This months GlossyBox has been eagerly anticipated as it’s hot pink box was flashed about the twittersphere. I for one, was really looking forward to peeling back the paper to reveal what was inside. The Box itself is super pretty, I love that GlossyBox are changing the colour schemes with different themes, it keeps everything a lot more interesting and exciting. Who doesn’t love a hot pink box?

The theme for this month is Valentines Day. Whether you are single and fancy a night of preening or meeting your fella for a night of romance, this box offers you the ultimate pampering experience. The first thing that caught my eye was the Murad primer, as a primer is something I always leave out of my face routine, so I was looking forward to trying that. I also loved the look of the moisturising balm. I wasn’t mad-keen on the body washes though.

Contents & Thoughts:

  • Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer – Dewy Finish – As I just said, primers are something I always forget & so I was chuffed to have one to try out. I also love that it gives a dewy finish. A lot of primers are for mattifying the face, which is something that has always put me off as I have quite dry skin sometimes.
  • Davines Moisturising Balm – This balm is all purpose and can be used on the face, on the body and in your hair. When I first got it, I was under the pretense that it was like a moisturiser, but after reading up about it, it says it needs to be rinsed off. When using on the face, it’s more like a cleanser, which when rubbed in with cotton wool, removes makeup. It’s then used the same way on your body, and like a conditioner for your hair. I’m not overly keen on the scent of this, it smells faintly of hair dye.
  • Davines Cleansing Nectar – Again, although it appears that this product is more of a shower gel, it’s mainly for cleansing your hair (shampoo). It contains lots of natural oils, so I’m looking forward to trying this and seeing the results. Unfortunately is does bare the same natural-with-a-hint-of-hair-dye smell that the balm does although it’s definitely the sort of scent that could grow on you.
  • FAB Gentle Body Wash – A moisturising, irritant free everday cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. This body wash is aimed towards those with dry, irritated or sensitive skin. It feels really lovely on the skin and does leave you feeling squeaky clean. I’m a big fan of shower gels that moisturise aswell as clean your skin. Again, not really too sure of the scent of this one, it’s a lot more fresh and not a very strong scent but still a little strange. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m not sure if my nose is just being fussy…
  • Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner – This is the first time I have come across these eyeliners from Eyeko since they re-branded. The formulation is lovely. Creamy, easy to use and pigmented. The colour I received is a light pink, which dissapointed me at first, as I was unsure of where or when I could wear a colour like this. Then I realised that it was the perfect shade for lining the waterline to make you appear more awake, and to brighten your eyes. I even think it would be great to add a little shape and definition to the arch of your brow or lighten the inner corners of the eye. I’m unsure I like the long silver handle on the liner, as I feel it’s a bit of a waste of product & therefore means the actual liner is a lot small than your average. However it does feel lovely to hold, and is good for precision.

Last months Christmas edition GlossyBox was my favourite so far, so I knew it would be a tough one to follow. I do still think last months box just pipped the top spot. Although I will use all the things in this GlossyBox, I’m not the biggest fan of body washes & shampoo’s as I own SO many. I’m definitely more of a makeup and skincare enthusiast. I have noticed that the contents of some other boxes have included some Clarins skincare, which I think would have been best suited to me, but that’s the joy of not knowing what you will receive. Overall, a very pretty, well thought out box!

  1. Nicole

    Awesome post! I really want to try one of these boxes but I haven't seen many good brands that do this in the US :/

  2. Amy ♥

    The colours are just lovely especially the blue box. All the products sound amazing too. :)x

  3. Anete


  4. Looks great! Love the products they gave you! :) xxx

  5. Sanne

    I got the Dutch GlossyBox for January, and the products were not the products I expected..
    The GlossyBox in the UK seems so much better, too bad they don't send to The Netherlands!

  6. Diane

    Oh wow, the Glossybox this month is gorgeous :)

  7. Lily

    The products are really great this month! I love the pink, valentines theme too, it's so cute :)

  8. Tat

    so pretty! what a good box this time..xx

  9. Phoebe

    The hot pink box is gorgeous! I've been reading so many posts about beauty boxes to see which one I'd like to subscribe to when I have the money and I always think Glossy Box looks the best. Thanks for the review :) xxx

  10. Emer

    Can't wait for mine to arrive loved what I got last month! The Valentines box is adorable :)
    Emer ♥ x

  11. Now I'm excited about receiving my box! I wonder what else there is in store, as I know not everyone gets the same!


  12. Ellie

    Defo going to sub to glossy box :) xxx

  13. Emma

    I love this idea! It's such an opportunity to try products I would not necessarily choose in store.
    Love this month's Valentine theme too! So sweet!


  14. Farzana

    Sometimes glossybox don't give much makeup/skincare products in their beauty boxes which is a shame because I couldn't careless about body stuff really- I have waaay to many as it is. :D

  15. this looks amazing, can't wait for mine to arrive :)

  16. Romzs

    The hot pink box is so pretty! Plus the packaging of the products included in the box is equally as beautiful as well! x

  17. can't wait to get my box!! x

  18. These products sound great !

  19. Noush

    Lovely color !

  20. I love the bright pink box they do have the best presentation of all the boxes. However, i do like a lot more make up and skin care aswell.
    Anither lovely written post

  21. Blaise

    You are so luckyyy :) And i havent been blogggging for a while or even keeping up with some of my favourite blogs, now looking back to you has been so lovely!! Every thing you write and create is so pretty!!!!


  22. I love the pink box!congrats on reaching over 16,000 followers xx

  23. Deerie

    Pink! Lovely photos hunny – I'm kinda tempted to subscribe to Glossy Box.

  24. I'm definitely considering signing up to glossy boxes! Love your blog hun :)

    x x

  25. I got an email from Glossybox telling me mine has been despatched, I can't wait to get it next week now! I started my own blog a couple of months ago, and only found you on here and on youtube today, I have spent all day watching your videos, I have to say you are lovely! Beauty Ever After xoxo

  26. Ah they all look like such good products! xx

  27. i love your blog. let follow each other. will definitely come back lol stay fab bisouu

  28. Rachel

    Pretty colour, and I love the fact that all you ambassadors got sent roses!

  29. Funny how the content varies from country to country. I really love the hot pink colour from the box!

  30. Me

    Looks Amazing !

  31. I would love to subscribe to Glossy Box, I bought a box from the Clothes Show in December and I hadn't heard any of the brands, but tried some of them and loved them! I do want one, but I'm scared I'd waste my money and then get products I would hate, the box looks so cute though, I might have to try it!

    Jess X

  32. I love how the contents of the glossy boxes vary so much from country to country :) I just reviewed my box on my blog in case you want to check it out :)

  33. Chloe

    OMG!! i can't wait to get this box :D i love the hot pink colour & the roses GlossyBox sent you are so pretty :)
    Everything in this box looks amazing & i wonder what i'll recieve this month's as still waiting on mine coming.

    Lovely post :)

  34. .

    Amazing box! Love how Glossybox have themes for their boxes. Maybe they'll do an easter box and send us some mini eggs :P

    Fashion Crossing ♥

  35. Jazz

    Aww this looks so cute :)
    You got some great stuff, too :) xxx

  36. Can't wait to receive my box!! Dying to know what's inside :)

  37. Lizzie

    gahhh! can't wait to get my glossy box subscription now! xxxx

  38. I've awarded you the versatile blogger award!! I've only just started reading the blog but looking forward to keeping up with you and am convinced now that I need to get me a glossybox.

  39. Those boxes are such a great idea to discover new products and try things out :) I am defiantly subscribing to one!!! :)

  40. this box looks very visually appealing! I only subscribe to feelunique so far, can't wait to get my first box, Glossyboxes look amazing also. I loved your last post too, v inspiring, I shall be getting myself down to the local charity shops for some nick nacks! :) xxx

  41. Looks amazing, I can't wait to get mine!

  42. Romy

    I just got my Glossybox today n I have the same stuff except
    my eyeliner is in plum (quite a reddish plum I must say)
    I got a Weleda cleanser and an Orly polish instead of the two Davines products. So glad I didn't get the Davines (sorry u had to :/) who knows u might end up liking them? I didn't like the shade of polish I got, a reddish brown that looks very dull.
    Ps I am SO tempted to try out shesaidbeauty! I am only subscribed to Glossybox so far and my addiction is growing…

  43. Hi~

    Sorry it's taken me so long get back to you re: camera I use
    I use Canon Rebel


  44. Zoe

    Love the pink box but not overly amazed by the products… I nearly re-subscribed this month but I am kinda glad I didn't. Just waiting on my Joliebox, in hope it's another good one :)

  45. The box and roses look so so beautiful, and the products seem really lovely too! Wish glossybox delivered to Belgium :(


  46. anna

    I should move to the UK just to receive these gorgeous beauty treats every month….

  47. Jojss

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! :) I follow you ;)

  48. Your views on the glossybox/ carmine box deffinetly helped me made a choice between the two! You were a great help, and for that i thank you :)

  49. Kessler

    this is so cute, i will be looking into this! thank you for sharing

  50. Soooo tempted to sign up, it all looks gorgeous!! Does anyone have an opinion wether this or Joliebox is better tho?? hmmm… Delicious blog tho lady!! Keep up the good work!! >__<

  51. Hayley

    I totes got the same box, im not quite sure what to do with everything. The primer is amazing and I love the nudey (haha!) eyeko eyeliner, but the rest…they just seem like fancy ways of saying shampoo &/or shower gel! lol

    Love your pictures, im still trying to work out my bloody camera lol (and by 'my' I mean the boyfriends, I don't actually own a decent camera yet lol.)

    Hayley xo

  52. I've been debating for ages about whether to subscribe to the Glossybox website and purchase a box but i always get turned off when i watch reviews saying about how they are let down by some of the products, you seem to like a lot of the products. Do you feel that it would be worth me purchasing a box or not?:)
    Would be great if you could push me in the right direction.

  53. i just ordered my first Glossybox i had a look at a few others, but thought Glossybox looked better than the others! …i really cant wait to see what i get every month! hehe!


  54. We've been meaning to try Glossybox for a long time and simply haven't got round to it but you've definitely sold it to us with the V day goodies…must try it out! Thanks, LILx

  55. Bummer it doesn't ship to Australia o"o

  56. You introduced me to glossy box and Im going to order one of their boxes today!! I think the idea of it is so good and the prices are awesome too!

    Also your pictures are awesome and I cant wait for my box to arrive so I can take some lovely pictures like yours here! :D