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So three years ago today, I sat down at my laptop (which has now given up on me & I’ve stolen my boyfriends laptop in order to do some blogging today – R.I.P Laptop) and “Zoella” was born. It’s honestly flown by, I can’t believe I was 18 when I started, and I’m now nearly 22. I have been given some seriously amazing opportunities through this little internet space, and met some truly special people. When I began, I didn’t think it would end up where it has. I know it’s not the top dog blog of the blogging world, but i’m incredibly amazed at how many of you follow and comment and support me. I appreciate every single one of you, and my blog certainly wouldn’t be where it was today if it weren’t for you all logging in and interacting with me! Now let’s all have a boogy & a singsong to celebrate!

I’d love to know who has been reading from the start & which is your favourite blog post that i’ve written?

  1. Happy Birthday Zoella!!



  2. Kelly

    Happy Blog Birthday Zoe!
    I love reading your blog, and watching the vids – you seem a lovely person so deserve every success.

  3. Happy Birthday Zoella! I only found this amazing blog a few months ago but it has inspired me so much. Thank you THANK YOU Zoe for starting this gold nugget!!!1!1oneone

  4. I've read all your posts, my favourite is probably your ombre post because it was really helpful but I love your blog generally too x

  5. whooo go you, i used to read all the time when i had my old blog, and now im back with my new mommy blog and got straight on to following again, have never stopped watching your youtube videos tho :) happy 3rd birthday to your blog :)

  6. Happy birthday Zoella! Love your blog and while I may not have read it from the very beginning, I'm a loyal follower! :) xxx

  7. Annie

    Happy Birthday Zoella! x
    Your blog is so lovely with all the little girly details and the wonderful pictures Zoe!

  8. Oh, and I've been reading from the start. Enjoyed your early car boot sale posts x

  9. Sarah

    Happy Blog Birthday! Well done for keeping it going for so long, 3 years is a pretty long time! One of my favourite posts of yours is the one before this – you and Louise are great together, your joint videos always make me giggle!


  10. I discovered your blog/youtube a few months ago and its definitely one of my favourites! Your youtube videos always make me laugh!

    Happy birthday to your blog. xxx

  11. rachel

    Happy 3rd birthday Zoella! I've been following from pretty much the beginning, summer 09 is when I started reading your blog, so not too far off! I really enjoy your hair posts and outfit posts but its lovely to see some of your other creative posts too, your recent makeup and jewellery storage ideas was a massive help and inspiration to me and the post you did about Louise had pretty much everyone on the verge of tears! Xx

  12. LWS

    Hahaha, I wasn't with you from the start of your blog. But you were the first Youtuber/blogger I found a year and a bit ago (before I had no idea about all this, completely naive!!)
    And I am so glad I did because I have started blogging because of you and love it!!

    So you were basically my inspiration. Woop Woop xo

  13. Natalie

    Happy blog birthday! x

  14. Deanna

    Wow three years! Happy Blog Birthday!
    I love your videos and blog posts, whenever there's a new one I make sure I read/watch right then. Haha

  15. Mona M.

    Wow three years! i wish you all the best for you and your blog!<3

  16. Happy Blog Birthday! Love your blog so much! xx

  17. Jenny

    Happy Blog Birthday! I think my favourite of your posts has to be either the weight one or the primark shopping guide x

  18. congratulations!
    i love reading your blog the most.
    honestly visit everyday to see if you have posted :$

  19. Happy Birthday to your blog! It's awesome and I hope you keep up with good work :)
    Xoxo, Peppi

  20. Noush

    Happy Birthday :)

  21. Marian

    I've been reading your blog since Summer 2009!!

  22. Marian

    Congratulations! I've been a reader since Summer of 2009! xx

  23. Tamsin

    Happy Birthday to your blog! I've been reading for about a year and a half now. Crazy! xx

  24. em_lysk

    I've been reading from the start :) I think my favourite post was the one you did about your hair and all the different hairstyles you've had. It was fun to read :) x

  25. Sarah

    Happy 3 Years of Blogging!
    I've not been reading since the beginning but I have read all of your posts. My absolute favourite is the previous post to this, your homage to Sprinkle Of Glitter. It was a thing of beauty.
    I'm excited for all the blogging in the future!

  26. em_lysk

    Not sure if my other comment posted, but I've been here from the beginning and my favourite post was the one you wrote about all the different hairstyles you've had :) xx

  27. Oooh happy blog birthday :)
    You've done amazing.. i really enjoy sitting down and reading your blog and catching up on your videos. x

  28. Happy bloggity birthday! I've been reading for about 2 years, way before I even thought about starting my own blog! My favourite post was your 'why are you so skinny' post, and also picture posts where you let us in on a bit of your daily life…
    Keep at it and here's to another 3 years!
    Belle du Brighton xx

  29. Happy 3rd birthday zoella ! I haven't followed you for long but I have been readin your blog for a year and a bit and I have pretty much read every blogpost x

  30. Kasia M

    Congrats :) and happy birthday :D

  31. Ellie

    Congratulations Zoe!!! I loovvee your blog & your videos <3 You deserve every follower you have xoxo

  32. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday :)

  33. happy birthday zoella!!

  34. Happy B,day Zoella. I love you :D:)))

  35. Emma

    Happy Blog Birthday :) x

  36. Hannah

    Happy Blog Birthday! I think I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now and I definitely read back through every single post of yours once I'd discovered you. I've got a few of your posts bookmarked but I think my fave is 'Big Smexy Hair' which gave me lots of tips for getting volume and it's definitely one I refer back to still. You've really done tons of great posts though and I'm looking forward to lots more! xx

  37. Bea

    Hope there are many more birthdays to come!

  38. Happy Blog Birthday :)
    i only discovered your blog about a month ago after coming across one of your
    youtube videos and i love your blog keep it up my favorite post so far was the last one with you and louise thanks to your blog/videos i also found louise who is awesome too thanx so much kt x

  39. Katie

    Happy third birthday! It's incredible how fast is time is flying by, it's actually rather daunting. A post that has always struck in my mind is the post on panic attacks and anixety. It was comforting to read about something that was close to my heart and always on my mind. I hope there are more many years to come with Zoella!

  40. Happy Blog Birthday Z. :D
    I haven't been reading your blog from the start :(
    I've discovered your youtube first and fell in love with your videos so I knew I had to follow your blog too :)
    I like all of your post but one of my favorites is DIY ombre hair. I DIY it my self after I saw how you did it :)
    Thank you for everything :D

  41. Happy blogging brithday
    Only been reading your blog since last April but I'm so glad I found ti, its brilliant and leaded me on to find other fantastic blogs too! xx

  42. Monia

    Happy Birthday! ;)

  43. Happy 3rd Birthday Zoella! Hopefully there is many more great years to come :)

  44. Vivian

    I love your blog so much, its the first blog i followed and i loved your top items in your wardrobe post :)

  45. Happy Birthday Zoella! i love your blog! xx

  46. Happy Blog Birthday! I haven't read your blog from the beginning, but it's become one of my favourites and I look forward to your posts :)

  47. Zoe

    Hi Zoe, I love all your posts :) I don't have to write which post means most to me as I'm sure you already know ;) I will never be able to thank you enough for writing that post, you made a massive difference to the way Lissy feels about herself, yes she still has the odd 'issue' but you made such a huge difference and for that I will and she will be eternally grateful. Happy Birthday to your blog, it's always a pleasure to read, and thank you once more from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my little girl, you are amazing!! Lots of love, Zoe xxxx

  48. Soph.

    Happy bloggy birthday!!!
    I have been reading for about 9 months or so and I have literally read every post you have done! I love your hair and make up posts! Xx

  49. Laura

    Happy birthday to your blog! I love reading it so much, one of my absolute favourites :) I found it through watching your youtube videos xxx

  50. Zoe

    Hi Zoe, Happy Birthday to your blog, I love reading all your posts but you already know which post is the one that means the most to me ;) I will never be able to thank you enough for writing that post, you made a massive difference to Lissy that day and for that I and she will always be grateful. Thank you so much for writing it, you will never know how much you helped my little girl and I will never be able to express how thankful we both are :) Here's to the next 3 years of amazing blogging from an amazing person, thank you from the bottom of my heart Zoe, you are fabulous!! Take care, sending lots of love as always, Zoe and Lissy :) xxxxx

  51. Congrats! Keep on rocking this great blog!

  52. alicia

    Happy blogging birthday! My favourite post was the 'why are you so skinny' post as it helped me a lot, knowing someone else was in the same situation :)xxxxxx

  53. happy birthday zoella..
    and you deserve every blogger ;) u just wish you could post more, because when you do i love them so much and it leaves me wanting more! ha. fantastic blog. x

  54. happy birthday!! you really deserve all the success and i absolutely love reading ur blog it just makes my day!!:)

  55. Happy happy happy birthday Zoella!!! I found your blog just after you started it and its been such a pleasure following your journey and getting to know you over the past few years. You are a gorgeous not only in appearance but also personality and deserve every opportunity you have had form your blog. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength and I look forward to everything you do in future xxx

  56. Lischen

    Happy birthday to your blog! I really really love your blog! When I accidentally found your vlog about half a year ago I just loved it from the very beginning. I began to read your blog, too and then started my own one! Thanks for teaching me how great blogging is!!


  57. Lena

    Happy blog brithday!
    I read your blog since May 2011 and really love it and your youtube videos always make me laugh!
    My favourite blog posts were about your panic attack because you showed us what you struggling with, and also recent blog post with Louise. I love her too :D

    Greeting from snowy Poland :)

  58. Happy birthday Zoella! Your blog is fab and you should be proud of where your at with your hard work, can you share any words of wisdom on blogging, i have only just started mine but aspire to hopefully be still here with followers a year down the line never mind three lol
    Amanda x

  59. es-jay

    Happy Birthday Zoella! It's been wonderful reading through your blog, in fact when I'm having a down day I'll still flick back and read through some of your old posts and look at your wonderful pics just to cheer me up. I hope In 3 years my blog will bring happiness to others just as your does to so many!

    xoxox – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts x

  60. Happy birthday :) May all your wishes come true ♥ You really deserve the success.

  61. happy blog 3rd birthday zoe! my favourite post would have to be the one on your hair lol
    obsessed with it :)
    muchos lovos! saw your tweet about hating today! sending virtual hugs! it'll all be okay whatever is going wrong. xxxxx

  62. I love your haul posts, you have an incredible style Zoella! <3

  63. Emily

    happy blog birthday xx

  64. Lulu

    Happy blog birthday! I really adore reading your blog. Whenever I open my blogspot account and see a new post from you, I get really excited. Every single thing you write about you make ever so interesting & I adore the pictures you take. Personally my favourite posts of yours are either your recent make-up alternatives post or the post about geeky glasses!
    You are a such a wonderful inspiration and thanks so much for such a good read!xx

  65. Massive congrats to you! (: I've read your blog for over a year now and you definitely deserve all the support you get, yours was one of the blogs that made me itch to start my own, so thank you very much too! (: xx

  66. Farzana

    Happy Birthday Zoella! My favourite blog post has to be, "My dressing table". The photos were amazing! I love looking back at your older posts because you were just a normal girl (and now you're a hot shot blogger!) and I am the same normal, ordinary teenage girl you used to be 3 years ago. Thank you Zoes, for opening my eyes to the world of blogging. Lots of love and best wished for the future, Farzana x

  67. Rachael

    aw congratulations, happy birthday! I love your blog, you have amazing style and are just overall stunning! x

  68. 010

    happy 3rd anniversary. glad that i found your blog.

  69. Happy birthday, and hope for many more to come!

  70. Happy Birthday! I found your blog a year or so ago… love it! You crack me up and your so pretty, to boot :)

  71. Lily

    Wow congrats Zoe! I found only found your blog a year or so ago but love your reviews – they're so informed and honest :) x

  72. i've read all your posts, but the one that got me really excited was the make up storage post recently! congrats on your 3rd year of blogging, Zoe!

  73. Sabrina

    Congratulations Zoe.I follow you for a while now and really like how you write your posts and the way you do your photos!Go on like this.Happy Birthday.
    xoxo Sabrina

  74. Nicola

    Happy Birthday Zoella!
    And don't be silly Zoe, your blog is defiantly the 'top dog' of blogging.
    Your blog is by far one of my favourites, its amazing and i found it through your
    Youtube video's about a year ago.

  75. Char!

    Happy 3rd blogging birthday X

  76. i would love to see more 'outfit of the day' or 'make up of the day' posts :)

  77. Claire

    Happy blog birthday! I only really discovered the "world of blogging", as it were, last year and yours was one of the first few I read which inspired me to start my own :) One of my all time favourite Zoella posts was the Primark shopping guide :)

  78. Beth

    those cupcakes look lush!
    Happy Birthday!X

  79. Happy Birthdayyyy toooo youuuuuu, happy birthdayyy too youuu x x

  80. Congratulations honey, all your hard work has paid off for sure :) xo

  81. Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday Zoella! I would love to personally thank you for inspiring, and giving me the confidence to start my own blog. Youre absolutely amazing, and I wish the best to both you and your utterly amazing blog! xo

  82. I love your 'face of the day posts', your eyeshadow is always lovely. Congratulations, your blog is fab
    Bex x

  83. Happy birthday! Your blog inspired me to start mine xx

  84. Happy 3rd Birthday Zoella!! I have read your posts for quite some time but never really understood blogs until recently when I made my own. The thing i love the most about your blog is your photos – each one tells a little story and you can tell theyve taken time to do and are well thought out !! You are my inspiration !! I am honoured to have finally have an account to click the 'follow' button on your birthday !! yaaaay !!

    Karen x

  85. Aww Happy birthday Zoella! I haven't been reading from the beginning, but I remember when I first discovered your blog about a year ago (not long before your 21st!) and I loved it! Went through loads of your posts and watched all your videos lol. You should be really proud of how far it's come, congrats :) x

  86. LucyLu

    I have not been reading long but I love your blog, it's people like you who inspire me to keep writing mine!

    Love your videos too :)

    Happy Birthday, may there be many more :D

    Lucy x

  87. Lauren

    Happy blog birthday! I only started reading about a month ago, but I love your blog…and you help inspire me to start my own, so thankyou for that :) x

    and these look so yummy :)

  89. Elly

    Happy birthday! I just joined Blogger the other day and began following you and already I can't get enough of your blog. Congratulations on your 3rd birthday! XX

  90. Congratulations, you are so inspiring to us new bloggers! I have been following for close to a year, and the writing is what has kept me coming back, your posts have such good flow!

  91. happy blog birthday! :} xx

  92. Martha

    Congratz, i love ur blog.xx

  93. Happy blog birthday, Zoe! And congratulations for achieving so much in 3 years! xxxx

  94. Happy blog birthday! I have been reading from pretty much the beginning and it was you that inspired me to start blogging :) great blog and I look forward to the years to come!xx

  95. well done for keeping it going for 3 years i am only a new supporter but loving it so far




  96. Sophie

    Happy blogging birthday! I always love reading any posts you write to do with hair, yours is gorgeous! x

  97. Happiest of Blogging Birthdays! :D I love your blog & your videos! your amazing! x

  98. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOELLA! You've given people everywhere inspiration and joy!

  99. LiLie

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! I'm not following from the beginning but I'm a loyal follower and I also red old posts. I love every single post of this blog…you deserve the success you have. Peoples love you!


  100. YOSRA

    Happy B-DAY keep up your good work i love your blog =))

  101. Shen

    Happy Birthday! I only discovered your blog in the last 6 months but I've sat and read all your posts!

  102. best blogger out therex

  103. Anna

    Happy Birthday :D

  104. Awwww happy blog birthday my darling! I have followed you since the very beginning! Oh and my love you are DEFINITELY one of the top blogs!


  105. Serena

    I absolutely love your full blog couldn't choose one post, happy birthday Zoella!

  106. congrats! :) I actually liked your post on anxiety and panic attacks (haha) xx

  107. Happy blogday!
    Could you maybe check out my new ELF haul and updated blog too if you have time? I LOVE your blog!

  108. Niamh.

    Only discovered you blog during the summer, but been hooked ever since! can only hope my blog reaches the heights yours has! Happy Blog Birthday!

  109. M.

    Congratulations to you and your blog! I really really love this blog :)

  110. Hope

    happy birthday zoella! keep up the good work, LOVE your blog, always have, always will <3

  111. Hope

    happy birthday zoella! keep up the good work, LOVE your blog, always have, always will <3

  112. Happy blog birthday =) You don't look a day over two =D

  113. Happy blogday! I started following your blog based on the lush reviews but quickly fell in love with your style and attitude. I have bought quite a few products based on your reviews and never been disappointed. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging and thankyou for all the happiness this blog has brought me over the years.

  114. Alice

    It's amazing you've been writing it for three years! I really love your blog especially all the hauls :) xx

  115. Happy 3rd blog baby! Hahaha, hope your blog had a good one and didnt go toooo wild ;). Ive been following for about a year, and i havvveeee to love where you showed all your storage! That sounds shit but seriously i love that post lmao.


  116. Jasmine

    Happy blog birthday Zoe! :)


  117. Theresa

    Yay!!! Happy birthday to your blog!! I just started to follow you a month ago, and found you through your youtube. I absolutely love your personality and your blog. :3 Wonderful posts! (: Definitely one of my favorites!


  118. Lesley

    Congrats on your bloggy birthday!

  119. Meli

    Happy 3rd birthday Zoella! :D I've only been reading about a year. Unfortunately I only became aware of it after you returned to YouTube this last time (I think you had said you'd made video's before but I'm not sure now that I'm typing Anywho, I just fell in love with your video's and blog. I have to say as far as the blog goes, I've enjoyed your personal stories. Wow…that sounded so stalker status but I promise its not! lol Reading about your birthdays, holidays, and your post about the pod you and your boyfriend stayed in. I'm from America, so I love reading about different places and British culture. Everything just seems so lovely.

  120. Romy

    Aww congrats girl! :D xx

  121. Always love your blog posts and youtube videos. And the accent!


  122. Hey Zoe, congratulations on three wonderful years! At the start of 2010 I stumbled across your blog and have been hooked ever since. Each post is better than the last and you bring the sunshine out on rainy days. Thanks for letting us share in your adventures for the past 3 years! You have inspired me to start my own blog :) I look forward to reading more from you in future, good luck! x

  123. Congratulations on the three years! It remember how i instantly fell in love with your blog, and back in the day i wasn't on blogger so i instead bookmarked ur page, and checked it every single day for new posts haha <– saddo alert! (but seriously.i actually did.) :$ haha

    I hope there are still many years to go before you decide to give up blogging!

    Love of Love, Ana x

  124. ktduffy

    happy birthday Zoella! You deserve all of your success and you inspired me to start my own blog. Good luck for the future x

  125. Happy birthday Zoella x

  126. i havent read your blog from the beginning, maybe onlt the past year and a half. When i found your blog i fell in love with it and one night i had to sit and work my way backwards through all your posts! :) Happy Birthday Zoella x

  127. anna

    i love your blog . Please what ever you do , don't stop blogging !

  128. sarahxo

    I love your blog so much, it was the first or second one I came across when I first started reading blogs last summer, I can't even remember how I found it now! I have loved it ever since! Your blog was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to make my own blog too! Happy 3rd birthday!! :) xoxoxox

  129. Lottie

    You're blog has inspired me to start my own little bubble of webspace.
    I really enjoing reading and check back all the time :)
    Love LottieBot!

  130. I don't really know which post is my favorite, because I like them all so much.
    To be honest, I didn't see it at first.
    3 years ago, I was 12 so I didn't have a computer, and I didn't search for blogs or I didn't blog myself.
    Now, I've been reading it for a couple of months and damn i like it!
    Quick request: Can you please show us how you do your hair and makeup?
    It's so pretty in a lot of pictures!
    PS I love the red lipstick! :)
    Go on!

  131. Ellie

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! and my favourite post of all is probably the ombre hair one, i've done my hair like this because of that post and i love it!! thank you so much!! true inspiration!! xxx

  132. Every blogpost is amazing and wonderful! Happy 3rd Birthday Zoella!;)
    Love you!

  133. Every blogpost of you is amazing and wonderful! Happy 3rd Birthday Zoella!
    Love you!♥

  134. happy birthday zoella xx

  135. Congratulations! You are truly an inspiring person! My favourite blog post would have to be the one about panick attacks, I thought it was really inspiring how brave you are and the fact that you could share it to the whole world. I love your blog!

  136. Yours was the first blog i followed and read religiously! It also inspired me to start my own. :) My fave blog posts are probably all of your FOTD & hair posts! But tbh, every post you do i love. <3 xoxo

  137. Congratulations lovely! Yours was the first blog i followed & read religiously! It also inspired me to start my own. :) My fave posts are probably all of your FOTD & hair posts, but tbh any post you do i love haha. <3 xoxo

  138. becky.

    happy belated blog birthday!
    i wish i'd seen this blog post earlier so i wouldn't sound like the relative who forgets you're birthday and tries to pretend that they were trying to make you think they'd forgotten and then surprise you haha xx

  139. Alix

    Happy birthday zoella! :D
    My personal favourite was your blog about your hair changes throughout the years!

  140. Happy belated birthday, Zoella blog! haha. This seems like a fitting time just to let you know Zoe that you really inspired me to start my own blog! It gave me so much confidence watching your vids, knowing i could be myself and do what i wanted. P.s that was a huge step for me being THE most socially backward girl ever lol! So thank you! I'm still getting in the swing of things and feel like i'm talking to myself but looking forward to the future of my blog haha! (if ya can't say it on a birthday, when can ya!?) xx

  141. happy 3rd birthday zoella ! xxxxx

  142. Zoe,

    I haven't been a follower since the start however I have been following you for about a year on here, youtube and twitter and I recently started reading your blogs from the beginning. I started a blog myself about a year ago but didn't have the confidence to just write whatever I wanted since reading your blogs through you have given me more confidence.

    thank you and well done


  143. Jojo

    You’re definitely one of the “top dog blogs” now Zoe. So so so proud of you. Please keep on going!

  144. Melinda Lujan

    I’ve been around since 2012….. I think my fave blog post was about your 21st birthday. :)