If you are familiar with the Beauty Box concept, then you will know there are more than a few different ones to sign up to. Although I am a GlossyBox Ambassador and receive beauty boxes for free, this won’t affect any judgement I have over any boxes available, or GlossyBox boxes for that matter. I know that a lot of you are interested in beauty boxes, and which may be the most suitable for you to sign up to, so for those of you who want an insight into another box, then I hope this post helps. I do apologise to those of you who may have seen enough in the blogsphere on beauty boxes, but I’d like to add my two cents for those of you who may be interested. :)

Carmine is another box available to beauty enthusiasts, or alternatively, beauty newbies in need of a little inspiration. This box costs £10 + Postage & Packaging each month (P&P is £2.75) So essentially £12.75 which compared with other beauty boxes, is around the same price bracket.

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On first impressions, I wasn’t massively enthralled, as it arrives in a box that is clearly too small for the beauty box inside, and is buckling and being held down by a strong piece of tape. This doesn’t affect me, or the contents of the box, but as presentation is so important with things like this, I feel it’s probably something that should be rectified. The box itself is really quite large compared with other beauty boxes, and the products inside are left sort of “floating about” in a sea of shredded paper. I definitely don’t think the box needs to be this size. I much prefer the small, more compact boxes, which when opened, everything is packed in a lot more neatly. One other possibly more “shallow” aspect, is the colour scheme. Again, no reflection on the products inside but as a believer of presentation being a main factor, I was not so keen on the colour scheme of this box. I much prefer the softer, more girly schemes. Obviously, that is just my personal taste, some people may like the black, red and bright green theme.

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The products inside the box, were definitely a lot more exciting. There are typically 5 hand picked deluxe samples each month, a mixture of skincare, fragrance and makeup. I think the December box had a great mixture of all of the above. It also including a little extra voucher, entitling you to a eyebrow threading treatment, which is a nice added bonus.

Samples included in the box were:

  • Welda Pomegranate creamy body wash – Smells amazing, and left my skin feeling very moisturised.
  • Freeshape Quick Blowdry Spray – I absolutely loved the idea of this since I have so much hair, something that cuts drying time by half. However when I used it, it took me the same amount of time to dry my hair. Although I felt a little disappointed, it did leave my hair super soft.
  • Time Technology Cream – I’ve not used this yet, but it does sound promising. A cream to give you a flawless, radiant complexion that will transform tired looking skin.
  • Japonesque Smudger Brush – A cute little travel sized brush that would be ideal for your handbag on the go
  • MyFace.Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow – I got this in a gorgeous golden shade, and although the packaging isn’t totally up my street (I always think clear casing seems a little cheap) the eyeshadow is very highly pigmented and very smooth to apply.

Like other Beauty Boxes, Carmine include a little card stating which items are included in your box & a brief description. One thing I would have liked for them to include on this card, is an RRP price. If a product sample had an RRP of £90 a pot, it would give you an idea of the type of expectation you should have of the product (It better be bloody good at that price) but also I’d like to know if these products are within my price range before I start using them and fall in love with them or subsequently be disappointed by them. It also gives you a little guideline of how much the beauty box you’ve received at £12.75 is really worth, and saves you having to google them.

Overall, I was impressed by the contents of the carmine box, and there are definitely a few items in the December box that I was really excited to try, but I think the presentation lets it down slightly. Would I subscribe the to Carmine box personally? I’m not too sure. There are some great brands appearing in the Carmine boxes, and I enjoy the whole “receiving and not knowing what’s going to be inside”, but ultimately I don’t think it’s my favourite of the Beauty Boxes I’ve received.

What do you think of Carmine? Are you easily put off by little things like presentation and colour schemes or is that just me?

  1. Love the super honest review:) I actually don't mind the colour scheme, I think it's cool that they change it up. I wish we had Carmine in Australia, these products look a lot nicer than those we get in our sample boxes! The brush and shadow are my favourite prodz, they look like great value and something I'd regularly use.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I like the sound of the Freeshape Quick Blowdry, I have been using the Lee Stafford one and although it dries my hair very quickly it leaves it so crispy and dry. Fab blog. x


  3. Boscy

    I'm so easily put off by packaging and probably would never sign up to Carmine because I HATE the colour scheme and the presentation for me feels a little shabby. In my mind, Glossybox definitely wins on packaging; particularly because the gorgeous pink boxes are so beautiful I happily re-use them for storage in my bedroom. No way would I do the same with the Carmine box – it would end up in the recycling bin for sure. To me the packaging adds to the cost of the monthly box, so I need to be sure I'm going to be able to use the box itself as well as the products inside xx


  4. georgia

    I really want to subscribe to a beauty box, but I'm just so indecisive that I can't choose! I think it may have to be the Feel Unique one based on reviews, as Carmine and Glossy Box are quite inconsistent!

  5. monika

    słyszałam o tym GlossyBox'ie i wydaje mi się to na prawdę super sprawą, za tak niewielkie pieniądze. Niestety mieszkam w Polsce i powstał niedawno taki odpowiednik właśnie takiego GlossyBoxa, ale jakoś się boję tego zamówić, abym się nie rozczarowała .
    Pozdrowienia, buziaki ;*

  6. Wow, it looks super deluxe, thank you for the review! I love that you always write long posts and put a lot of thought in it instead of just writing whatever!

    London Last Night

  7. I really like the Carmine box and I thought the December box was pretty good too :) I can understand why people don't like the colour scheme, but at least it's different from the others :P I found the blowdry spray didn't really cut my drying time in half, but I found out it conditions and protects from heat which was a bonus! :D

  8. C.A.R.

    i love the weleda products, they are really good!
    and never tried a beauty box yet, not having any goign around where i live.
    anyway, i thought the presentation (as seen in your photos) was quite nice, but i do agree that the box could have been of a slightly smaller size. other than that, i like the colors they chose. it looks different from all the other more girly beauty boxes
    nice review though, i must say i do want to try that spray for the hair :P mine feels kind of coarse, so if it makes it softer, i'm all for it!


  9. Very informative review, Zoe. Thanks for this. I was considering switching my subscription from a Glossybox to this but I'm not sure the contents really compare. Thanks for helping me decide though x

  10. At the moment, we only have glossybox in Holland. Hoping there are more to comE! :)

  11. Lily

    Love the idea of getting brushes to try out in my beauty box :)


  12. Every time I go to sub to a beauty box I chicken out because I can't decide which one to get but can't afford to subscribe to them all on my student budget! *weeps* thanks for the review, maybe I'll actually get around to choosing one nowww (and I think the bodywash looks so yummy!)


  13. Mm, i've been wanting to get the beauty boxes but I'm still not sure. Great review and I wanna get the body wash, I love pomegranate! Shame the blowdry spray didn't work, I know how you feel. I have a lot of thick hair as well and it takes a long time to dry :( x

  14. Lovely review, hun! I'm not too fond of the red/green packaging either, I mean since this box contains beauty and makeup products, it better look girly! IMO the best product in this box is the Japonesque brush ;)

  15. thats a shame about the blow dry spray, i was pretty excited once you mentioned it and then it went downhill. haha. either way nice products!

  16. i think something else that needs to be taken in to consideration is that the box has been sent special delivery, if you sent a package special delivery it would cost you at least 5.90! so that would be a great advantage when the over all price is 12.75

  17. Erin

    You're so perfect it's unfair :( I watched your video about making a blog and it inspired me to make one too! x

  18. I loved the brush and the body wash, i think they're fantastic products, havent tried the other products yet, think i will give the blow dry stuff a miss! xox

  19. LuLu

    I am in love with these! a great gift idea too!



  20. I currently receive both glossybox and carmine but I plan to cut down to just one, but I have issues deciding. I love the glossybox presentation so much more, and it has some great products, but I remember one month- I think November- was disappointing.

    Carmine on the other hand- my main gripe is opening the box! It's so difficult! Hate the colour scheme too, I love the colours but not for a beauty box. The glossybox just looks better and is perfect for storing things in or using to wrap a present. Inside the carmine box, I have really liked the products, so it's a tough call.

    I can see glossybox winning though due to packaging, if both have good contents!

  21. Great post! I do agree when you talk about the RRP price. I signed up for a feelunique beauty box and I had to go onto the site and search all the items RRP, but overall this looks like a great box :)

    For my blog, click here

  22. Martha

    need to try:) seems kul

  23. Slater

    I agree, packaging is not good!

  24. Jen

    I've been subscribed to both Carmine and GlossyBox and I've been meaning to cancel one of them but I've just found that theres always been something in one of the boxes that I really love and it stopped me from cancelling which is reeeeally bad!



  25. Beth

    Good review. I have never tried an beauty boxes (currently travelling in Canada) but I can't wait to try one out when I get home. Not sure which one to go for though!

  26. i got the weleda pomegranate oil in my glossy box and didn;t liked it but body cream sound nice

  27. I'm so jealous of European beauty boxes, there are only 2 decent ones in the united states!

  28. Laura

    I'm not subscribed to any of the beauty boxes but I love reading reviews about them, might have to invest! :)


  29. Miss LV

    I really love the idea of having brushes to try out in the beautybox.

    I am doing an international giveaway for a UD NAKED 2 Palette if interested xxx


  30. Shelly

    i wasnt that amazed by carmines dec box!! Most of the stuff I swapped!! Gonna keep subbed for this month tho!! (i wish it would hurry up!)
    Secrets Of A Trolley Dolly.

  31. Romy

    I'm not put off by those things. I had a Carmine box w Fleur deForce's voucher and quite liked mine. I picked the October box because of the products that month (duh) but I wouldn't sign up to it. Glossybox is still the number 1 for me xx

  32. Great post, there are so many boxes out there it's really hard to choose. I suppose with all of them its just pot luck as to what you get each month! Quite like the drying spray, that would be a product I'd be pleased to see!

  33. Farzana

    For some weird reason, Carmine boxes don't appeal to me. I love my Glossybox and Boudoir Prive too much! Not a fan of the Carmine packaging or colour scheme either-too kiddish.


  34. Really like the look of this beauty box xx

  35. I've just signed up to it and received the December box today. January to follow shortly. I was really really impressed with the products. Ive been debating for months which box to sign up for, as I am far more interested in makeup products and hair care than I am skincare. After reviewing and reading lots of blogggers featured on Glossy Box and Feel Unique, whilst they looked fabulous I felt I wouldn't use the products as they seemed a lot more skincare focussed. Will be interested to see how all the January boxes compare.

    I'll be posting my Carmine feature tomorrow on http://www.mediamarmalade.com if you fancy a read :) xx

  36. I love your reviews! hihi i have the body wash too, it defently smells amazing! :D
    I need to try a box once, to get myself a surprise every month! The idea of these boxes is pretty cool i think :)

  37. Audrey

    Zoe,I really like your blog,I read all your posts and I think you are a really nice person (: you're pretty and damn,you're funny too!I hope you go on with this blog.
    Hope I write in an understandable way,I'm italian and my english sucks xDD
    Have a nice day Zoellaaa!

  38. Liking the items you got in this box! x

  39. Amy ♥

    I have to agree, the colour scheme does seem a bit harsh and I'd prefer it if the colours were paler, or if they just stuck to one colour. I do like the shredded paper but it seems a bit odd that the products aren't attatched in some way. Lovely post! :Dx

  40. Amy

    It's not just you. I was SO put off by the generally awful way it's presented. We're girls subscribing to a beauty box – we're gonna care about looks. And Carmine looks naff. When all the other beauty boxes are getting it right, you can't afford to be shoddy! My box was even all smashed up on one side, supposedly something that happened during transit; if it had been sturdier packing, like Glossybox for example, that probably wouldn't have happened. It's the same reaction you'd get if you gave somebody a present that not only had wrapping paper picked in poor taste (which is sort of forgivable) but also looked as if somebody had thrown it against a few walls to boot. I've unsubscribed.

    It's just so ugly.


  41. That is a beautiful beauty box! Great samples too!

  42. Ahh this looks good! Will check it out :)

  43. wow all products look great:') I'm the same, I'm not too sure on the box. I'm the kinda person that likes things that look good,and the package is what you first see.
    brush looks good though:)xxxx


  44. totally agree! xx

  45. LWS

    It's very shallow and sad of me to say, but I personally wouldn't buy this because of the colour and presentation. Why would they go for such weird colours. Could have gone for more pastel based colours as they are promoting beauty and 'girly' products! Great honest review though. xo

  46. Love this! It looks really worth the money! Check out my blog:) whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxx

  47. i love these boxes, like this and glossybox! do you know of anything like this in the u.s.?

  48. I'm interested in how that time technology cream works out.

  49. Really like the look of this box – I signed up to Glossy box and feel unique , I havent been too impressed with the feel unique one yet but im hoping next time will get something good xx
    Your blog is fab xx
    Lots of Love
    Lipstick Fridays Beauty Blog
    Im only just starting out but if youd like to have a look at my blog the address is :- http://lipstick-fridays.blogspot.com/ and you can find me on twitter at Lfridays xxx

  50. i'm not sure how i feel about this month's products — they're not really up my ally! the time technology cream looks promising though!


  51. Amy

    I'm only a subscriber to Glossybox, but I'm thinking of cancelling it to give Carmine a go! I like the make-up products..and a bit fed up of all the mini perfumes Glossybox do :-|

  52. Scretly

    Hi :)

    What mascara do you use for your lashes ?


  53. isn't is great when receiving packets in the post, just love it! I hadn't heard of carmine, might check it out! i will be following you. xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  54. Angela

    #1 – I want a beauty box!!!!
    #2 – Wandered over to your blog from seeing it on Twitter, and it's AWESOME.
    #3 – New follower.

    Xo Ange
    ladyhub.blogspot.com <– Check out my blog :)

  55. i am a HUGE fan of the beauty boxes and i'm already subscribed to glossybox which i absolutely love but i really would like to get subscribed to some others. i've been reading lots and lots of reviews on the monthly boxes but i just can't seem to make up my mind, which ones i want to subscribe to. if i could, i would join all of them but unfortunately, i am not made of money so a decision will have to be made soon i think! X

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  58. Aw, this is on my birthday !