1. Getting off the tube at Tower Hill 2. Tower Bridge 3. Louise 4. The ice rink 5. Superdrug Products 6. Superdrug Products 7. Zoe finding out which parts of her face and hands are hot or cold 8. Me 9. Me and Zoe 10. Walking onto Tower Bridge

I have been meaning to post about this for a good few weeks, but it appeared to have got lost amongst hundreds of Christmas time photographs and I had completely forgotten about it (along with some other back dated posts). I hope you don’t mind me posting about it now, but I thought you might want to see some of the photographs I had taken and it’s better late than never eh?

Louise and I hot footed it along to an event held by Superdrug, where they had rented the whole ice rink out for us to use. I can’t say i’m much of an ice skater, in fact, think bambi on ice, Louise on the other hand, was quite speedy. She put me to shame. Although I use the term “event”, it was more just a showcasing of some of Superdrugs products. We also met Zoe there of TheLondonLipgloss who then accompanied us for a stroll along to Tower Bridge before Lousie & I headed back to her house in Northampton for fun and frolicks. How beautiful are the buildings? You wouldn’t expect something like this to be in London would you? When you think of a City, you think of tall glass buildings surrounded in other offices and plenty of shops. It looked particularly gorgeous all lit up at night.

  1. molly

    I love your pictures!- does that sound weird? :) ♥

  2. Your photos look beautiful – and make me really wish I could ice skate!

  3. Claudia

    Oh God..I love Tower Bridge's's one of my London's favourite and it looks amazing on your pics! Good work! xxx

  4. i'm the biggest london fan so i envy you to live so near :) btw you always look gorgeous in pictures, how do you do?? ahah

    Mila from Italy

  5. Sylvie

    i have the urge to go ice-skating now.. xxx

  6. Tamsin

    Oh I think London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love being from London and hold a special place for it in my heart. The photos look gorgeous of it all lit up. I love ice skating at all the touristy venues xx

  7. Suzanne

    Some gorgeous photos there. Makes me want to go ice skating, I haven't been in ages. x

  8. Marie

    you're so beautiful here, looks so wintery :)

  9. monika

    beautiful photo

  10. Such a shame my voice was groggy that day- I would've loved to come and say hello! I used to ice-skate professionally but I refused to ice-skate at this Superdrug event when I felt how super-slippery the ice was that day! Loving the photos by the way xx

  11. Kasia

    The Photos Are Amazing, So Are You :D

  12. I'm useless at ice skating too! These pictures are so good, the first one especially is so haunting!

  13. Ah all the photos are gorgeous :)

    It's funny how you can find hidden bits of beauty in busy places…. xx

  14. I saw the youtube post some time ago :D and the pictres are so beautiful af usual

  15. How picturesk :P love it sweets xx

  16. asmaa

    Lovely photos! I live in Tower Hill so it's very odd looking at these pictures and thinking "I walk past this every day!" hahaa. Although I think the Tower of London's ice rink was complete poo in comparison to the one at Somerset House… xx

  17. Lozzie

    the pictures are amazing!! what camera do you use?? x

  18. such lovely pictures, can't believe they rented out the whole ice rink at that time of year :o you're gloves are too cute by the way!


  19. I love London! I can see the City Hall in background of the second picture…

  20. Katrien

    You are so beautiful!

    I'm absolutely in love with Londen!

    Love Katrien

  21. What a beautiful setting to go ice skating in! Looks like you had a fab time! xx

  22. Noush

    Beautiful photos ! I love Louise's coat :)

  23. Honor

    I went to this ice rink in December and it really was magical. Lovely photos. X

  24. Lisa

    I'd like to say I love your pictures as well haha. The one of Tower Bridge is amazing xx

  25. you take beautiful photos!xx

  26. Lily

    Such gorgeous pictures! Love the one of Louise haha :)

  27. Sarah

    It all looks so pretty! I hope you had fun xxx

  28. Stella

    Beautiful photos! :) x

  29. Laura

    i didn't go ice skating this year, because all of my friends don't like it. Even my boyfriend didn't want to go with me. Sad panda :(
    Love from belgium

  30. Stop being so beautiful, please! I haven't gone ice skating this year, makes me want to now seeing your photos!


  31. wow, gorgeous pictures. I also don't know how to ice skate and wish i could. looks like you had fun!

  32. Marta

    Lovely post and great pictures :D xxx

  33. Anna B.

    the pictures are lovely!

  34. Amy

    OH.. wow, dreamy photographs! I don't know why, but the general lighting and ambience (lol) of these photos makes me think of the Disney castle logo! No? Just me? I notice Louise sporting the lovely Primark heart jacket that you (And I :D) have too! Really awkward when you're wearing it down the street and walk past somebody else with it on.. x

  35. Sounds like a lovely night xx

  36. it is such a pet peeve of mine when people (usually american tourists) refer to the tower bridge as 'the london bridge'. so…i love this post for many reasons but the proper reference is one of them!

  37. Sandra

    Looks really pretty at night ;) Gorgeous photos :)

  38. Chloe

    :D i'd loved to have went to London again at Christmas, all the hussle & bussle & getting in the spirit for christmas :)

    i lovely pictures btw :) & post

  39. Char!

    Really pretty pictures X

  40. What beautiful photos!It really sounds like fun x

  41. mirey

    is there a photoshop tutorial on the internet somewhere, of how you get the create the effects on your photos, or could you explain? i like it a lot. xx

  42. Anna

    this plus dancing on ice has also made me wish i was a graceful skater :) i love the photograph and your face close-up is so pretty! i love your outfit too xxx

  43. You're so beautiful, you NEED to do photography for a living!

  44. Bea

    I cannot ice skate for my life. I'm too afraid to even walk onto the ice because the skates are way to big I think they will break my ankles!

  45. I am an awful skater. However I LOVE this area, my last boyfriends dad is a beefeater, so whenever we went to London we stayed with him in the tower. We even got a private tour of the crown jewels one night after a private function! Tis a little spooky walking through the grounds late at night!
    Looks like you had fun tho! Belle du Brightonxx

  46. Gorgeous photos! Louise looks so cute in that picture. I'm jealous that you live so close to all this beautiful history!

  47. I love the photos, the lighting and quality give them an artsy quality to them. Enjoy your videos too Zoella.

  48. Beautiful images! :)


  49. Claire

    Ooh I saw the video of this a while ago – what an amazing idea for an event and you, Louise and Zoe all look so lovely :)

  50. Ellie

    love ice skatingg x

  51. Your photographs are always so beautiful! Looks like the event was a blast! :)

  52. Anna

    your gloves are so cute !

  53. Your pictures are lovely :)I've not been ice skating in forever! x

  54. I have your gloves:-) These pictures are beautiful- and i love ice skating!:*

  55. Rebecca

    Such gorgeous photographs, looks like you had a fun time! I love ice skating but i'm not very good at it! x

  56. I'm bambi on ice as well. I have absolutely no co-rdination whatsoever on ice.

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous :)

  57. You look gorgeous :)! xxx

  58. these pictures are so beautiful :) looks like so much fun!
    love your blog

  59. Hi Zoella! Just thought i would dash off a comment to congratulate you on the awesomeness of your blog. AS a teen thats trying to find my own style, beauty products etc, this is a very inspiring and useful blog. Im glad to say you have inspired me to start my own (just for fun) it is very much still in the process of being done i haven't posted very much but if you woud like to have a little look see here it is: thanks hun! xxx

  60. What lovely photos :) I've been ice skating once in my life, lets just say NEVER AGAIN!

  61. Lindsey

    I visited London over the summer and got to see The Tower and they told us about the ice rinks…I'm quite jealous! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the photos x

  62. 010

    omg…such a lovely place!

  63. Joanna

    Gorgeous! Your photographs are always so beautiful. xxx

  64. Beth

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  65. This looks gorgeous! The pictures of the bridge are really good. You have inspired me to take pictures of London landmarks too!

  66. Looks like you had an ace time – and what a great idea for an event. We don't always want to be bombarded with product info at these things; it's nice to just relax with friends and meet new folk x

  67. wow this is pretty breathtaking tbh.. lovely, defo better late then never ;) x

  68. Looks like really good fun.
    I really love the way you write your blog posts you make them very interesting, and it inspires me to write better.

  69. es-jay

    I moved to London for univeristy and have never looked back! I love it so much, every corner you turn just never fails to amaze and surprise you!

    Yours and louise's video about tips on starting your own blog inspired to finally get the courage to start my own, Just wanted to say thank you, your words of encouragement really helped! Now i just want to blog about anything and everything ALL the time! LOL

    keep up the lovely work Zoe, I always look forward to your posts and videos!

  70. This makes me want to go ice skating! x

  71. I agree I dont go to London alot, even though I only livelike 2 hours awa, but you're right the buildingslook so beautiful at night :) The picture capture the cities night life :)

  72. ellie B

    What gorgeous photos, I love my city. And that headband of Louise's is so cute! I've seen it on her youtube before and always want one.

    e x

  73. Laura

    The photo's are utterly beautiful, I especially love that last one, great photography on your behalf! :) Ice-skating is always fun, except I'm just like you put it: bambi on ice. Literally. Haha, love reading your posts!

    Check out my blog if you like!:

  74. Erin

    You take amazing photos Zoe. I hope to visit London one day, it is such a pretty city and has so much history that I want to dive into! And Louise, you look so pretty!! (And of course the 2 Zoe's do as well :)

  75. Ruby

    Your photos are always gorgeous. You are a very talented lady!

  76. Shabina

    Lovely pics hun!

    Please do check out/follow my new blog and let me know what you think?
    P.S: I do have an amazing giveaway coming very soon!


  77. Those photos are just amazing! it looks beautiful there! I love you and louise, just think you're great to be honest ! Love your blog its awesome! Thanks for doing it really! xx

  78. You and louise look so prettyyy :) I love you both haha! hope you had a lovely time :) xxx

  79. you and Louise look so prettyyy :) I love you both haha, hope you had a lovely time xxx

  80. Coley

    Louise has such beautiful eyes!x

  81. Unknown

    Hi ! do you speak french Zoella? because i'm a French girl, I just created my blog. Do you follow the blog of some French?

    A très bientot ! xxx

  82. Annabel

    Always have beautiful pics! :)

  83. DawnieP

    Oh what an amazing set of pictures! I adore ice skating that looks so much fun!


  84. I really love your photography here Zoe you've really capture the beauty of London and night!
    I've just been sat watching you and laura's makeup favourites on youtube and may I just say that you pair are incredibly cute together. You look like you have such a genuine giggle and it's infectious I just found myself smiing!
    Hope your 2012 is going well so far and all the best!


    Lauren xx

  85. Amy

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. I'm glad that you enjoyed London, I live in London so can vouch that it does have a lot of beautiful buildings which are even more stunning at night (less people around too!). I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and especially love your cutesy heart-warming posts and pics about everyday life, unlike some other ahem "bigger" bloggers who only ever seem to promote products or do ahem "sponsored" posts…I sooo don't read those types of blogs by the way!. x

  86. gorgeous photos, you're oh so pretty <3

  87. Lexi

    These pictures are really nice! I've always wanted to go to London it seems so beautiful!

  88. Dinx

    Amazing! I wish I had more things to do down by London bridge just so I could walk past the river! It is such a fantastic area and I remember spending a lot of my Summer around the area. In fact I went to see an outdoors production of Macbeth which was really nice. But ice-skating by the tower of london sounds awesome! Did you have fun?

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  89. Tali

    Beautiful photos! You have a talent for capturing the moment!

  90. I just love seeing your pictures of different places!! Oh if only I could live there instead of the middle of nowhere =)

    P.S. I tagged you for the Top 10 AWARD on my blog, check it out if you get a chance!!


  91. Vivian

    those are gorgeous pictures, the scene is amazing and you look so pretty! xx

  92. you take amazing photo's! really want to visit London after seeing these:-)

  93. DM

    Zoe, I've awarded you with Kreativ Blogger Award because I love how you mix Youtube and blogging together. There is a post on my page about it.

    x D

  94. Zoe

    Your photography skills are amazing. I love all the old style buildings in London, makes it feel more like a city with some history in the background. I can't skate either, wouldn't go near the ice rink at all haha. Hope you and Louise had fun. You both look amazing :) x

  95. I LOVE louise's Coat, so cute!

  96. When I'm feeling a bit *blugh*, I always watch a movie with you and Louise in it. I've seen them thousands of times! Thanks

  97. It was a nice place. Hope to get there also. Hmm, love your post!

  98. becky.

    amazing pictures! the lighting looks so amazing x

  99. Julia

    you and louie are abs gorgeous! im not very good at ice-scating and london looks amazing at night!!! xxx

  100. Martha

    you are so pretty:)

  101. Bonnie

    I love London at night but I have never been around Christmas time, I must go down soon!

    Please come and visit my blog – GIVEAWAY NOW OPEN!

  102. Ohh looks so beautiful. I'm following now! Would love if you could follow my blog.

    -Good Wear Day-


  103. ♡Very beautiful photos!!!
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  104. Erin

    I've spent the last two days watching all of your youtube videos, I wish I looked like you! You're so perfect :) Anyway the one about making a blog inspired me to make one. So here I am now! x

  105. Lovely photos! Especially that last one, it's amazing :) This post made me want to go ice-skating. I think it was over two years ago I went!

    Hope you're having a lovely week! //Niina

  106. Sara

    Beautiful photos! You look gorgeous :)

    Bisous, Sara

  107. A and D

    I totally agree, Tower Bridge has a special feel to it during the night. When I was younger my mum used to take me there when it was dark and we would just walk along. I was soo impressed at the time and i think that one of the reasons i still love it. You're absolutally gorgeus! And i cant even explain how much love i have for your gloves. Well I'm glad you had fun and sorry for rumbling so much:S xo

  108. I love our blog! And you are so pretty too! xx

  109. city

    thanks for sharing.

  110. I love zoe's hair so much x x

  111. The drinks were good and the food was divine. Then there was the view, really beautiful. I only wish we could go back there for dinner on our anniversary.
    Wedding venues in Atlanta


  113. I believe you did a vlog on this too, the pictures of the glowing ice skating rink near the bridge look amazing! Looked like a fun night :)