I’m not the biggest cook. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that. I like to keep everything pretty basic, that is unless I am following a recipe step by step. I do however, enjoy the occasional cooking programme. More recently I got hooked on “The Great British Bake Off”. People baking cakes and various other treats. There is nothing more satisying and girly, than baking deserts or puddings. Being a creative person and not having much of an outlet for my creativity (besides putting makeup on my face), I will get really into anything that involves a tiny bit of artistry. I am also a perfectionist, so decorating the cake, as well as making it, results in an enormous amount of satisfaction, as well as eating it of course.
Recently, my friend had new boobies installed (this sounds nicer than “boob job”..or does it?) and so myself and another friend took it upon ourselves to make her a “get better soon/congrats on your new boobies” cake. (For those of you who are nosey/may be interested, she didn’t have a boob job for materialistically larger boobs, she has waited 4 years on the NHS and had them done as a correction from an injury earlier in life – So I am chuffed to bits for her) We didn’t want to opt for a standard victoria sponge with jam and icing, so instead, we decided to create a pair of eadible cake boobs, as you do.
I’m not going to list in detail all the stages of creating this bad boy, but I will outline the basic’s. We followed a simple victoria sponge recipe, and cooked the mixture in two identical glass bowl’s (make sure they are oven safe). I’d also like to point out that they take about twice the normal amount of time to cook, as there is a larger volume to cook inside. We ended up cooking our boobs (!) for about 40 minutes overall. I’d also like to stress how important it is to grease the bowls, luckily, our boobies slipped right out (!) but if you didn’t, you could end up with lumpy, out of shape ones..and nobody enjoys those. The best part was icing them. We used butter icing, as you can get a nice smooth finish with that, it’s also less messy than standard icing, and a bit more precise than if we were to use roll out icing as that would have been incredibly fiddly. We added a smidgen of pink colouring to make the skin colour and smoothed it over the cake. We then made some more icing, and added more colouring this time to create the bra. This was piped on, using a piping bag from poundland. Yes, that’s right. ONE POUND. To finish, we added chocolate buttons to create the nipples..just to make it clear that they were in fact boobs, incase it wasn’t already obvious….
It’s fair to say the cake went down very well, and our friend was chuffed, as were we, that it had turned out so brilliantly. What a nice pair!
I also decided to make profiteroles. Being one of my favourite desert treats ever, and having made them before, and realising that in fact, they weren’t at all difficult to make, they seemed the perfect pudding for our family/friend roast dinner gathering.
I followed this recipe by Nigella Lawson, and they turned out really well. The only differences I made were that I piped the pastry onto the baking tray rather than spooned and instead of making a chocolate “sauce” I just melted Cadburys chocolate over them before serving. They were delicious if I may say so. Don’t be affraid to try making these, they really are SO easy. I’d also strongly urge you bakers out there to get a piping bag. I have two, and more expensive one, and a cheapy one from poundland (although don’t expect to get too many uses out of this one). You can find plenty on eBay, along with the different shaped nozzles.

So there we go, a few of my baking creations of late. I think now that the weather has turned so grim, and darkness is creeping upon us earlier, there is more time for baking, so get your pinnys on, and let me know what you’re making!

  1. kia

    haha brillant! x

  2. mona

    haha, that is brilliant! what a great idea and it does look really yummy :) your profiteroles look amazing too zoe, im craving some now! xx

  3. i love profiterols they are my absolute favourtie!
    i love baking but im not the best and i love sweet baking scents hehe

    PS: Zoe, where are you? youtube is missing you lots :)


  4. Kayti

    You should post the recipe that you used for the profiteroles, every time I've tried one here in the US they taste bland and cheapy. Would love to try the recipe you used! Feels more legit. ;]

  5. Hahahaha oh my god I almost want to get a boob job so I can have a cake like that, its amazing!


  6. #9

    How cute! And creative as well! Seeing your blog posts always make my day but this one really made me laugh!!

  7. Noush

    Funny cake !
    Profiterols looks delicious :)

  8. AllieUK

    Love that cake! I would be so chuffed to get that if I was your friend haha

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  9. that cake is incredible zoe! i don't understand how you can say you aren't creative! i would never be able to think of something like that or look it so amazing! X

  10. Katie

    The boobie cake is amazing!;) You've convinced me to make those profiteroles, next time I get a free day I know what I'm doing! X

  11. haha that cake is genius!

  12. Jazz

    Hahaha I actually laughed out loud at this, causing curious looks from my mum!

    This is fantastic!

    The profiteroles look so yummy too…

    Jazz xo

  13. those profiteroles look great, cool that you've baked a cake for your friend her new boobs! a little strange, but a great opportunity :)

  14. Masterpiece! :)

  15. Amy

    Amazing zoe!! Those profiteroles look so gorgeous too! Have you ever tried using disposable piping bags? It means you don't have to wash it out after every time you use it! xx

  16. Natalie

    Wow the boob cake is amazing! It looks really professional well done! And I also loooove profiteroles yummy x

  17. Kasia M

    Oh my! They look so yummy! I love the tits :D

  18. Char

    my mum has been bitten by the baking bug too after watching the "Great British Bake Off" I will be asking her to make me some tasty, less boob shaped cakes! X

  19. h ha ha ah! that cake gave me the giggles! amazing!

  20. Emily

    i always love your photos xx

  21. OMG I nearly fell out of my office chair when I saw the boobie cake. LOL! Thanks for that! The profiteroles look super-delicious!

  22. The boobies look so cool! Very creative! And the profiteroles look scrumptious- would have been a bit weird if I said that about the boobies, lol.

    I love profiteroles but I've always assumed that they're really hard to make, but you've made it look so easy so I'm defo gonna give it a go! Thank you… xx :)

  23. the cake is absolutely brilliant!

  24. Haha brilliant cake!

    Holli x

  25. TINA

    yummy! <3

    Zoe,your hair is black now?? -_-"


  26. Gua

    Hahaha best post ever Zoe :)

    I'm glad you're blogging more often, makes my day!


  27. Bec

    That is Ace of Cakes top quality!! Amazing. Also the description is hilarious. I love your writing as much as your photos :)

  28. Katie

    Sweet that you made the cake, novelty sort of cakes do make me chuckle. Gotta have a bit of a laugh!

    Hope she recovers soon x

  29. Jen

    Hilarious! haha wish I had a friend like you x

  30. Lily

    Haha that's hilarious! Would of cheered me right up!


  31. Slater

    Hahaha love it! :)

  32. I agree with you about baking being a good outlet for creativity! I like to think of myself as being creative but I don't have an artistic bone in my body, maybe thats why cooking is such a big passion of mine! The cake looks delish (and life like!) and hope your friend enjoys her new chesticles! :) xxx

  33. Lauren

    That cake is brilliant, really made me laugh! The profiteroles look delicious too xx

  34. Laura

    That cake is so funny! I have always wanted to try to make profiteroles, yours look yum so I may have to give them a go soon!

  35. Mimi

    Haha, oh my, this is AWESOME! Laughed so hard…thanks for that. And nice you´re posting so often at the moment:)

  36. Hahaha excellent comedy cake!

  37. This cake looks awesome :) & them profiteroles look so yummy! xoxo


  38. C.A.R.

    such a greta idea!!!! :D


  39. Sarah

    Actually love this post so much, giggled so much through the making of the boob cakes, haha!

    Also definitely getting myself a piping bag, £1, bloody bargain, be a FOOL not to eh? Also, your profiteroles look ah-mazing!! I tried to make eclairs once and they came out like crisps? May try again with your recipe.. *traumatised*

    http://fridayisforever.blogspot.com/ xx

  40. Haha! I saw the thumbnail of this and was like: are those boobs? And yes. Yes they are. So cleverly made – well done you! x x

  41. Emma

    Brilliant!! x

  42. Venus

    That cake is incredible! Sooo funny xD

    I really love your posts.
    It's great that you're blogging more often *__*


  43. Haha really good cake decorating skills there!!! I use a syringe type piping device! I find it much easier to use, and you can get them in pretty colours… obviously meaning pink :-)

    Mark Hoppus is the most adorable bunnie everrrrrr. His panda eye us so cute.

    Did the cake make your friend laugh? Hope all went well!



  44. Heyy. Me again. Feeeling like a right twonk.

    After I pressed submit my comment. I saw something about a panda eye. Pretty sure I manage to accidently paste some other text into your box!!!!!! And then I thought I would just delete it… BUT the dreaded "your comment will be visible after approval" damnnn that thing. That will teach me for not proof reading. So god knows what i said.

    So I greatly apologise for that. And for this comment. So if I look like a divvie feel free not to approve! However if you have a little mean streak in there, and want to entertain your viewers. I will understand (and probably still read your blog) :-P

    Really sorry zoe!!!



  45. kw-xo

    That cake is amazing!! I bet your friend absolutely loved it! xx

  46. I'd like a bra like that, although one that would actually cover my nip nips! x

  47. Cantiq

    Yum <3 love profiteroles.

  48. You are so fantastic for making your friend an incredible cake for such an emotional occasion! I love your hilarious description too btw!

    Madison Theresa

  49. That cake is AMAZING ahaha! Those profiteroles look delish… nom! X

  50. I made a lemon cheesecake the other day, followed by millionaire’s shortbread! And neither of them did I get to try myself because my family apparently loved them that much that they had gobbled them up all when I was out, not impressed! They keep bugging me to make more! You should check this book out; it’s just all puddings, A-MAZ-ING! And really helpful, it's what I used! :) x

  51. Ash

    that is seriously awesome!! high five to you guys for your creativity, particularly love the attention to the nipple detail lol
    profitarols are my fav, must give that a try!

  52. That cake is awesome! Looks really delicious too! Same with those creme puffs!!! *mouth waters…*


  53. This is absolutely lovely. You're such a good friend!

  54. Anh

    The cake actually made me laugh out loud!

  55. amanda

    amazing!! pro job right there :)
    & all the best to your friend as she recovers x

    ~ Amanda from perfumed-pages.blogspot.com

  56. hahah that is amazing!! good job ladies. LOL…im still cracking up. I may need to make this for my bf one day.

  57. Marta

    You and your friend are lovely :)) Cake loos great xxx

  58. Lischen

    Amazing idea!! :D


  59. I enjoy baking I think after reading this I might decided to start making more 'creative cake'! :)xx


  60. haha that looks great! fab cake!

  61. hahaha love it, great idea!!!

  62. the cake looks so cool, really creative :)
    profiteroles are so yummy, going to try to make it myself now :P

  63. Haha, as soon as I saw this in my dashboard, I thought.. is that a tit cake ?!
    It's nice gesture you've done for her though, cracked me up as well !
    Hope she gets well soon !
    Are profiteroles hard to make ? I'm now thinking about making some !

  64. Chloe

    haha i absolutely loved this post :D
    your "Tit Cake" & profiteroles are the best!

    also kept giggling reading this post
    "we cooked our boobs" haha :P

    Great post :)

  65. CarieV

    the cake looks so delicious yammi …. I'm hungry now…I think the next thing I will do is going to the kitchen and eat a cookie :)

    xxx Carie

  66. Love the cake ahaha ;) But those profiteroles look fab! May have to try them, it's like my favourite desert ever xxx

  67. Love it looks ace! xx

  68. Emma

    Wow that cake looks so yummy! I love baking and have saved a load of creative cupcake tools in my ebay basket :)


  69. how do you get the heart at the bottom ??

  70. Lindsay

    I seriously can't stop laughing. My friend knows I love Janet Jackson, so she made me Janet Jackson boob cupcakes (from her superbowl incident). It was hilarious and very delicious, although I don't love Janet like that.

  71. Emily

    Haha, what a brilliant cake!
    Those profiteroles looks yummy!

  72. I hope your friend is okay and recovering well, my friend had to go through the exact same thing, she had to have one of her breasts reconstructed and had to have a few ops over the years, I remember how they were really painful and horrible for her so I hope you cheered your friend up. Your friend must be so happy to have them sorted at last though and I hope it boosts her confidence and happiness in life. On a lighter note my friend can make her implant move like a pec dance which is now her party trick.x

  73. Haha great idea, so creative for a cake!! profiteroles turned out deadly looking, especially putting cadburys choc on them. Yum!!!

  74. those are adorable and so ..lol.. :D u funny bunch

  75. Ahhhh, just yummmmm. It looks great!

  76. Bee.

    This makes me feel less odd. I once made a birthday cake in the shape of a cock and balls. It was glorious.

    P.S Have you seen that we are holding an #xmasbloggermeet in a couple of weeks? Would be lovely to meet you! All details here: http://mystreetchicchristmas.eventbrite.com/

  77. Haha boooobies. I'm loving the look of that cake.
    Now, the question is what would you have done if your friend had had her flaps redesigned?

  78. Lulu B

    Ooooh zoe they look delish!Very impressed, how much do you charge lol i need to hire you! ;P Congrats to your friend, i bet her confidence has now had a massive boost. I've had red birth marks on my face since I was born and always debate having them removed, but i've decided thats materialistic as i can cover them up, whereas body disfigurements arent a easy. xx :o)

  79. Ahha:0 That's an amazing cake!:D

  80. Stacy

    Hahaha really original cake and it all looks super delish!!!

  81. I mean that is just too cute! What great friends she has! The cake is perfect! Love it!

  82. Wow thats so good, you certainly have a creative eye! :D xox

  83. Rubiiee

    HAHAHA this is awesome, good your friend got her surgery she wanted!


  84. I LOVE baking! Although it has to be said I am no where NEAR as good as you! Loving the boobie cake, so creative and fun! I bet your friend was absolutely over the moon with it! As they say though, the proof is in the pudding, so, did it taste as good as it looks?

    I have just created my own blog and wondered if you could have a quick peek and let me know what you think? I appreciate that you are extremely busy but it really would make my day!

  85. Ms Bubu

    Looks yummy (the cake, not the tits hahah!) and it's a nice gesture for your friend!