Although my blog is mainly beauty related, I do like to throw in a few life related posts too. I enjoy capturing special moments on camera, and equally enjoy sharing them with you all. Recently, my Nan and Grandad celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was such a lovely day, and it felt really special. 50 years is such a long time to spend with one person, and it’s definitely something to crack open the champagne for. I thought you might like to see some of the photographs I took of the day. I especially love the before and after photos of my grandparents together 50 years ago, and today. I honestly don’t even think they’ve changed that much either. I hope one day, I can look back over 50 years of marriage and still be just as happy as they are. 

*Raise a toast to Nan & G-pa*

(as a small side note, I asked my grandparents permission before posting this, and my Grandad added “will I get spotted in the street now?” haha – So if you see my Grandad on your travels, be sure to say hello)

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