Victoria (VIPXO) & Lily (LLYMLRS)


Me, Victoria, Louise & Lily (Kindly taken by Lily at Glossybox)

Last Thursday, after attending the Illamasqua Event with Louise, we made our way over to Mortons in Mayfair for the GlossyBox event. It was extremely swanky round there let me tell you. I felt a little out of place in my chino’s & flats.

I had heard a lot about GlossyBox, both good, and bad, but having not looked into it more myself, or subscribed to the box, I went there with a completely open mind and not really knowing an awful lot. I already knew that it was a fabulous idea however, but after speaking with the girls behind the brand it all became very clear how much thought and effort went into these boxes, and it confirmed in my mind that in fact, it’s a marvellous and exciting idea and concept. I know that most of you may have already had your fair share of GlossyBox info, or be subscribers to the box, but for those of you who may be reading this wondering what it is, I shall quickly sum it up for you (I will probabaly give it absolutely no justice whatsoever, but I will try) GlossyBox is a monthly subscription, which arrives to your door, in a little box, filled with high end Beauty & Cosmetic samples. The idea is that you pay a smaller amount that you would to buy full sized products and get to sample a variety of different things you may not have thought to try previously. The previous boxes have contained brands such as Nars, Illamasqua, Ciate, Xen Tan…to name a few. There are also lesser known brands, some of which deserve to be shouted about I’m sure. It’s a great concept for those of you who may wish to experiment a bit more with different beauty products and spend less doing so.

At the event, we were given an empty box, of which we could fill with 5 products that had been used in GlossyBox’s during the previous months. This was seriously fun, we even got the little sticker and ribbon to tie the bow (I don’t know how they manage to tie these so neatly, mine was a shambles) It was a lovely evening, and the girls were all so friendly, I didn’t get to chat to everyone but I spoke with Sky & Lily who were both gorgeous & lovely. I also finally got to meet Victoria & Lily who’s blogs I both adore & overall it was a splendid event. Thanks for having me GlossyBox.

At the event we were given a little voucher for a free GlossyBox, I received mine yesterday, but I am staying tight lipped until the subscribers recieve theirs, so look out for my review on that.

  1. That event looked so fun, it makes me really want to try Glossy Box, as I had no idea they put in products from well-known brands like Nars!

  2. great post and you all are looking so lovely :)
    i think glossybox is a great idea… thought about ordering it,too. maybe i will give it a try!


  3. Nia

    ooh! your super duper lucky to go to these things !!!! Even though you were in your chinos and flats you still looked FAB!!! xx

  4. I'm definitely going to subscribe to Glossy Box very soon! I think the concept is fab. Hope you had a lovely time in London :) xoxo

  5. Katie S

    Oh dear lord what am I doing with my blazer in that picture!!
    Hope to see you at another event soon Zoe! xx

  6. Zoe

    Looks like it was a nice day out, and you got to meet some fellow bloggers :) That was also pretty generous of the GlossyBox team to give you two free boxes… Can't wait to see this month's box :)

    And LOL at feeling out of place in Mayfair… You always look great, I dread to think what they'd think of me round there!

    (another) Zoe :) xoxo

  7. i love the packaging of the glossyboxs! hope you had a good time at both events! :) Korres lip butters are amazing! i prefer them to mac lip conditioners and there almost half the price!

    please check out my blog, it would mean alot!

  8. Sophia

    I love the pictures! And Lily from llymrs is so cute :) You're so happy to visit these fabulous events.

    my blog

  9. Anna

    That's so cool that you could pick your own products xx

  10. Have heard a lot about this already but I enjoy reading your posts on events the most as they are so informative and comprehensive, I love how you really take the time to do the brand justice and i'm sure they're really proud to be featured on your blog. I loved the imagery you posted on the Illamasqua post too.

    I am excited to see what it is in the sept box, i've heard it's a good one!! Out of all the ones that are available, I think that Glossybox is one that suits me best. Really looking forward to receving this month's box. Thank you for posing about this! xxx

  11. Marloes

    Lovely pictures! x

  12. I subscribed to glossy box a week ago, can't wait to get my first glossy box! Lovely pics &that oyster card holders soo cool lol! Xx

  13. Oh that looks like a lot of fun, you are so beautiful! (:

  14. Great post, I love the pictures: the event looks so fun and fancy! I've always wanted to try a glossy box, never knew that they put Xen-Tan in as a sample, I want to try that! The Korres lip balm looks lovely :)

  15. milie.

    your hair is absolutely gorgeous! i wish i lived in the uk to suscribe to it!

  16. Wow, you have been busy! Two events in one day!
    I have never ordered a Glossybox, I keep meaning to and I just never get round to it. I have seen so many reviews on blogs about them and I think they're a great idea!
    I have only been to London twice in my life (Once for the Queens 80th Birthday party, no less! ahah!) and I felt out of place! There are so many people walking the streets in their very fashionable clothes and me in flats and jeans! woops!
    Great post, as usual, and I now realise I have rambled. Sorry.

  17. Eeeeek I've subscribed to Glossy Box just the other day! Can't wait to see what I get :) You look lovely by the way xxxx

  18. Rubiiee

    Oh wow, everyone looks gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your experience, cannot wait for the review. We have this same concept in America too, but I've been to conservative to subscribe.

  19. Whenever I see your photos I always feel like I'm 'there'. I love it, and seriously what a gorgeous bunch you are! You all look lovely, looked like a wonderful evening.


  20. you're a busy girl with all your parties

  21. i was looking at videos on youtube about the birchbox which i think is a very similar concept and i really wanted one unfortunatley birchbox don't send overseas so im glad there is glossybox :). thanks for the post.

    leigh ox

  22. I wish I could go to these events, all you girls looked beautiful! And I have to say that the packaging of GlossyBox is adorable! Ann ♥

  23. Shanah

    Oohhh, looks like you girls all had a great time! Looking forward to reading what's inside the box!


  24. looks lovely. And really nice pictures :)

  25. Esmee D

    looks like so much fun :)! ive never heard of glossy box but it sure looks interesting!

  26. Addi

    eep! my first glossy box is due this month and I was apprehensive I might have in estero something a little off but I know you were slightly dubious about it too so to see behind the brand and see its personality helps! I'm looking forward to it now! waiting for your review :)
    Addi x

  27. Vivian

    i wish they had a glossybox type thing in Australia.

  28. Bridget

    Sounds like a fun event. :) I think it's a clever concept and a really good gift idea for someone you know. :) Wish I lived in the UK!

  29. Peiyinn

    Seem a great event!Four of you are pretty. :)

  30. Sana

    Your outfit is so nice in that picture! You always look amazing :)

  31. Lauren

    I've been thinking about subscribing to GlossyBox but I don't have the money yet. It looks amazing!

  32. Jen

    aaah you all look so pretty here! I am waiting to receive my third glossbox in the post hopefully this coming week, they're all as exciting as the last. Ps. i'm so jealous of everyone's ombre hair! x

  33. I've always really liked the idea of the GlossyBox, I find that if I can try a product in a sample size and I like it, I'm more inclined buy the product despite the cost. I'm not sure if these kind of things exist in Australia, even if they did I'm not sure I would subscribe without a recommendation first.

  34. AngelaQ

    The event must had been great, the pics looks so great. xx

  35. After reading this i'm quite tempted to give glossybox a go! Lovely pictures:) x

  36. Astrid

    Lovely pictures! I'm Dutch and I understand English but reading whole texts is not my favorite thing. So I always watch your pictures and they are beautiful !

  37. Sounds like fun!
    The photo of you, Victoria, Louise and Lily is really gorgeous :)

  38. this looks amazing! your such a good photographer!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  39. Ha, you're ever so lucky.
    I really want to try the Korrs butter !

  40. That event looks like so much fun, looks like you had a lol, jelly of you. I think glossybox is a great idea I want to subscribe as soon as I get some extra money, if ever I get some extra money.. I'd love to have great opportunitys like you. High-five to omber hair..:)x

  41. Filipa

    I was one of them people wondering what GlossyBox is! Never heard of them! But now, I think it is such a fantastic idea indeed! :)

  42. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. and take amazing pictures <3

  43. Melanie

    What a fabulous post! I wish there was a Glossy Box in Canada. Everything looks amazing!! :) I am also really loving your hair like that. Your hair has really inspired me and I just LOVE it :)

  44. Ahhh, I'm still not sure whether to subscribe to glossybox or not! I love the idea, but don't want to end up with loads of products I don't like!

  45. Sara

    Hi, I saw your tweet about finding new blogs but I haven't told many of my friends about mine yet, so I was reluctant to respond on twitter. I commented the other day, so I'm sorry if you've already checked out my blog and it wasn't your thing. But just in case, I'd love you to look at, it's still a baby (one week old) but I'm really enjoying myself.
    Thank you xxx

  46. Orla

    can't wait to read the review on your glossybox zoe! :D hope you're well and im very much enjoying reading all your old and new posts :) much love, orla x

  47. Orla

    can't wait to read your glossybox review zoe! i've just started a new blog and i've been a reader of yours for agess! hope you're well :) lots of love x

  48. SOOOO weird seeing you all in the same picture. You look lovely though xx

  49. READ MY BLOOOG!!!!!!!

    haha I'm sorry I had to do that :D (just whatched youe video about creating a blog)

    I'm a big big BIG fan of yours. You're amanzing!!


  50. Sarah

    I cant wait to order glossybox looks so good :)

  51. I'm a massive fan of glossy box :)

    Fantastic blog!

  52. Love you're outfit, very casual but slightly formal! Check out my channel! It's new!

  53. Lovely pictures! I've just discovered your blog and I really like it! I've also just sighed up to Glossy Box and I can't wait to get my first one! X

  54. Pidge

    Wow, Glossybox is such a good idea! Defo an investment idea for the future… as soon as I get a job! :) x

  55. Sarah

    Hi there lovely girl! I am an Aussie girl and have stumbled across you blog and youtube channel! I absolutely love you! you have an amazing accent compared to my bogan one! I love your style and witty sarcasm – you give me the laughs :) so thank you for making me happy with this find ~ sadly watching your channel makes me go to ebay a lot more as i have none of the brand you have! haha oh well :) xoxox

  56. Adria

    hey its that girl from lookbook!

  57. i love your blog its so inspirational! how did you get the vintage-looking banner? xx

  58. Pao

    The party looks so amazing, Im glad you and Sprinkle of Glitter were able to attend the event together, it seems like you girls had a blast. Those events must be super fun, because you are able to meet other bloggers. You also have the chance to have an awesome time and try out new products :)

    Hippie Chic Pao

  59. AoifeEC

    Dah :D i just spent half my weekend looking through your blog, i found you onyoutube on Friday and think you're beautiful!<3 Im 15 and I think you're a fab influence on girls my age, tehehe not to sound corny :*

  60. Daisy

    Looks great! Hahhaa it's so funny seeing top bloggers together. It's almost like you seem more real if you get what I mean. Like bloggers are actual people and do get the chance to meet sometimes! Don't know what I'm on but I love this post. Much love xx

  61. Tabea

    lovelovelove your Blog!

  62. Zoe,

    I literally just hunted through your blog to find this post. I remember seeing it ages ago and I really like your top. Where did you get it from?

  63. The decor is beautiful – understated, but elegant, and the view, oh, the view. Even on a rainy Friday, it was great to just sit at the window and overlook the city.
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