Many weeks ago now, I was made aware of an Ebay shop called JanChristie by Heather who writes EffiesMakeupBox. Jan Christie sells adorable little nail transfers in various different designs at an extremely great price. Each sheet contains 24 stickers in varying sizes for different nails. I bought two sheets of Pugs (as they were my favourite), Foxes and Black Cats. She also threw in a free sheet of flowers as I’d purchased 4 (I’m not sure if she still offers this deal).  Each sheet is only £2.30 with free postage, which I think is a great price, especially if used sparingly like I have. It appears that she doesn’t have any of the wildlife/zoo animals or flowers at the moment, although I do hope she restocks, as she had some great options. Currently there are plenty of different Cats and Dogs to choose from though.

RE-EDIT: Jan has just got in touch with me, and mentioned that she now has her own website! HOORAH. It’s absolutely brimming with all kinds of different designs & are only £1.80 per sheet. I’m thrilled. I thought she was disappearing! So if you did want to grab yourselves something which wasn’t available on her Ebay shop, head on over to:

I decided when having my nails done, that I would opt for pastels as I prefer to wear pastel colours on my nails at the moment. I used Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” (a firm favourite for years now, although not a massive fan of the formula) on 4 of my nails, and then on the accent nail I used O.P.I’s “Mod About You” which is also a firm favourite. Both were ordered from Ebay. 

Then came applying the little pug. I left the nail to dry (really important), and then peeled back the sticker to cut round the pugs. I did attempt to cut the pug out before peeling it off, but this was impossible and I couldn’t do it, so peel and cut in that order seemed to work best. You then place the sticker on the nail, and press down. It sticks down very easily. Pop on the top coat and you are good to go! She advises topping up with top coat for a few days in order to make the sticker last a bit longer.

It took seconds and so far it’s lasting well! Just added a little bit of fun to my manicure, and it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of the cheeky little pug on my nail! At just under 10p a sticker, you really can’t go wrong. :)

  • Sophie

    So beautiful🎉

  • That is seriously the cutest thing haha :)