp” claims to add, and I really feel that it does. It makes them appear fuller, longer and curlier than that are naturally and I feel like they make a nice impact without going to “false lash” measures. I loved the little sample so much, I immediately went on the Yves Rocher website, and ordered myself 2 in full size. I got one in brown, and one in black, as I do wear a variation of the two shades. When going for something a little more natural I’ll opt for brown, and then if i’m going all out i’ll go with black. I even stopped using and didn’t repurchase, for about the 10th time, my beloved No7 Exquisite Curl mascara which I thought no other mascara could top. 

Here are some scary eye pictures of my mascara in use. I was wearing the black mascara in the images above and only had on 2 coats. If you were really mascara crazy, I think you could carry on with another few coats before it might start clumping. I would highly, highly recommend this mascara to anyone that wants volume, length and curl to their lashes. I had never even heard of this brand before, but that’s the joy of beauty boxes, finding absolute gems in them, that you then go on to love and repurchase. Although this mascara is originally priced at £16.90, I was fully intending to spend that much on it because I loved it that much, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was half price on the website, so i’d hurry over and grab one if you were interested as i’m not sure how long that may last for. 

What is your favourite mascara at the moment? Have you tried anything else from Yves Rocher?

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  1. Your eyes are amazing! *.* I would think the huge wand would make it difficult to use. Glad to hear it worked for you!

    xx Veronica

  2. Erica

    I've actually been on the hunt for a mascara with this type of wand! I'm tired of flimsy, plastic ones. Might have to try this out :)


  3. Oh wow that brush looks lovely, i know what you mean about when brushes are too big, i do fear for my eyes! I'm a mascara junkie so i want to try this now :P



  4. Really nice! Do you know the brand AVON? It's really good, and kind of similiar to Yves Rocher :)


  5. Oh, you should try Yves Rocher's waterproof eyeliners, they're really good :D

  6. Lara

    first of all, your eyes are so pretty! Jealousy. And that mascara is amazing, I normally don't use mascara with thick brushes, but i'm definitely in for a change now!


  7. Hi Zoe! Just to let you know that Yves Rocher is a french make up brand :) Here in France this brand is very popular, and the products are almost always on sale! I really want to try it now.
    Love from France. ♥

  8. I love Yves Rocher! All their products are amazing! And I don't think I ever payed the full price for any of their products, so that's nice too!


  9. That's amazing for £8.45 and you get a free gift with every order, I think I may like this website.


  10. Rachel

    i was just watching your favorites video about this mascara, then this blogpost popped up on my blogger subscription feed!! haha :) this is the first time i've heard of this brand… i guess it's not sold in the US. but your lashes do look amazing, loveeeely!

  11. This looks really nice on your eyes. I'm addicted to my dior mascara though, may have to try this out and see if my mind can be changed! :) x

  12. G

    oh, I order from them so often and I heard about the fuss on this one, but didn't try it. for sure this is the next mascara i'm purchasing. thanks for the pictures.

  13. Saar

    Hi Zoe!
    I live in Belgium and over here we do have the actual Yves Rocher stores, I don't know if you have them in the UK or not, but my mom uses the Yves Rocher products all the time ! The only lipstick she ever purchased (and repurchased a thousand times) was a Yves Rocher one. I'm not really to fond of the facial products they do, cleanser and toners all those tings BUT I really like some of their perfumes and they have nice make up brushes as well! Also, seems silly but the foot care range is SO nice! And the products smell really good!
    Haha, sorry for my rambling but I hope this was a bit of a help!

    Love, Saar

  14. I absolutely love this mascara too! I'm currently using this one and Thick & Fast Soap Glory mascara and I'm enjoying using both! xx

  15. Wow I didn't expect this from Yves Rocher! I tried their shower gels before – they're nice btw- and so I thought it's only skincare brand.
    As for my favourite mascara, I'm in love with False Lashes by MAC.

  16. Noor

    I love this brand they have the best perfume called Tendre Jasmine its my favorite. Everything is nice from them. I am going to get this mascara when I get to the shop next weekend for sure. My favorite as of now is Yves Saint Laurent its perfect.

  17. I love Yves Rocher! I've konwn this brand for a while now and I'm currently loving it!!Here in Italy we have stores and there is a wide choice! I tried the Hydra vegetal 24 hours gel cream, which I use in the nights because it's quie rich, Some body lotions and an amazing peach scented body scrub! you should try out other products it's a great brand! love the post! xx


  18. Nicky

    I haven't heard of this brand before, and after seeing the effect it made on your lashes, I may have to take a look ;)


  19. I rarely ever 'experiment' with mascara, usually sticking to my favourite rimmel and maybelline brands but after seeing what your lashes look like after this I definitely need to try this out!!


  20. I've never heard of this particular mascara, but I'm so happy you found it to share with us! I NEED this :)


  21. Yves Rocher is a very well known brand in France and Belgium :) Their makeup is actually good but they also make lots of skincare, haircare, … I'll definitely buy this mascara :) it looks so pretty on your eyes!

  22. Rachel

    I got this in a Glossybox and I adore this – such an amazing brush!

  23. yves rocher is kinda big here in germany. every city over 50,000 people has one of their stores. in the beginning they were pretty annoying because they had a "yves rocher club" or something and did everything to make you become a member. ;) so i never visited their stores again. i might try the mascara since you recommended it. :)

  24. omg i am so glad youve got into Yves Rocher products! i live in France at the mo but have been using their stuff since i was a little girl (their perfumes, shower gels etc..) and mention them a lot on my blog and on my youtube and apart from some people in Spain, i never hear anymore from other people about the great Yves Rocher goodies! you should check out their bathing range and all :)

  25. LOOKS GOOD!! I have found a Bambi eyes Mascara myself from Sante will do a post on that soon. Ixx

    If you like to check out my second blog for UNITING ALL bloggers we would fistpump for JOY haha :) http://themblogideas.blogspot.com

  26. I love mascara's with big brush heads because the catch all your lashes. I have repurchased Benefit's Bad Gal goodness knows how many times so I've a good feeling I'll get along nicely with Yves Rocher's Sexy Pulp, I'll definitely have to pick it up while it's still half price. Bargain!

  27. You have gorgeous eyes Zoe :) This mascara looks amazing on you! I've tried some Yves Rocher products before and I haven't got on well with them. I probably wouldn't get this because there are so many good highstreet mascara alternatives :) xxx


  28. Bought one right away. Looks lovely.
    I've been getting frustrated with my Clinique one. =/

    Amber xo

  29. Jen27

    Wow, this looks great! I've always struggled with finding inexpensive mascaras that do the trick, so I appreciate the recommendation!

    My favourite mascaras have always been from Clinique, especially Lash Doubling and High Impact. Relatively affordable price, accessible, and dramatic results :)



  30. Chelsie

    This is one to try if my eyes will look as lovely as yours. xxx

  31. Chelsie

    I'm not sure if you're naturally blessed with long lashes but the mascara seems to do the trick!



  32. Wow this looks so good! Haven't heard of this mascara before but I'm impressed and am very tempted to try it! Love your eyeshadow in the photo's too :)

    indiansummeronline.blogspot.co.uk X

  33. This sounds amazing, I'm definitely buying it when I go to France in a couple of weeks. x

  34. Sanja

    My favorite mascara is high impact from Clinique :) and I use lots of products from Yves Rocher ♥

  35. I really like Yves Rocher products, they are great quality but also they are cruelty animal free! thanks for sharing

  36. Yves Rocher is actually the number 1 leading cosmetics brand in France :) they make all sorts of stuff :) looks like a wonderful mascara zoe!! x

  37. Yves Rocher is a french brand so I know it very well, and I wore some products of it when I was 12 maybe… It was not the same as it is now, their products are better than they were in the past and thanks for this post !

  38. Annie

    wow, that looks amazing!:) I hated bad gal lash too, but I might have to purchase this!:)xo

  39. Looks like my kind of mascara! I love a good volume one as my eyelashes are quite thin and fair, and i LOVE a big fat mascara wand! Don't be afraid, embrace the huge scary wands haha. I always feel they do a better job than the weedy small ones, but maybe that's just my imagination…!

    Charlotte x

  40. This mascara is amazing! In Poland I could had got it for £4. I loved the Sample from GB. Your eyelashes look stunning. x

  41. Your eyelashes are amazing! I've never seen anything by Yves Rocher, so it's nice to see a new brand to me :) xx

  42. Sarah

    I got this in my June GlossyBox as well and have been completely in love with it since. May have to go and order a couple whilst it's half price. Thanks for the tip off! ;) x


  43. Emily

    Wow this looks great!


  44. Laura

    This looks great! x

  45. this looks really good! im awful for changing my mascarra every 3 months as i havent found one im really happy with! great post!! xoxo <3

  46. I loved the sample I received in my GlossyBox but just bought the Maybelleine The Falsies mascara yesterday so can't justify buying this at the moment, it will probably be my next mascara purchase though! I love it so much!



  47. It looks like a great mascara and great review! I always enjoy your blog posts :)
    I wish I could subscribe to GlossyBox…

  48. Hi, it's a french brand but as I live in Switzerland I can also find it in my town easily ! ^^ When I first started to make up, it was the first brand that I used and I'm still using. I love their body lotions and soaps too ! More than the body shop's one because they are great and far more cheaper! I think it's a good deal ^^ ( at least in Switzerland, I don't know in UK …)
    Ho and I think you are so GORGEOUS ! I wish I was as beautiful as you but I can always dream xD
    And sorry for my English … I usually speak French so in English I only have my school knowledge … so please forgive my mistakes


  49. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Super Volume Mascare from Body Shop. It's absolutely fabulous, it grabs every single lash and gives a gorgeous look to the eye with only one coat on. Imagine with two or more! I've tried a lot of Yves Rocher products as it is French (and I'm french), the brand always has offers and sale and gift for us which is quite good (though they aren't always nice gifts, most of the time it is rubbish jewellery!). It's normally known for their skin products more than for makeup. Their mascaras are usually really good but their nail polishes aren't worth it. I might try this sexy curl then and hope I will like it :) xxx

  50. Imke

    yves rocher is quite established in germany. in my town, there are about three shops!
    i know this brand for ages, my granny used to wash my hair with their children's apple shampoo, so it's quite a nostalgic brand for me! i haven't really tried anything from their make up range yet, but this mascara sounds great and i will definitely have a look at it in the shop! i can recommand the body stuff they do, it's a lot like the body shop!

  51. It looks like it works extremely well. I'm about to finish my mascara and was looking for something new. I was leaning towards the Too Faced better than false lashes mascara. However, this post has left me drawn. 1 of each perhaps.

  52. Your eyes are gorgeous :o
    Do you ever been in Portugal?

  53. My mom used to get bath and skincare stuff from Yves Rocher…I didn't know they made makeup. I love volumizing mascara too so I might have to try this!

  54. Your lashes look amazing! There are Yves Rocher stores in my area and I have never gone in as it sort of looks like an "old lady" Body Shop from the outside! But youve enticed me to go in an take a peek around!

    xo Courtney from StrawberreeSwing.com

  55. Mia♥

    The mascara looks amazing on you! I definitley need to get it. xx

  56. love your eyes! so pretty and that mascara looks great, I need to check it out. We have Yves Rocher where I live, too, but I never really cared for the brand. Great discovery I'd say :D.
    Love, Lenna

  57. Hannah

    This looks really good! And such a good deal for half price x

  58. Jen

    I received the mini one in a GlossyBox too, & loved it! Great mascara xx


  59. Romy

    I totally fell in love with my sample as well, I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago actually! Sexy Pulp makes me look like i have falsies on *love!*. BEST BRUSH EVER, totally agree. My friend asked me if they were real ;D
    I just watched ur recent vid and the company's pronounced 'Eeve Rochay' even though it's spelt Yves Rocher, the French ey? What're they like. My mom loves this brand and would always stock up on their skincare whenever we'd go to France! I highly recommend giving it a go. You can find Yves Rocher shops all over Paris (with one on the Champes Elysees as well!)! Xx

  60. Natasha

    This mascara looks amazing! I found an absolute GEM in my July Glossy Box (US) called Show Off by BeautyAddicts. Highly recommend checking it out! I love it so much that I only save it for use on important days. Definitely repurchasing!!

  61. Helen H

    AHHH I don't know if I should buy two or not! Half price is such a good offer! I think I'll go with two.. I trust your judgement haha x

  62. Your eyes are soo pretty (:

  63. Rebecca

    Gorgeous! It would be awesome if you could do a tutorial on your eye makeup!!

  64. Vivian

    oh wow your eyes look amazing, this mascara works so well on them. I would lvoe to see a video of your mascara routine or everyday makeuo routine on your youtube :)

  65. just to let you know yves rocher ships worlwide

  66. This looks great on you. But I don't think I'll try anything from this brand anymore. I used to buy a lot there because I don't like their products. Some things are fine but overall they are expensive for what you get.

  67. Sandra

    I love Yves Rocher and use a lot of their products. I haven't tried this mascara yet but I definitely will now! Your lashes look gorgeous! x

  68. HSK

    The wand is actually really similar to the L’Oreal Paris Extra Volume Collagen Mascara brush :)
    I actually didn't much success with this mascara but it looks gorgeous on your lashes!


  69. omg what language is the website in? and how do i change it to english??

  70. Rachael

    I must try this out! I've yet to find a mascara that I really love but this one looks great :)

  71. <3 i love this Blog

  72. I really loved this mascara too – as the sample was so min I love to carry it in my handbag. Maybe that just an excuse for my mini cosmetics fetish.

  73. i havent tried it but will now, everything youve ever recommended I love, so thanks for this. Im using a mac mascara at the moment and loved it at 1st, but i'm looking for soemthing new!
    ps hope you're okay zoe, glad you've had so much support recently lovely xx

  74. wooow! i've never seen a mascara do that to eyelashes!
    for sure im going to try that out:)
    but all mascaras i use always end up making my eyelashes clumpy so going to try this one out:)

    -Faye xo

  75. Lucy

    wow i really love the look it gives your lashes. I have never heard of this brand before but am sure to take a look at their website. I am like you and like to wear brown mascara as well as black so may have to pick up both. Thankyou for sharing a brand which is slightly less well known xxx

  76. Zanka

    I have recently tried their raspberry vinegar hair rinse and it is amazing!

  77. It IS sold in the U.S. and it's only $18!

  78. I cannot believe it's £16.90 in the UK! That's ridiculous! It's only $18 in the states and I want to try this mascara :) I'm always on the look out for a good mascara and really don't want to pay over $30. xx

  79. The results are amazing! My mom used to buy a lot of Yves Rocher stuff but I've never personally tried anything. I should check out their products.


  80. Ordered one! Cant wait to try it. £11.50 in total for the mascara, 3 free samples, free skincare kit gift and delivery :D

  81. my mascara has just about run dry and you've made me want to try this one out! maybe i can find a few other products that they sell that may be worth trying so that i can put in a big order. did you get any of the free gifts with purchase that they offer? would you recommend any? great post zoe!


    katie x

  82. Lauren

    I loved the Miss Sporty mascara but they've stopped doing it :(


  83. I've just started reading your blog and i love it! Might start watching your YouTube videos too :D

  84. Hi there Zoe!! Great review as always and im thinking of maybe looking further into this mascara as it looks lovley on your lashes!!! Great pictures Zoe, as always!! And btw i loooveee our blog!! Orla xx

  85. unfortunately I didn't receive this in my June/July glossybox but I'm going to order this to have a go :)

  86. Wow! That looks amazing! I love the pieces you write lady! I find that the lush natural lashes i have due to using a growth serum called 'Latisse', mascara's can do so much more! Have you ever written a piece on the various eyelash products aimed at growing lashes?

  87. Even at sale price (half the price), it's still expensive to me haha. Maybe I'm just a cheapo. BUT I bought it anyway because you convinced me it is the most awesome mascara ever. I have stick straight asian eyelashes and hopefully this wont uncurl my lashes after i curler it with a curler. Thanks for the review and for sharing that link!

  88. It looks so nice on you and your eyes are a lovely blue:) love you, your blog and YouTube channel:p x

  89. It's amazing isn't it?! I go to The Netherlands every year and buy them, they are definitely my favourite mascaras! x

  90. rosanne

    I have a sample of this mascara and I love it!

  91. Someone else who has the same love for this mascara, completely agree, it is amazing!

  92. I've known Yves Rocher since I was a baby :D My mom has always purchased all of our shower gels and body scrubs and things like that from there :) I love Yves Rocher!

  93. I love ur eyes :)


  94. Great minds think alike! (www.sarahbosson.com/the-lash-lowdown)
    And THIS, ladies and er… mascara-wearing gentlemen, is why Glossybox is a little gem. :) Sx

  95. Lisa

    I'm pleased someone else loves this mascara as much as me! I had this little beauty in a Glossybox as well and thought OMG THIS BRUSH IS HUGE. It's really nice to apply though, I really don't get on with plastic brushes and have been on the look out for a go to mascara for a long time. I went on their website to re purchase the other day and it's still £8 as well, good times! xxxx

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  97. Ines is correct. Yves Rocher is really similar to AVON. I think mosy people would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Both very good products though! http://www.freedomrep.co.uk

  98. Ines is correct. Yves Rocher is really similar to AVON. I think mosy people would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Both very good products though! http://www.freedomrep.co.uk

  99. l.bones

    woow, your eyes are amazing! I use the same mascara from Yves Rocher and I love it! :)

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  101. Hi Zoe!
    After hearing a lot of people talking about you at school I was like i think I'm missing out on something so I searched you on YouTube and watched couple of you videos, I am now in the process of watching them all :)! Now I've found your blog and this post has made me really really want to use this mascara! Your so amazing Zoe, your a true inpiration!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh yeah, I also bought your book and it is so good! I'm reading it non-stop
    Love Heather xxxxxxxxx

  102. Omg yes! Her eyes are beautiful x

  103. riariaz

    I use their skin care range and love it! I know this is an old post but I had a question regarding mascaras, I have naturally thick, long lashes. I don’t need something to add more volume, just definition! What would you recommend for every day use? NARS? Benefit? Can you do a review of all the mascaras you have tried so far?