Many weeks ago now, I was made aware of an Ebay shop called JanChristie by Heather who writes EffiesMakeupBox. Jan Christie sells adorable little nail transfers in various different designs at an extremely great price. Each sheet contains 24 stickers in varying sizes for different nails. I bought two sheets of Pugs (as they were my favourite), Foxes and Black Cats. She also threw in a free sheet of flowers as I’d purchased 4 (I’m not sure if she still offers this deal).  Each sheet is only £2.30 with free postage, which I think is a great price, especially if used sparingly like I have. It appears that she doesn’t have any of the wildlife/zoo animals or flowers at the moment, although I do hope she restocks, as she had some great options. Currently there are plenty of different Cats and Dogs to choose from though.

RE-EDIT: Jan has just got in touch with me, and mentioned that she now has her own website! HOORAH. It’s absolutely brimming with all kinds of different designs & are only £1.80 per sheet. I’m thrilled. I thought she was disappearing! So if you did want to grab yourselves something which wasn’t available on her Ebay shop, head on over to:

I decided when having my nails done, that I would opt for pastels as I prefer to wear pastel colours on my nails at the moment. I used Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” (a firm favourite for years now, although not a massive fan of the formula) on 4 of my nails, and then on the accent nail I used O.P.I’s “Mod About You” which is also a firm favourite. Both were ordered from Ebay. 

Then came applying the little pug. I left the nail to dry (really important), and then peeled back the sticker to cut round the pugs. I did attempt to cut the pug out before peeling it off, but this was impossible and I couldn’t do it, so peel and cut in that order seemed to work best. You then place the sticker on the nail, and press down. It sticks down very easily. Pop on the top coat and you are good to go! She advises topping up with top coat for a few days in order to make the sticker last a bit longer.

It took seconds and so far it’s lasting well! Just added a little bit of fun to my manicure, and it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of the cheeky little pug on my nail! At just under 10p a sticker, you really can’t go wrong. :)

  1. Love these! Haha, the pugs are so cute. I've seen these on Gem Fatale's blog too x

  2. these are so lovely them stickers are far to cool

  3. oh my gosh, these are wayyyyy to cute! :')


  4. Elysa

    ohh the pug is so cute and i love both the colours as well xx

  5. This is such a cute idea! Wish my nails were long enough to do this :(

  6. Awww pugs are my favourite dogs! I'm definitey buying some of these, the price is amazing:D

  7. Lily

    Awww! I hate animals but this is so cute lol x

  8. Ellie

    I love this! Pugs have to be one of my favourite animals. Do you think that a pug printed onto paper then transferred using surgical spirit would work? I know that that is how you transfer news paper print to nails. But these stickers look fantastic!
    Ellie X

  9. Veraa

    love these nail art! Y love to do newpaper nails to, but then with advertorials and logo's haha.

  10. Abelia

    that's cute! xx

  11. Ellie

    Omg the pug is so cute I love pugs I so want these! xo

  12. Ellie

    Omg the pug is soo cute i love pugs :) It looks good teamed with Mint candy apple :) x

  13. That's genious! So adorable! It goes really well with the pastel colours! x

  14. This is so cute I love it :) xx

  15. What a great find! I love the foxes, I'll be keeping an eye out to see if she restocks them, thanks for sharing!

  16. chloe

    omg i love them! going to have to make a cheeky purchase

  17. I LOVE these haha my pug neville would love them and would be trying to lick your nail <3 x

  18. Going to get essie mint candy apple today!

  19. Holly

    These are so cute!

  20. Love the Mint Candy Apple colour, these are so cute :)

  21. kate

    awhhh! i love the pug so much! such a cute quirky idea :)
    kate xox

  22. Petal

    Aaw! They are so old fashioned, I love them x

  23. oh my god that's hilarious

  24. Noor

    I love these going to order some now :)

  25. oh wow! I'm not really a doggie person but I do love this! ha!

  26. Cherry

    Love the look of these, I'm going to have a look on eBay now!

  27. Ah this is the sweetest mani I've seen in a good while! The foxes would be so pretty in the autumn

  28. wow, that's such a cute idea :) love it! makes the nails look even more special and
    thanks for sharing, zoe!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  29. Vee S.

    Oh the fox ones are so cute! Def going to check them out, I hope she has wolves!

  30. Gaaah, these are so gorgeous! I want the pugs & cats! XO.

  31. Awww how cute?! Definatey gonna get those!:D xo

  32. They look so lovely I really want to try this now! xx

  33. aww these are so lovely!x

  34. Awh, cutest nails ever! Love the cat stickers! xx

  35. they are so cute i think im gunna get some im addicted to nail art at the minute.
    Holly x

  36. inês.

    Criei à uns meses um blog que se chama: “Magazine” e gostava que o visitasses e quem sabe, se gostasses, seguisses.
    Fica aqui o link:
    Espero que gostes, beijinho*

  37. Skye

    sooo cute! i'm super bad at applying nailvarnish-.-

  38. :O :O :O so. freakin. cute.

  39. This is soooo cute!!

  40. Such a cute idea ! xx

  41. katya

    yay!cute cute cute :)

  42. Emily

    oooh gonna buy some of these! xxx

  43. Beth

    These are adorable! Looks great with pastels and as an accent nail. Need these in my life.. xx

  44. ah i love it, so cute xx

  45. Ellis

    That is so cute!

  46. Laura

    Love the flower ones! So fun x

  47. In love with these nail transfers, unbearably cute, will be trying this look out for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this with us x

  48. Wow they are too cute!


  49. Annie

    looks great- love the cute little pug!:)xo

  50. Kerry

    The pug nails are adorable!
    I also just bought Mint Candy Apple – LOVE. :) I love the formula too and the brush. I have some old Essie's and it's a different brush on this new one from Boots and it goes on so much more better… I'm wondering if they've changed them or if it's the brush that makes it nicer? Hmm. (:

    I'm gonna order the cat one I think. I've never seen those before!

  51. That's adorable! A little unexpected twist ;)

  52. Tanya

    thats awesome!

  53. Went to go buy these cute little pugs! And they don't have them in stock anymore :(

  54. I keep seeing these atm. So cute :)

  55. These are the cutest nail transfers that I have seen in a very long time, they are perfect for animal lovers and in general just look adorable. I am also a big fan of the colours that you have painted your nails, I am in love with having a feature nail right now.

  56. Liz

    Hey Zoe, i emailed the eBay seller asking if they were going to restock the foxes etc. and they said that they've reduced the stock on eBay because its now all on their website! The website is! Hope this helps


  57. That's very hugable! Too nice, very cool blog with ideas you have here! Have a Nice day!

  58. Oh my glob, pugs are my favorite!!! (especially the pug in Men in Black, hehe!)

  59. My friend loves pug, time for a treat for her!

  60. adorable! there's no other word!

    i just started up a new blog, so check it out if you'd like :)

    thanyou! x

  61. mollyy

    the nails are soo cute, i love pugs (; xx

  62. Emily

    How exciting! I'm ordering mine now! Thanks Zoe:)

  63. Ah, these are such a cool idea!!
    Also, I like how you have just done it on one nail, and contrasted it with your others. A way to make them be used sparingly AND look marvellous!
    Thank you for linking us to her shop too!

  64. Soo cute :)

  65. Karol

    Looks amazing! So cute! :)

  66. Adorbs! xo

  67. Lacey

    This cute. I checked their website. I wished they had penguin ones!


  68. Great post :) I was suppose to leave you a message on your latest post so you will defoz see it but I am not sure i'v done that correctly. Just wanted to say I love your videos (too much). Found sprinkle of glitter through you too and never stop making videos. Tc xxx

  69. awwwww they look sooooo cute :)

  70. Monica

    Very pretty nail polish shades. I have the Essie shade too, but I haven't used it in at least a year. I'm going to paint them "Mint Candy Apple" tonight!
    Those pugs are adorable. Cutest puppies ever.


  71. haha these are so cute, i love pugs!

  72. Jessa

    The nails are so cute. This is such a great idea and I'll definitely look into purchasing something similar from Jan's store in the future. Always enjoy your lovely posts and videos. <3

  73. Eeeee I must have the cats & foxes! :) xx

  74. These are amazing! Absolutely love pugs xx

  75. Angel

    That is so adorable!!!

  76. That mint green is stunning!

  77. nice colorsss!

  78. What a lovely idea, thanks for sharing :)

  79. That is adorable. I adore Mint Candy Apple

  80. Adorable! I love mint candy apple.

  81. wow i definitely think i need these in my life!!!

  82. What a cute and quirky manicure, haha, I love it! I'm gonna check out her site. :)

    Just Another Day:
    Beauty & Fashion

  83. These are very cute!!!

  84. so cute! I have many nail designs on my blog, too!! :)


  85. These look so gorgeous! Will definitely be buying some once I've been paid

  86. Iny

    …..-:- Love this very nice, am obsessed with pastelnails at the moment haha! -:- …..

  87. Flo

    I absolutely love these! I think I'm definitely going to order some as they look so sweet and quirky and I love the pigs with the pastel nail polish. Really really great idea!

  88. hi zoe this is such a lovely idea and thank you for posting this fab blog post.

  89. Oh my god, these are AMAZING! I am purchasing the fox ones immediately :) xx

  90. That is so cute ;))

  91. oh zoe these just made me 'AWWW' out loud! the colours you chose go perfectly :D lovethem!
    HollieHcbeauty xx

  92. Zoe x

    The colours are amazing, i'm going to have to steal your nail design, so cute!

  93. Sarah

    Got the cat ones in the post today as a birthday present for my friend. Hopefully she likes them cos I am dying to give them a try and will be very bitter if they go unused!

  94. aww.. *_* how sweet these little dog stickers are! I just had to smile when I saw them (:
    Maybe you can visit my blog – only if you want – you can translate it.. then won't be everything right, but perhaps it will work! (:

  95. Gina

    These are adorable! Mint candy apple is my alltime favourite polish! :) xx

  96. Thanks for this post zoe, the nails are gorgeous! I love nail art and these look so simple to do but still looking pretty! X

  97. I love this. This is ridiculously cute, I would love to find some and try it. It would be great if you could follow me :) I'm new to this and would love for you to check out my blog

  98. Hannah

    Awh so cute! x

  99. This is lovely! I think I will invest in some of these! :)


  100. Stacey

    Oh, these are so adorable! What's not to love about a pug on your nails?

  101. I've never seen anything like this before. I really like them and might invest in some

  102. Jenn

    oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable! it reminds me of a crop hoodie i have that has a pug on the front! haha~


  103. Wow, I need those Pug stickers! What a great idea.x

  104. wow I love your nails! they are so cute!! *o*
    thanks for sharing the website

  105. Josie

    these are the most adorable things I ever saw!! xxx

  106. I LOVE THIS, I have some kind of similar but mine have Ed Sheeran on them, I'm really excited to put them on, I shall soon blog about them x

  107. omg i LOVE pugs <3

  108. Sophie

    So beautiful🎉

  109. Dina W

    That is seriously the cutest thing haha :)