If any of you have seen my most recent video, you will notice that I have had my hair re-ombred. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, and I just went with it. As most of you will know, I’ve had my hair ombred twice before (the second time was more of a “top up”). I eventually got bored of my ombre, and had forgotten what it was like to have an all over colour, so I went to my hairdressers, and asked them to cover over the blonde (although by this time, the blonde had pretty much faded away). All of a sudden, I craved having ombre again. I like that it gives the hair a lot more texture, and having such long hair, texture is key to making it appear voluminous rather than lack lustre. I went to my hairdressers (Gemma and Lisa), and asked them to re-do it for me. I’m super happy with how it turned out. They used a few different shades to create the blend and put peroxide on the very ends. A lot of people ask me what to ask for at the hairdressers if you want this affect and to be honest, all you should need to do is show them a picture and they’ll know what to do to create it. They may all have slightly different techniques or call it different things (Dip dye, ombre, smudged) but ultimately, if they have a good image to go by, they will recreate it for you. 

If you can’t afford to go to a salon to have this done, then check out my DIY ombre hair post, where I explain how I did it myself the first time round. And you can also see how I did my top up (I used a different dye) on this post here.

Super happy to have my blonde ends back, makes me feel a little more exotic haha

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  1. Julia

    I absolutely love your hair like that! It looks so beautiful on you! :) I would love to have ombre hair my self, but I don't think it is long enough.

  2. Tammy

    looks great! i used to have ombre but returned to brunette, now i'm wanting it all over again but worried my hair cant handle any more bleach!
    love your long hair though, so beautiful!


  3. I love your hair like this, looks so beautiful! I'm considering getting mine done as I too have long, dark hair so could do with something to liven it up a little.



  4. Love this.

    This time arond the blond looks so much more healthier and shiny.


  5. Sara

    I want it so badly, but i have rather thin hair. Although it is as long as yours. I really don't know if i should do it or not :D
    I always loved it on you!

  6. This really suits you :-) I wish it would look good on shorter hair as I'd have done it too, by now :( xx

  7. Jordan

    Wow that looks lovely, my hair is too short to ombré :( x

  8. it looks great!

  9. Sabrina


  10. I absolutely adore your hair! I think it suits you best like this. So so unbelievably jealous of your length :( Great post! :) xx

  11. Jenny

    Your hair looks so gorgeous, Zoe! x

  12. Hannah

    It's such a nice colour at the ends – I think you'd really suit it that light all over! xxx

  13. Laura

    LOVE your ombre! I really have to go to a salon to get it done but I live in London… Do you know of any good salon in London ?

  14. emzoo

    Love this, I would love to be able to do this but I have blonde hair and I'm to scared to dye all my hair brown<3

  15. This really suits you! Your hair is so long and pretty :) xx

  16. I love how they look, amazing color done! thanks for sharing

  17. you look so beautiful, I have been thinking of getting it done for college :)

  18. I'm going to the hairdressers this Thursday to lighten my hair for Spring, maybe I'll ombre.
    It suits you so much Zoe, you're always looking lovely.

  19. I love this look on you. Gorgeous!! x x

  20. Emily

    Your hair is gorgeous, I love the ombre effect!


  21. Shameta

    I love your hair, it's gorgeous!

  22. Abbie

    It looks fantastic on you, luckily for you you suit any colour! Great to see you blogging again xxx

  23. Robyn

    Your hairdressers have done a brill job, very soft and not harsh looking or too much of a contrast to your own hair colour. Loving it! Nice to see you're from the south west (potentially somerset?!), I am too! There seem to be a lack of bloggers from our part of the land! (sorry if this posts twice, Blogger went a bit mental!) xx

  24. Tamsin

    Really beautiful. It doesn't look over the top or obviously fake either like some ombre's can be. It really is stunning.


  25. Jazz

    I really want ombre hair but my hair is too short :(
    You really suit it!

  26. Your hair always looks gorgeous, and this is no exception. :)

  27. Looks great mate! Wish I had your hair, so long and lush xx

  28. Sophie

    You have gorgeous hair!

  29. es-jay

    I think the different shades give your hair more texture rather than a block of platinum blonde, Loving this effect and you look gorgeous as ever Zoe!

    http://es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  30. Your hair looks amazing, especcially with the ombré. Wish I could pull it off! :)

  31. Vanessa

    Hi zoe, how did you do your header with these different colors. I am searching for a tutorial for these color bubble things (whatever it is actually called). I couldn't find anything. So I hope you will read this and answer me.
    That would be awesome. Thank you.

  32. Katie

    Really suits you! Gives a really nice balance. It's easily done, you never know how much you miss something until it's gone!

  33. Noor

    I REALLY like this and it looks awesome on you. I have the same colorings as you pretty much green eyes, light skin but my hair is really dark brown. I have never tried any light colors bc I hate the fact they it would grow fast and look gross but ombre would not do that. I wonder what I would look like with hair like this. I have long hair.


    Little Pink Strawberries

  34. ahhh its so lovely zoe! I tried ombre but it was a complete fail! Yours just suits you so well!! <3

  35. Your hair looks lovely, so pretty!:)

  36. Rachel

    how do you get your self-shots so pretty!!! love your back-to-ombre hair… beautiful, voluminous yet effortless looking as always, wish i had hair like this! :)

  37. You have no idea how much I wish I had your hair! It really suits you being ombred at the tips, it's such a pretty soft colour too xx

  38. It looks lovely! Having hair envy right now lol

    indiansummeronline.blogspot.co.uk X

  39. Gosh your hair is long! I need to re-do mine as it's grown out with the last cut! I'm a blondie so what I do is bleach/dye the ends so they're nearly white, a blonde version if you will :) xo

  40. Your hair looks amazing, I love it! And so do you, give me your looks :( xxx

  41. Love your hair it always looks so nice! xx

  42. gorgeous zoe! i really love your hair dip-dyed i also love it in a middle parting! xoxo <3

  43. Your hair looks fantastic! I recently cut off 7 inches of hair..so looking at your locks makes me nostalgic </3

    xx Veronica

  44. I love ombre hair! you look beautiful as always!x

  45. LOVE!!! You look gorgeous!!!! If only I had the guts to do something to my hair haha xx


  46. Chilly

    I know this post is about your hair (which is beautiful by the way) but I have to say, you're make up is absolutely stunning! I love the red/orange lip colours you have x

  47. Sadie

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I don't think I'll ever get bored of the ombre/dip dye trend :) xx

  48. Love the ombre!! Think I'm going to do mine soon. I know some people are over this trend but I think it makes long hair much more interesting! X

  49. Marie

    You're as cute as a cupcake! and it fits you so perfectly!


  50. Sarah

    Wow- you look gorgeous! I've wanted to dip dye my hairo fr ages, but I recently cut it short so it seems a bit out of the picture now. Aah well! xxx

  51. Ive just got rid of my Ombre but after seeing yours i want it again :( lol
    Looks great on you x


  52. love your hair :D

  53. Wow it looks great! How do you keep your hair in good condition, if mine is ever long or gets dyed, it splits like crazy! Thanks xoxo

  54. Amazing, youre so lucky to have such great hair xxxx

  55. Erica

    That looks so beautiful, Zoe! I wish my hair were long enough to ombre. And I love the way you take your photos. Keep it up. :)

    Also, I wanted to say I'm sorry for what's happened to you as of late, and, coming from a long-time fan of yours, you don't deserve any of it. Know that you have thousands of subscribers/viewers/etc that love you!


  56. love your new hair! xx


  57. I love the colour. It really suits you! And it looks nice long and wavy. x

  58. I LOVE your ombred hair, it suits you so so much! You're just gorgeous :)<3


  59. Ah you're hair is gorgeous! My hair is so long but looks so boring…I just need the courage to get this done!

  60. Looks stunning :) always did before! i'm in the process of getting mine done, i've had it done once a few weeks ago, and getting it done again in a few weeks time to make it a little lighter. thanks to you i'm in love with it! don't think i'll want one colour again, love how exciting and vibrant it looks xx

  61. Jessica

    I seriously have a huge crush on your hair! Gorgeous!


  62. Georgia

    wow your hair looks so cool :)x

  63. Tami

    You look lovely Zoe :) I've just moved to Somerset! :) What was the pricing like? I'm playing with the idea but have no idea if I should take the plunge! xxx

  64. Emsee

    I am SO jealous of your hair, I could never get the same texture out of it if I used a thousand products. I've been interested in ombre-ing my hair as well, but I feel like the effect isn't the same on straight hair; it looks much more interesting/purposeful on wavy-curly hair. I'm interested to know if you preferred having your hair done at the salon or doing it yourself? Pros and cons?

    Great post! I've really enjoyed perusing through your blog.

  65. Alice

    Your hair looks beautiful! I'm so tempted to ombre my hair as I am getting bored with it recently but don't want to cut it. Might have to look into it :)


  66. Romy

    Wowza there must be something in the water cuz in the past week, we've ALL been bitten by the ombre bug! Looks gorge hun! I've actually never ombred before and actually didn't like the trend when it first came out, but this past week I've just wanted some blond in my hair!!! My appointment's Tuesday and I'm super excited! Gonna get it feathered through the ends and around my face perhaps.
    I've had really dark brown hair and bright pink/puple/violet going through the back for the past 18 months, it's time for something new! Love the tresses girl! xx

  67. Flore

    Bouuaaah ! Je bave littéralement devant ton blog ! ( Je le dévore de haut en bas tu peux me croire ! ) Vraiment très chouette . L'habillage , les textes les photos , tout est beau ! ( Bouh la vilaine jalouse . ) mon petit blog tout neuf parait bien pâlichon à côté du tien :( Bref il est vraiment très chouette et j'aime beaucoup . J'y repasserai pour sûr . Je t'embrasse à bientot . Flore

  68. This colour suits you so much, it looks lovely.
    I think it would suit you to have all your hair this colour too, because of your lovely eyes and skin tone.

    If you have a minute to spare, I wondered if you wouldnt mind having a wonder over to my blog, thank you

  69. you look absolutely gorgeous in that last pic!

  70. Your hair looks extremely gorgeous!! I'm really jealous it looks so beautiful and long.

  71. Looks brill, really natural! xx

  72. Lindsey

    I've always loved your hair ombred, so glad it's back! Looks lovely on you!! xx

  73. Looks really good on you! :) Glowing!

  74. Your hair always looks amazing!

  75. You're so beautiful~! Just like always~
    Love the ombre~

  76. Isabell

    this hair! wow!

  77. I love ombre so much. I loved it in my own hair, it just adds some interest. You have such beautiful hair :)



  78. Your hair is simply beautiful and so are you.!

    Love You Zoe!

  79. Simona

    You´re soooo pretty! Love your hair :)

  80. Katrina

    YAY! Always loved your ombre, it's nice to see it back – though you look good with anything, let's be real :)

  81. Looks lush, i want y hair like that again but having black hair doesn't suit blonde at the tips. what should i do?xx


  82. Laura

    helloooo zoe!
    i love your hair, i'm so tempted to do it myself but i really want to grown my hair super long first.
    it really suits you and somehow still looks natural.
    i'm jealous!!
    lots of love, laura

  83. angie

    Awww loooooooove it! Looking super hot!

  84. Becky

    Wow it looks so lovely, well your hair always does anyway!! If I was brunette then I would definately have it done after seeing how pretty it looks on you ♥

    Becky from http://www.bluebellelovely.blogspot.com xxx

  85. Becki

    Your hair is so beautiful! Ombre hair looks so good on you, and I'm jealous of how long your hair is :( xx

  86. Gorgeous! I got my hair ombred a couple of weeks ago too and I like it so much :)

  87. Jenn

    Always wanted ombre but no hairdressers I go to know how to do it .. :/ , love yours though !It looks stunning

  88. Really thinking of doing blonde ombre after seeing this but it can look so bad with blonde I think:/ eep. Huge fan of your blog yours was like one the main reasons I started my own recently:) Inspirational!



  89. love your hair :)


  90. Although this is lovely I prefer the ones you did yourself, probably because they were more blonde… just my opinion. You look whatever your hair's like Zoe! <3

  91. Sophie

    I was thinking of ombre-ing my hair, but I don't think it would look good because my hair isn't that long. But yours looks lovely! Glad you redid it!! xx

  92. I ombred (sounds sooo wrong doesn't it – good to have a new word in the old bank though) my hair last summer. Was sooo distressed when the last of it got chopped off. Perfect summery look Zoe and now I want to do mine again…

  93. Looks super good! Can't wait to re-do mine this week! :)


  94. Zoe, I love your hair like this so much, I wish I could pull off something like this, you are absoloutly GORGEOUS, and your blog and videos are soooo helpful! you've inspired me to start a blog today :)
    thank you so much


  95. I just adore your hair! It's beautiful :D
    I think I have to get my hair ombred, it looks so good and textured :)

  96. It looks amazing Zoe.

    I am having so much struggle with my hair lately. I had the most amazing hair you can think off. (not wanting to sound bigheaded though) but I loved my hair. It was in a medium brown, very long and looked so healthy.

    But then I thought about dying my hair in a lighter colour. Biggets mistake I ever made. It was a very spontaneous idea and I regreted it already one day later. The colour looks beautiful but my hair is so dry and looks so unhealthy. I'm literally getting a shock when I'm looking into the mirrow. It's almost embarassing running around with it like this.

    I'm gonna do a blogpost about my hair very soon.

    Wishes, Linnea

  97. I love your hair, you blog everything!!!! I think you would like mine, please give me feed back I would really appreciate it


    Bisous ale

  98. I love your hair! Mine just always turns out a frizzy mess even when I straighten it! I'd love to have ombre hair but I don't think it would suit me :( You're sooooo pretty btw :) xx

  99. Your hair looks amazing ombred but it's always beautiful ombred or not! I also love that top! Xxx

  100. your hair is gorgeous and i heard on twitter about all the crap your going through and want to tell you to keep your head held high :) obviously you're going to be upset, but have a little cry, eat a whole tub of ben and jerrys and get on with your living your life. If you ever need a pick me up just think of how far you've come from when you got the little trophy for 1000 followers, you should be very proud :) sorry for sounding like a fortune cookie hahaha xxxxxx

  101. Erin Lo

    So pretty!

  102. Charlie

    Love it! They've done a great job as I often see ombre hair where the colour fading into the lighter one isn't natural at all. I've wanted to try this hair style for a while now but I'm not very confident about getting it done. I've never heard anyone in Belgium getting their hair ombred. I do have an appointment next week to get some natural highlights/lowlights shizzle. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  103. Kate

    This looks lovely :) I've been considering the Ombre look recently! x

  104. Just ombred my hair using your DIY ombre post. Turned out extremely well, thank you! X

  105. Beautiful!! Major hair envy. What lipstick are you wearing?

  106. It's interesting what you say about Ombre hair giving long hair more texture. My hair is getting long now – which I love! – but it is sitting very limp. I've considered ombre before but it's getting so tempting now my hair is so long!

    Morag x

  107. i love your videos! please give my blog a shoutout visit my blog! tanzeemaali.blogspot.co.uk xxxxx its called tanzeema talks..

  108. I absolutely love the Ombred look on you, it really suits you!

    I was thinking of Ombreing my hair, but i'm not to sure about it all, haha! x


  109. Lovely! =)

    – Boni

  110. I LOVE it, I once requested the ombre look at the hairsalon but it was really subtle and I couldn't tell the difference. But if I've done too much I will get told off at work (it's ridiculous that in Japan you are basically not allowed to color your hair too bright if you're an office worker).


  111. Lauren

    Love the ombred look, it really suits you


  112. you look like the normal zoe again! :) it looks lovely, and i really want to grow mine to the same length as yours… guess ive got a long way to go! :( hair envy!!!


  113. Kristen

    Love your hair like this! Gorgeous xxx

  114. Zoe, I adore your new hair! I've been a reader of yours for a while, and I think your blog is outstanding; you're a great writer and your photography is just lovely. I have a new-ish blog – elizaswonderland.blogspot.com – that I'd really really love if you took a quick look at. I'm striving to improve the quality of my writing and add more of my own photos into the mix. It's mainly about fashion, but some about lifestyle and art and soon to be beauty.

  115. Z

    It looks incredible. I'm trying to fool myself that my awful roots are in fact ombre. But they're not. Just roots.


  116. Lexiaa

    Hey Zoe, this is such a pretty hairstyle, it's so long and the colour is beautiful. I would like to Ombre my hair but I have very dark hair and don't know if it will work well. Could you do a tutorial and how you've achieved this hairstyle?


  117. Bug

    Ombre hair looks so nice on you! I wish I had long hair like yours, and you always make it took so textured. Maybe when you're up for it you could do a tutorial? :)

  118. i have ombre in my hair but since it's not as long as yours i don't feel like the effect is as nice. plus, now it's been done a while and the ends are starting to get a bit grubby. it does make you feel a bit more exotic though, haha! love your blog zoe and hope you're feeling better after all that poo that happened to you. you don't deserve it, stay sweet!

    katie x

  119. Alex

    OO i've always been on the edge about whether to do it or not as my hair is down to my waist but maybe ill try it at the salon!



  120. Milla

    wow you look sooo great!
    love your blog!
    i am now following your blog!

    xoxo milla

  121. Great post – Im thinking of doing this with my hair not sure if its still a bit on the short side though – think this looks much nicer on long hair like yours xxx

  122. Looks great! :) I've ombred hair too but I did it at home like you did the first time! What was the reason that made you go to the salon? I've followed you for what feels like forever and I love your blog&youtube channel! Keep up the good work xxxxxx


  123. Your hair looks amazing! I was going to try this, but my hairs so dark, think it'll need a lot of stripping!
    Check out my blog!

    NCCB x

  124. Your hair is incredible! Absolutely gorgeous! x

  125. Zoe your hair is amazing :)

  126. Wow zoe your hair is amazing :)

  127. You hair looks wonderful! I wish I could do this but my hair's not thick enough for it to look effective upon.

  128. WY

    I love it, and I think I'm going to print out your picture and take it to the salon ha ha :-D x
    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  129. your hair is always so beautiful! it also fades which alot of peoples don't, love it zoe!

  130. Zoe, I absolutely adore your hair. It's gorgeous just like you are. Although my hair is not far past shoulder length I've still been debating whether to ombre my hair. I now think I'm going to take a few photos of your hair to my hairdresser and see if she thinks she can create a similar look on my own hair, since I love yours so much

  131. I didn’t see your recent video but I like your hair style. I also visited the link you given “DIY ombre hair post”. The post is really good and full of information. Keep sharing this type of articles, those are very useful.

  132. I LOVE your hair! i've been wanting to get my hair ombre'd but i'm afraid i'll get it done, and then i wouldn't like it!(:

  133. Rola

    Your hair is absolutely beautiful!

  134. Georgia

    Your hair looks so good! I did a DIY ombre a few weeks ago using your amazing instructions and it looks so good so thanks!

    I absolutely love your blog and I think it's safe to say I wish I had hair like yours hahah! :)

    Georgia xox

  135. Ok, I was on the fence, but now I know…I'm going ombre baby! :)

  136. I love your hair, I have wanted mine done like this for months but recently everyone at my school is getting it done and I don't want to look like a sheep!:)x

  137. city

    thanks for posting.

  138. city

    thanks for sharing.

  139. Beautiful ombre hair, I love it ♥.♥ You're so lucky to have that beautiful hair. It is really really advantage to have a good salon that can make you satisfy and look gorgeous all the time. Me too, soon Ill post my own hairstyle and I ma thanking Pinup Salon for making it possible!

  140. Looks G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Doin the same in a short matter of time I hope! :)xx (Inspired by you!!<3)

  141. you are so amazing! just discovered your blog. love it!
    the top you're wearing is very pretty. thumbs up.

  142. Melissa

    Ohmygosh Zoe this looks so great on you!! I have wanted ombre hair for a while now I finally booked an appointment with my hairdresser after seeing this! xx

  143. Hajaley

    Your hair looks so amazing! I really want to do this:)

  144. hey you might not reply but i thought it was worth a try. i was gonna email you but i couldnt find your email address basically i just wanted to ask how do you start blogging off because i wanted to for quite awhile now but dont really now how to start my first one off. also i was wondering if you had any advice on starting youtube videos because i want to start making them but im not sure what to do them about and obvisiouly i dont want to copy you by doing haul videos although i like that idea or wether to actually do them or not because i dont really know how to edit them so if you have any advice for me please let me know also if you prefer to reply through email rather than on here my email is sarah.j.watkins@hotmail.co.uk

  145. I would kill for hair this long and thick, it's amazing.
    Tne ombre looks awesome, definitely a good look for you!

    A x

  146. I really love you Zoey I think you are beautiful and have amazing hair. I really love your ombré hair and I am so jealous of you when my hair is longer I am going to walk into the hairdressers and say I want to look like Zoey and I won't leave until I do:) I have just started my blog and would love it if you followed me:) http://clarissa133.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/kate-moss-lipsticks.html

  147. I wish I could do that to my hair but it would seriously kill it!!! It looks so lovely on you, although, your hair is pretty amazing anyway :)

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  151. Hi Zoella, when I'm older, I want to get my hair ombred, my hair looks a lot like yours, not too thin, but not too thick. It really suits you and I do honestly love it :)

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  152. Laura

    Really suits you!

    Laura k
    { laura-k.co.uk }

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  154. Lovely Hair. mines kinda looking different shades at the end but thats because ive had a few colours but i really do like your hair suits you.

    hope you visit my blog havent put a lot on at the moment put a lush dress on their but i will be trying to do a post mostly every day !


  155. It looks GREAT! Not sure if it would look so great on myself however- bit scared to do it in case it goes horribly wrong. Though on you it turned out really well! :)

  156. Anna

    gosh zoe, i love love love your hair!!!!!!!!

  157. elinorrhian.blogspot.co.uk
    i have just started my own beauty blog please check it out :)

  158. I finally plucked up the courage today after seeing yours in all its beauty.i love it, and have written a blog post about it becaus do have never felt more confident!


  159. While I'm going to miss reading your blog, I'd like to wish you the best of luck with your future projects! Thanks for all the great blog posts.
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  160. Your hair is gorgeous, I love the ombre effect!

  161. your hair really looks very beautiful

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  165. I went to a salon yesterday and did it. I love it!

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