Topshop Blush £6 

Next in the Topshop Makeup Series, I want to go over the blushers. These are not my favourite thing in the Topshop makeup range, although I know plenty of people who would say they were. I just want to start with the packaging, I absolutely love it, like all other Topshop makeup items, it has the adorable black sketching, in this case, polka dots. The only thing I will say, is that after a while, the white background becomes a little more cream, and then there’s no going back to that lovely white crisp casing, dangnabbit. 

The consistency of these is what makes them a little different from anything else I own, and certainly anything else I have seen on the High Street. They apply as a cream blush, but dry with a more powdery finish. I actually find powder blush easier to apply, as you just apply it with a brush, however, I do like to use these for a much more subtle finish. I think because it applies as a cream and dries to a powder, it gives a much more natural flush than a powder would. I also don’t find it that difficult to apply. I just use my fingers, and dot it on my cheekbones or the apples of my cheeks (depending on which mood i’m in) and then blend it out as much as desired. The colours can look a little scary in the pan, but they are very easy to blend, and you can also build up the colour if you want something a little more opaque. They also have quite good lasting power, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but for £6 you can’t really expect miracles (plus, you don’t want to look like Aunt Sally for over 24 hours).

The colours I own are Head Over Heels (pictured on the left in all photos) and Flush (pictured on the right). Head over heels is my favourite (as you can see it has been used a fair bit…and looks pretty grubby). It’s a gorgeous coral pink and I find that this suits my skin tone a little more than Flush, which is a lot more pink. 

What do you think of Topshop blush? Do you own any?

  1. I have head over heels and I really like the consistency of these blushers! I would like to0 try prime time though:)

  2. I don't think I'm applying these correctly, as they went super patchy on me. I love the shades so it's a shame!

  3. Bethan

    I really want to try Topshop blushes. I have heard good things about them, and they look such pretty colours :) x

  4. those blushers are so smooth! love them!

    just started up my blog, have a look if you'd like! thankyou :)


  5. I saw these in the store yesterday, that packaging is cute but I am not sure I would go for those colours as they do look super scary in the pan! Might be worth a try though as they are only £6!

  6. Maisy

    I have quite a few and I always get quite excited when they come out with new one. (quite sad I suppose) but Prime Time and Neon rose are my faves definitely. I actually apply them before foundation and just buff over them so I get that 'glowing from within' type thingybob that just looks so good! xx

  7. Nina

    I love the packaging design and the texture even more! I'm so afraid that the products arent available in germany

  8. I look at the Topshop blushes whenever I'm in the shop but always last minute decide on not getting them. Head over heels looks so lovely though, I think I'll end up buying it when I see it next!

  9. Iny

    Really gorgeous colours, I just would like more organic ones though :)

  10. I really want to try these but I suck with cream blush!! XO

  11. i really love flush, i think it is so pretty. I like topshop blushes but to be honest i kind of wish they would stay a bit creamy and look more dewy.

  12. I own 2 of the Topshop Powder Blushers in "Pop" and "Powdered" and I'm bloody loving them! They are very reminiscent of the finish you get from Mac blushers (but a lot cheaper) I recommend them highly!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  13. Izzy

    I'd really like to try these blushers! I think the gorgeous packaging wins it for me! Good review :) xox

  14. I love the Topshop Cream Blushers – I really want to get Head over Heels too! x

  15. Noush

    Pretty colours !

  16. Such vibrant colours, and always loved the packaging might try them!


  17. Tass

    I have Head over Heels which I love but it now has a fair bit of flush from my brush :( Neon Rose is my second favourite x

  18. Those 2 colours are the only 2 Topshop blushers I own, and whilst I do like them, I very rarely reach for them when doing my make up. I've actually used Flush on my lips for a few nights out with a coat of gloss on top (it is quite a dry formula so you need something on top)! X

  19. Tass

    I have Head over Heels which I love but it now has a fair bit of fluff from my brush :( Neon Rose is my second favourite x

  20. i have neon rose and love it! I apply it with a flat foundation brush, I find it much easier to get an even colour and my fingers dont get all pink and grubby :)

  21. Katie

    I'm not sure how cream blushes would sit on my skin as it gets oily.. I love the vibrancy of the colours though!
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  22. I have neon rose and love it! I apply it with a flat foundation brush, I find that i get much more even colour and my fingers don't get all pink and grubby :)

  23. Lovely colours. I love the Topshop make up packaging, I've only tried the felt tip eyeliner pen atm which was okay, but the lipsticks and nail polishes look really nice. Jasmine x

  24. how pretty! love the colors and omgosh!!! the packaging is super super cute!

  25. Eve

    I've got Neon Rose and I absolutely love it. It lasts for ages and the colour is perfect for my skin.

  26. Jessa

    I've never tried makeup from Topshop before (surprising because I am a major Topshop addict) but it seems like a good investment. I absolutely love the consistency of cream blushes, so I'll definitely check it out. (: The packaging is adorable!
    By the way – the brushes at Louella seem really nice! Will purchase something in the future as soon as my wallet becomes full again. (;

  27. Hayley

    I have Flush and I love it! It's the only Topshop make up I have at the moment (apart from a nail polish) but I definitely want to try a lot more! I find it lasts for ages and it's so easy to blend. x

  28. Jane

    Really want to try head over heels :)


  29. Chloe

    I adore topshop make up, I have flush too and I love it so much! I use it every day :)


  30. Amy

    These are surprisingly pigmented! I may need to swatch a few, I love the colours you have chosen. xx

  31. Lovely review :) xx

  32. I´ve just fell in love with the orange blush :)

  33. Love that you are blogging so much lately!
    As for the blushers, those bright colours terrify me!
    I might make the plunge one day though if I ever have a few spare pennies! xo

  34. I'm not fond of cream blushers tbh ! But they are nice

  35. Char!

    I own one top shop blush but I find it a bit annoying to use so it's been a bit neglected x

  36. They are so cute!! thanks for sharing!

  37. I REALLY want to try some topshop cream blushers, but my Topshop doesn't stock them :( x

  38. Mia

    OMG, great post! I think that I am in love with your lovely blog. <3 O:)
    xoxo Mia (from the Czech Republic)

  39. Never tried Topshop makeup! I really should! :)

  40. I realy want to try the Topshop cream blushes, I've never had good experiences with cream blushes in the past but after seeing reviews on these ones I want to give them a go. Both of these shades a gorgeous, I can't decide which I like best!

    Frances xx

  41. I'd love to try Head Over Heels- I love Flush loads. Nice post. x

  42. I absolutely adore these, so easy to apply & blend with your fingers – and of course cute packaging. I have wayyy too many colours (five…) and love them all! xx

  43. I love Topshop blushes, I think they are the best product from the Topshop make up range, they have great colours and they are so easy to buy. Head over heels looks gorgeous I need to check that one out! :)

  44. Vivian

    wow I love the colour flush. I have heard do many people rave about top shop makeup and you always seem to talk about it and love it too, I'm really keen to try some next time I go into topshop, I really hope the Australian store have it as there is only currently one in the country :)I can also see why flush suits your skin tone more, its just so naturally and mid rgound between peach and pink xx

  45. Josie

    The first thing I tried out of the Topshop makeup collection was a blusher, I loved it and ended up buying about 3 but I found that I got through them so quickly it was more cost effective to buy something bigger from Nars or MAC. Wish they'd make them in a bigger size so it'd last longer :( the colours you have are beautiful though x

  46. i do wanna try one of the blushers :) only problem is that i live in norway, and we don't have topshop here… both sweden and uk has it so it's quite sad how far behind we are, haha… but i'm going to london in only a few days, so i'll see if i can pick one up ;D

  47. Claire

    Head over heals is my all-time favourite Topshop blusher, it's gorgeous & so cheep :-)

  48. Monica

    I've never bought myself a cream blush because I never really knew how to properly put it on, but I guess using your fingers makes sense. Head Over Heels is such a cute blush color, a great summer shade that's for sure.


  49. I've never tried Topshop makeup! These look okay, but what from the range would you recommend more?

  50. Both of these colours look amazing, I absolutely love Topshop make-up :)

    Jess x

  51. I don't own any but I REALLY want to own Topshop beauty products. Maybe I'll check them out when I go back to Las Vegas.


  52. I wish I can use cream blush. Oily skin :(

  53. - B

    They look great! I really want to get topshop blushes, but every time I look at them I think it's to bright and scary, now I'll have ago.

  54. I adore Topshop blushes, I'd like to try out the peachy colour xo

  55. I only have top shop nail varnishes at the moment and absolutely love them! Definitely need to purchase some of their makeup, got my eye on their eyeshadow pen sticks :)

  56. Lacey

    I love the Head over Heels one. I just wished it was powder not cream. :-/


  57. oh these look lush! although i find cream blushes hard to apply, bad times!

  58. i love these blushes! i have neon rose but i do have to be super careful how much i put on as a little goes a very long way! I might have to look into trying another colour soon!


  59. Head Over Heels is really pretty. I'm also a big fan of corals, whether on cheeks, lips or nails. Will have to give this one a go. I do have a Topshop blush, but it was an'accidenta' purchase, as I was looking for a corally shade and picked up the wrong box! I ended up wth 'Powdered', which looks waaay too bright pink for me at first glance, but does, fortunately, look nice on, as long as I'm not too heavy handed with it.
    Mel x

  60. the packaging is incredibly cute, but they're obnoxiously bright! i don't think i'd ever wear them — i wouldn't want to look like i'm sick.


  61. I love their blushers!, i won two and use them more often in the summer especially while im in the beach.


  62. I have head over heels too :) x

  63. Emily

    Always a little skeptical with cream blushes! The colours are lovely but the product itself looks a bit streaky on me, maybe I haven't blended it enough or something. I might try different ones! I agree with you though all Topshop packaging is the cutest! :)

  64. i have Head Over Heels and Neon Rose! i like the texture, but i can't find a good placement on my cheeks. it always ends up looking too clownish. =/

  65. i have Head Over Heels and Neon Rose! i like the texture, but i can't find a good placement on my cheeks. it always ends up looking a bit clownish. =/

  66. Nicola

    I have head over heels and i really like it however i don't like how to apply it. I prefer to use brushes and i don't have the perfect brush yet, but i think the packaging and colour ranges are great.

  67. Wow those look amazingly pigmented. Thanks for posting :)

    xx Veronica

  68. I have to say, seeing your posts from the UK it seems like you guys have a much bigger range of Topshop make-up available to you than we do here in Ireland, makes me a little envious as I am obsessed with the lipsticks :) xx

  69. Petal

    I have always thought about getting one but they looked so scary! I might get one now x

  70. Jaye

    I love how loved your 'flush' is. I have 'neon rose' and can highly recommend it. I love the consistency and like you the subtle flush it gives. I read your panic attack blog post today and think that it was incredibly inspiring and taught me a lot about what you and many others go through. Keep blogging xx

  71. I have POP which is a powder blush from Topshop and I love it. It's very coral so would be right up your street Zoe.

    B xxx

  72. Vida

    These look amazing! They are so pigmented. I've been meaning to get some topshop makeup, especially after you've raved about it so much!

  73. hannah

    All your TopShop posts just make me sad we don't have it in Sydney yet. I would love to get the blushes as I am big on cream to powder blushes!

  74. Faye

    I need to try these blushers…and add some to my currently very small collection.

  75. Romy

    Head over Heels looks GORGEOUS! V. Flattering on lots of people I'd say! x

  76. Hi zoe that blush looks amazing looks so pigmented i am going to go to hte topshop to get them thank you for posting this fab blog lots of

    love destinyxx

  77. I used to use the Topshop blushes but wasn't that keen. They didn't sit very well on my skin. Kind of went a bit blotchy and I ended up resembling a three year old who got a bit adventurous with her mum's make up bag!

    I use the Sleek Blush by 3 palette now, in lace, which I saw on your vlog the other day!

  78. vivi

    I've never used any topshop make-up item but i'll definetly try on those blushes whe i'll be in the UK! They seem to look really natural.

  79. I think you just convinced me to buy some Topshop blushes, especially Head Over Heels. Always love reading your posts! xx

  80. I have been looking for a great bright pink blush but all the ones I've tried haven't worked out. This Topshop one looks like it might be a good option considering it's creamy but dries powdery and you only need a little bit. Did the bright pink hue that's pictured come out nice or a bit too bright? I'm always nervous it looks too unnatural! I like the blushes you wear in a lot of your videos so what do you think your favorite is at the moment?

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  82. Ah! I went into topshop the other day and saw all the lipsticks and it made me think of you immediately! But I was completely overwhelmed!!! I think ill give the blush a try since I loovee pink and peach cheeks!! babysteps, babysteps…….

  83. Rachel

    i really have to try these! :) x

  84. I went to topshop the other day with my mum – she was taking me shopping :) – and i really wanted to buy some of their make-up but i wasn't sure about getting the blush. I love cream blush, so if you say it goes on like a cream i think i'll give it a try. Thank you for reviewing these!!! xx

  85. HSK

    I'm really interested in trying out cream blushes but was a bit afraid of the consistency to really go out and give the a go. However, because of the interesting consistency of Topshop blushes, I think it'll be easier to work with them, especially as the colour does sheer out!
    Flushed looks like the perfect shade to start with! :D

  86. Alix

    I think they must have changed the colour of Flush as mine is a lot lighter pink than yours. Mystifying! Great post though :) x

  87. I purchased one of these for myself and for my best friend for her birthday, she said it worked wonderfully on her but I just can't seem to make it look good on my skin! Whether I'm applying too much/too little? Its a shame because the colours are GORGEOUS! :) xxx

  88. Ieva

    These also look interesting!

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  90. neon rose is my favourite :)

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