xmas 2

Christmas is always my favourite time of the year. People are always much more cheery, everything looks so pretty and wintery and fairy lights are scattered everywhere. The run up to Christmas always seems to last a while, and then you blink, and it’s all over. Where does the time go? There are those few days for some of us between Christmas and the New Year for you to relax, watch tonnes of films and eat plenty of Christmas treats, as well as all the sale shopping. I almost don’t want this lovely mid-week to end. Above are some snaps I took of all things Christmas. My Mum always decorates beautifully, and this year, she decorated twigs and branches, such an easy thing to do, yet looks so pretty and festive. I have also snapped a few of the presents I recieved, I got some lovely things! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and that 2012 will be a good one. I have yet to decide whether I will be making any resolutions (I never do). Let me know what the highlights of your Christmas were & what did you get?

  1. Claire

    Beautiful pics Zoe! Looks like you got some beautiful pressies too :) I hope you and your family had a lovely time. Happy New Year to you too! Xx

  2. Nicky

    It looks like you had a lovely Christmas, wishing you a Happy New Year too.


  3. Devea

    Oooh these pictures are lovely! You now have me lusting over that alexander mcqueen ring! My christmas was very relaxing, I ended up spending the whole day watching movies and reading before having a fun holiday party!

  4. Nicola

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year too! So feastive and puts me in such a good mood! Im glad you had a great christmas Zoe! You looked gorgeous on your photo's and looked to have a nice time(: You make a good Kate Middelton haha ;)

  5. Fiona

    Beautiful pictures! :)
    I got money, mac makeup and nice beanie!
    Happy New year to you too!
    Fiona x

  6. Oh my these pics are just so beautiful! SO inspiring- your home is soo pretty. Also looks like a lovely christmas and lovely prezzies too! Maybe your resolution should be too make more youtube vids with sprinkle of glitter as you too are just sooooo funny together!! Have a good newyears :) x

  7. Imke

    i love these decorations and your hair looks beautiful!!
    i got a kindle and of course lots of other things :)

  8. all those pictures are so lovely! xx

  9. Anna

    Love the Christmas decorations ! I went on a holiday for Christmas (which wasn't as good) and got myself a new lens for my camera (made the holiday better). Oh yeah, I never do resolutions because I always forget them. Really bad at remembering things. :P

    xxx Anna

  10. Looks like you had a great Christmas! You looked lovely! Been looking for that dress ever since I seen your haul on YT..still haven't seen it :( x

  11. Sonia

    love the atmosphere of those pics! really great shots and nice presents <3

  12. Such beautiful pictures! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xx

  13. AllieUK

    Looks like you had a great Christmas!

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  14. Seonaid

    Your home is beautiful! What amazing decorations – and what lovely presents too! This Christmas was my best so far :) I got all lovely Liz Earle things so hopefully my skin will look as nice as yours shortly. S xx

  15. Huda

    adorable, love the decoration.

  16. Noush

    Lovely photos ! I love Christmas too, is my favorite time of the year :)

  17. What lovely photos! Looks like you had a brilliant christmas :o)
    Have a Happy New Year! xxxx

  18. nash852

    Are you eyes naturally that blue?? They're absolutely amazing!! I love love reading your blog, makes me see true happiness! Thank you! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  19. so lovely! I just got the camera that you use :)
    looking forward to some more posts and videos in the future!

  20. looking very festive. I love this mid-week break too, shame it's bogged down with uni work waa! x

  21. Your house is decorated so beautifully! Glad you had a lovely day x x

  22. Rachel

    looks like you had a lovely christmas! & your skin looks flawless, what foundation are you wearing?!xoxo

  23. Laura

    loooks so pretty and english! i spend mine with my family as well :) love the books you got!love from belgium

  24. Great pictures! Love the rings you received!

  25. Ronn

    Wow all the decorations look gorgeous!!
    I also got the primrose bakery recipe book and its amazing, although i've only drooled over the photos so far, havent got around to making anything!

    Happy new year!

  26. Ah your festive decorations were gorgeous as were you! Your makeup looks flawless and I particularly liked the Beatrix Potter books! x

  27. Jan

    I have the cupcakes by the primrose bakery book too :)
    your lip colour looks really pretty in the pictures

  28. Jazz

    I love the way your mum decorates the house for Christmas, it's beautiful!
    Love the face masks too.
    Have a wonderful new year xxx

  29. your eyes look absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    I got a LV alma vernis bag :)

    Enjoy the new year Zoe :D


  30. These pictures are so beautiful, your decorations are gorgeous! xx

  31. This was a LOVELY christmas post! Your hair looks lovely like that, rather unfair that you suit a fringe and no-fringe so well! The house looks lovely. Glad you had a lovely christmas! xx

  32. Char

    Everything looks so beautiful XO

  33. Great pictures!
    Happy holidays!

  34. Katie

    Gorgeous pictures! Glad you had a nice time! :).No better time in the year than Christmas! X

  35. Katie

    I have that cupcake book too, its lovely! I got lots of cookbooks this year and some camera lenses :) It looks like you got some lovely things, your rings in particular are gorgeous! xo

  36. What gorgeous, gorgeous photos…so many gorgeous things in fact, I don't know where to begin, but eeee to Beatrix Potter!


  37. What a lovely Christmas you had !! Love the Beatrix Potter's books !!

  38. Ammazing images!your photography is simply wonderful :) i hope you get a chance to have a look at my blog someday x

  39. You have some really lovely pictures here! It looks like you had a brilliant day and I'm certainly jealous of your presents! xx

  40. OMG, Zoe, i actually thought Brucie joined you at Christmas. I was scrolling down and thought "hang on. i recognise him" and then realised it was a mask! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. All the very best for 2012! Happy new year xxxx

  41. amazing presents! <3

  42. your skin and face look perfect, you look almost..fake! but in a good way, obviously! :)
    love the kate middleton mask, ahah!

    happy new year ;)

    Mila from Italy

  43. Love every photo :) Your dress looks lovely too! Have a happy new year x

  44. its official, you take the most gorgeous photos! the decorations look lovely, as do the presents you received. i also want to add that your hair and makeup look stunning <3 xx

  45. Rachel

    I got a cupcake recipe book and cupcake kit from the humming bird bakery! :)

  46. Kasia M

    Gorgeous photos! Love them – so festive! and you looked extremely pretty! :)

  47. Emily

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas Zoe, thanks for sharing!xx

  48. Them pictures are amazing! which camera do you use?
    also them rings are gorgeous! x

  49. Chloe

    oh wow, all your presents look amazing! xxx

  50. dissie

    love Your pictures so much! <3

  51. Great pics Zoe! :) It is a bummer Christmas don't last too long, but it's a beautiful time of year! Love the presents you got. Happy New Year x

  52. Katie

    WOW your house is SO pretty & cozy ;)

    I love that Alexander Mc Queen Scull Ring!


  53. Adorable christmas snaps !
    I had a fun christmas with family and got a new camera (:

  54. I love how your mum decorated, I don't think I'm going to have resolutions as such just set a few achieveable goals.x

  55. Larissa

    Great photos, I just love your blog!

  56. Such gorgeous, happy, and fun pictures! I am glad you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

  57. Anja

    Your mum surely is a great decorator. Putting fairy lights into the branches is just brilliant. I need to try that next year!

  58. The house looks amazing, so festive, your mum is a pro! That Alexander McQueen ring is absolutely gorgeous. I am so jealous! xx

  59. Those are some great pictures! You should study photografy or something i believe you have talent! Your presents looks so beatiful too! I got a sweater,a pair of earings and a wallet. Not the best Christmass ever but they where ok. You see i didn't get to give as much presents as i hoped but what can i do? Let's just hope the new year brings a new job along:) I hope you have a great New Years Eve! And thanks for your awesome posts (as always) that you share:)

  60. M.

    This looks like a really amazing Christmas :) You got great presents too and You look beautiful as always :)

  61. Bea

    That tree looks so pretty..

  62. Adriana

    It is truly magical ! ♥

  63. Great pics, looks like u had a lovely Christmas! x

  64. missBR

    you look stunning, as always! :)
    and I loveeee the Alexander McQueen ring! xx

  65. Claire

    Wow, you definitely win the prize of most beautifully Christmas decoration! Looks like a lovely day and you look gorgeous :)

  66. Ellie

    wow x i love photography too, some pics of xmas on ma blog if you could stop by and check it out? also i got that curling wand too :) xxx hope you had a great xmas and have a lovely new year x :)

  67. Gorgeous decorations, beautiful photographs, and a lovely blouse. Miss. Zoella you cease to amaze me time and time again!!!

  68. Beautiful pictures, i love all those books! :)

  69. danai55

    lovely pics you take good pics as well like everyone is saying…am intrigued by the last book though 'every thing is going to be ok'

  70. nik

    Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  71. danai55

    FYI..i google that book and am proud to say i will have a copy in a few days :)

  72. Do you know where you got the Benefit Glamourette from? I can't find it anywhere! I love this post zoe, such a beautiful house!

  73. Amazing pictures!

    Glad you had such a lovely Christmas :) xx

  74. Claire

    Zoe you're so beautiful! Hope you have an amazing 2012 xx

  75. Love your trees that your mum decorated! :) xx

  76. Niccy

    Your photography skills are are wonderful, I love your posts.

  77. Kelly.

    Great pictures!

  78. Klara

    Such beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas.

  79. ahaha the Kate Middleton/ Brucey picture cracked me up! always a joker! hehe looks like you had a really nice day & well jel of your MxQueen Ring! love it! xx

  80. Taylor

    YOUR EYES <3 <3

  81. Suzanne

    Lovely pictures, your house looks gorgeous. Looks like you got spoiled as well :) hope you had a nice Christmas x

  82. MJ.FTW.

    Those are beautiful rings!!

    Beautiful presents!!

    :) merry christmas!

  83. Opheeee

    this is so beautiful! looks like you and your fam had a fantastico time, happy holidays!

  84. Gorgeous christmas photos! Definitely been inspired to decorate my house like this next year! Your make-up looks great too. I was lucky enough to get a new camera for my blog posts ♥

  85. Lauren

    Lovely pictures. You got some really nice stuff, I got the curling wand too xx

  86. Amy

    I love your christmas decorations! and the photo of you and Joe with the masks on made me giggle, me and my brother have the same ones! and you love lovely on christmas day, and i loved your outfit, Hope you had a merry christmas, and have a happy new year!x

  87. Would you be able to do a review on the babyliss curling wand please!!

  88. Lovely post, and great pictures! Loving the Kate Middleton mask- although you do actually remind me of her- probs because of your gorgeous hair and the fact that you're super pretty! Hope you have a fab New Year's! xx

  89. Looks like you had an amazing christmas! Your house was beautifully decorated. I am also very jealous of your rings! Amazing :) Have a fabby new year xxx

  90. HOLLY


  91. melissa

    Your mom has such nice taste :)

    Also love this up do on you!

  92. the real highlight of my christmas was that I could be in our capital city with my lovelies. :) I got a new lens and some beauty products and I'm happy with it. :) You mother has a great taste in decorating :D
    in btw. the sale makes the people crazy o.O they rifle through the clothes like they're mad… I'm happy that I've found some basics of nice quality and materials.

    I wish you a Happy New Year, beauty! :)


  93. I love these photos – you have such beautiful Christmas decorations! And you are so lucky to have got some lovely presents!

  94. i love your decorations and your white pineapple! its so cute, i love pineapple.

  95. Romy

    Those are lovely pictures! Yay for the Lush goodies!!! I loved ur mom's twigs and the fluffy barble (is that how u spell it?!) i'm kinda sad christmas is over but I'm SUPER looking forward to 2012! Goin up to Leeds tmrw to celebrate it, supposed to b the best night out in the UK (who woulda thunk it?) Anyhoo I got a Topshop voucher too! (which I blew on a dress for tomorrow night) and a few bath bombs which I have yet to indulge in. The highlight to Christmas this year was definitely that I wasnt hungover on Christmas day! Oh, and ur makeup looks spectacular in 'em!! Happy new year! Xxx

  96. ooooh aaaaah where is the feather ring from?

    Happy New Year!


  97. ooooh aaaaah where is the feather ring from?

    Happy New Year!


  98. micaela

    I love your blog! You're so beautiful!!

  99. Kerrie

    I absolutely love this up do on you, it really suits you

    Have a happy new year :) xo

  100. Dinx

    Well weren't you spoiled this year =D Love your presents. I would love every single one of them. Also that primrose bakery book is awesome! Happy New Years!

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  101. becky.

    i saw your tweet about the mcqueen ring, lucky lady! your house looks so lovely and warm and cosy :) x

  102. evi

    I just discovered your youtube channel and through it your blog. I got instantly hooked to them both! Your photos are absolutely amazing and you seem like a lot of fun on your videos. The decorations are absolutely amazing, so nice and festive! Have a great NY's Eve! xxx

  103. Amy ♥

    The pictures are beautiful. Looks like you had a lovely day! Happy new year :)x

  104. Omg Zoe I got the same curling wand that you got for christmas! I would love it if you could film a tutorial on curls and maybe incorporate it? I love your blog and youtube channel so much!

    Sarah xx

  105. Omg zoe I got the same curling wand as you for christmas! I love all of your videos and especially your blog. Maybe you could incorparate the curling wand into one of your videos or something. Merry (Late) Christmas!

    Sarah xxx

  106. SUCH LOVELY DECORATIONS! Looks like you had a great X-mas love the fire place looks so cozy :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  107. Shevy

    I love this pictures! I'm Jewish so I don't celebrate but these pictures just made me feel so festive! I really like the pictures of the the bare tree with the lights on it! Love the idea!

  108. Vera

    Wow your house is so beautiful! You must tell your mum that she's done a really nice job with the decorations :)

  109. Amy

    i've just started a blog, and i was just wondering what template do you use?x

  110. Lea

    Lovely! I love your new featherring! Where is that from ?

    Lea from

  111. Claire

    Lovely photos! I got a curling wand for Christmas too, infact I thought it was the same one but then I realised that yours doesn't have a clamp and mine does. :) xx

  112. Josie

    These are gorgeous photos! Especially love the McQueen ring. Hope you had a great New Year xxx

  113. I aways love your photo's, amazingly talented. oh also….I am totally stealing your mums idea of decorating sticks and twigs for next year ahaa! x x

  114. Aww Jemima Puddle-Duck! I used to love that book. Funny how we grow out of things from childhood – really we should be holding onto the magic and Christmas is the perfect time of year for that! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas time – Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts in 2012 :) xx

  115. Katie

    Your christmas looks so lovely and warm!! :) I work for Benefit, never seen the Glamourette though! Have a happy new year! (Firt post on Illamaswqua products) xxx

  116. Ruby

    Aww Happy New Year!!! Your christmas looks lovely!!!

  117. -

    i love your photography! your posts are always so cute, love you on youtube, pretty much my idol at the moment xx

  118. Jen

    This post was a nice treat now that the holidays have been shelved for the year :) I love the lit branches!

  119. Hi Zoe
    Love your blog :) been following your videos on youtube for a while now and have just started my own blog……just wondered if you would mind having a look and sharing any tips . Im not massively computery minded so find it hard to know how to get all the little extra loveliness that youve added to yours. thanks

  120. I have the same dress :)

  121. Beatrix Potter is from where I'm from.. Gloucester. They have a beautiful little shop with all things to do with her in it, its really lovely in there. Hope you love Beatrix Potter as much as I do :)

  122. E

    You are gorgeous! I hope you had the best new year and christmas!
    I love your either red top or dress? haha


  123. Sarah

    I have the same curlers as the ones you posted a photo of and was wondering if you would be able to do a video of how you use them? thank you and I really enjoy your blog!!

  124. You are one of the most beautiful girls on the face of the earth, without a shadow of a doubt. You also seem genuinely lovely as well! Please check out my blog, it would mean so much to me as you are one of my favourite bloggers.

    Laura x

  125. Martha

    the ring is amazing:)

  126. Just thought i'd say I've developed a bit of a 'girl crush' on you! I swear I check either your blog or youtube everyday haha. I think you're lovely and 2012 brings you lots of happy times :)

  127. Gorgeous photographs. Thanks for sharing a few moments of your Christmas with us. The painting of Bath is really good? Did someone in your family paint it?

  128. you are absolutley gorgeous zoe, i have watched all your youtube videos atleast 12938204 times! you have the most amazing vlog, great photos, keep it up:-) loves xx

  129. You've definitely inspired my Xmas Theme for next year! Love your blog. Check ou mine? x x x

  130. Deerie

    I love your House of Harlow ring. You're so pretty too! ♥

  131. hey i have seen your cuteee video with louis about how to create a blog and your video was soooo well set up and clear i had to make one of my own without a doubt because im one of your suscribers on youtube and i also luvvvv louis feel free to visit my blog its nothin much but i musnt compare!hope to see you soon lockettootoo x

  132. Absolutely love love love your blog!
    You are so beautiful, wow!
    And now my question… How do you do your hair like that?
    Could you maybe do a blog on that showing us how to do it?

    Much love!

  133. Lovely home! Reminds me of my mom's house. :)

  134. I love the decorations, so shabby chic and gorgeous. My house is very uncreative at christmastime when it comes to decoraitons

  135. Megan B

    Wow, your such a good photographer :) lovely pictures:-)x

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  137. does anyone know where exactly she got her fairy lights? i cant seem to find any like hers anywhere!

  138. Your decorations are so beautiful, come back to BlogSpot zoe!

  139. I would like to know too!

  140. The run up to Christmas always seems to last a while, and then you blink, and it's …