Me, Kate, Gemma, Louise, Kate, Lily

Most of you will be aware of Glossybox by now, one of the (now many) brands who offer a monthly beauty box subscription. I was very kindly asked if I wanted to become a GlossyBox Ambassador alongside many other amazing bloggers and vloggers, and of course I took up the offer having met and spoken to the gorgeous girls behind the brand at the previous GlossyBox event. I’m really looking forward to getting a bit more of an insiders view on the thoughts and process’ of the items that go into the boxes each month and of course that means keeping you lovely lot updated.

So on Wednesday of last week, Louise & I took the tube over to Waterloo to join the GlossyBox team and the rest of the Ambassadors for a spin on the London Eye. I’ve never been on the London Eye, so I was excited, but also a little apprehensive (panic attack sufferer locked in a pod is not the best combination) I was fine though, and really enjoyed mingling with the rest of the girls up in the sky overlooking the City at night. It all looked so pretty. We also took a stroll along to the Christmas Market (literally a 2 minute walk from the eye). It made me feel so christmassy with the smells of mulled wine and various sweet treats floating about.

One of the highlights of the evening was finally getting to meet Sammi & Gracie, they were a hoot. It was also lovely to catch up with everyone and a few gorgeous girlies I hadn’t seen in a while. And it goes without saying that spending time with Louise was amazing, as always.

  1. this event looks so lovely, i remember reading a bit about it on lily's blog as well! congrats on being made an ambassador it'll be great fun.


  2. This looks like such a lovely event :) You look gorgeous as always! x

  3. Wow, what magical photo's! x

  4. ahh it looks amazing! i only live down the road but have never gone on the London Eye because I'm terrified of heights! Looks beautiful though, aw :) xoxo

  5. Rachel

    Looks like an amazing event – such beautiful photos of parliament!

  6. Marta

    Ohhh I love it! Louise looks amazing *.*

  7. That's wonderful. I love the London Eye, been twice on it. Been on it like 3 weeks ago during the night, it's so beautiful, I love it. Westminster looks so lovely..and lol I know what you mean, I used to be really scared of heights but i'm over it. Looks like you had fun :)

  8. Congratulations ob becoming a Glossybox ambassador! Love your blog and youtube videos :)

  9. Great pictures!

  10. Slater

    I want to go to that market now! :)

  11. Gorgeous photographs as always, the carousel is beautiful. X

  12. Oh, beautiful and nice pictures <3 i love christmas market!

    Lovley Greets from Berlin, Germany

  13. I love christmas markets :) you all look amazing xx

  14. Lily

    Beautiful photos :)


  15. Abby

    Well done on being an ambassador, I always love reading your reviews as I know they are honest. The photos are lovely! I think night time is the best time to go on the london eye, especially in winter :)

  16. Noush

    Amazing photos !! i love London <3

  17. Love all the pictures ^^ I miss London ><.

  18. Amazing pictures :) congrats on being an ambassador, looks like you all had a lovely evening xx

  19. Imke

    the pictures look so lovely!!

  20. Nicky

    Congratulations on becoming an ambassador, I hope you enjoy the inside look ;) Beautiful pictures, looks like you girls had a lovely time.


  21. P.

    So atmospheric pictures. <3

  22. Such gorgeous photos! xx

  23. Tor

    Gorgeous photos Zoe, I love the London Eye, but I've never been on it at night… looks amazing!

    I wish I lived closer to London so that I could attend more events and meet you lovely lot! xxx

  24. Missy

    Woaah I'm so jealous! I love London! I'm gonna visit it next year twice cuz I missed it so much! Really great pics! Wish I could have been there =D

  25. Such beautiful pictures!:)

  26. Adele

    I've never been on the London eye either! Sounds fab xoxo

  27. Rubiiee

    Gorgeous pictures! The effect you use makes them seem more majestic.

    You ladies look fab. <3

  28. I love these photos! It looks magical. Sounds like an amazing time :)

  29. You and Louise look lovely, I love your new hair colour.x

  30. Looks like an amazing event, I've only ever been on the Eye in daylight, it looks amazing at night! xx

  31. Larissa

    Amazing photos!

  32. The city looks amazing! I love all of these bloggers :)

  33. Kasia M

    You girls are so gorgeous! Great photos :)

  34. Shabna

    Oh Zoe the photos are so gorgeous! I'm literally ogling at the beautiful colours :O Everyone looks stunning too! I haven't been on the London Eye at night but I'd really like to! xx

  35. Love the pictures ! What an amazing event I have to say… x

  36. I love it *

  37. Great photos London looks so beautiful !

  38. Katie

    Zoe your so beautiful, love the darker hair. London looks stunning. X

  39. Sophia

    Lovely pictures! Especially the last but one <3 All my favorite YouTubers on one picture!!!


  40. Vivian

    wow that so cool you get to be an ambassador, those pictures are lovely xx

  41. Eliza

    just amazing!!!

  42. Mary.

    You girls are so gorgeous, great photos!

  43. Char

    lovely pictures! looks like a great night X

  44. How I regret not having gone to London when I visited Rouen France so close and I made an effort … and see what I missed an incredible city.
    On the other hand The pictures are amazing I love the carrucel and aerial view, and of course you are all very cute little girls love all your blog and videos kisses from Caracas Venezuela

  45. Lulu B

    Wow what an event, looks like a beautiful night. Lucky girl xx :o)

  46. Cheska

    Such beautiful pictures! Well done on being an Ambassador, although I can't imagine them NOT asking you, you're absolutely perfect for the job. Everyone looks fantastic as well, nothing like camaraderie and new friendships to brighten up the winter x


  47. FUN FACT: did you know that the London Eye was originally the firt wheel in a bicylce that would span across the shore? Well, they got lazy and turned it into a ferris wheel. No complaints from me!

  48. Sarah

    you are truly a great photographer Zo! The pictures of London are so precise and beautiful! xoxo

  49. Great pictures :) Sounds like you all had an amazing night :)

  50. great post! i always love hearing about the events that more established bloggers get to go to and this one is probably one of the cooler ones i've heard of! have to say that these pictures now make me want to go on the london eye at night pretty badly but i'm glad you had a great time! :)

  51. Beautiful pictures Zoeee. I love you and Louise!! x

  52. pau

    you're very lucky to be there, I would love to see London I hope to one day!!!!
    by the way I love your videos!=)
    Greetings from Argentina!!

  53. AngelaQ

    Being on London eye at night must be amazing. I only been there in day time. You all looked gorgeous. xx

  54. WMBG

    great pictures!



  55. all ur pics are amazing, these especially and btw – I love ur accent so much. If you could visit my blog, I'll be grateful. :)

  56. Wish I could visit London. Looks beautiful!

  57. such pretty pictures i love london at night,especially at christmas! went there today and the lights are pretty amazzzz.

  58. zoelouu

    hey zoella! ive been looking at your blog for ages, you really inspired me to make one myself <3 these pictures are beautiful, love the lights!

  59. i love love love these pictures they look so professional i love the Alexandra McQueen ring and the picture of you and Joe with masks :x