This month’s GlossyBox is a special limited edition Christmas box. The first thing you will notice, is the shiny red box, with black bow and white tissue paper. As much as I love the baby pink & brown colour theme of the original GlossyBox’s, I absolutely loved the colour scheme of this one!
The theme of the box this month was “Christmas Gift Guide – Part 2”, all items carefully selected to ensure you are the “Belle of the ball at any Christmas party”. This has got to be my favourite box of all the months so far. I absolutely love everything in it, and there’s not one thing I wouldn’t use. I especially like that there a few make up items.

  • Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lipgloss “Tokyo” – This is a really pretty shade, and I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this.
  • Deborah Lippmann Nail Varnish “Razzle Dazzle” – This is AMAZING. The first thing I noticed when I opened my box as it was so sparkly and pretty.
  • Deborah Lippmann “Stripped To Go” Sachet – This is a finger mitt for removing nail varnish, great on the go!
  • FAB Daily Face Cream – This cream is really lightweight & sinks into the skin very quickly but leaves it so soft and is a great base for makeup. It is for sensitive skin & contains an antioxidant booster. So far, so good.
  • Nouveau Lashes “Noir” Mascara – I was really excited when I saw this in the box. I am a sucker for mascara. I have applied this a few times. I found the brush to be quite hard, and it did hurt my lashes a little bit (that could be my application technique), but it does make my lashes look volumised & very lengthened.
  • Rituals Foaming Shower Gel – This smells AMAZING, and it’s really moisturising. It’s one of those products you use in the bath or shower, and get little whiffs of it throughout the day.

Did you sign up for the Limited Edition GlossyBox? What did you think of it? and what was your favourite item?

  1. I haven't signed up but LOVE the look of this box, especially that nail varnish – almost wriggles with excitement just at the picture of it! Lol!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  2. Sabrina

    I love this shower gel, had it in my last GlossyBox (german version) ;)

  3. Vivian

    I love the red sparkle polish, I have one like it xx

  4. Marina

    It does look amazing… I didn't sign up but I'm really thinking of subscribing in the new year. I actually got the Rituals shower gel for Christmas last year in a massive Rituals gift set so I know that it smells amazing! It has beautiful texture too when you use it. Really recommend Rituals as a brand in general :)


  5. Charlie

    Love the nail varnish can't wait to get mine!x

  6. Katrien

    Glossybox is such a nice concept!
    I wish we already had Glossybox in Belgium :(.

  7. Sarah

    I love that polish!
    I ordered this box yesterday after seeing a post about it and I just had to have it – then i saw more posts and everyone got completely different things from the first post i'd seen!

  8. Wow what a cute Design & nice products! I'm looking forward to my box <33
    Lovley Greets

  9. Maisy

    I'm waiting for mine to come today. So excited after seeing this! quite literally wriggling with anticipation! :D Lovely post and pictures as always xxx

  10. Mona

    I thought the last few were a bit lacklustre, but this looks amazing, I'm so excited now!

    Mona X

  11. Even though this box looks amazing I'm not sure i would sign up though, I've heard they can be slightly hit and miss!

  12. Tamsin

    Loving the red box! Really nice festive touch. The nail polish looks fab. Perfect for the Christmas season xx

  13. Melanie

    the nail varnish is gorgeous, such a stunning colour! xx

  14. So far, from all the blogs and youtube videos I've seen, only the "big" youtubers/bloggers get this box with these products for December. Everyone else gets a completely different box. I hope this isn't the case because that's unfair. If I get the other box I'm going to be highly disappointed. I understand that everyone gets different products in each box but to only give the good stuff to certain people just because they have thousands of subscribers is just unfair.

  15. Tor

    How beautiful is that nail varnish?!
    I kinda wish I hadn't cancelled my subscription now!

    Tor @ Thats Peachy Fashion Blog

  16. Lischen

    Aww… love it! Want to have it, too! :)


  17. OMG I had this Yogi Flow Thing in my November Glossybox (I'm from Germany :)) I LOVE IT! It's really sooo amazing <3

    I'm looking forward to see whats in my next box :)

  18. louise

    I love the nail varnish! I totally regret unsubscribing now :-( x

  19. Nicole

    OMG I wish I had that box!!! SO lucky! Love your blog to death!!!

    ***NEW POST!

    -N :)

  20. Noush

    I love this Box !

  21. omg m so excited now!
    i normally don't like to see blogpost on glossybox before i get it but i cudnot hold the excitement this time!

  22. Evie

    love these pictures, as always!xo

  23. i recently re-subscribed and i'm so glad i did because all the products this month look great! i cannot wait for mine to arrive! X

  24. Katrina

    I love everything on the box especially the nail polish? I wish glossybox ships internationally :(

  25. islay

    my glossybox still hasn't came! I can't wait for it though! xx

  26. Kinga

    Nice. :)

  27. Vicky

    Looks like a brilliant edition. I love the polish and lip gloss. x

  28. How much is it to sign up for glossy box? That nail varnish is so festive & pretty! xoxo

  29. The nail varnish looks amazing! xx

  30. Nina

    glossybox looks like you get better items then birchbox. they seem to be more full sized items. this looks amazing, i wish i could order it :(

  31. Ooh, pretty box!

    Love this month's Glossy Box and I think the products are great! Just want to take this oppprtunity to say thank you for making the "our blogging tips and advice" video-it helped me improve my blog so much!

  32. I can't wait to receive mine! A great box! x

  33. Sam

    Mine's been dispatched! I'm not even joking, I can barely control my excitement – It's just like Christmas…hang on… :-) xx

  34. You got some great stuff there! The box itself is adorable!

  35. Monica

    Deborah Lippmann is really good nail polish, and that one looks especially sparkly and pretty – perfect for the holidays! This box seems like a definite gift because it is filled with really good products! i'd love to try the FAB Daily Face Cream because it has antioxidants in it. I wish we had this in Canada.

  36. Zozo

    I haven't signed up for Glossybox yet, but your posts are defiantly persuading me too!
    The nail polish and shower gel look really cool :)

  37. SILVIA

    wonderful post!
    congratulations honey!
    xoxo =D

  38. Love the look of all these products, I think my box will come tomorrow :D x

  39. MEOW

    the nail polish and lippie looks great!! :)

  40. Everytime I see these posts of yours, it makes me want to sign up more and more T_T

  41. becky.

    that nail polish looks great! just the kind of colour i'd go for :) x

  42. Lizzi

    Aaaw i wish i had subscribed in time to get the christmas box!! I'm thinking about subscribing now to get the january box but I'm not sure really, Zoe I've seen that you've already got quite an amount of boxes, all in all would you recommend subscribing?
    It's just normal that you don't love 100 % of the products they send but I think it would be good to at least like 70 % of what you get, otherwise it's a waste of money. (14 €/month)

    I just started my own blog
    I guess it won't be about fashion and make up only but also about my (weird) life, im 20, german and live in Turin (Italy) so somtimes I write in english and sometimes i write in italian so that everyone (am WHO!? :D ) can follow me.
    I love your blog it's very personal and inspiring. You're beautiful and you seem to be a lovely person. Good Luck with everything!

  43. I have just discovered your blog and I really like it! You're stunning!!


  44. OMG that nail polish is AMAZING!! perfect Christmas colour! Fingers crossed I can find it in Australia! xo

  45. Jorien

    What a lovely box that is! I would love to smell the rituals! And the nailpolish has a great colour too! I've never heard of the glossybox before, don't even know if we have it here in the Netherlands, but Google is my friend;)

    Xx Jorien

  46. LOVE the colour of that nail varnish! x

  47. I love this design and the products this month <3

  48. why in my country we do not have such things like GlossyBox!;[ AMAZING!

  49. Ahhh i totally wanna subscribee to glossybox! Love your reviewss! <3

    I watched your video on starting blogs and i wanted to know if you like mine! It would mean SOOO much if you even looked at it for a second. Yourr so inspiringg <3


  50. is it too late to subscribe and get this box looks so good!!!


  51. Unknown

    I wish I signed up for it, so jealous. Have you tried Happy Birthday nail polish, so sparkly, if so do which do you prefer.

  52. Lea

    My christmas glossybox was really similar to yours. Unfortunately I did not get a nail polish. But it's ok. The other things are so amazing. Have a look at mine if you like:

    zoe, please tell me/us what's on your wishlist for x-mas. I would be so exited about that! thx :)

  53. The nail polish is just stunning isn't it. I love the look of the mascara, wish I would have got that in my box! Great post X

  54. Romy

    I LOVED this month's Glossybox! Mine is exactly like yours except with a cleanser from FAB instead of moisturiser (yay! I was actually looking for a good new cleanser. My only criticism of it is that it leaves my face a bit too squeaky clean but hey, its great!). I love the lipgloss and the polish (which I'm currently wearing). I'll watch out for that mascara wand! Hopefully it won't poke my eye/hurt my eye ha! Last two months Glossybox sent me antiaging products which I was disappointed with but I think they outdid themselves this month xx

  55. Lucy

    the nail vanish is absolutely great! :) xx

  56. Steph

    I'm so excited to get my glossybox now! It's been posted but i wasn't in so it's waiting for my in the post office :(

  57. Amy

    Cute, love the packaging. Not into the whole GlossyBox thing myself but it must be quite cool receiving one through the post…beats getting a pile of bills lol x

  58. Oh i so want to subscribe to glossy box. it will be the first thing i do when i get a job! this glossy box looks bloody amazing. Lovely post,you can really see how much effort you put into each of your posts and it definatly pays off. keep it up :)xx

  59. dissie

    love your blog! <3

  60. Hey Zoe, I absolutely love your blog. It's girls like you that inspire me to keep on blogging! Thanks for that. Love.

  61. Hey, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check out my latest post to see what that means :) x

  62. just wondered how the Deborah Lippmann Nail Varnish "Razzle Dazzle" was. I love glittery nail varnish but i was just wondering how it looked on because i find some glittery nail polish to look quite child like once applied. Did it cover well?? xx

  63. Amy ♥

    I really want to subscribe to Glossy Box! Everything always looks so crisp and luxury that come inside them! I really like reading about everything that come in the boxes so thankyou!

  64. Katie

    I'm going to be signing up to GlossyBox after Christmas, mainly from your recommendations
    I love that nail varnish though, will deffo be buying that in the meantime. Great blog post :)

  65. wow that colour of the nail polish is amazing! seriously want it! :)
    The lipgloss 'Tokyo' is a really pretty colour, very jelious!
    The 'Stripped To Go' Sachet is a great idea! and the face cream looks so good.
    Defo one of the best boxes ive seen on your blog:)

    love x

  66. That Deborah Lippmann nail narnish looks amazing! xx

  67. Adam.

    That nail varnish looks so good! Zoe, i love your blog, and glossybox! Haha. So glad they've opened out to men too! :D

  68. WOW the Glossy Box you get in England is amazing, compared to the newly released Australian one. Those are some decent sized products in there and the Deborah Lippmann nail polish – if only we had that down in Australia.
    You've inspired me to do a post on the Australian Glossy Box now!
    Love your blog and vlog!!

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