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Sisley isn’t really a brand I’d ever looked into before. I’ve seen it stocked in Space NK but never considered it to buy, or even look into with more depth. The main reason being the price tag. This is a high end brand, and this is reflected not only in the pricing, but the quality of the products. I was approached by a lovely member of their PR and asked if I’d try out some of the products for consideration for review, and of course I said yes. Being an absolute beauty enthusiast, finding and trying new products, high end or high street, is all part of the fun. Seeking to find that permanent staple in our regime.

After trying these skincare and makeup items for a good few weeks, I wanted to give you my feedback. She’d picked out some of Sisley’s most popular items and things she thought I’d like (PR’s take note – know the blogger’s taste & skin type) She got everything spot on, as there was not one product I didn’t like. I was secretly hoping to be disappointed with one if not a few of the products, as I knew that falling in love with them, could leave me with quite an empty purse in the long run.

The first two products are the makeup items. I had no idea Sisley had a makeup range as they focus mainly on skincare. When I unboxed the first item, I was like an excited little girl as I pulled the gorgeous animal print compact from the sleek black velvet slip. How gorgeous is it? This is the “Phyto-Poudre Compacte”, a finishing powder to set foundation. The main thing I like about this is that it is very natural and has a transparent finish. It also has very finely milled shimmer, which when applied, leaves your skin looking glowing and very healthy, as well keeping makeup looking perfect all day. I keep this in my handbag for touch ups, and although it comes with a puff, I prefer to use a powder brush for a less concentrated application. The price of this is around the £60-£70 mark, depending on where you purchase it from, and this is pretty steep in my opinion. I know not all of you will agree, as everyone’s budgets are different.
The second makeup item is the “Phyto-Khol Star Liner”. Available in 7 shades, which are all extremely wearable, and most of which I now NEED to own. Again, this has it’s own velvet pouch, but as well as this, it’s own little diamante on the end. Cute. These liners all contain glitter/shimmer. The glitter in the pencil I received is silver, although I’m not sure that silver is contained in all other colours. This is what I would describe as the “Ultimate pencil for smokey eye”. It blends SO easily, it’s so creamy yet stays put for absolutely hours. One of my favourite khol liners for a smokey eye, is Mac’s Carbon, but I don’t use it because it smudges and falls beneath my eyes and takes “panda eyes” to a whole other level. Now I have been introduced to this, I can now see how USELESS the black khol liners are that I have previously used. The pigmentation is also amazing and priced at £37-£40 you wouldn’t expect it to be anything less than perfect. Can I personally afford to be buying all 7 of these at £37 a pop? No, but if I could, I would.

Now onto the skincare. If you look on the Sisley or Space NK websites, you will notice that some of the skincare rockets in price (I’m talking between the £100-£200 mark) but thankfully I wasn’t sent anything in this price range, as quite frankly, I’d be terrified to use it up, or enjoy it. The first is the “Radiant Glow Express Mask”. This mask claims to gently cleanse the skins surface for a quick beauty boost. It contains both red and white clays combined with plenty of botanical extracts. In just 5 minutes, this mask absorbs excess sebum to provide radiance and clarity on the skin. This mask retails at £66.50 on the Space NK website, definitely being the most expensive face mask I’ve ever used. I used this when my skin was looking particularly lack-lustre and dull, and it did everything it claimed to do. My skin looked a million times better after leaving this on for a mere 5 minutes. It was like magic. I’m going to save this for special occasions or for nights out, and I can see this being used on the morning of wedding days or photoshoots.
I saved my favourite for last. The “Gentle Facial Buffing Cream”. This cream is supposed to be used as a mask, and then “rolled” off to reveal a brighter complexion. It gets rid of dead skin cells and literally pulls away a dull complexion. I have also used this as just a simple exfoliator, and I can honestly say my skin has never felt so clean and soft in all my life. I have A LOT of dead skin cells on my face, I find I have to exfoliate quite regularly as a great deal of the skin on my face can become very dry and flaky, and spots leave terrible redness and blemishes which can take months to dissapear. This creams promises that with frequent use, it can refine the skin and be rid of any impurities, and I agree with this statement whole heartedly. My skin has recently been going a little haywire, and it calmed down SO much since I started using this. The texture of this is very creamy but also gritty (not BIG gritty, but very finely milled). This product is £50, and although expensive to most, I think this is slightly more reasonable and I would certainly treat myself to this after trying it out.

Overall, I was thouroughly impressed with Sisley as a brand and their products certainly didn’t dissapoint me, I just wish that it was slightly more in my budget so I could splash out on other things from the website.

Have you ever bought anything from Sisley? Would you ever consider it?

  1. Ria :)

    such a lovely review and yeah i am considering buying something from sisley haha :) x

  2. Tali

    I've actually never heard of this brand – shame on me lol – but it all sounds fantastic, especially the finishing powder. Gutted I'm so broke after christmas haha!


  3. Sarah

    Great review! Although the products are a splurge, I might consider saving :) I love your videos xxx

  4. Amy

    i havent tried any although i've considered it quite a few times, would you recommend them? and i love the little diamond on the pencil, so bloomin' cute!

  5. Oh Zoe I'm so jealous that you got to try everything! That compact has been on my wish list for MONTHS and I've got a precious sample of the Radiant Glow Express Mask that I'm saving for a seriously special occasion. Wonderful review, but like you, I shall have to save the pennies seriously hard before I can afford these. Lx

  6. Amy

    i've never tried anything, although i have considered it quite a few times, would you recommend it? and i love the diamond on the end of the pencil, so bloomin' cute!x

  7. Rachael

    never would of considered buying something from sisley till now, shame i'm skint! x

  8. Never bought anything, first time I hear of it! But thanks for the review :) Maybe I'll splurge a bit and try it out too!


  9. The scrub sounds amazing, think I my have to indulge :) xx

  10. Thanks for the reviews, I never thought about buying any of the Sisley products before but they sound very luxurious! I'd definately consider it now though, because I spend loads on makeup and what's the point if you don't have a good base to start with. The prices are expensive but I'm tempted to buy something! I love your blog :) xxx

  11. The products look lovely but for those kind of prices I'd definitely want to try a sample size before buying!! X

  12. C.A.R.

    I use what my mum buys from them for herself sometimes and i agree on how great their products are! But i admit, they are quite expensive, so that's a shame…


  13. Nicola

    They look like gorgeous products but they are very pricey. Ive never heard of sisley before so its nice for you to post their products. They packaging is nice, so it should be for the price!

    Great post, very detailed.


  14. Stefany

    Great review! All the products sound amazing. I love the sound of the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream, so tempted xx

  15. benish

    never ever thought of trying from sisley,even if i'd like to try them these products are very expensive for me:(


  16. Interesting to see such high-end products reviewed. I think a lot of bloggers do shy away! These products sound amazing, though. Someday when I'm a little more loaded ;)

  17. Noush

    I love Sisley but it's a little bit expensive !

  18. Amazing post and review! The Star Liner looks gorgeous! I was looking at some Sisley products in John Lewis yesterday but wanted to know a bit more about the company before actually buying the products- which you've totally helped me with! Thank you so much Zoe! xx :)

  19. i looove sisley, such a great brand x

  20. Bea

    Love the print on that foundation.

  21. Would love to try some, but its waaay too expensive!

    Maybe when I win the lottery! xx

  22. Love the leopard print case for the powder.
    nice post, just a bit lengthy haha always love reading your blog though!

  23. Tat

    that kohl looks so cool!


  24. Never heard of the brand. but I'd like to try it out. =]

  25. Raisa

    How odd, I was looking at Sisley products just last night, to find you tweeting about this post! Spooky… nice insight though, far too pricey for me to even consider, maybe in a few years (here's hoping!)

  26. Char!

    Everything looks so glamourous but the price tag is a turn off X

  27. Love the packaging of it, they are v.expensive thou! x

  28. That compact looks amazing – I really wish it was a bit more within my price range!

  29. Love the compact, shame about the price but your right, the products are gorgeous to use

  30. Really like that compact mirror set. I could do with something like this for my handbag. Love the feature you've done here, pics look fab.

    Mel / http://www.mediamarmalade.com x

  31. I adore the packaging of the finishing powder. I too had only seen this brand in Space NK and hadn't really heard anything about it.

    Looks really good though! I love reviews like these – things I've not seen anyone else talk about, and makes me want to go out and buy everything! :)

  32. Big price tag but the products seem worth it! x

  33. Emily

    I would love to try something from there but for me the products are too expensive!

  34. Wow, the skin care sounds fab..if only a little cheaper then I could get my mitts on it! :) x

  35. An intresting post .wen u sed expensive boy i was not expecting that high!hehe.i think if i had the money i wud treat myself .ut sounds lovely x

  36. I have never tried any Sisley products as the prices have always put me off! However, these sound great. I love the sound of the eyeliner xx

  37. Zoe always has the best reviews ! if it weren't your blog i probably wouldn't have read through this whole post.

  38. Shabna

    It all looks and sounds good but there is no way in hell I'd pay that much haha! Even if I was a millionaire :-/

  39. Your review is so detailed, but I agree with you on the fact that they are quite expensive and highly prone to leaving you broke in the long time so thats a shame :(


  40. I know what you mean about the price tag and as you like them prepare to be broke for a while :) x x

  41. Unknown

    If you had to pick one over the other, would it be the Radiant Glow Express Mask or the buffing cream? (:

  42. dan

    The gentle facial buff sounds amazing, but if I bought that I definitely wouldn't be eating that month! xx

  43. Romy

    I'm so glad the products suited u and they sound amazing! But since the PR sent it for ur skin type id be hesitant to pick up one of these as my skin is obvs different to urs! Ha
    I might tho if I see stuff on sale or if i use my Debenhams beauty points or something! Xx

  44. Would love to try the Radiant Glow mask but its very expensive! Maybe I'll treat myself in the run up to my wedding later this year!

  45. kirstyb

    i use their instant tan stuff for the face – it is amazinG! x

  46. Chrissy

    Oh, I was so hoping you'd say you hated their products! Well, here's a brand to remember if I ever start earning ridiculous amounts of money, haha.


  47. Amy ♥

    I've never heard of Sisley before… It's an interesting name! The packaging is all so lovely isn't it? Very eye-catching. All the products look so sheek and posh too!

  48. looks lovely i didnt even know they had a cosmetic range!

  49. missBR

    I've been using sisley products for over a year now, their products are amazing! Since my mum has always been a high end person with all her make-up and facial care, she introduced sisley facial products to me. For me, I found their products light weight(as in not sticky or greasy) and delicate on my skin. So the quality is really good! I've never tried their make-up products though, but I agree that once you fall in love with sisley, you got to work harder to keep renewing your products when they run out! That's what happening to me.. everytime I finish my toner.. I thought crap there goes another £50-£60! anyways, good reviews there! That animal print compact looks gorgeousss! I'm tempted to get one! ;D xx

  50. The eye kohl is what I would be most interested in- I often suffer from panda eyes with the products I use too, it's really annoying to have to touch up! Alas, the price tag is waaaay too big for me to afford, which is a shame:( x

  51. Vicky

    I love Sisley. I was fortunate enough to spend some time working with them recently and their products truly are beautiful. Yes they're pricey but you absolutely get what you pay for. x

  52. Claire

    This sounds amazing! but I really can't justify the price…it's sooo disappointing :(

  53. Even the packaging is gorgeous! Lovely review. If you get a chance please check out my new blog :)


    Livvy xo

  54. Really love the way you have described the products as they are like miracle workers however the price tag can be rather intimidating xx


  55. Sisley is a new brand name to me, although the prices would deter me to speak truthfully. The review was excellent, providing me with a great knowledge of the products tested, however having learned the cost of such items I feel the budget I have just won't account for such items – fab post regardless (:

  56. Great review, but that price tag is outside of the broke college student budget haha!

  57. i have not heard of sisley but your blog has given me enough tidbits to be curious to take a dipt at it! :D

  58. Personally, I thought Sisley was a clothing brand :S haha. I think its rather a tad (or more) too expensive! Im sure it does a great job, buts im sure there's something more appropriately priced, and if its the brand name you're paying for I def wouldn't seeing as I don't know who they are haha!

    Have to say, that leopard print is a beaut though!

    bonesetc.blogspot.com :) x

  59. I like reading Zoe's blog, as she is also from the UK, she talks about brands that are avalible in british shops, rather than products that are only avalible in America. I was also touched by her blog post 'why am i so skinny' because thats how my life is too, I can really relate to what she went through, it's like for once someone acctually understood, which was a relief:)

  60. Haha packagins always catch my attantions first. Honestly i'm not big in animal prints and stuff, but it looks really elegant on that powder. And no i never tried their product. mostly because there are none in my country :D And i'm also very very excited when it comes to opening new things :D Sometimes i wake up during the night just to look at what i got :D how silly. And i also like the composition you used on your pictures. It looks much more attractive than picturing each product from above. I'm not good at making that kind of pictures – that's why i admire that. Lol, that's a long comment though. But anyways, have a nice day :)

  61. Hey Zoe, I apologise for this not being revelent to your post. But was looking for new hair inspiration on google images earlier and typed in 'ombre hair'… and who pops up on page 3 next to Drew Barrymore and Hillary Duff… You! Lol. Gave me a little chuckle you celeb you! :p xxxx

  62. Erica J

    hi there! I wanted to letcha know I nominated you for the top 10 award on my blog! I hope you will come and grab your badge and pass it on! thanx for the review as well- i haven't heard of the brand but they seem really great. nice little touch: black diamond liner with the diamond on the top, too cute

  63. Hi :) I haven't bought anything from Sisley, but have heard about it. Well, I don't know if I would like to spend so much money for cosmetics, but for sure they are great. :)
    Take a look at my fashion blog and review my outfits, please :)

  64. Laura

    The packaging is beautiful, I love leopard print at the moment so it's perfect! Might have to try it out :)

    Check out my blog if you like!:


  65. Martha

    i heard of the brand, but did not they do make up. the powder packaging looks amazing.

  66. the pachaging looks amazing! deffinetly cought my eye! love the way you described all the products!xxx

  67. Hey Zoella,
    I love your Youtube channel and this blog-I just personally love your style! I would love for you to check out my blog too… I have a couple of cool new posts.
    With love,

  68. Coley

    Your like too pretty! I always enjoy reading your blog too :) xx

  69. It's SO PRETTY! it looks like its pretty good quality…i wonder if its worth the price though!

  70. Ooooh all this stuff looks amazing I really want to try something frm them now!! Great review, I love your blog and love reading your posts as what you write is always really interesting :) xx


  71. Rosie

    I love the look and sound of the eyeliner, but £37!!! How good can an eyeliner be?! I'm all for high end make up brands like Mac, Benefit, Nars… but £40 for an eyeliner is ridic. The diamante on the end is very appealing though :p
    Love Rosie x

  72. Sooji

    Aaahhh… Sisley! Always wanted to use that brand, but too pricey but sure do look appealing!

    ps. please visit my blog when you get the chance, thanx.

  73. i've never heard of sinsley before but you're post was so indepth and lovely that i'd love to try some of their products.
    I love your blog, it's amazing!<3

    I have a blog too if you'd like to check it out!:) http://billiexoxo.blogspot.com/

  74. these products sound incredible and i'd never heard of sisley before reading this post so thank you for the introduction! i really wish that they were within my budget as they do sound like great products and the last two seem like they would really help with my bad skin! ah well, maybe i can ask for some products for my next birthday or christmas ;) X

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  76. Yuech, that'd be quite expensive in AU dollars too, still if it does what it does I could certainly be persuaded to buy some…