Buying gifts at Christmas is either a stressful, or enjoyable experience for people. I actually really enjoy it, and thrive off that feeling that you just KNOW you have the perfect gift for someone. I put together a handful of items that I thought would be great stocking fillers or gifts under £15 as one of the videos for my “24 Days Of Zoella” and i’ve attached some photos here on my blog for you too! Let me know if you have any great suggestions in the comment section!

stocking3 stocking4 stocking5 stocking6

ZoellaBeauty Mini Fizz Bar Trio
ZoellaBeauty Hey Roomie Reed Diffuser
ZoellaBeauty Wonder Hand
ZoellaBeauty Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo
Cath Kidston Utensil Set
Lush Festive Friends Set
Next Penguin Slippers
Staedtler set of 20 Pens
Escape to Christmas Past Colouring Book
Lost Ocean Colouring Book by Johanna Basford
Artiste Watercolour Pen Set
Ohh Deer Marble Notebook
Ohh Deer Patterned Notebook Set
Ohh Deer Metallic Notebook Set

  • Amandeep

    This is so awesome Zoe, thx so much, now I know what to put in my sisters stocking when Christmas comes around. Happy gifting everyone…. Xxxxx

  • Lovely ideas Zoe, I love the copper notebooks!
    – Ambar x

  • Love these! Thanks for the ideas, I now know what to get my friends for Christmas xx

  • Izabela new

    This is so helpful Zoe!!

  • I love those pens and notebooks, I really think that everyone could use a good notebook or five in their life! And they all have to go with some really nice pens. Lovely list, I recently put together one on my blog as well!

  • Everything looks so beautiful!!! You’re such an awesome gift-buyer :) And I love how much you’ve been uploading haha, what a treat for us!!
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Madalena Dantas

    This is such a great post, full of great ideas (: I’m totally in love with them, specially the notebooks!!
    Have an amazing day,

  • Emelia

    I love the Cath Kidston cutlery set! The pens and notebooks are amazing to!

  • Aimee Budge

    I love these ideas! Defiantly time to take a shopping trip. :)

  • seznajkomakedonija

    Great ideas
    [my blog]

  • Carmen Tindall

    love the penguin slippers from Next xxx

  • littlemissdaydreams

    I’m loving 24 Days of Zoella, and Vlogmas this year xoxo

  • Zuzana Janošková

    Amazing post, video too♥

    Passion of Life

  • This is such a lovely post! Love these gift ideas Zoe :) x

  • earth to talia

    Coincidentally, I just posted a YouTube Lover’s Gift Guide up on my blog! And guess who features ;-)

    Personally I’d really love a new notebook this year – and I must say, I LOVE these! Let’s hope Santa thinks I’ve been good this year!!

  • Coincidentally, I just posted a YouTube Lover’s Gift Guide up on my blog! And guess who features… ;-)

    Personally I’d really love a new notebook this year – and I must say, I LOVE these! Let’s hope Santa thinks I’ve been good this year!!

  • Love this gift guide Zoe, although I want everything for myself!

    Also, love your blog photograph background….is it a sheet or piece of furniture?

    Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger x

  • These are such lovely ideas, Zoe♥

  • Natalia Duguay

    O.M.G you gave me so many good gift ideas I have a load of friends that I thought of! Thank You

  • I love it so much ! I see your video too, thank you for all the christmas gift ideas ! I really wanted to go shopping right now !! Also, I absolutely love the notebook, and the colouring book !

    Love you xx

  • Caoimhe M

    These are some great ideas! I find buying presents very stressful. I overthink it if I am being honest. I enjoyed reading this post Zoe :) x

  • Iva Loves Zoella

    I love it!!! : )

  • I love stocking stuffer ideas since St Nicks Day is this sunday! Great post! :) x Kenzie

  • KayxLaurenx

    This is really helpful! I was struggling about what to get some of my friends and this has really helped. The items seem really good and great ideas! :) x

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • those notebooks are so adorable <3 <3 <3

  • lovelipstix

    Zoe I love your youtube channel exspecially your vloggs :)

    The notebooks are soo cute <3<3

  • Lovly selection!

    Kisses from

  • I got so excited when I saw the Staedler pens. They’re actually on my wishlist for this year.

    Aleksandra |

  • sarah sharpe

    omg the snow is amazing, ive been ill for 2 days and have been catching up on your blog/ watching your videos :) my birthday was on december 1st and thats when all the vlogmas videos start and advent calendars and ooo it was a good day ahha, love you zoeeee :) xox

  • lucy prosser

    I LOVE the Lost Ocean book! I got the secret garden last year for Christmas and it just feels so special and the illustrations are gorgeous! I do my parents a stocking each year and I’m definitely putting wonder hand in mum’s stocking, maybe with a reed diffuser too! Thanks for the great ideas, I LOVE the photography too – wish my camera was as good as that :)

    Lucy xoxo

  • Really want one of those colouring books they look so cute and those slippers are adorable! :)

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  • Trudy Johanna

    Nothing beats a good stocking filler. I love that it’s at a £15 budget and these are all such good ideas!
    Trudy x | TrudyJohanna

  • This is really going to help me get my friends and family’s christmas presents! Thank you Zoe! These are great ideas :) xx

  • Vilma Suviyö¹³

    This was honestly super helpful! :-) Loved the ideas and gosh I would love to receive those all!

  • Caitlin Gall

    I watched your video and read your blog some really good ideas:)

  • Grace

    This has really helped me! I’ve also bought the marble notebook for myself😌😌

  • Ooooh, I love this! Really into adult coloring this year – I have two and a buncha pencils! :)

  • Looking forward to watching this later Zoe!

  • Evie <3

    The colouring book is such a good idea, thanks Zoe!

  • SweetTreat

    Great video Zoe can’t wait to watch your luxrury one next week!

  • Lucy Watson

    I love this post, it is such a great idea! There are so many good gift ideas! I love reading your blog because I just find blogs so interesting and nice to read! Keep up the good work! I love you Zoe! <3 xx

  • Piia

    I loved the video and of all these gifts, I think my favourites are the notebooks and the colouring books. Although I never finish either of them…. :D

    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

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    Hey such a good post.
    Visit my first post :)

  • megan beard

    love the little stocking fillers really nice addition as a little something

  • Red

    LOVE THESE IDEAS!!! 😍😍😍 So happy you made all of these lovely gifts affordable 😉😝💕 Love you Zoë!! ❤❤❤ xxx

  • seznajkomakedonija
  • Madalena Miranda Pereira

    Love so much your blog…look so pretty whin the snow!!! I love the coloring book’s and the other day i was talking with my aunt about that…i have to find one, but i think that here in portugal that is not a common thing! :(
    Love you a lots :) x

  • I’d never heard of the ohh deer brand before…may order a few items… ^.^ x

  • Pippa

    I love your blog, and the stocking fillers was such a good idea! too bad i’ve already spent all my budget on presents! :( never mind, there’s always next year!

  • Sylvia Ryman

    I got the Lost Ocean colouring book this November for my birthday, and I’m obsessed! The pictures are so beautiful, and I spend hours colouring in just like when I was a kid. It’s such a relaxing activity. Loved the post, I was definitely in need of some new ideas for this Christmas. :)

  • mckenna miller

    this is such a great help, thanks zoe! xx

  • Zoel

    I’ve been thinking about buying one of these colouring books for my mum, they look very nice! She may like one, though I already got her a nice perfume. I also think a good present could be a comfy and warm pair of gloves or maybe a beanie, I’d love that and they are very useful for winter!

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Thalia

    These are such great inexpensive Christmas present ideas, I’m definitely going to use some!!

    This is totally off topic but I’ve been contemplating starting my own blog for a while now but (and I sound really clueless saying this but…) I actually have no idea HOW to start a blog and everything that goes with it! I would loove and really appreciate ANY advice on this from anybody. Thanks xx

    • You should start one! The self-doubt that comes up when you’re deciding whether you should do it can be brutal (and totally disheartening) but you should just take the leap and do it! If you google ‘how to start a blog’ there’s lots of great resources! I use wordpress and it’s so easy to get started :)

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much for the advice and confidence boost Sam! When I get the time (Christmas is a busy time of year) I’m going to do it!

      • Get started on blogger, its so easy to use! :)

    • Scarlet Mitchell

      You should. I started one and love it. I recommend using Blogger (Google). It’s really easy to use. Also Googling helps.


      • Anonymous

        Thanks so much Scarlet it’s comforting to know that you love it! I will definitely look at Blogger.

    • The Teen Goals

      You should definitely start a blog, I have just started one and blogger is really easy to use, if you have any problems starting it just email me at [email protected] reply to me as soon as you have started and i’ll be sure to read it!
      Good luck,
      TTG X

    • Lauren Morse

      hey I started a blog and one of the best websites to use is blogger it is really easy to pick up on how to use hope that helps

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely look at blogger

    • Caitlin

      I know how it feels when you’re deciding whether to start a blog or not. I felt exactly the same! I eventually just said to myself “you know what I’m going to do it.” I had no idea what I was doing but I made it up as I went along and now I’ve got the hang of it and I enjoy blogging :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Everyone who answered my comment (and those who didn’t). Thank you all so so much for the advice, I appreciate it all and it really helped me set up my blog.
      I would LOVE IT if you guys wanted to check it out, it’s called…

      Thanks xx

      • so great you started it! do you want to do a follow swap? your blogs really good by the way!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks you so much! That’s really nice of you.
          I would love to do a follow swap!
          What;s your blog called?

      • Glitterygalaxyfirefly

        Hey I started a blog yesterday and i was wondering if you could take a look, I’m just about to take a look at yours. Here’s mine – https://glitterygalaxyfirely.w

    • From Girl C

      You should do it! I, in fact, just started my blog and I love it! I was self doubting myself in the beginning too…but don’t doubt yourself. It is going to turn out great! A website that really helped me get started was Dana’s icanbuildablog. You should go check it out! There are many more out there. You are going to enter a really fun world.
      girl C

    • Glitterygalaxyfirefly

      i actually started a blog yesterday and my first post was about how to start a blog!!!

    • Rebecca Hammett

      I can email you with ten tops tips for starting a blog and how to increase page views if you’d like? Recently my collab beauty/lifestyle blog hit 500 views in a week – please check it out!
      Email me at [email protected] if you would like some advice, but I would say GO! Do some research and then start writing, who knows what will happen?
      Becca x

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Omg that copper notebook <3

  • These are such great ideas Zoe, love all the stationary! xx

  • minyuk

    These tips are so useful. I think I might buy some notebooks as gift for friends. love you Zoe xoxo

    check out my blog –

  • Pareen

    Amazing gift ideas!

  • LOVE the Cath Kidston spoon/spatula/tea towel set! I feel like when it comes to gift-giving, it’s such a fun experience especially when you really know the person (I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I mean Birthday and the like kind of occasions hehe). | Much love, Iween xo. ♡

  • hjamnettelikes

    Thank you for sharing your ideas Zoe!!!

    Hugs from Hjamnette likes…

  • Kymberley Mcmurray

    I love this! Affordable but really lovely gift ideas :)

  • Mariella

    I love all of these!!
    The slippers look so cosy!
    I was thinking of making a pamper kit for friends and splitting the fizz bar trio up and putting that in there.
    Love your blogs and your videos.

  • Kati

    Lovely gift ideas! Love all of these! :)

  • Those slippers are just too cute, tee hee. And I love the sound of that fizz bar trio, would make a really nice little gift!

  • Najiah Ramezan

    My friends birthday is coming up in a week …

    I’m thinking buying her the trio fizz bar and a zoella beauty make up bag …

  • Wemimo Ogunsanwo Ogundiwin

    I love all of these gifts, you have just given me a loads of ideas on what to get my growing teenage girls😍😍😍

  • yasmin

    The funny thing is that even though these are kind of cheap I still can’t afford them!!!! I buy everything I don’t need and waste my money… I CAN’T HELP IT. Also how does Zoe manage to find everything perfect?

  • These ideas are so cute! X

  • Love this!
    The notebooks and the colouring book are so cute! Might actually get them for myself instead…. haha x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • AnibaeAsh

    I just adore the packaging for all the Zoella Beauty Products! Also, I would have never thought of the color books as a gift but I love it! I am definitely a person that constantly needs to be doodling or else I can’t function as a normal human being.

  • Jemma Quick

    Im so excited for christmas this year and I think its mainly because I asked for all your newest products xxxx

  • Kayla

    I hope I can get some of your products in my stocking this year! That would brighten up my whole christmas even more!

    [my blog]

  • Aww that’s so cute :) I wish my photography skills were like yours… and I bet it feels amazing to see your name on all of these products :) xx

  • I love all of this ideas, these tips are so useful thank you Zoe xx

  • Garuba Khadijah Abiola

    This is really cool… Thanks for sharing…

    Do take part in the giveaway on my blog..

  • Kate

    luv it!

  • Juliette

    You never let me down still love you and what you do YOU ARE AMAZING😘😍💞💋😁😁😁😀😀😊😊😊

    • Juliette


      • Juliette

        Sakes as all of ou

  • Louis

    Thank you so much Zoe. These are amazing gift ideas for Christmas :)

  • Love this list! I’ve bought a few people to festive friends from Lush! It’s just perfect!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Somin Park

    You always have so many great ideas. Inspiring! xx

  • Definitely going to be utilizing this, love it!!

  • Hair wonderful day

    Zella items looks lush , might get some for niece:)

  • I’ve been at a total loss for some presents and this helped inspire some ideas! Thanks, Zoe! <3

  • Cindy

    The utensils and the notebooks are so nice! :) Would be really excited if I received those in my stocking :)

  • LilyMinerva

    Who else thinks Zoella makes the Christmas season 100x better?! :)

  • Jemma Houkes

    to be honest, all of these gifts are now on my own Christmas list…!
    (blog) x

  • Erin Penrose

    I love this Gift Guide post/video! Thanks for sharing!


  • Anku Cheung

    I never gets a full Christmas anyway , no decorating nor christmas trees , presents … maybe ( I don’t have last year ) I can only watch vlogmasses from other youtubers and pretend to be festive . Btw , I enjoys your vlogmasses the most , Zoe , no matter how long it is ! I love the snowing effect in this blog too !

  • Anku Cheung

    I just really want a full Christmas , SO Jealous of the youtubers … I never get well decorated , excited … even with o presents sometimes … *sigh* I can only feel festive by watching u(Zoe) and other youtubers vlogmasing . Ur idea of making a own advent calendar for Alfie is awesome ! lysm

  • BraeShea

    I love giving out little gifts that accommodate with friends and family members interests! But when ever I have to give a gift to a distant cousin, or the dreaded class/employee Secret Santa, a gift card to Tim Horton’s or Starbucks can never go wrong!

  • Anku Cheung

    I just really want a full Christmas , SO Jealous of the youtubers … I never get well decorated , excited … even with o presents sometimes … *sigh* I can only feel festive by watching u(Zoe) and other youtubers vlogmasing . Ur idea of making a own advent calendar for Alfie is awesome ! lysm

  • Stephanie C

    I think I might buy these…. but for my own stocking ;)

  • The photos in this post are so gorgeous! I have the Secret Garden colouring book (which I adore), but the idea of a Christmassy book is so exciting! I’m also really loving those adorable slippers :)

    Akino |

  • Brooklyn

    Those slippers are adorable!! I would definitely wear them :)

  • Some amazing ideas here. I love notebooks! My boyfriend just bought me this colouring book and I wanted to share because you should get it for anyone who likes super cute things because it is adorable.

  • Those slippers look so comfortable! And I love those coloring books, they are simply the greatest!

  • The slippers are so cute. I really enjoy watching your videos. You really inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. II was hoping you could check it out.

  • Those penguin slippers are so cute!!!


  • Sara Olmo

    Everything is so cute💕 I really love this kind of posts!

  • meow123

    thanks so much I was really stuck for knowing what I could get my friends and now I know

  • Holly Smith

    Posts like this are an absolute life saver to me! I am always struggling to find gifts on a budget!

    Holly X ||

    P.s- I need these slippers in my life

  • Such great stocking filler ideas! I literally want them all haha! I love notebooks and adult colouring books. They’re such a relaxing thing to do x

    Lauren |

  • Priya

    I really Iiked this video it was so inspiring and cute

  • Cuteee! Love these gift ideas xx

  • Natty

    Lovely tips :)

  • Lauren Morse

    I really hope I can get some of your products this year

  • Ella Pinto

    I’ve already bought my bestfriends presents but I don’t think I can resist those three notebooks. Or the Penguin slippers for that matter. How did I not know about these before? Hopefully everything will get here on time, otherwise it’ll just have to be a post-Christmas present. Think they’ll love it anyway.

    I love how festive you are about Christmas and how you always seem to get everything on point.

    Ella x {}

  • Such great ideas. I would love to receive every single one of these!


  • Gingersnaphattie

    Fab post Zoe! The utensils gift is such a good idea, definitely going to get one for my friend :-)
    If anyone fancies checking out a relatively new blog, here you go….

  • I love Christmas shopping there’s no better feeling then when you have finished and it’s all wrapped under your tree xx

  • Caitlin

    Great gift ideas Zoe! Annoyed that I’ve already bought my friends their presents :(

    Those notebooks are absolutely lovely as well!

  • Laura Pérez

    Lovely post as always. Could you do a skincare routine?? I’d love one

  • meganredford

    I absolutely love the idea of an adult colouring book, even if I’m not quite an adult yet! I’ve put this straight at the top of my christmas list, along with the pack of pens :)

    Thanks for the idea Zoe! Loving 24 days of Zoella so far!

    • Sachi Barr

      I completely agree! Coloring books can be for everyone. Definitely will be asking for one of them for christmas this year.
      Love all of these ideas, Zoe!

  • oh my that marble notebook! I am in love!! x

  • I love the Zoella sets its amazing how you think they would be totally generic and boring but i actually really like the scent of a lot of the products

  • I love, love, love the Ohh Deer notebooks!x

  • Amanda Gouthro

    I’d be so happy with any of those gifts!
    I also LOVE The snow on your blog now Zoe! Very festive!

  • The little notebooks, penguin slippers and Lush gift set is so cute!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • I would love to get the notebooks – they are so cute and practical, and the colours are so Christmasy :)

    The Style Researcher

  • Aden

    I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but I was lead hear through the internet somehow haha! And now I have some ideas for some christmas presents. So thank you!

  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    Really great gift guide! Love the notebooks! I kind of want the colouring book for myself. :D

  • Tynnika

    I’ve never had stockings in my family so the tradition seems a little strange to me! You have some lovely gift ideas that I wish I had seen when my friends and I were doing Secret Santa. :)

  • Amina Ayub

    Your handcream is so good

  • Queenie Lee

    Awesome ideas! Love the slippers and I want the reed diffuser <3

  • Love these. Your mini fizz bar trio is adorable and I really love your fizz bars! Perfect for gift giving. Lush gift sets are always perfect too, and those notebooks look adorable thanks for the tip!

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  • I love that you did an affordable gift guide! Thank you so much!

    ieyra h. | blog

  • Julia Kaylee Jung

    There’s also new Harry Potter coloring book :-)
    And these are such nice gift ideas Zoe!! xx

  • These notebooks and slippers are amazing!! This is a great post! I always have a hard time with stocking stuffers. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love these!! Especially the penguin slippers. :)

  • Brynn King

    Love all of these !! Must get my hand on those super adorable slippers!!

  • DaisyP

    love you zoe x

  • Jemma – Rose

    These are such cute gifts, Santa please could I have some of these things, They are not expensive Xx

  • Jemma – Rose
  • Mia Wort

    I love all of your products I hope to get some this year xxx

  • Should send my cousin this link for some hints on what to get me! x

    Speckle of Lisa

  • Jenna Wolgamott

    I really want a new candle and I don’t know what to choose, help me out guys!

  • Love this stocking gift guide! Will certainly be using or basing some of my stocking fillers from her ideas. xx

  • Brenda

    Definitely going to look into treating myself to that marble notebook this year! Great post as usual Zoe :)

  • I’ve yet to try any Zoella beauty products, it’s very hard to find them in Canada (if they’re even here at all!) I’d love one of these sets for Christmas.. I hope a friend manages to track one down :)

    • Bronwyn James

      yeah it’s hard in Canada. But I have a friend who sends me some of the products. :) hope you find some!

    • leah //

      usually i would buy them online! x


    I love those slippers! Been after one of those colouring books for so long, I need to take the plunge and buy it! (or pray someones seen this and bought me it for Christmas) haha
    Saskia x

  • Rozy Gray

    I have to admit, I have just bought a few of those notebooks! Perfect for simple but special gifts!

    -Rozy x

  • Bethanyalicemarie

    The marble notebook, i need it!


  • Maddie

    This inspired me to get my mom one of the coloring books, thanks Zoe!

  • Oh So Hygge

    Love the stocking filler ideas. Check out my channel for home made Christmas crafts and gift wrapping ideas! :)

  • The Lifestyle Blogger UK

    Some really great ideas that have got me really inspired! Plus, LOVE the snow!! Fingers crossed for snow here this Christmas.

  • Julie S

    I love Christmas gift sets they last me all year!

  • I wish i could buy all of this stuff in my country

  • SavBanav

    Wow… I want ALL of the ZoellaBeauty products this Christmas!! Looks fantabulous ;)

    Savannah xx – Lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • loved this video! cute pictures as well, i’d love to make my photos like this – great post zoe xxxxx

  • molly

    hi zoe the blog was so helpful love the notebook

  • Miss Sunshine

    This is perfect. I was just looking for Christmas presents. Thank you, Zoe!!!

  • Aimee Crowther

    Zoella your so creative and you have the best ideas 💡 I love you xx

  • Ruby Cadence

    Hi guys, I have a blog too! Anybody want to check it out?
    Thanks! Xxx

  • Hetal Bhagat

    Your whole Christmas range is perfect for Christmas gifts!

  • Shannon

    I love the pens and colouring books. Colouring, for me, is so therapeutic. Also the lush products, as I have recently grown to love them. :)

  • michelle jane

    I would love to have the Zoella Beauty range! But getting it shipped to New Zealand is so expensive! No fizz baths for me 😢 haha definitely first world problem :P

  • tigerstar

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    I would seriously love those coloring materials.. :)

    Arianne | Ayre

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    These look like such great Christmas ideas! Thanks for all the help!

  • Rutu Luhar

    Thanks for the great ideas as always!

  • From Girl C

    These are such good inexpensive gift ideas! I don’t have a job and want to get Christmas presents for my friends and family–such good inspiration!

    girl C

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  • Emma Wild

    I really love all the blog posts and videos you put your time and effort into this year for vlogmas. I was laughing my pants off all the way through it! Thank you soso much for doing it. Emma Wild

  • Just_another_zoella_fan<3

    hey zoe. You probably won’t reply but i’ve been looking for the zoella hand cream and the lip balms in super drug, but i can’t find them. D: could you please tell me other places i will defiantly find them. Thanks xx

  • beth.

    I love all of these gift ideas. Ohh Deer is literally one of my fav websites. They do the best stationary!

  • Emilia

    These ideas are great

  • Really wish I’d have come across this a month ago, some great ideas on here :) Your blogs are fab X

  • Naomi van Bunnens

    This blog has given me so much inspiration to start my own blog and here is the link below please check it out then can you give me some pointer on how to make it better. zoe you should totally make a video on how to set up your own blog. these gifts are soo cool xxx

  • Miss Mini Zoella

    nice xx

  • annabel

    cool ideas i love them but its past christmas now :(
    so maybe ill consider theese next year

  • Kirsty Tomlinson

    I have got the book “Lost Ocean” and the pens, I also have the Zoella lip balm, Zoella blissful mistful, Zoella body wash and lace collar purse. I have read both of your books and am writing a book review on my own blog, which I will send to you once it’s finished. BYE for now, Zoella. P.S. I love your vids, Please, please write back, Zoella, I am a huge fan. Love from your biggest fan, PT xxx

  • Rebecca Hammett

    Hey Zoe!
    I love this post SO much – I read it over and over before Christmas, choosing my favourite presents! Your beauty range is amazing and I have the Foam Sweet Foam shower gel in my bathroom and your makeup bag right next to me, filled with all my pens!
    Thank you for being an inspiration. I have a blog,, if you would like to check it out – that would be so amazing!

  • Desiree

    Hey y’all a lot of y’all are discussing starting blogs and I was wondering if I could get some tips? I started back in 2014 but dropped it in 2015 because life happened (deaths, prom, graduation, job, college, etc.) and I just picked it back up as a resolution, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    XOXO Des

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