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One of my favourite things about Christmas is getting the house all festive and cosy! I love decorating the house just as much as decorating the tree and so many shops now sell such lovely decorations to help get your house primed for the festive season. A lot of these items came from Asda, Next and Homesense, and I had so much fun putting it all together. How have you decorated your home this year? I think I topped my record by having a total of 4 decorated christmas trees dotted around the house, I’ll try and squeeze in 5 next year…poor Alfie! 


  • ChloeIsla

    Seeing this blog post makes me so happy:’) Christmas is honestly the best time of the year xx

  • I really love your house, it’s just so cute! And that Christmas tree is goals!♥

  • Your home is really a perfect winter wonderland – I love these photos! I like how you’ve managed to fill it without it feeling cluttered and cramped which I hate <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  • Molly Pennick

    great post zoe xxxxx

  • Janani Gk

    It’s lovely! I can’t tell you how festive you’ve made me feel, this year. It’s beautiful, Zoe. Just saw your vlogmas – You’re grand dad is the cutesttttestest! <3 Lots of love and warm hugs from Singapore. (It's quite warm here. Bah Humbug!)

  • I love all of the bedding! It all looks so festive! But then again, what did I expect? I can’t believe your vlogmas and 24 days of Zoella is nearly over! I’m going to miss it! x

  • It is so beautiful. You have a lovely home. I have to say thank you because if I feel “Crhistmasy” it mainly because of you and your vlogs!! :)
    THANK YOU :)

  • Katerina Sykorova

    Beautiful <3

  • Beautiful, love it! <3

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love all of your Christmas posts. We have 3 Christmas trees in my house 🙈 next have had some lovely decorations this year!

  • It’s all so lovely, I love decorating my house to but yours is just so pretty, festive and cosy. I would love you to read some of my Blogmas posts at xx

  • So cute and adorable decoration! ;)

    Kisses from

  • Sophie Snowdenxx

    I love all of the bedding. I have the one with the houses on, in my bedroom at moment ready for christmas day

    • Sophie Snowdenxx

      What do you expect though, I think Zoe is the most christmassy youtuber out there in the world #24daysofzoella

  • Love love it!! Ur so very festive which makes me so excited!!

  • Nothing better than having a cosy home full of decorations at Christmas!


  • Nevena

    Your house looks amazing!! Love the bedding :) x

  • Your house looks so festive! I love it so much!

  • You’ve made everything look so festive! I especially love the Christmas themed bedding, it’s honestly beautiful. I be you can’t wait for the cleanup!! (;

    Jess x

  • I love the idea of a Christmas tree in the bedroom!

    xo, Liz

  • Aimee Budge

    I love decorating! Unfortunately I am unable to decorate this year as I am on holiday! But hopefully I’ll be able to get festive up my home next year. I love your decorations as well! Very Christmassy. :)

  • Jes Cohen

    I wish my house looked as festive as this. I am in the process of moving houses, so it wouldn’t be a great idea to deck the halls just yet! haha.

  • Maddie

    I love all of these decorations and the background in your videos has looked lovely!
    Blog: – I’m posting everyday!

  • The countdown candle is so cool, I’ve never seen anything like it! Your home is so pretty :)
    xx Kenzie

  • Chantal

    I love how you go all out when it comes to Christmas, it’s just brilliant! x

  • Madalena Dantas

    All the details around your house are amazing and your video was awesome too!!! You “24 Days Of Zoella” is just an incredible thing, I love seeing videos every day (:
    Have an amazing day,

  • Omg everything is so pretty, I love your decorations!! <3 And that candle to count down the days!!! :O That's such a nice idea!

  • lucy prosser

    Beautiful! I love the bedding :) definitely making a trip to ASDA! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Lucy xoxo

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love the bedding aswek!

  • These are all so gorgeous and tie in so lovely together! I love the idea of that candle as well! It would be so fun to burn it and watch it slowly go down! It’s all so beautiful!

    Shannon Sage

  • Wow you really went all out this year! it does look incredible though – I love all of the lights!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Rramita skandakumar


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  • Preesha

    I love your house. Its so festive. I hole you have an amazing christmas & new year. Love you. ❤️ xx

  • Pili G

    Your place looks so lovely! I love all the decorations, makes me so excited for Christmas!

    Records of my Troubles

  • I love the Christmas bedding! You have such cute taste.

    Meghan |

  • Katie

    I loved these decorations in your videos but the pictures make them look even better!

  • Ahhh I love it so much!! You’ve made your house look so beautiful and festive :) xx

  • Brynn King

    I love how festive everything is !! The bedding by far is my favorite !!!

  • Rramita skandakumar

    Pls check out my blog:

    Love you Zoe Xo

  • Nightshade

    Thats just christmas house goals right there Zoe! Absolutely gorgeous! I have two of those candles in my house, one for me and one for my parents and I absolutely adore them, they are kind of a family tradition and they just look wonderful on the tables. Merry Christmas Zoe, Alfie and Nala xxx

    • Pippin, Percy and Meridith!

      • Nightshade

        Of cause! Everyone in the youtube household! xx

  • Noortje Wijckmans

    Soooo pretty! Love seeing the pretty pictures. I’ve seen most of it come by in your vlogs, but now I can really see it properly. So cute!!

  • these are all such great holiday pieces! the bedding is super cute and that candle is adorable! I love the idea of seeing it melt down a little each day!

  • Ahh your house looks so cosy and Christmassy! Love it x


  • Stella

    Lol! I think your house looks so nice with all the Christmas decorations!

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  • Rachel Liwanag

    Totally love the interior of your house especially the bed

  • SisseChri

    It looks amazing!

  • Izabela new

    I love all of the ideas! X

  • pantsu lara

    Love the decorations. I want some like that.

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Your decor is on point, girl! You’re super talented when it comes to decorating houses x

  • thoughtfultash

    You are amazing at decorating, I can’t wait when I’m older to have my own house and decorate like you! Can’t believe 24 days of Zoella is almost over! I’ve been addicted to all your videos, blogs and vlogs! xx – anyone want to follow for follow or check out my blog :)

  • Alona Bronstein

    I absolutely love these ideas! There’s no such thing as having “too many” Christmas trees! x

  • Becky Mason

    Love your decorations so much

  • Amy

    When I’ll have my own home, my house will be just as crazy Christmassy as yours. I just love it SO much!!

  • Kati

    Your house looks so festive and cute! Love it! <3

  • This post seriously got me into the Christmas mood. Everything is so sparkly and pretty hehe x

  • Reese Roberts

    I love the color scheme! The copper is simply elegant….

  • christmas decor goals! sooooo festive, soooo gorgeous.

  • Lola Birch

    I have ultimate Christmas house envy! Your house looks absolutely amazing, especially with the festive decor! I wish my bedroom could look so nice! xx

  • BraeShea

    You really put in the effort! The bulbs on the tree in you dining room is gorgeous! I love that some are black, but it doesn’t look out of place on a Christmas tree. Next year, I’ll have to get that set! Looks lovely! :) xoxo

  • I love this :) I am always an a hunt for a pretty christmas bedding but never seen one as gorgeous as yours ;)
    all the other little bits and pieces are so pretty too, I can honestly say that I love all of this :)
    Have an amazing Christmas Zoe, its so soon =D I hope you have the best time
    now back to catching up on all the vlogmas´:D

  • Rachel Harris

    Everything looks so beautiful & festive! I love your Christmassy duvets!

    Rachel – Cake Doesn’t Count xx

  • I wish my home looked as festive as yours! You are amazing at decorating! x

  • Oh My, I’m loving your theme of Copper/White/ Silver with a splash of red. The polaroid picture from past Christmas near the candle was a really cute personal touch.

    P/S: You spelt cozy wrong. :)

    Love always,
    Shahina Xx

  • Iva Loves Zoella

    It’s so festive and cozy Zoe!!! I love it!!!Bye : ) xxx

  • I love getting all the Christmas decorations out!

  • love your decor as always Zoe! The bedding is adorable <3 xx

  • Marta Manzano
  • Wow! I love how festive you are! My family and I never really decorate or add lights. We just set up the Christmas tree and then we’re done! Definitely want to be more festive next year now haha.

  • Everything looks so festive and cosy! I love your style sense in homeware Zoe X

  • Everything looks perfect, Zoe! I wish I could decorate my room like you do! Maybe when I’m already working and earning my own money. Love this post! Thanks for sharing! x


  • Your house is so festive, I love it! The cushions and that candle is fab x

  • So jealous of your 4 christmas trees haha. My boyfriend and his flatmate didn’t even have one which I can not understand. Sadly we only had a tiny one but better than none :D
    I love how festive your house looks, I can not wait to one day have a whole house I can decorate and not just a flat or my parents house.
    Your christmas bedding is so pretty! Makes me want to crawl into them and stay there for a while/days.
    Jenny Side Up

  • Caroline

    This post has gotten me in the Christmas spirit! Will be decorating my home, inspired by this. xoxo

  • Isobel Allen

    such a beautiful looking home! I love your present packaging, very pretty!

  • Lisa Eder

    Ahh, your house is SO gorgeous!!

  • Jen

    I wish my house was this Christmassy!

  • Sanna Norrman

    I would so love to have the ultimate christmas house.. but then it’s this with time, and money, and effort hahah

  • It all looks so magical. Loved the video as well! So pretty and artsy!

  • littlemissdaydreams

    Your house looks soo pretty around Christmas time! I especially love the advent calendar idea you have done for Alfie and, of course, the way you’ve decorated the tree! xoxo

  • Zoe has been one of my biggest inspirations for years now. After all these years, I’m still blown away by her beautiful and creative ideas. I’m so glad that I came across her YouTube chanel that day. Merry Xmas Zoe! xx

  • Amazing decoration ♥

  • Wow, seriously, this all looks so festive and gorgeous. It’s definitely a goal for my future house! Plus vlogmas, 24DaysOfZoella and your blog really started to make me feel a little bit festive.

    Lu Ann | the girl from afar

  • Soph

    whats the website she uses to maker her blog? anyone know

  • Jacob

    They’re all so cute and add such a lovely atmosphere awh

  • Emily Ann

    #housegoals no honestly whenever I see your house I just know that anyone who goes there is going to feel so welcome and at home.

  • Pareen

    I love your Christmas decorations!

  • Erica White

    I love these so much! Decorating the house festive for Christmas is always the best! xx

  • Maybe Later
  • Rramita skandakumar

    Love this so much . 2 days leffffft!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻

    Pls check out my website and check out the home page Xo

  • Annie Wu

    Your candle is so cute! It’s like a candle advent calendar.

  • The fawn bedding is my FAVORITE!!! I wish my house was this festive!!!

  • So many christmas trees! That’s my dream!

  • I love those lights behind the bed!

  • Emma Holland

    I wish I had a house as beautiful as yours it’s such an inpiration :) <3

  • Loody Nagy

    Hello there :)

    Mind checking my blog?

    Have a great day :)

  • Emily Byrne

    such a good blog post!

  • Julia Walker

    This looks so pretty! We’re having such a similar style! Love,

  • Angela

    These are simply adorable Zoe! Merry Christmas!

    Best, Angela

  • Savhonna Marie

    OH MY GOSH this is so gorgeous! I love the theme going throughout the house. I honestly can’t wait to have my own space so I can deck it out when the holidays come around.

  • Charlotte Luisa

    Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things during the holiday season. Zoe’s home is just next level!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Love, Charlotte Luisa

  • sana

    these are beautifull!! you are the one person that brings the most christmas joy to everyone

  • Natty

    Beautiful decoration! ♥

  • Lexi

    I just adore your house and the decorations are just amazingly beautiful | xx, Lexi

  • Kendra Stricklin

    All of these little touches are so perfect! I love how festive your house looks – it gives me a lot of inspiration for when I have my own place! I decorated my dorm at college, but it will be so much more fun when I can decorate a bigger space :)

    Kendra |

  • Katie White

    Those sheets are just perfection, I love how they look so wintery but are still vibrant and fresh! And the mistletoe is a perfect touch!

    Katie from Wit and Whimsy

  • Katie White

    Those sheets are just perfection, I love how they look so wintery but are still vibrant and fresh! And the mistletoe is a perfect touch!

    Katie | Wit & Whimsy

  • Zoe! you inspired me for next Christmas! I just hope I had plenty of rooms to go with different themes :D xx

  • Everything looks so festive, I love it! And the candle is one of my favorite bits! Have a nice Christmas! xx

  • I wish my house was this Christmassy. I LOVE the fawn duvet, it’s my favorite!!!

  • I absolutely adore those lights behind your bed and having an advent candle is such a cool idea! i’d get tooo scared i’d forgot to blow it out and end up with half of the days gone x

  • Samantha Frances

    This is so lovely! I absolutely love decorating the house for Christmas and I love that festive bedding! :) xxx

  • D.xateq13


  • Marsya Jauzi

    I literally awww’ed when I saw you and Alfie polaroid. Love the decos very much!

  • Lucy Stephenson

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! these decorations are beautiful and dainty these are tumblr Christmas house goals lol haha love you zoe hope you had a wonderful Christmas, i did :) x and i also had #girlonlineontour :D cant wait to read it bye xx

  • Rachelbellebeauty

    I’ve loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn’t mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  • Ayre

    I love your throw pillows and the guest bedrooms in general!

    Arianne | Ayre

  • Charlotte Woods

    It looks absolutely lovely! SO sad Christmas is gone now!!! :( Well, time to pack up for next year!! haha

  • Bavi Sri

    I love the Christmas decorations and it looks suuuuper festive!

  • Saiema

    OMG! Zoe, you really know how to be festive and how to decorate a place beautifully!! I love every single picture but I can’t think of what might be my favourite one because they are all just amazing!!
    Love you Zoe!! ❤💋💗😊

  • Gingersnaphattie

    This is such a lovely post! I love making my home as christmassy as possible too :-)

  • Monday Dairy
  • Niamh Mcquail

    I wish I had seen this before Christmas!!!! my house looked so plain and boring compare to yours!! I hope you have a great holiday with alfie and co. love you lots zoe!!! xxx

  • Georgina Humm

    I love the bedding <3 super cute. xx

  • BeautyFox

    Love Zoe’s home! I can’t wait until I have my own home to decorate!

  • How did you hang the string lights hanging down behind your headboard? They look great!

  • Serene Rose

    These photos are beautiful! I am in love with the ‘Sending Winter Wishes and Goodnight Kisses xx’ throw pillow!!! I am glad you are blogging again :)

  • Alicia Parry

    You have such good ideas for Christmas!!

  • Alicia Parry

    People are unique or sometimes they do things other people’s way. Sometimes they have great ideas or sometimes they copy. But you, Zoe, you are unique, you do things your own way. You’re one of my favourite you tubers because of your unique videos and because of you especially, you’re not afraid to hide the weird and wonderful inside of you. I just wish, I had a chance. I’d really appreciate it if you would look at my blog, if other people would look at my blog, then that would mean the world to me. The world. Just leaving a comment and following my blog to get email notifications would make me so happy. If anybody does look at my blog, I promise to have a look at theirs because I know I’m not the only one who has a dream out there. But the truth is, I love to blog, I want to make it part of my career when I get older. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? But nobody can change my dream. Nobody. Here is my blog address:


  • Ellie

    This is lovely! Watching your videos and posts about home decorating and everything makes me so excited about moving to my own place!

  • Saloni

    This makes me wish it was christmas again! I created my blog a couple days ago and would love for you to check it out! thank you!

  • Cara xxx

    All these photos are so gorgeous! I wish my home looked that wonderful :) x

  • Adele Lo

    Omg those are goals💞💖😍ilysm Zoe!! The decorations are georgeous and perfectly breathtaking!💫🌟💦❤️
    Adele Lo xxxx
    @Adele [email protected]

  • Maya

    So festive and joyous! These are amazing and so beautiful.


  • Ruby Abbott
  • Aly

    Oh what a lovely room Zoe ! Love reading stuffs from you <3


  • Ivy

    I love the Christmas feel of this room! I want more 24 days of Zoella! anyway, I love you so much Zoe!

    Splurge into my World

  • Cara Curtis

    lovely! these are all so gorgeous and I love your homeware. xx

  • lifesctyle

    So gorgeous, I will definetly be trying them out next winter. Your book has inspired me to make a blog of my own. Please check it out-

  • Shayna Patel

    literally my house goals i love it!

  • Robyn

    WOW #housegoals

  • Sophie Robinson

    I am already excited for next Christmas! Hehe! Xxx

  • Liked your room

  • I like your room

  • i wish i could live in your house it looks so incredible cozy OMG *o*

  • holly faulkner

    It’s so lovely , I am so excited for christmas and it’s only june! Haha , oh well , it will come round at some point …

  • BeautyBerry

    I have that Christmas bedding at home

    • Lydie

      If you’re talking about the reindeer where did
      you get it?!?!

      • BeautyBerry

        It’s not the reindeer one I have the white one with the Christmas houses I have

  • chelsea

    where is zoeys bedding from? X Chelsea

    • Lucy

      The house bedding is from asda but it was from last year x

  • Suzan

    Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things

  • Alyne Jacobs

    Hi, I love her lights that are behind her bed. Does anybody know where she got them or where I can get them?

  • Kirsten Phillips

    Lights behind the bed are my favourite!! where are they from? xx

  • Seafogg

    Ahh Zoe I love your Christmas house! Vlogmas 2016 has been so special as well <3 Your aesthetic is on point…

  • That’s definitely very cozy. love it! :)

  • Kathleen Pederson

    Zoe’s house is Christmas goals for me…

    Kathleen Pederson

  • Nhi Tuyết
  • Melissa Paterson

    Anyone know where zoe got her drop lights?

  • Sophie Boult

    Wow looks AMAZING! Xx

  • Sophie Boult


  • Lisha Lingesh

    OMG, I love your christmas house decorations, they are so beautiful.