GlossyBox £10 per month + £2.95 P&P*

This month GlossyBox are celebrating their first birthday. I can’t believe a whole year has passed since they first came on the scene, it only feels like yesterday! I was quite chuffed with this box, not my favourite, but still some great products included which I can’t wait to try. They also included two little extras as a Birthday treat.

Inside the box:

Pink Balloon – This needs no explanation, but what a cute thoughtful extra! It is sitting on my desk all pink and balloon-y.

GlossyBox Compact Mirror –  Every girl needs a compact mirror to keep on their bedside table, in their handbag or on their desk at work, so this was a nice extra surprise this month.

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel – I have to be honest, I now have a PILE of shower gels that I’m currently trying to battle my way through, so I wasn’t enthralled when I saw this, however, it is amazing! Noble Isle is a new British bath and body brand inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles. It smells really nice and refreshing!

Lolita Lempicka L’eau en Blanc and Eau de Parfum – For a while now, I’ve been meaning to pick up some Lolita Lempicka perfume samples, as I’ve heard good things about the fragrances. I also love the name and the packaging! I love both of these scents. They are really light, soft and girly. Perfect for summer days. I think my favourite of the two is the Eau De Parfum, and I may even need to pick up the full size.

Apivita Express Beauty Masks – I haven’t ever heard of this brand, but these masks sound a real treat. They exclude synthetic ingredients and replace water with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action. These masks claim to be 90% natural, so i’m looking forward to giving these a try. I do love a good face mask

Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment – More recently, I’ve really been into hair oils and treatments, so I was pleased to find this buried in my shredded paper. It includes argan oil to help restore dry/damaged hair. It also claims to reduce drying time (something that takes a good while for me). It also contains UV filters to protect from the sun and styling tools. Really looking forward to putting this to the test, my hair could do with a bit of TLC after all the sunny weather we’ve been having.

HD Brows Grow Baby Grow – This also really stood out to me as a “winning box product”. Although I’m fairly happy with my eyebrows as they are, I would love to fill out a few sparse gaps in between. This serum encourages rapid growth by increasing the blood circulation and provides essential nutrients. I will most certainly report back if this takes any effect!

What did you think of the Birthday box?

  1. Noush

    This box looks really great !

  2. I loved the perfumes, they're so girly and sweet without being overpowering x

  3. Looks lovely, wish I wasn't a skint so I could afford to spend 10 quid a month on this fun! X

  4. I can't believe that it's been a year already! These products seem amazing, glossybox has done a great job :)x

  5. I'm so jealous you received the HD Brows grow baby grow, I received the same box as you, except instead of the grow baby grow I received a ridiculously OTT (& I'm usually a false lash fan) pair of Eldora Lashes!

    Check out my blog post on my May Glossy Box:

    Miss Sarah x

  6. Wow this box looks really good, even though I can't actually sign up to Glossybox… I still love seeing what products they have in their boxes, which comes from my nosy side.

    The HD Brows is something that I would be very excited to try out to see if it does actually work, the face mask and hair oil would most likely be my favourite products.

    Another very well written review and I hope that you enjoy your Glossybox :)

  7. Iny

    The Osmo hair oil is amazing! Im quite happy with it for my hair, since I go through phases with dry and then too oily hair haha! Love the pink balloon and the pocket mirror! Ixx

  8. Tori

    i was a little disappointed i didn't get any HD brow products but other than that i was pleased! i love the perfume samples and my balloon is sitting on my desk too :)

  9. Bea

    I really missed out on this one!

  10. Pipi

    I would just like to say thank you for your blogs and youtube videos. I thoroughly enjoy them all!
    You and Louise have inspired me to start my own blog.
    Keep up the amazing blog/vlogging :)

  11. Sounds good. I need some of that eyebrow stuff too, few gaps in mine which seem to be taking forever to 'fill in' x

  12. Becky

    if you are wanting to get the lolita lempicka parfum full size you can get it cheap on cheap smells for £25.25 instead of however much in john lewis/house of fraser :) that's where i always get it from! Lovely blog post ive got glossybox envy!

  13. I received mine as well but your box looks even better with the hair oil and eyebrow grow, instead I have 2 shower gels (like you I now have a pile :L) and a third perfume which I also have a pile of /:


  14. Laura

    Birthday box looks great – love the paper to haha x

  15. Kiah

    When I 1st saw the photos of the items in the box, I was wowed by the amounnt of products you got in this.

    Please could you do a review on the HD BROWS serum. As I am rather interested!


  16. evi

    I've never had any of these monthly boxes because I could never decide which one I'd like to subscribe to. Some of the things in this Birthday box sound really nice – like the LL fragrances. My best friend and I are both great fans of them. A compact mirror can always come in handy! I also liked the idea of the masks. Hope they work well for you.

  17. This looks really nice. I'm still choosing which beauty box to go with. They all sound great! :) x

  18. I loved this box as well! Although I would have loved to receive the HD Brow gel. Apivita is surely a skincare brand to look out for :)


  19. Amanda

    I didn't like what I got, I was expecting great things from the Birthday box so I signed up for that one but it was just disappointing. Definitely won't be getting a monthly subscription. xx

  20. That balloon is such a cute addition!

  21. I definitely think I was missing something in mine haha, everyone else seems to have one more item!
    Have you tried the hair oil yet? I'm desperate to try that and the masks! :)


  22. Annie

    what a great box! I wish I had a glossybox supscription!:)xo

  23. Looks like a really nice box – I am really insterested to see whether that HD Brows growh stuff works – please let us know? I have a few gaps as well from when I went plucking mad as a teenager, before I realised that – despite what some nasty girls at school told me – big eyebrows are awesome. Needless to say the over plucking pretty much ruined them! damn! x

  24. Evi

    The Apivita masks are on par with the best of the kind. I've tried every single one of their mask sachets and none of them has left me dissatisfied.

    A little tip: in general, Apivita compared to the ever so popular greek brand Korres, has waaay better quality products. Take it from a greek girl ;)


  25. Emily

    Love the look of the beauty masks!

  26. Emily

    I thought it was a great box! The fragrances are lovely and I may buy a full size bottle as well :) I got some Lets Go Lashes with mine, which i'm really impressed with, but there is some great variety! x

  27. Hannah

    Awesome post, I love your blog <3 x

  28. Kar*

    omg! it's so cute!
    I hope you will like it:)
    I love your blog!

  29. My box was the same as yours but I got false lashes instead of the HD Brows stuff,

    xoxo, just another primadonna girl

  30. Great items in your box this month. I got the lolita lempicka testers too they smell great dont they xo

  31. This box looks so good! I love how the glossybox always uses unique brands and products! I'm so tempted to become a subscriber!

  32. Alice

    I think I might have to subscribe to a beauty box, I don't know how much longer I will be able to resist the thought of opening a box of beautifully packaged beauty products each month! Would you recommend Glossy Box on the whole?

    I love your blog, and I'm so pleased that your shop is going well…I personally love my smokey eye brush set and am contemplating which brushes I'd like to get next!!
    Do you know when you'll be adding more products to the shop?


  33. Becky

    This months box was a winner however I would of liked to have got the HD brow serum. Anything that encourages the growth after years of over plucking gets a thumbs up…look forward to you reporting back whether this works :-)

    Beckys Makeup

  34. Sounds like a great box :)


  35. madsta

    I'm definetly going to sign up once I open my new account, looks like so much fun every month!

  36. you got an amazing box, i want to try the face masks x

  37. Sica

    There's a few nice samples in there… are glossy boxes always like that, or did they put nicer things in there this month because it's their birthday?


  38. That's an awesome box!


  39. I like the idea of the 'Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment'! I live in the middle east so when the sun comes out – it really comes out! My hair has been feeling really dried out lately … maybe I should try get my hands on a bottle of that. :) Maybe you could do a review on it, if you decide to try it out? xxx

  40. Jessa

    The GlossyBox looks AMAZING this month. I used to be subscribed, but then unsubscribed from their service because at that time, it was more underdeveloped compared to Birchbox and Eco Emi. Now, I have an extreme urge to go back and subscribe again because of this post…(;

  41. wish i could afford to subscribe to glossybox! You got some really good samples in there, would love to see a review on the hd brows grow baby grow (maybe even a video;)) as my eyebrows have been over plucked during my younger teenage years after I let one of my friends do them hahaa! Was a bad mistake and 4 years later they're still not the same:(

  42. The oil hair treatment sounds promising, I'd really like something to make my hair softer but my hair is really oily so it's either too oily or too dry haha. I love your new website template zoella! Sooo pwetty :)

  43. I've been really disappointed with glossy box lately. I dont know if its just me but Im finding them a bit boring now. I decided to hang on one more month before canceling to see if they can win me back. But still this months box was not for me. Has now canceled and will be moving onto jolie box! xx

  44. Lexy

    I would love to know how grow baby grow works! I've been debating purchasing it for a while. :)

  45. Angel

    Gorgeous pics :D

  46. It looks like some cool stuff! This isn't a time in my life where I have the money for makeup, but I can see how it would be fun to get to try new things each month.

    The prizes for my June contest aren't quite this cool, but if you wanna check it out:

    Thanks for the great info!

  47. Oh you lucky so and so! I've wanted the Grow Baby Grow for ages! I've just moved to Australia for five months so unsubscribed from Glossybox, typical isn't it! Xx.

  48. Please please let us know about the HD Brows, would be a dream if it works :D
    I really wish I wasn't on such a tight student budget right now!
    Haha :)

  49. Gen85

    apivita is a greek brand with natural products. i have normal to dry skin and their masks don't suit me. their face scrub with apricot is really nice and their hair products and their de make up stuff!!!! kisses from Greece!

  50. Hey Zoe, please to a post if the HD Grow Baby Grow works! Also, could you please take a looksie at my blog? Ive recently started blogging for about a week now and it would mean the world if you followed:) thankyou:)<3

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  52. is the glossy box good every month? I was thinking about getting it but i don't want to be disappointed :L xxx

  53. i have the apivita cleanser for oily skin and it's amazing and natural!

  54. Do you think subscribing to glossy box would be a good idea? I've been thinking about it for a while, just couldn't be sure really x

  55. Nice shared pics. Really love this post, keep it up! ♥

  56. I love the presentation in a glossybox, they always look so pretty, from what i've seen of them anyway. I like watching unboxing videos of these on youtube and reading peoples blog posts about them. I've thought about subscribing to glossybox for a while but I don't use a lot of different products. I guess it'd be a good way to find new ones though that I may really like :)

    Also, I just started blogging so if anyone wants to have a look at my blog then they can and I am open to anyone that can help me out or give me some ideas! :)

  57. Emma

    Hey! So you probably get asked this alot but may I ask where you got the monopolyboardgame board (?!) that's on your desk? :)

  58. Cece


  59. the reason that you don't know APIVITA it's because it's a Greek brand and it isn't too long that it's been abroad too! It's really good and you might noticed it when you came to Mykonos at drugstores or elsewhere…