After attending the GlossyBox Event, I was super excited to receive the September GlossyBox in the post. There is definitely that element of excitement not knowing what you are going to get & everything is presented so beautifully. I understand that the contents of each box may vary slightly but these are the products I received in mine:

♥ L’oreal Professionelle Mythic Hair Oil
♥ HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette
♥ StriVectin SD Eye Concetrate
♥ Mary Greenwell Plum Eau de Parfum Sample
♥ Nuxe HuileProdigieuse (dry oil)

My favourite item is definitely the brow kit. The shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend & I’ve really enjoyed using it, the colours will also be really good for smokey brown eyes although I have yet to try this out. Besides this palette, I’ve not really had the chance to try anything else in the box out yet (I’m still trialling the things from the event). I have however given the perfume a little sniff, and that one is not for me at all. It smelt a little like an older lady’s choice of perfume in my opinion. Possibly a bit too floral for my liking. Although it could be someone else’s cuppa.
I’m still undecided on whether to subscribe to GlossyBox or not. I think the concept is amazing, and a great oppertunity for beauty fanatics to try new, exciting products and I think that it’s also a great idea as a gift for someone, I know for a fact my mum would love this sort of thing.

What do you think of GlossyBox? Have you subscribed or are you thinking about it? Let me know your thoughts :)

  1. Tamsin

    I've still yet to subscribe as I like to havea good while to make up my mind about something, but I am getting more and more tempted by Glossybox now! Especially after that HD Brows kit!xxx

  2. Lada

    what brand of brushes do you like most please?

  3. Sarah

    I'm thinking about trying out Glossybox, as I love the idea of getting a little package each month with beauty goodies to try. My only concern is paying for something which could potentially not have anything I want in it. Dilemma!

    Sarah x

  4. Glossybox?? i didn'tknow that!! ;) but seems awesome for me!! :D

  5. I'm in the US so I don't think we have Glossybox available here but it def. be exciting open a package of makeup/beauty products each month and not knowing what you'll get. However like the comment above, you'd hope it'd contain something you'd want/like.

  6. I've always been tempted by the idea of subscribing but it's just the uncertainty of what you are goig to get in each package…
    Keep us updated on what you get!

    New Follower!

  7. Noush

    I think really subscribe it but I'm still reluctant if i don't like some products…

  8. Kouji

    Is Glossybox limited to UK only? I wish we have something like this in US…well, I think we just have the subscription system for jewelries, but they are pretty expensive.

  9. Katie

    I'm always contemplating wheather to sign up for the glossybox or not, some of the items I've seen are fantastic but I rarely spent much on make-up so I suppose that would be wasted. :/ That Mythic Hair Oil sounds interesting though!

  10. Loup

    The little note is sweet :)

  11. The Nuxe dry oil is amazing! I'm sure you'll love it.

  12. Sophia

    I thought about it, but I decided against the Glossybox. Because you just get little samples and maybe you just like one thing of it. You could spend the money for one original size bottle etc. Despite this I think the Glossybox is a nice idea for every girl, who want to try new products. And the Glossybox looks super chic :)

    my blog

  13. I really want to try it but I know I'll want to buy the full size of many of the products and I can't afford to do that at the moment! Looks lovely though :) xxx

  14. Imke

    there is a glossybox in germany since half a year ago. i ordered it immediately, because i was so excited about the concept. but after receiving many products, i didn't want, i unsubscribed. i thought, there would be more things i liked but i was kind of disappointed :(

  15. irene

    I live in Italy and I don't know if here there's something like GlossyBox (or the american BirchBox) but I would definitey subscribe!! I love this kind of things, like samples and surprise boxes xD

    lovey blog ;)

  16. Jen

    The September box was my third, i love getting them through the post every month and haven't yet been disappointed…you should give it a go for a few months, you can always cancel :) xx

  17. I've always dismissed the idea of getting a Glossy box but the products that they are sending out are much better than I would have ever have expected. Love the HD brows kit, looks amazing! x

  18. I think i really am the only Plum lover!! lol

  19. I got exactly the same as you, except my HD Brows palette was in Bombshell.

    I'm gonna give GlossyBox a couple more months I think to see if it maintains this level of good value :)

    Frances x

  20. Tina

    How did you do that a blog is so popular? ;> I like you so much! ;)

  21. Beth

    I like the look of the brow product! I may get one glossybox to see how much I like it, but as I am 15 and only get £10 a month, it is a lot of money! xx

  22. The HD brows pallete looks great! xx

  23. I love my HD brow kit too (: Would love a review on the eye concentrate if you use it sweet, my box was so, so different to yours! I'm still on the fence about subscribing, purely because of my pesky student budget and the whole address saga where I'm never in one place for too long. :/ xx

  24. Nicola

    I'm still undecided about Glossybox, the HD brow kit looks amazing though! And would love to try out the Mythic oil :) I think just the unpredictable..ness puts me off, but I'm always gutted after reading these posts! xx

  25. I found your blog unexpectedly today and… I know what I get now with my very first GlossyBox :) They have extended an offer to Ireland in September. I can't wait!!!

    For girls from US – you have BirchBox over there.


  26. 4982xo

    I want to subscribe soo badly <3!x

  27. The packaging is gorgeous.
    The brown kit looks awsome !

  28. Clo

    The idea of glossybox is so cute. I'm really thinking about subscribing so i'm glad you did this post! I don't know whether it would be a complete waste of money or whether I would use the products fully.

  29. It looks pretty but after reading and notice your insecurity to subscribe…well… I'm quite unsure too. I will google it to find more info about that GlossyBox.

  30. I really like the idea of glossybox because I'm always keen to try out new things as I'm not the most adventurous person and often get stuck in my ways. But then I have reservations about the content itself. I'm not sure if it would always be something I necessarily really want let alone something that's going to make me feel better about myself. If that were the case then I'd be slightly disappointed about having a subscription to it. Having said that the idea is a really good one. I'm going to be honest with you and check out a few more of your reviews before I'd sign up to it myself. Nashxx

  31. Looks good, I want to try the brow kit xx

  32. Pidge

    I really want to subscribe to glossybox! It's such a good idea! I just don't have £10 a month for it :( Pidge x

  33. Pao

    Glossybox sounds so amazing, but I live in the US and unfortunately I have not heard about it here :( But you should subscribe, because you may never know what could you find. Sometimes there are products that are launched and we don't even put attention to them. Go subscribe and let us know what good things you find! :)

    Hippie Chic Pao

  34. I have been thinking about subscribing for awhile (to Glossybox) and go back and forth. I think it's because there are so many out there (jewelmint, birchbox, etc.) Do you have an opinion on GB vs JM vs BB? It seems like I have heard awesome reviews on all three! I think I have heard a bit more raves on Birchbox at this point.

    Loving your blog as always. I follow all blogs on bloglovin' and yours is the ONLY one I check separately just to make sure I didn't miss any new posts :) It's on my favorites bar.

    I sent you an email yesterday–lemme know what you think whenever you have a chance (

    Have a lovely day!

  35. jae

    We don't have glossybox in the US but we have something like it called birchbox. I hear it's pretty hit or miss depending on the month. I feel like its worth a try. Is there a minimum to the amount of months that you have to do it?

  36. Great post, the brow kit sounds interesting. xox

  37. I haven't tried glossy box yet! It's gorgeously packaged. But the only product I'd really use in this months box would of been the eyebrow kit which is still worth it but…People always seem to grumble about it, still unsure! It's tempting.
    Lucy x

  38. Kate

    I'm with you on the perfume!
    I've been subscribed since the first ever box.. some months I'm a little disappointed but now I daren't subscribe cos I know my luck I'll miss a real good product. Also I've got used to the monthly surprise, which I know I'll miss if I give it up now, haha x

  39. Jana

    @PinkGlitter I believe that there exist a company of the same concept in the US called "Birchbox" instead of Glossybox.:) Just thought it might be helpful for you.

  40. I was tempted to sign up to glossy box but now I can't decide. There are a couple of other monthly boxes available now as well & I can't decide which to go for.

  41. for people in the US you can subscribe to birchbox which is the same thing, Canada we have Luxe Box. Birchbox is $10 and luxe box is $12. I live in canada and am likely going to try out luxe box for a few months! you can do it monthly so its not to big of a commitment! and from american and canadian reviews they sound as if more people are happy with the products! not to take away from the UK and glossy box! just information on whoever else was asking about it!

  42. AngelaQ

    We got exactly the same things, I gave all my love to the brow kit. xx

  43. I've read many reviews of this month's Glossy Box, and most people seems to be ecstatic about the HD Eyebrow Kit. Maybe one of these days I'll cave in and buy a subscription?
    Lovely blog by the way! It's one of my favorites.


  44. Amazing! Im so tempted to sign up I think it is great, the products are so worth it, we sell mythic oil in our salon for £15 so to get that amazing product is a huge bargain in its self!! xxx

  45. For everyone in the U.S. we have a similar concept called "Birchbox". I subscribe and get beauty samples every month. It's exactly the same, even though her samples look a little bigger but it's only $10 a month.

  46. Peiyinn

    Look like a great event!That's a lot of great things in the box.:)

  47. I know what you mean, it would be really exciting to see what arrives in each box, and they are presented beautifully. But if the items aren't neccessarily something you'd use, it's a bit of a waste of money! The idea is lovely though, and they would make great gifts if you didn't really fancy everything in your box xxx

  48. Alex

    Got your same box – loved it! :)


  49. Lily

    I think the GlossyBox idea is great.. I'm thinking about trying it but still not sure…

  50. Italian girls are looking forward to discover! I'm very excited, I can't wait! ^^

  51. Ohhh, I would love to have Glossybox in Romania too. :X

  52. Haha, I wish I had enough spare cash to subscribe to Glossybox! All these blog posts that I keep reading about them have really tempted me. This month's does look lovely, though!

    x Michelle |

  53. The Glossy Box looks amazing and it is such a brilliant concept. I live in the U.S. so I am unable to get the Glossy Box, but I did find a U.S. equivalent called Birch Box. Does anyone know anything about the Birch Box? Is it worth the money? The Glossy Box looks like everything (majority) you get is full sized. Is this correct? For the Birch Box, most of the 4-5 products are sample (large sample) sizes. I think that it is a great way of trying new things and being able to have something new to review every month, but I can't decide if it is worth the investment. Please let me know if you have any ideas. :)
    Love the videos, please keep them coming!

  54. Deanna

    I am a little unsure about this as well. The concept is amazing, but I already have drawers and drawers of products so I'm not sure if I need anymore. haha
    Also, if you decide to try the eye cream it says it is suppose to help with dark circles, and I am your twin when it comes to our dark circles, possibly let us know how it goes..?
    and maybe the hair oil, if you like it:)

    xo, Deanna

  55. woow very nice and cute things <3

  56. thank you for introducing me to glossy box i love them so much now it is just such a good deal and i wouldnt of found if it wasnt for you so i just wanted to say thankx

  57. I got my first glossybox this month, im happy that i've subscribed however I got mainly samples in mine, I know they are meant to be sample sized however i've read so many blog reviews on sept glossyboxes which have had soo much better products than mine. I'm going to stay subscribed definately until christmas though, cant wait to see the christmas box! xx

  58. I feel the same about the perfume… I was like Nan is that you!? I have just unsubscribed after this month, like you said its the mystery of what you are going to get. I've swore to myself to save the money and pick one product a month that I really like and spend my money on that xx

  59. Ooooh I'm tempted, it looks so gorgeous in it's packaging. But I don't think I could bare to part with my money for an on and off good/bad product service! xx

  60. so going to subscribe! i love the element of surprise you get and the packaging is gorgeous. x

  61. Its a shame in reality on gurus get that amount of product i think its a nice package but can be misleading for people who think they will get more than one full sized product

  62. I have the same quilt as you!

  63. Love this! Your writing style is fab, and I'm definitely going to be checking your blog regularly :)
    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my fashion & gossip blog and let me know what you think xxx

  64. hilbil

    I love this! Because of you I ordered my own version here in the states. Birchbox. Check it out on my blog. It's amazing!

  65. Thinking about glossy box , but i dont think ill get it x maybe i will who knows xx

  66. TazEma

    Hi zoe, i know you've mentioned you don't like answering comments or questions people ask you, especially about technical things. I'm sorry if it puts you off, but i really like the way you photoshop your pictures to have a retro/vintage vibe. I'm not asking you HOW you do them, id just like to know what the effect is called, so i can google it for myself.

    Anyway, you probably wont answer but thats cool, up to you.
    You have a great blog :)

  67. Hi, I know I'm not Zoe haha, but I just thought I would say that picnik does a good 'vintage' effect called 1960's :), hope this helps xxx

  68. anna

    Aww , I wish that glossy box could be in other european countries too . I Wouldn't hesitate to buy the subscription then , it looks amazing !!!

    You have a greatissimo blog BTW !

  69. I have signed up for GlossyBox recently but just as the month subscription to see what it is like. I am yet to receive my first glossybox but when I do, i'll be sure to post a review about it on my blog & may even do a vlog of it and get the ball rolling. <3

  70. I just signed up to Glossybox on the monthly subscription to try it out. Looking forward to getting the first one :)

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