Yes, that’s right. I am officially BACK. For those of you who may not have noticed, I haven’t really managed to do any proper blogging in a while, or videos for that matter. This was because my ever so broken and ropey (but trusty and long lived – to some extent) Dell laptop, finally decided enough was enough. Once I started introducing it to DSLR images and HD video, it refused to co-operate, but tried it’s damned hardest to soldier on through, until the day it turned off, and never turned back on again. Poor Dell (note to self – never buy another Dell, fell to absolute pieces towards the end).

I knew for a while, that once my laptop was dead and buried, I would convert to a Mac. I always hear so many good things about them, and know an awful lot of people who use them and absolutely love them. As a fair few people have said to me “Once you go Mac, you never go back”. So today, after trying to rally up the last of the “new laptop” funds, I popped my MacBook cherry. I’m still getting to grips with it all, but I’m absolutely loving it so far. Expect to be reading and seeing a lot more of me here on my blog and on my YouTube from now on :)

  1. alex

    nice climate :)

  2. Roshni

    Yay so glad you're back xxx

  3. Annie.n

    woooo, welcome back! jealous of you and your mac though! xoxo

  4. nicola

    yayyyy that youre back! RIP dell laptop, but very exciting entering mac territory! so glad youre back into blogging! nicola xxx

  5. Bri


  6. Shannon

    So glad.

  7. more posts please xx

  8. Which MAC did you get exactly? Excited to see a lot more of your stuff :) xx

  9. gixxna

    Finally ! Welcome back :)

  10. Phoebe

    Glad you're back! :) I'd love a Mac but I think I'm going to save and get one when I go to university. I'm getting a DSLR soon so I hope my laptop cooperates with it!


  11. Kuki

    We had a burglary and my Dell got stolen, I bought a MAC after and I would NEVER go back to Windows!
    Looking forward to reading and watching more of you!

    Kuki xxx

  12. Emma D


  13. Lily

    Saw you got a new macbook on twitter! Glad you're back! :)

  14. Wise choice. You'll never go back ;] xoxo


  16. bea

    So true, I got my first Mac about 7 months ago (after going on about how I didn't get what was so special about them) and I don't think I'll ever go back to PC :)

  17. Faye

    YAY well done Zoe! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face more frequently!

  18. Shona


  19. claude

    I'm looking forward to hearing again more from you!:)

  20. woooooohoooo, so glad your back Zoe! You were well missed.

    B xxx

  21. Woohooo! Macs are the best! Welcome back though, and I can't wait for the blogging mojo to begin! Love it when I visit Zoella to see a few posts to read! xx

  22. Aisling

    Yay! and welcome back! :) Can't wait to see the upcoming blog posts and videos :D x

  23. Kasia M

    Yay! Welcome back :)

  24. dissie

    wow MAC only in my dreams! too expensive! ;[ but my white Sony Vaio is a good choice!

  25. LiLie

    Yaaayyy!!! it's a good choice Zoe…a Mac can change your life! Trust me!!! :)

  26. Glad you're back Zoe! xxx

  27. Welcome back! I have a Dell and I absolutely hate it. Its falling apart..I currently don't have a f key :( Saving up for a mac though because it will be better for college. They are a bit hard to get use to after using a PC though haha x

  28. YEAH!! so glad your back, missed you!


  29. Congrats on your MAC…happy blogging!! ♥

  30. Emily

    Yay so glad you're back :) xxx

  31. Lila

    Now you're scaring me and my (until now) trusty Dell Laptop ;) Glad that you're back :)

  32. nn21

    Mac's are the best! welcome back! :)

  33. Laré

    finally! :) We missed you xx

  34. sarahxo

    Glad you are back! Love your blog! :)
    I really want a MAC! when this laptop starts to die i am definitely going to convert to mac! xxx

  35. Hope

    yeees your back! missed you zoe! very jel of your macbook xxxx

  36. You made the right choice, since i got my iMac everything has become easier and faster!! Totally worth the money!

    Mila from Italy

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  37. Angie


  38. Ooouu, your new laptop looks like a beaut :)
    We use Mac books in the AV/Photography courses at my school, they are amazing for doing artsy things like videos and photography, but I never really got the hang of using a Mac! Not sure I could ever make the jump ;) xox

  39. Tor

    Welcome back Zoe… I've missed your blog posts!
    I upgraded to a Macbook after my old one died last month too… loving it :)
    Tor @ That's Peachy fashion blog xx

  40. Amaris

    Yay! I'm excited to see you blogging more frequently now! I love your posts! :)

  41. yay so glad that your back, i can tell you, you have been deeply missed xx

  42. Sarirah

    I'm wondering if when my Dell finally gives up I'll turn over to the mac side.
    Looking forward to your future blog posts and videos! :)

  43. Yay :) I want a Mac sooo much! x

  44. Hayley

    Aww yay! glad your back in the blooging wolrd, absolutly adore your blog!!

    I know this feeling! My poor laptop is so old, i really need new one! but she still turns on so i cant justify spending the money on a new one just yet lol!

    Hayley xo

  45. yay! i love reading your blogposts and watching your videos:) xx

  46. rae

    congratulations on your new purchase, and i can vouch for those who have already said it – it really is true! once you go mac u do NOT go back!

    xx rae

  47. Kate

    So glad you're back!

  48. tayonna

    that's so exciting i remember the day i got my mac!! i hope this means new videos too :) <33

  49. Jasmine

    Can't wait for you to get back into it :) xo

  50. Char!

    Welcome back! X

  51. Adéla

    I am so happy you will be able to update your blog (and hopefully youtube channel which I found out you had just a couple of days ago!). Can't wait for the new pictures, videos and ever so interesting stories from your life!
    Welcome back and I hope you and your new Mac will get together really soon without any troubles! :)

  52. es-jay

    I was an apple virgin too but after my iphone 4 everything else just doesnt compare! I'm saving for a mac too! yay! I'm so glad you're back! can't wait for more posts and videos from you! :D

    xoxox – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  53. beth

    I'll never forget the time I got my first mac about a year ago!
    and i'll also have you know that it hasn't changed in the slightest, and if anything it's only gotten better.
    :) SO happy you're back zoe!

  54. Yiiippppppeeeeeeeee I am so happy you're back and back in style to!!
    Bootiful MAC can't wait to read your impending blogs n'vlogs


  55. Suzanne

    Oh goody – I've missed you. I've had a mac for about a month now and I'm still trying to figure it out. I love it though x

  56. Anna X.

    Great to have you back!

    I'll convert to a Mac as soon as my laptop says goodbye.

  57. My dell laptop was rubbish too towards the end, ive had it for years then she screen was hanging off so it just fell and it had to lean on something so i got a new one, perhaps it is just dell laptops i now have a ACER laptop hopefully this will be better, glad your back :)

  58. Yay!!! Your back!!! and I used to have a Dell and swapped to a Mac and its sooooo right, once you go mac…. I just love mine!! xx
    Bea @

  59. Emilie

    Oh you will love it! I just changed to mac after my acer died, very satisfied! Cannot wait to read more from you!

  60. Megan

    Yay! Macs really are the greatest, I hope you love it. Glad you're back!

  61. Glad you got your computer woes sorted, it's amazing how much we rely on these machines nowadays – I know I'd deffo be lost! My laptop is going the same way, don't have the funds for a new one so am hoping it will last a while longer. Next I'd love one of those small ones that you can shove in your handbag :)

  62. Lena

    Yaaaaay, welcome back Zoe ! I'm so glad you are back :). I always wanted to have Mac but is too expensive for me :).


  63. yay!!! Can't wait to see more of ya!

  64. Zara

    WELCOME BACK GORGEOUS! You have been missed!!!! <3 xxx

  65. Yayyy! It's great to have to back :)

  66. Diane

    Yay welcome back to the blogging world :) I had a Dell once too and well, let's just say that I'm never going to use a Dell ever again!

  67. Very excited for you to blog more! My boyfriend has a Dell and it is literally falling apart! I really love my Sony VAIO I just can't see myself converting to Mac.

  68. Yay, so good to have you back!

  69. Theresa

    YAY! Glad you're back!! (: Cool! I've always wanted a Mac, but I'll get one once my current laptop dies, or when I graduate high school.


  70. this is so exciting! i look forward to this. and it is true…once you go mac you NEVER go back!! lol

  71. Aww glad you`re back! Hope you enjoy owning a mac, I really want one but they`re so pricey
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  72. Vivian

    so happy you can make videos and blog posts more often now xx

  73. Bodine

    Yay! I', so happy you're back :)!

  74. Jasmine

    What DSLR camera do you use?


  75. Sasha

    I can't wait for new posts.. Your blog is one of my favourites! x

  76. Too exciting, can't wait for your brilliant posts and video's to come! :)

  77. Great to see you back up and running! I just switched to a Macbook last month and it has been fantastic, so fast and easy to use!

  78. Aww! Glad you're back!! We've all missed you! ;]
    Your blog is such an inspiration, keep it up!!

    <3 Laura. x

  79. Welcome back! I had a similar situation before with a Dell and got my first macbook 5 years ago… and never looked back :)

  80. First time on a Mac is a bit confusing but there's no turning back then! Yay for you being back!

  81. Tenneil

    Congrats on your big splurge! You'll have so much fun with your shiny new Mac. They're such a pleasure to work with and won't ever die on you. My old one is six years old and still going strong!

    I'm so happy to hear you'll be blogging more because I absolutely adore your blog. I hope this means you'll be doing more make up looks and OOTDs because I've missed them!

  82. Lischen

    I'm so glad you're back! Hope you'll film a lot more videos now! I love them! Especially together with your brother! You're so funny :) <3


  83. Karrisx

    Glad to hear it! I have a Sony Vaio and it is on it's last legs – I think I will definitely switch to MAC once this gives up the ghost! Look forward to lots more posts and videos :) x

  84. Glad you're back :) x

  85. Welcome back. Would you do an overview of how your finding the MAC. I've always had Windows but like you have heard people rave about MACs but others saying they are trouble. Your newly converted thoughts would be helpful!

  86. Soph.

    Glad to see you back! :) Definitely looking forward to reading more posts! My laptop is about to die as well and I am considering a Mac too. x

  87. WOO HOO! I'm excited :D

  88. I also really want a Mac but funds/not-broken lappy do not allow for it yet! Hope you enjoy yours, have heard many good things :) xo

  89. I love Mac! I'm very happy with mine! And yes, it's true…I would never go back to another computer.

    Love katrien

  90. Robyn

    Glad you're back! It's true, MAC's are amazing.. I'm always stealing my boyfriend's. In fact I'm using it right now ha x

  91. Natalie

    I like you was a macbook virgin, but soon as i got one i loved it! Glad your back blogging! Looking forward to seeing some more posts :)

    Natalie, x

  92. Martha

    yay i am so glad that you are back, missed your primark hauls as well. I hope you will do more videos

  93. Mayumi

    Glad you're back to blogging, I look forward to your posts :) I'm so tempted to save up for a macbook too but I told myself I would wait until my sony vaio dies on me completely. Also love that the candles in this photo seem kind of like a ceremony ritual thingy for the passing of your dell and the birth of your mac. Anyway, love your blog :) xx

  94. Sparkle

    Welcome back! I just find your blog and I love it!
    Follow u! xo

  95. Mac is the best! :)

  96. Clay

    Looking forward to your future posts ! xx

  97. Marian

    I bought a MacBook Pro last month and loving it! xx

  98. Once you get a Mac you never go back, they are amazing!!

  99. Maja

    I'm excited for you to be back! :)

  100. Carly

    Welcome to the Mac gang ;)

  101. Ms. K

    Glad you're up and running :P

    Guess this means you're back on the YT scene too? ^.^

    Looking forward to the next post ♥

  102. I want a mac.. but id have to have a pink one! i see people with colored ones and i just turn into a ball of jealousy! Once i graduate and become a nurse im buying one with my first paycheck! If my HP can last me that long that is.

    Excited to read more!!

  103. SO glad you're back! I absolutely luuurrrve your posts + videos.

  104. welcome back, though now I will be without internet for a while. And, idk about hte whole Mac thang, i cant live without the sims. i know theres sims for Mac and all, but im pretty sure theres more DLC's for non mac computers.

  105. my mac is the best thing i ever got! :) xxxx

  106. So excited your back! looking forward to seeing more posts:D xx

  107. Bea

    Looking forward to it!

  108. Martina

    Glad to hear you're back :)

  109. Welcome to the big bang theory! No- just kidding. I got an iMac for Christmas and I'm so happy about it. Glad you're back!

  110. Eloise

    Wins! Glad you're back! I too have gone all macbook as of January and I'm loving my little jaunt with it so far. Gone are the days of the frozen blog, no more egg timers!

  111. I'm still a bit Macphobic, but I love having a play around on my boyfriend's one (sounds dodge). But I always whine 'Where's word' or even (shamefully) 'where's the internet on this thing'. They also look oh so cool.

    Great blog by the way, glad you are back. I never say this, but it'd be great to hear back from you :) xx

  112. Yay so glad you back :) your blog and sprinkleofglitter blog make me haapy :) And im using some of your blog posts on interiors as inspiration for re-doing my room, is there any chance you could do a few more of those? Them and OOTDS are my Favourite!
    Heres my blog if you fancy a peek:

  113. Noush

    I have the same and I absolutely love it ! I'm happy your back :)

  114. Sophia

    Oh it's so so true :) "Once you go Mac, you never go back"! I'm looking forward to new posts and videos <3 Love youu!

  115. sophie!

    my dell lappy is on it's last legs at the minute, i think it needs a new battery since it doesn't charge and if unplugged switches off, but i'd rather not buy one, especially cause i bought a new charger thinking it was that but it wasn't. i loved the laptop at the time, i think my brother pushed me into choosing it though. i shall definitely get a macbook as my second laptop they're beautiful.
    i look forward to your new blog posts and youtube videos sweetie.

  116. Shen

    I got my MAC In december and love it!
    Welcome back and welcome to the mac club!

  117. Laura

    wow so many comments! crazy! i'm going to london soon, i'm from belgium, so def gonna buy some. Currently have mac ones, but pricey indeed

  118. Emilie

    I will check them out next time I go to England, or a TopShop for that matter! Really don't feel the MAC lipsticks are worth the high price, but this sounds perfect!

  119. Glad to see your back…you have a great blog xx

  120. becky.

    lovely to see you back on my bloglovin feed! missed ya! x

  121. Alice

    Yay! I've missed your posts. I absolutely love my mac – it is a pleasure to blog on it


  122. Julie

    Yayy, it's good to see that you're back! I came across your blog sometime last year & I love reading your posts & ever since I read your post about pod camping in Cornwall, I've been wanting to go so badly! I never realised you had a YouTube channel until I came across it today, I was watching your videos & noticed you complained about your laptop a lot haha. I've used macs before but I got my own macbook last October & I LOVE it, hopefully you will too! :)

  123. I'm really glad that you'r back to making blogposts and videos. I check really often in YouTube and here if there's something new :)

  124. It's so very true, once you go mac, you never go back! You completely fall in love with them and they're a lot more elegant then regular laptops :P
    Looking forward to many more posts :) xxx

  125. We have the same laptop. I must say I love my macbook! Maybe you could do a post on how you're getting on with your Macbook? A sort of review? I know its not your usual but I'll be sure to read it :)

  126. Lotta

    hey Zoe

    I was just wondering whitch Macbook pro you have? is it 13" or 15" and is it i5 or i7?
    -I am considering investing in a Macbook pro, so it would be nice to know what you use, and if you are happy with it :-) (a review would be great as well)

    Love Lotta