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This isn’t the typical type of post from me today, It’s a somewhat controversial post, that I hope plenty of you can sink your teeth into (do not bite too hard, this is not a debate).

Let me start by saying that I am 5ft4″ and weigh 7st5lb (if you are unsure of these measurments, by all means convert them yourself) and have been the same height and weight for 2 years. Before I hit puberty, I’m pretty sure you would have taken one look at me and said “She is WAY too thin”, and let me tell you, I was. I was 5ft4″ before I even sprouted boobies, hips and bottom and I looked HIDEOUS. I would look in the mirror and despise what I saw.

“why don’t I have boobs like my friends do?” “why do all my bones poke out at every angle?” “where are my hips?” “why am I so skinny?”

I absolutely HATED it. I’d also like to point out, I in no way, shape, or form have ever had an eating disorder, those of you who know me, will know I eat whenever I like and whatever I like. Even then, I ate like a normal 14/15 year old girl. Pizzas, Burgers, Chips, Mcdonalds, Fizzy drinks. I ate no less than the average kid…yet why was I so incredibly skinny? The answer here is simply “Metabolism”. My metabolism is what i’d like to call “super metabolism”. For those of you who don’t know what metabolism is, it’s basically a chemical reaction that happens in all your living organisms to help maintain life, in non scientific forms, the rate at which your body burns calories and breaks down fat. Having a high metabolism means that it is impossible for me to put on weight, and maintain it. My body breaks down fat and burns calories at a stupidly fast rate. Now I know for a fact, that many of you will be reading this thinking “Shut up Zoe, I’d absolutely LOVE to have a high metabolism”..but let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Whilst going through my teen stages of being a skinny bean pole, it had serious affect on the way I saw myself and the way others saw me. It’s pretty steriotypical that the fat kid in class doesn’t want to get into a swimming costume or be seen getting undressed for P.E, or get bullied or called names. I felt exactly the same way. I hated having to go swimming as people would point and stare at me for being so skinny, I’d hate having to get undressed and I did get called things and when I tried to put on weight, it was absolutely impossible. It also made me feel like crap. Think the reverse of a diet. I was essentially eating shit, crap, fatty foods to try and put weight on, therefore feeling groggy, tired and miserble.

You always hear about larger people going through a tough time trying to lose weight, slim people can go through just as much of a tough time trying to put it on, but nobody ever really thinks of that.

“Are you anorexic”, “you need to put some weight on”, “You are a bag of bones”, “why are you so boney”, “why are you so skinny”, “get some meat on your bones”, “are you okay?”

All this you would kind of expect from curious school children, but what astonishes me, is that people still ask me these things. People I don’t know. Quite strange as I now have boobs (of a generous size), hips, and wobbly bottom (yes, it wobbles…Just being honest haha) and I have filled out quite noticeably. Yet people still think it’s okay to say these things? Would you say these things to someone who was noticeably larger than the average person?

“Are you obese?”, “You need to lose weight”, “You are a big bag of fat”, “why are you so fat?”, “You need to get some meat off those bones of yours”, “Are you..okay?”

No. You just wouldn’t would you. So why is it acceptable to ask a skinny person questions of the same criteria? Do you think it doesn’t affect them the same way it would someone who was fat?

I was at the doctors 2 days ago, getting my prescription contraceptive pill, and as a standard procedure every few years, they weigh me, and check my height; just so they have the most recent details as possible. I had a different nurse than I normally do, and she made me feel really awkward and a bit, down. She measured me fine,

“Oh, 5ft4, yep, you’re exactly the same height”.

But when it came to weighing me, she made me feel very uncomfortable.

“When was the last time you weighed yourself? Recently?”
“No, I never weigh myself”
“Okay, well, if it’s okay with you, I’m going to weigh you, you don’t have to look”

Now I felt confused. Why wouldn’t I want to look? I don’t care what I weigh, but this nurse clearly thought I did.

“No, it’s fine, I don’t care about looking”
“Okay great…just step on then…hmmm”
“You’re the same weight exactly”
“Oh really! Okay”
“Yeh…are both your parents very skinny?”
“er..yeh they are actually”

She was now looking at me with concern.

“Okay, well, your BMI is lower than it should be”
“I know, it always has been”
“Oh okay…well, keep your eye on that”

I then walked away thinking, “had this been someone with a BMI that was slightly over average, would she have asked the same questions?”, would she have asked “Are both your parents fat?”

I hate that we have a BODY MASS INDEX, that we must all live by? Who decides what BMI we should be anyway? Who cares if i’m “slightly” below average, who cares if you’re slightly above it? As long as you feel happy in the skin you are in, is that not all that matters? Yes, I may seem smaller and skinnier than the average person, but I’m happy at the moment. If I put on any weight (which is impossible for me to do anyway) I’m almost sure it would all just go on my face and bottom. If I was to exercise, I’d be even skinnier, which as a result, means I’m incredibly unfit. Seriously, I’ll run up a flight of stairs and need to down a litre of water and catch my breath for 5 minutes. How bad is that?

There are still things I absolutely hate about my body, and they won’t change. I hate my hands. Who wants boney, old lady, veiny hands? haha. I also hate my legs, It’s pretty impossible for me to put on weight, but for some reason, any weight I do carry, is everywhere BUT my legs. Skinny little ankles and shapeless legs anyone? I am however, much more content with the way I am at the moment. I still wish I could be a little bigger, but I have the joy of being able to scoff a whole tub of ben and jerrys and not have to worry. Trust me though, my skin and organs probabaly do not appreciate this, and I’m very unhealthy. You won’t ever catch me eating a bowl of salad or nuts & raisins. I am almost sure my metabolism will not stay this way forever, it will all catch up with me, and then my decade of eating rubbish food, and having little exercise will probabaly result in me waking up and being 10x bigger. Think “Shallow Hal”.

I recently got upset by someone I hardly know, in fact they may aswell have been a stranger, approaching me and saying “Zoe, you are SO skinny”. For a start…how the hell do you even respond to something like that? I think I just stood with my mouth open, wondering what on earth made it okay to say something like that? What was going on in this persons mind? I eventually just walked away. Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to do. This person then returned to say “You need to put some weight seriously”. C’mon? Really? I was firstly very embarassed, and secondly gutted. Would this person have said the same thing to a fat person? Nope. Because calling someone fat is seen as an insult, but calling someone out to be too skinny…is apparently acceptable? I think commenting on anybodies weight is unnaceptable. Who are you to judge someone by the size of them?

“That person is fat, they must eat nothing but mcdonalds and sit on their arse all day”
“That person is skinny, she probably has an eating disorder and needs help”

It’s really not fair. Nobody ever takes into account genes, metabolism, bone structure, medical problems. There are thousands or reasons people are how they are, and why people are the size they are. The above statements may be true in some cases, but for the majority, it’s probabaly not.

So, is calling someone skinny really acceptable? Or, do you agree with me that it’s just as insensitive as calling someone fat? As as naturally skinny person, I can tell you that it’s not very nice being called out for being “too skinny”, especially as i tried so hard to put weight on, and wanted so desperately to be “of average size” as I was growing up. It’s a bit of a touchy subject but one I wanted to address. I get a weird amount of people asking me my height and weight, and a part of me thinks they are trying to suss out if im underweight in a very sly and kinda creepy way. So now at least i’ve answered that for you…weirdos. ;)

Moral of the story here though, is that I don’t really think it’s ever acceptable to comment on anybody’s weight, skinny or fat. Why should you ever be allowed an opinion on someone else’s body or way of life? You can think it in your head, but the minute you open your mouth it becomes very dangerous, that is of course unless you are opening your mouth to give a compliment, by all means do this. haha. If YOU are happy with the way you look, that’s all that matters, and if you aren’t, chances are you are doing something about it and working towards something you know you will make you happy.

Everybody is different, and nobody is perfect. It would be a very boring place if this wasn’t the case.

  1. tanya

    i agree

  2. Olivia

    Good article- people always think that being skinny naturally is a godsend, but there are always two sides to the story. I have friends of every shape, and they are all perfect as they are.

  3. kia

    I loved reading your post, I feel just like you. I got weighed at school every term and the nurse would keep asking me if i was eating properly even though i personaly thought my weight was okay. I hate my skinny hands too and and can't seem to put weight on my arms or legs! I think it was a really good idea to post about this issue x

  4. actually i have to disagree with you re: the doctor, if you had a high BMI the doctor would almost certainly ask you about your parents weight, because of medical reasons and also the home environment (food in the cupboards, not a great understanding of nutrition etc)

    obviously, its not nice for ones weight to be commented on – whether you are over or under weight!


  5. hannah

    awesome post zoe! you are beautiful no matter what anyone else thinks! thank you for standing up for all girls of all sizes!


  6. Jess

    I always get called 'skinny' and I always say 'No, I'm slim'. Also when I was younger I used to get called anorexic which really upset me as one, it's an illness that lots of girls go through, and too I wasn't starving myself. My dad has a very high metabolism and I clearly got that from him, as no matter what I eat I've never gone above 9st (I'm 5 ft 8) My BMI has always been 'on the line' and I too was told to 'watch it' which is ridiculous. This is an amazing post and really highlights that being questioned about your weight is just as bad to someone skinny as to someone who is overweight.


  7. It's great that you feel confident enough to post on a topic like this, and you wrote it really well.
    I'll admit I'm guilty of saying to my close friends "you're so skinny!" but in my case it is a touch of the green eyed monster rather than telling them they need to gain weight or that they have a problem. I know that very slim girls have insecurities just as much as bigger people but I suppose it all comes down to not being comfortable with yourself. Of course, being a bigger girl, I've always wanted nothing more than to be naturally very slim like my sisters and some of my good friends…I exercise and try to eat a balanced diet but I still have a BMI that provoked the nurse to tell me I was 'borderline obese' last time I was weighed. It's very upsetting to be judged like that, so even though I'm at the other end of the scale to you, I totally empathise with everything you have said.
    Sorry for rambling, I'm just glad someone had the courage to speak out about this!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  8. Omg i know exactly how you feel! when i was younger everyone would think i had an eating disorder and would tihnk she's way too skinny. And I grew I'm now 5ft6 and weight about 7st 9lbs or less i can't remember. I mean for me I don't feel like I'm under weight! i always get the people saying are you anorexic? I don't even think I'm that slim!! i eat what i want and i just DON'T put on weight, I've been around 7st for so long now that i can't remember. I don't put on weight and i think people making me feel like i'm weird cause i'm slim is annoying, it really puts me down! i think it's the same as calling someone's an insult and does effect people! I have tried hard to put on weight as i've always wanted some curves. I think i did put a few lb's on and now i have more of a bum but i still get the remarks of being too skinny. I want to put on weight then i might have more boobage hahaha! I Don't know. I think people are ignorant and don't realise it could hurt someones feelings. This is a really great post xoxo

  9. I've had this argument for so long, I hate people commenting on my weight.
    I've even had one woman tell me that I will never get a boyfriend because I'm so thin, it's just too unattractive! I was only 17 at the time, and she was a grown woman.
    Absolutely shocking that it's acceptable to berate someone for being "too thin".

  10. You are teeny but you look perfectly in proportion. You look anything but anorexic. Many of the people who are hating are jealous…I know that gets banded about so much but nothing turns a women into a pack of Banshees more that a pretty, THIN woman.

    I lost alot of weight in my late teens and maintained a 8-10 for a few years. Ate like a pig and any weight I put on dropped off in days by walking the dog and as soon as I've hit my mid 20's it's like I hit a brick wall and it's so hard to get it off.

  11. Shayla

    I completely agree with everything you said. I have the same issue with weight and I get sick of people telling me to put on weight, I would never dream of telling someone to lose it! I hate my skinny, shapeless legs that everyone feels the need to comment on. Wish everyone would concentrate on their own health and leave other peoples' alone! xx

  12. Chloe

    im so glad you wrote this post because im in the exact situation, i have a 'super motabolism' and im hoping ill start to fill out soon, im nearly 17 and i hate my legs too, i live in baggy jeans :( putting on weight is just as hard as losing weight, you're absolutely right! thank you for this post again, really appreciate it <3 xx

  13. My best friend in school has pretty much the exact same measurements as you and she got constantly picked on for being skinny, people used to call her twiggy and yet being her best friend I know she used to eat all the time, more than anyone else I knew.

    I've never understood what people thinks gives them the right to comment on anyones appearance, whether it be if your skinny or fat or if you have braces or glasses, everyone looks different and thank god for that because how boring would it be if we all looked the same.

    I love this post and I think you are beautiful just the way you are, I hope this post has helped other girls, not just who are skinny but who have been called names because of their physical appearance x

  14. I could have written the SAME things!! i've always been skinny and i lived all the things you wrote! i can perfectly understand you. really. if one day i'll receive some nasty comments on my weight by someone on my blog or twitter i think i'll link this post to them!! and anyway, you're gorgeous and hell knows how lucky you are to have big boobs while being skinny! i'm not so lucky…!

    have a look at my blog if you like :)

  15. sian

    great post zoe, the sad truth about it is that weight has become such a taboo, and people are quick to assume that skinny people just dont eat anything.
    up until i was about 16 i looked like a lollipop, stick thin & massive head haha, i'm so glad i filled out! x

  16. I know exactly how you feel – When I was born, I was dangerously underweight, almost premature size even though I was only born three days early. I had to go to the hospital three times a year to get measured, weighed and have blood taken up until I was discharged at ten because they decided I was naturally small but healthy.
    I tried so hard to put weight on in my teens, but have a really tiny appetite so was just ending up making myself sick (in a non-bullimic way obviously). Now at almost twenty, I'm very bottom heavy from my bum to my knees, but with teeny ankles and shins. I also get a food baby whenever I eat anything, but even when I try to just tone my bottom area I end up losing weight everywhere so am in ridiculously bad shape.

    I think it's just as hurtful to call out a skinny person as it is say someone is fat. When you call someone fat, you call them fat. But when you call someone skinny in that 'concerned' way, you're pretty much just implying they have an eating disorder so saying there's something wrong with their head.

    Judging people by their weight is just the same as calling someone ugly – more often than not, there's nothing anyone can do about it unless they have a spare 30 grand lying around for plastic surgery. Get over it. There's more to life.

    Brilliant post, sorry about the essay! xxx

  17. Jo

    Such a well written post :). I don't think anyone has a right to comment on anybody else's weight, like you said, there could be plenty of reasons why someone is under or over weight other than they don't eat enough/eat too much. Your story about the nurse really hit home for me, my bmi is slightly over and I get the exact same treatment every time I go. So it's definitely not just you!

  18. Phoebe

    Loved reading this post, I think you addressed it perfectly and are also really brave for sharing your experiences. I couldn't agree more, people would NEVER say to a larger person "how much do you weigh? shouldn't you lose some weight?" and it's not at all okay to say it to a petite person either. I was exactly the same at school, I ate as much as everyone else but always seemed to be the last to "develop" haha. It can be frustrating receiving insensitive comments by people who don't really understand what they're talking about but you're beautiful and have a stunning figure, and the people that matter don't care what you weight or eat! :) Sorry for the essay aha. x x

  19. Dani

    I don't think other people should criticise anyone for what they are, skinny, overweight, whatever. It's none of their business! I know I'm overweight and I have chosen to try and slim down a little, but that is my personal choice and if someone else TOLD me to I would probably react the way you have! It is embarrassing when people tell you what they think you should do, you don't go round telling them what to wear or what haircut they should have so what gives them the right to tell you to put on weight, slim down, etc? Oh it just annoys me…but honestly if you are happy the way you are then excellent and ignore anyone who tries to impose their opinions on you! x

  20. Hayley

    Zoe this is such an amazing post! First of all you look beautiful! As someone who is heavier i get all the judgement but i think to myself..they dont know me at all!

    Ive had friends who are really natural slim one was a natural size 0! I think this issue needs to be highlighted and in you writing this post…it is getting the issue out there!


  21. Sarah

    To be honest I think there is a difference in being too skinny and too fat. It's far easier for someone with a slow metabolism to lose weight than for someone like yourself with a high metabolism to put it on. My dad was identical when he was younger, went to the doctor and they tried all manner of things, protein shakes, you name it and he just couldn't put weight on.

    You shouldn't feel you have to answer to people who keep questioning your weight, jealousy makes people say horrible things to make themselves feel better.

    You're gorgeous, not everyone will accept that but insulting you won't make them pretty and it sure as hell won't make you ugly!


  22. Amy

    I agree, my boyfriend is generally VERY skinny. He is about 5ft 8, but if he was in girl sizes he would be a size 6 at the most. For the last 6 months or so, he has been trying to put weight on (he is sat drinking a protein shake as we speak) and I have noticed how difficult it is.

    I also HATE it when people say "she looks anorexic". HOW can you look anorexic? Anorexia is a serious psychiatric condition, so you could be 18 stone but also be anorexic….

    As long as the person is happy with their weight then no one else should have a say :) (unless they at danger obviously..)
    Amy xxx

  23. This is EXACTLY my story Zoe! I was 5'8 at 13 years old and a size 6 stick insect so I got all the anorexia comments. I don't get it any more thank goodness because in the last few years I have somehow developed an hourglass shape so no one can call me anorexic with hips and boobs the size of mine! It used to infuriate me too though, as you say, it's unacceptable to call someone fat but somehow not skinny. x

  24. Great post Zoe! Up until a year or so ago I was very slim and experienced the same issues at school. Having teachers phone up my Mum because they were concerned that I had an eating disorder(my Mum just laughed and informed them that I ate more than most fully grown men!) and only being able to buy clothes from the childrens section was embarrassing! I get the same at the doctors when they weigh/measure me, remind me to 'watch my weight'. I have now filled out abit and am alot happier with my figure!

  25. M

    I think the only time it is ok to comment on someones weight (even if it will hurt the person) is when you are very close to them and have known them for a number of years. If they drop weight suddenly or also put on weight suddenly then someone close should ask them if they need any help because they may not be getting it if there is a problem. Most people will have someone in their life that can do this for them so if you are not that close person then no they shouldn't comment.

    I am suprised a nurse would say that actually, in that line of work she sould know that there is very large variations in BMI and its not a very accurate way of calculating health. Especially if you are exactly the same weight as you were before.

    M – Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  26. Here, here. I wrote a post on this the other week too, which caused a bit of a reaction:

    I know exactly how you feel, it frustrates me that it's acceptable for people to comment on how 'skinny' you are, without even taking into consideration your feelings. I have battled with my weight for years, never being able to put on weight. Some people say it's a gift from god to not have to worry about what you eat, I agree it's great, I love being able to eat whatever, but I hate that it has no effect. My work collegues every single day comment that I must only eat lettuce. It upsets me that they could think that. It's a really annoying battle that so many young girls must go through, I still am waiting for those mahusive knockers to appear, but in reality I just have to try and love what I have, and what I haven't got. I know my self confidence took a knock when boys in my year group would say they would prefer someone with a bit of meat on them, I couldn't control how I looked, or how much 'meat' I had on my body, and for a while I thought I would never be ideal for any man. Thankfully I have a lovely boyfriend now who constantly compliments me, I feel happy with my body as I can't change it I may aswell be happy with it. I completely understand everything you said, I sat here reading your blogpost nodding at every point. :) Great post Zoe


  27. i completely 100% agree. i've always been on the bigger side my whole life and it's never really bothered me. obviously some days i get a but down about it but i've always been happy so i don't think there's much reason to change.
    at christmas my gran overheard me talking to my cousin (who's a doctor) about a couple of health issues and my gran immediately came over and started blaming everything on my weight and that if i lost a few pounds i wouldn't have these problems etc even though my own doctor said they weren't weight-related at all. it's ridiculous!
    as long as you're happy with the way you are then that's all that matters :)) xxx

  28. julie

    i'm 5ft3'and 6.6st

    and i feel like all pants are made for huge asses

  29. Alice

    Zoe you are perfect the way you are, everybody’s bodies are different and people should take that into account. Just remember the people who are saying/asking these questions, are probably just jealous or unhappy with their own bodies.
    It’s a private matter and as long as you and your family know you are healthy, it really is no one else’s concern. I really do hope this stops now you’ve addressed it xx

  30. Lydia

    I think a lot of people will be happy you've done this blog post! I agree, it's totally rude to ask someone why they are so skinny, just as it is rude to ask why they are so fat! You look totally healthy for your frame.
    I do have to say that my GP has pointed about about my BMI being over what it should be when I go to get my pill though, I think they have to say something. On looking at me I don't think people realise I am techinically classed as 'overweight'. My BMI is in the overweight classification but I'm only 5"2 and a size 12 – I don't see myself as fat!
    All in all – yes it is rude, but contrary to popular belief… I feel overweight people do get questioned on it just as often!


  31. great post, i think its pretty important also talking about the skinny people in the world how they feel when they get treated like that. i need to say, i truely love your face! it seems to be always happy

  32. Great post Zoe :)
    I think weight is such a touchy subject, have so much I could say about the situation. I personally think you look great now, you have boobs, you are a small girl, so being your size & your weight doesn't look bad. & I think putting this post out there will help many people.
    It's such an up & down kind of thing though, I'm way over weight- Im not happy- this is my fault though, so I could do something about it & then moaning about it makes me feel bad. But at the same time, I still feel shit about some things & how I look, so that isn't okay!
    I think being healthy & happy is the most important thing x

  33. Hannah

    I totally agree with your post! Although, in my head im still like 'ugh, i wish i was her, and she could be me!' ; I think it always just comes down to people being insecure in themselves. I think a lot of the people who ask you your weight would be girls who are wishing they were thinner,, i mean i often see people and think 'gosh what a lovely figure I wonder how much they weigh?' which is totally ridiculous because body composition varies SO MUCH between people. My weight fluctuates between the 'healthy zone' and the 'overweight zone'. Which I know, I could probably lose 5kg or so (lazzzyyyy!) but overall I have a very athletic and muscular figure and weighed the same as you when I was 11 (not even joking). That may seem like a lot to you but I was actually a state athlete so was by no means overweight. I also find it stupid when people ask what size others wear.. i mean really what does knowing a number achieve? There are plenty of girls I know who would have a much larger fat% than myself but are 2 sizes smaller.

    Overall, I totally agree! I know why I weight what I weigh; i love food and I have a naturally large athletic and muscular figure. And ok, I do wish I had your metabolism! But weight is really irrelevant because someone like me idolising your weight and weighing 20kg less that I do now would be ridiculous! People just need to like what they see in the mirror and know that they are healthy by their own measurements!

    Great post, sorry this was long! x

  34. Brilliant post, I wholeheartedly agree with you – it doesn't matter whether the person is skinny or fat it is extremely insensitive to comment on it.

    I find doctors can be pretty rude…well nurses especially when it comes to getting pill repescriptions. I'm quite overweight BUT I am doing something about it I have lost a fair amount so far and am pushing on to lose more but I do get fed up of the comments such as "hmmm still very high on the scales" …"yes I am going to a class and I have been losing weight" …."sure you have…are there weight problems in your family?" :|

    I think you're perfect the way you are :) besides it's nobody else's business but your own as to how you look, as long as your happy with yourself that's all that matters!

    I hope that the comments stop now you've addressed this! :)


  35. I know exactly how you feel. I hate going to the docters to renew my pill etc cos every time I go they give my jib for my BMI. Exactly, who cares if it's slightly under, it's just the way my body is and always has been, I have never tried to diet or anything like that and I eat whatever the hell I want and it has always been under, I can't help it if I have a high metabolism, I don't get why it's such a huge problem! I was even refused the pill once because the nurse said she didn't think it was safe enough for me to take it because of my slightly below averave BMI! :O The cheek! And I have had many a customer at work telling me I look to thin and boney, I'm really not, I that it is pretty rude for someone who doesn't even know me to say that :(

    Love the way you look lovely, don't let peoples silly comments put you down :)

    Sorry for the absolute essey of a comment :s I just really agree with everything you said! :)


  36. Cheryl

    I had the exact same conversation with the nurse last time I went for a pill check, I'm 5'5" and weigh just under eight stone. That's how I am, I eat like a pig but I just don't really put weight on. She looked at me like I was in the throws of an eating disorder, asked me about my parents, what I last ate, how often I eat. Ugh.

    Ignore what other people say about your body, it's nothing to do with them how you look. In an old job I got asked by a woman what size I was, she said "Wow, you're really skinny, what size clothes do you wear?!" but would I ever say "Wow, you're really fat, what size clothes do you wear?!"? Would I heck. It's just plain rude.

    I could literally rant about this for hours but I won't ;)

    You've written a great, great post and I really hope that people learn from you.

  37. I really, really enjoyed reading this post, you wrote it so well. I am so with you. On the other side of the coin, I get it with my hair and skintone. People always go 'Oh my gosh, you're SO pale, are you ill?'. No, I'm just pale, it's natural. And then people obviously make cruel comments to redheads all the time, and not to any other hair colour, so I totally relate to this post, but in all areas of discrimination.

    And of course, you're beautiful my dear!


  38. Society views being skinny as the ultimate sign of perfection, so I doubt people are trying to seriously offend you. It is situational though. I do think saying to someone, "you are SO fat!" is different thatn saying "you are SO skinny!" because of how society views the two extremes – very differently. That's not to say it doesn't make it any less difficult for you to go through. Short people get it all the time, as do tall people. Chalk it up to humans being innocently curious, but coming off as very ignorant in the process. And yes, a lot of girls would KILL to be able to eat a whole tub of icecream and not have to bat an eyelash! You look beautiful, and everyone knows it!

  39. what a crackin' post zoe!
    I have to take steroids for a bowel condition and they make me really bloated and she you get whats known in the trade as a 'moon face'-sounds attractive right? i get so many people coming up to me and going 'why is your face so round?' and people pointing at me and calling me chubby and i'm like 'excuse me but i have a serious bowel disease and im taking steroids which is making my face massive'…i can't understand why people think its ok to walk up to someone in the street and question them about thier apperance when they have no idea about the in's and out's of someones life. if that person didnt have a complex about thier apperance before they bloody will have now!
    anyway, fab post, i think your looking gaw-geous!

  40. Great post lovely- one I completely relate to. Me & my brother both have a really high metabolism and as a teen I was asked a lot by nurses, people who I didn't even know to put on weight as my BMI was too low. I am 20- 5"8 and weight under 9 stone BUT I eat EVERYTHING and don't believe in diets (yes I know!) and like you never weight myself. But when I was growing up I felt awkward in my own body, no boobs, no curves just straight! Now I filled up a little like you but I still get the odd "your just bones, put some meat on you" comments now and then. My brother is the same, he's only 15 and is 6"1 and skinny. People keep telling him to put on weight, but he simply can't as he is a drummer, sporty BUT eats like any regular boy of his age- trust me he eats 2 desserts a night and bigger portions then anyone I know!

    It does upset me that people automatically assume that there is something wrong with you if you are naturally skinny. But who are we to judge.

    Curvy, skinny, black, white, asian, tall or short we are only human and are all beautiful in our own unique way :)

    Especially you Zoe, your amazing <3 xoxoxo

  41. Maria

    I agree with you but I think you need to be able to comment on people's weight, and here's why:
    If you had a friend and you were worried about her weight, are you really going to sit there and keep your mouth shut when she could be ill and lying to you/her parents about her "fast metabolism" or "small bones".

    We can't shove eating disorders under the carpet by not talking about them. Women hide their disorders all too well, so we need to be able to talk about weight frankly. If it helps one person stay alive, its worth it.

  42. Nice post! We shouldn't trust the BMI at all imo.

  43. Hey Zoe! I love this post i totally agree with you. The media these days is no help, they encourage everyone to be critical of other peoples' weight and intrude in others' business without any other consideration to the person except their own narrow perception of physical beauty, which everyone feels they must live up to despite their personal health.
    Your post is very refreshing and encourages others to be open minded.
    Personally, I would kill for your body type hehe :) Just own it, and theres no way anyone else could hate on you for being happy. Kindergarten basics- they're putting you down because they're jealous!

    Lots of love from Australia!!

    Natasha xx

  44. This is such a well thought out and well worded post! Society is obsessed with weight now and it has become a really sensitive subject. It's not your fault you're skinny, same way it's not my fault I have big thighs, or that my sister struggles to gain weight. It's all in the genetics, and it seems people have forgotten that. Nowadays if someone is fat, people's first though is 'wow they must be pigs and eat loads of crap!'. It is really unfair how judgmental someone can be about your weight ):

  45. Louise

    Until I was about 17, I was very skinny. I would get the odd comment saying I was anorexic but it never bothered me because I knew I wasn't; I ate a ton!
    I hated being skinny. There's being slim and then there's being straight up and down, no curves. At 12, I was 4 1/2 stone.
    From 17, I filled out and although I'm still slim, I have curves.
    I'm now 5 ft 8 and weigh around 8.6 stone.
    I'm glad I finally have boobs!

    I think society thinks it's acceptable to call some skinny because in the Media, skinny is viewed as acceptable. Super models are skinny so society lead by example. But I agree, a skinny person can be just as insecure about their weight as an obese person. If you're happy, I don't see a problem.


  46. Cara

    ZOE, ah you poor sweet thing.
    I completely agree with all that you said. People don't take into consideration other peoples' feelings at allllll when they decide to go up to them and tear them apart with their words. AND, if you DID have an eating disorder, how much worse would it make you feel if they asked you those questions? They have NO idea. Definitely on your side, love.

  47. So glad you wrote this post! I'm the same, it's not so bad now though because I've evened out, when I was 14/15 people used to call me anorexic which I got quite upset about. I used to go home and eat all the junk food I could get my hands on but it did no good.
    The whole BMI thing gets on my nerves as well, doctors don't seem to see the bigger picture.

  48. I feel the exact same way. I get just as upset when someone calls me skinny. I'm 5ft7 and in ninth grade I weighed 90 pounds. You would not believe all the shit I got for it. It's really awesome that you posted this.

  49. Marian

    I was eating junk food for the last half and a year and i lost a lot of weight but that's not healthy for your body. Eating crap doesn't mean you will put on weight, it means your cholesterol, liver, uric acid is going to be worse. I think you should go to the doctor and ask a diet but to gain weight just i case you want to add some kilos :)

  50. I love this post! Im fat, but it all my fault, i don't eat fast foods often maybe once a month we order pizza. I used to skip breakfast and then coming home at 4pm and then throwing on the fridge and eating for the whole afternoon. I hate when people comment on my weight so i understand you.

  51. I agree, although I've never really considered that "skinny" girls go through that type of torment as "fat" girls do. I hate BMI's. I'm slightly above it, have been my whole life and I remember being little at the pediatrician and the nurses/doctors grilling me because I wasn't the perfect BMI for my height. It's not fair, for any of us, whether we're too skinny or too overweight.

  52. oh, that nurse! what a little…
    I have a similar body as you, I eat crap and just am very very skinny, have been my whole life. It's comforting to hear someone else with a similar experience.

  53. Fi

    First of all, what a frickin’ fantastic post. In danger of sounding patronising (I swear I don’t mean to be), you have a great head on your shoulders. Being a blog follower of yours for some time, I THINK you’re nearly 21? Well, I’m 24 and I 100% empathise with you. The only reason I state our ages is because a few years ago I was in EXACTLY the same position. I’ve been on the contraceptive pill for several years and every time I went to get a repeat, my doctor would do my weight as standard (I think they’re actually meant to as well as blood pressure?) and she would always make a “hmmm” type sound before pointing at the BMI chart and informing me I was in the ‘underweight’ category. To which I would tell her the same as you’ve commented on – that I eat VERY well, if not too much on the jaffa cake diet side of things, and that I just did not put on weight. My mother was the same when she was younger; it’s in the genes baby!
    Anyhow… fast forward a few years down the line and, actually, I have put on weight. At a steady pace I may add, I haven’t been on a mad woman binge. I have far more junk in my trunk and wobbles on my belly and I’m around the 8 and a half stone mark now. Then again I am a lazy so-and-so who does minimal exercise and my job is your typical 9-5 office-based scenario with little scope for active-ness. What I’m trying to say is based on the fact your body type and habits have matched mine thus far… chances are over the next few years you’ll match up to my size 10 from size 6/8 transition!

  54. Laura

    totally agree!
    i used to get comments like this, unfortunately ive now put on more weight than i'd have liked to lol but i remember i used to hate being told i was too skinny, it was never my fault!
    great post :) x

  55. I think most girls will be able to relate to your post in some way. It seems one of the main reasons people seem to think it's acceptable to make remarks about peoples weight/body shape these days has got a lot to do with the media and their scrutinising of celebrities etc.
    When I was in my teens I thought I had a 'super metablism' too, I could eat whatever I wanted and I'd just never gain weight. I was 'skinny', but with big boobs, so 'naturally' I'd get sly digs and comments from concerned (jealous) 'friends' but I always felt I got off lightly because of my boobs. As soon as I hit my 20's, I started to fill out more, and found that I put weight on a lot easier, cue the 'fat' remarks, one girl I knew even asked me once "where are your ankles" implying that my legs were so fat she couldn't even see them…!
    So trust me you can't win whatever size or weight you are, because these days everyone is an 'EXPERT'. All that matters is that you're happy in your own skin. It's just took me a good few years and a friend clear-out later to realise it :)


  56. Such a good post, I totally agree! I also have a very quick metabolism and never ever gain weight. Personally it's something i'm happy with and that has no effect on me. I'd like bigger legs too but it doesn't bother me too much. You're so right when you say people seem to think that calling someone skinny can never be an insult. So inconsiderate to make those sort of comments without knowing peoples backgrounds and things. If only the world was full of more people with your same view on this! xxx

  57. Faye

    I definitely agree. My sister is quite small and people think it's ok to say 'oh you're tiny aren't you?' Firstly what does this mean? Is it an insult? A compliment? Are you supposed to reply? It's like someone is challenging you. Just because being slimmer is celebrated in society people they are automatically allowed to stick their oar in. Bore off.

  58. For anyone to point out your weight for being too "skinny" is probably through jealousy, and when people point out someone for being "fat" it's usually to take the attention away from something they hate about themselves!

    Only insensitive, nasty, ignorant and unintelligent people point out what they think to be "flaws" on others.

    You look lovely just the way you are. As long as each and every one of us look in the mirror and think "yeah, I'm not so bad after all" whatever your dress size or weight then forget what any other person's opinion is :-)

    Dayner @ Mozzypop x

  59. i never thought about that, but i guess you are right. people shouldn't make other people feel bad about things then cannot control :)

  60. Sophie

    That's actually the same with me! But I love it when people say I'm skinny or too skinny, because I know I don't have an eating disorder or anything so it's fine!

  61. I am in exactly the same boat as you – i have a 'super motablism'. I get weighed often as i go to the hopsital for different reasons. I used to hate getting changed for PE at school and everyone would be like 'you're so skinny i want to be like you'. But all i wanted was a healthy figure.

    No matter what i eat i never put on weight so i eat far too much crap. I am so un-healthy but it doesnt show on the outside. I also fear the my motablism will catch up with me one day and i will just grow so much!

    Great post & it is really nice to know people feel the same way! xxxxx

  62. You´re 100% right. I think the general obssession with weight (skinny or fat, doesn´t matter) in this society is mental and utterly unhealthy. As long as you don´t fit into all those tables and have the right BMI, you´re weird and you get questioned for either being too skinny or too fat. I´ve never had a problem with putting weight on, but I know a few people who did and I know it´s as bad as trying to lose extra kgs. What could help is eating a lot of proteins and carbohydrates (now healthy ones, honey, dark chocolate, fruit and stuff like that) and exercise a couple of times a week but no cardio! Either reasonable weight lifting or a relaxation exercises like yoga, pilates…swimming should be good as well. just no running, no cross trainers, no aerobics. If you are really concerned then you should maybe think of seeing a specialist. I know it´s pain in the arse but I suppose some of them would be able to help. With proper exercise, you can even influence where is the gained weight going to go. Now I realise this is probs easier said than done but it´s just a little tip.
    Overall though, I totally agree with what you said. NO one has the right to comment on someone else weight/lifestyle/whatever. People are obssessed with expressing their opinions but they hardly ever care what impact it´s going to have on the person addressed. It´s all the same old story of people minding someone else´s business.
    I´d just say, as long as you´re happy, don´t worry about what people say. Just make sure you stay healthy and happy and all is going to be well x

  63. Emma0m

    whatttt girl. no way, you do not have bad legs at all, your figure is totally enviable, and not just because you're skinny, you have good proportions :) xx

  64. Faye

    I'm by no means fat but also not skinny. I'm just sort of slim/normal sized but I want to be thinner. I hate my legs/thighs and I'm doing anything I can to slim them down. But you're right. I never really considered how a very thin person would feel about their body. I supposed that they loved it because I would love to be skinnier. Girls are always going to dislike their bodies I suppose :| x

  65. definitely agree!
    my friend is stunning – every says she's the prettiest girl in the school and i agree with that by a mile. however she has never had a boyfriend because they all think she is 'took skinny', she eats anything she can see and doesnt put on an inch of weight. i think it's so unfair how people can say she needs to eat more or she looks abnormal or something like that. its so thoughtless and just plain rude.

    great post :) x

  66. Hannah

    i too have a fast metabolism and i am 14. i think i can relate to your younger self because although i like having a unflabby stomach and skinny legs, i desperately want the shapely boobs of my friends. i am really happy the way i am though :) (for the most part)

    great post zoexxx


  67. i agree that commenting in a hurtfull way about someones weight is simply unacceptable… but i do think that at the doctors office it is acceptable because they SHOULD have your best intrest in mind… maybe she didnt go about it in the right way the reason there are BMI's is not so we all feel bad about where we are in comparison to what they call the "norm" but to be a guide or blueprint to what we want to be around or near ourselves but there are exceptions like genetics and metabolism in which case the most important thing is to just try to be as healthy as you can you may not gain weight but at least you know your taking care of yourself

  68. I know exactly what you mean Zoe, I hate the word skinny, but I get so many comments on blog posts and questions on Formspring asking me my weight, my height and what size clothes I wear. It's really quite odd that people enjoy knowing those things about other people. It isn't nice to be called skinny and get all of the anorexia comments and no, you're right people wouldn't dare comment or say anything if it was someone who was over weight rather than under. One of my best friends is a bigger girl and it's always me that when we're on a night out gets comments such as 'You shouldn't be allowed out looking like that, you look anorexic…' the same person would never turn to my friend and say 'You shouldn't be allowed out looking like that, you're too fat..' People need to realise what they're saying and asking can really hurt and affect people. Great post! x

  69. I completely agree with this! Im naturally skinny as well, and people are always calling me anorexic, or bullemic when i actually have a really healthy diet. I think its so rude when people label you as 'too skinny' or 'too fat' its no-one elses body so its no-one elses business xx

  70. Ciara

    its weird,im going through the exact same thing 'super super metabolism,skinny,teeny,and exactly as you said ''where is everything?!'' and i eat like a horse,but i eat when i want,im then given small portions of food because i 'look' like i eat small portions.and i hate looking 11 when im just hitting 15,i hate it.people always make me feel awkward when they are looking at me like 'your so skinny its not fair' i just dont know how to make them feel better :(

  71. I love this post, agree with you completely. I'm above average for my BMI and only just starting to slowly accept that this is just how I am, no matter what I eat/how I exercise, this is my shape – but when people comment on it, it takes me right back to square one. Lovely post Zoella


  72. Hannah

    I really loved reading this, great post. I can totally understand where you're coming from, because I was in the same boat as you until fairly recently. I've always been very thin, and it's totally genetic – I used to love to play dressing-up in my mum's wedding dress and it was a perfect fit when I was about 10! I ate what I fancied, but never seemed to put any weight on.

    My friends thought it was great, but were so lovely and never made a fuss about it, but there were so many people at school who were just VILE. I was called Hannah-rexia for a long time, and I could here people in other years whisper about me as I went past. I hated it, too. Luckily, I've starting filling out over the last couple of years, and finally felt the need to do a bit of exercising here and there.

    I still eat what I like though. You can't take my cake away from me…

  73. Jenny

    BMI is a load of rubbish. I'm 16 and unlike most others in my year at school, I only filled out and developed a figure last summer. I'm 5ft3 and weigh around 7st8 now but I too used to get asked if I was anorexic/bulimic or if I ever ate!? Great post Zoe, it's good to see someone else is putting out the issue that people actually get picked on for being too thin as well as too fat! xx

  74. Holly

    Amazing post Zoe, I agree with you 100%, it is so unfair that it is seen as socially acceptable to question a skinny person about their wegight but not a fat person! + For the record you'd look bloody gorgeous whether you were a bean pole or a beached whale!<3

  75. Hi Zoe.
    Funny you should post this, as today I went into boots to get myself weighed and measured. I'm EXACTLY the same as you, 5ft4 and 7st 5. My bmi is slightly underweight, and its not by choice, I eat like a pig but I cant seem to put it on.
    It annoys me when family or someone goes " oh look how skinny you are!" like it doesnt hurt me. when it does, it is a big deal when a bigger person gets called fat, but people can say I look skinny or like a skeleton? its just unfair. I take after my mum shes even tinyer because of her high metabolism.

    "You always hear about larger people going through a tough time trying to lose weight, slim people can go through just as much of a tough time trying to put it on, but nobody ever really thinks of that."
    I couldnt put it better myself.


  76. Emma.W

    To be honest I think your very lucky to have a constant weight, whatever it is. Yoyoing is pretty tough, so staying the same without much effort is good imo.
    As for the nurse, as she'd never met you before she was probably worried that you had an eating disorder, and of course those things aren't healthy and can really make people ill. She was probably thinking more about your benefit rather than trying to offend you, as a lot of the time people with such disorders are depressed and can become mentally unstable and suicidal and I doubt she would want that.
    Calling someone skinny is seen as a compliment by many, as it's something a large amount of the population strive for. If someone called me skinny id be very happy, because to me it's a compliment and it's the same for many people. You don't really think about it the other way around unless your in a situation like yours. As for 'too' skinny, some people may be worried, and others may be jealous. They may want to be your size, and in you getting bigger it might make them feel better.
    I would say don't worry too much. Care more about what your friends and those close to you say rather than strangers because they know nothing. If your worried about being unfit, try doing weights instead of cardio because that builds muscle more than burning fat.
    Above all just make sure your happy with how you are :)

  77. Lauren

    What a great post sweetie. I agree, I think when someone says "You need a burger" or what not, it's just as insulting as it would be to say to a fat person "You could do without that burger".

    In the media these days the models all over are skinny and therefore people jump to the conclusion that skinny is 'beautiful' and presume that making a comment about it, can't insult you as being skinny is more attractive than being obese. Its a silly way for people to think.

    I had a friend at school who could never put on any weight and whilst everyone else was getting curves, she was left feeling like a child. It really used to upset her.

    I personally think you look amazing. You dress so beautifully and always really compliment your shape.

    Next time somebody make a hurtful comment just give them the middle finger mate ;)


  78. Lauren

    Such a brilliant post, I admire you for being so honest and open.
    I think you look perfect, i've always envied your figure!
    Don't let people get to you, you are who you are and YOU know you don't have a problem :)

  79. This is a great post, and as someone on the other end of the spectrum…I'm heavy…I can relate. I have had doctors talk about my BMI, ask if obesity runs in my family, and I had a doctor tell me that I wouldn't have anxiety and panic attacks if I weren't so heavy. You know, because it's not an actual medical condition that effects all sorts of people of different shapes and sizes.

    People can be really tactless when it comes to weight. More often then not I get the backhanded, "you have such a pretty face" compliment, which just means too bad for me that my body is hideous.

    Whether skinny or fat, people can be cruel. I would love for others to realize that it's really none of their business, unless they are actually concerned. Then by all means talk to me about it, as long as the intentions are good. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll like hearing what they have to say though.

  80. Morgan

    I have the very same problem. Made junior high/high school really awkward. Everyone just assumed I was anorexic or bulimic even though they saw me eat frequently. It's really insulting when people comment on your weight and I wish people didn't feel the need to do it so frequently. It's funny whenever someone talks about how skinny you are and you mention that you are trying to put on pounds and they get this really knowing 'oh right' look on their face like they don't believe it. Sigh.

  81. AMEN! I'm exactly like you, so I can relate to everything you wrote. People used to say all of those comments to me, until they see me eat, and then they get jealous (so they say). I obviously would like to put on a bit of weight, but hey, if I'm healthy, I can't complain… I'm sure I'll put on some weight when I have a baby haha <3

  82. Nicole

    i couldn't agree more, i have a ridiculously high metabolism as well! everyone assumes it must be amazing to not have to worry about 'being fat' but its awful being skinny and not being able to do anything about it.
    it's so much harder than people think, especially when they constantly ask you if you're eating properly! i would give anything to have a bit of shape and 'more meat on my bones'!
    this is such a good post xx

  83. Such a great post Zoe, really well articulated as well. I've always thought weight and body image related comments are really uncalled for, as you said, its not always something that is out of choice. I've been struggling to put weight on and keep at a healthy weight since November, and this has been a really reassuring read for me.

    Being scrutinised by my doctor in regards to my weight is just awful as it is, let alone having it implied that I'm 'not eating'. I really do feel that people should never make assumptions about someone's weight. A girl (I wouldn't say friend anymore!) at Uni is constantly making digs at me for not eating, yet if she knew me at all, or followed my Twitter hahaha, she'd know that I'm doing all I can to get back to a healthy weight!

    Sorry about the essay haha, really enjoyed this post lovely! xxxx

  84. Megan

    This post has made me smile a lot, I get called 'skinny' pretty much everyday by various people, even if im in town, people just stare at my legs, its very uncomfortable. Im 14, nearly 15 and i have been skinny ever since i remember…

    'Megan, i need to take you to McDonnell's and make you eat something' Like i dont eat? i eat more than the person thats saying it, i pretty much eat anything but i eat it way too much rubbish, like you said im very unhealthy too which i dont want to be but if i just eat healthily all the time then i will be even more skinnier than i am now.

    Im so glad you posted this, now i know its not only me that is going through with it… Thank you!

    Megan x x x

  85. KLEE

    yeah i do agree with you to a certain extent – it's not fair for anyone to judge/comment on someone elses body/weight. absolutely NO ONE has the right to make anyone feel bad. however, i DO think it's easier to be 'too' thin than 'too' fat. and that's just because it's socially more acceptable to be thin. it's desirable to be thin, and that's just how it is. i imagine most people would rather have the problem of being underweight than over, y'know?
    not saying the negative comments don't upset people like yourself, btw, i imagine it must be awful to be accused of having eating disorders and being told to eat a burger but… yeah. good post :) x

  86. This is a really great post! I can totally relate to a lot. I'm not super-skinny, and I guess I have about an average weight, but there are still a lot of things I don't like. I'm thinner than some of my friends (who are by no means fat) so therefore get made to feel insanely guilty when I complain about my body, just because I'm a little thinner than them. Your right that some people just don't get how hurtful stuff like this can be! I agree that being thin is not the same as being healthy. I do no exercise and eat really badly! Sigh. xx

  87. I completly agree, I'm like this too but to an extreme, I am 5'9" and a size 6 and have been since I was 13! I looked malnurished and sick and I also don't look like my parents sopeople always assumed I was adopted. It completly ruined my confidence. I'm now a model and the industry loves my body but I still hate. I feel like a boy :( x

  88. Amy

    I know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem. I am naturally slim and people are SO rude about it. It makes me so self concious. In fact, the people I work with make some many comments to me that I have started eating my lunch in my car instead of the staff room as every single day somebody will make a comment. If I said to a fat person 'why are you eating that? isn't that too much food! no wonder you are so fat' then I would probably get fired for bullying but it seems its ok when it's the other way around.

    But Zoe you are gorgeous, just hold your head up high and don't let their rude comments get to you!

  89. Olivia

    I'm the same, really skinny (not bragging) but I'm quite tall, I can easily see my rib bones, and my legs are really long (don't mind about my legs though)! But people always say to me, 'You're too skinny' or 'I swear you're anorexic' and it gets annoying, because I eat like a pig, and I live on jaffa cakes! I eat whenever I feel like it and I'll eat whatever, but I can't put on weight because I have a high metabolism.
    I think people look at me funny because I don't walk around like other perfectly normal girls going 'I'm so fat!' because if I did my friends would just laugh at me (not in a mean way) because they know how much I eat!


  90. I love your blog and think this is a great post. I have a pretty high metabolism too and never seem to notice myself gain/lose weight ever, no matter what i eat. Certain areas of my body i hate though, like my wrists. I would love to gain weight on them because i just think they look so skinny and bony. Also, a friend once mentioned that my legs were really skinny which offended me. It's exactly like you said, you wouldn't tell people their legs looked fat would you?

  91. Esha

    Great post I totally agree with you, its wrong telling someone that they need to eat more or less. It should be nobody’s business what you eat but your own. Weight and body shapes are very sensitive issues to all girls no matter what size they are.

    I was told to eat less when I was younger by relatives. Once I hit puberty all the weight just fell off and now I keep getting comments about being too skinny!! Seems like I can never win with some people.

    People need to stop and think before they make a comment regarding someone elses body. Everybody has body issues and the last thing they need is someone else making a thoughtless remark.

    Esha xx

  92. I dont know if you read all your comments, but I havent read any others.
    Just wanted you to know i let out a big sigh. I'm 5ft2 and I'm 6 and a half stone.
    Your probably thinking I'm brown nosing you to get another follower, but I can tell you that I have always hated the way I look.
    My legs are like "birds legs" according to my old boss who decided to tell me that infront of the whole team.

    The common one for me is "famished".

    Well I'm glad you posted it – word of advice- when people ask if I eat I normally say "have you considered a nose job?" or "have you always had 2 chins"

    Yeah, well thanks.

  93. Wow very long post lol
    Interesting and I agree with you, you can call someone skinny but not fat it doesn't make sense. Doctors are always rude with weight. Doctors are very strict with weight when they say you over weight but you look thin and are a small size they just say say you need to lose weight because their health freaks same as underweight. Can't explain what I mean very well but doctors know nothing about weight one told me I needed to lose weight when I get told Im skinny
    I never noticed you were skinny I always thought normal weight

  94. DevynH

    Next time someone asks me these questions, I am sending them to this page. My experience was EXACTLY like yours and I am still getting those ridiculous questions. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by those comments!

  95. Ash

    You have just said all the things I've been thinking for years!
    I have always been pretty slim through no fault of my own, high metabolism like you and people constantly say to me 'omg your soooooo skinny' its so awkward, what do you say?? 'er yes I know…'
    They always say it in a tone as if I've done something wrong too, really bugs me!
    I loved everything about your post, and I completely admire your honesty!!

  96. Alison

    Ok, this blog post = my life! Almost.

    I used to be about the same weight as you but I'm a couple of inches taller and all I ever got from people was "you must be anorexic", "you don't eat properly", "ew you're so skinny". I mean, my best friend at the time was fat and I never bloody said anything about her weight!

    Just like you, I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted… and basically I used to eat shitloads because I didn't want everyone looking at me and thinking that I was anorexic. I didn't like being super skinny, I wanted to gain weight. Eventually I ended up seeing a Health visitor who recommended that I drink smoothies but I hate smoothies so that didn't really go anywhere…

    AND, again, like you, if I ever gained weight it never went on my legs. I hated my thighs, they were so skinny and made my bum look bigger and they just looked really out of proportion.

    My metabolism now seems to have slowed down quite a lot and I'm now around 1 and a half – 2 stone heavier. I used to work in a hotel and the kitchen was in the basement so there was endless trips up and down stairs and it really toned and shaped my legs. So maybe you could do step aerobics or something? My thighs have got chunkier and I really feel so much more comfortable. I don't get people asking me constantly if I'm eating properly now and it's so nice. Almost a relief. I still eat whatever I like and I very rarely work out these days.

    My boyfriend is quite skinny too and he wanted to gain weight so he asked this man that's into all this nutritional stuff how he could do it and he basically said to eat every two hours… like proper food like pasta, sandwiches, soup, whatever as long as it's not junk… he also said to eat loads of eggs! (He told my boyf to eat 4 slices of toast and 6 eggs for breakfast everyday but that may be a bit extreme…).

    Anyway… I definitely think people should think before they comment on how skinny someone is, it can be just as hurtful as calling someone a fat cow! And for the record, I don't look at you and think you're skinny, I think you're 'slim' and that's beautiful. xx

  97. Sanne

    You are so right!
    I always had the same problem as you do.
    I was so skinny I had to look between the children's clothing for something to fit me… I hated it! You really are right, we should love ourselves for who we are.
    Ps. I'm sorry if my English isn't correct, I'm dutch.


  98. fiona

    i just wrote the biggest ass comment and blogger 'couldn't complete your request'

    basically, i disagree. i think that if your BMI was overweight or above average i'm pretty sure the doctors would ask you whether it runs in the family or not. i couldn't imagine them not asking one 'awkward' question that would potentially save your life when it comes to illnesses that may be caused by the overweight-ness, than leave it without saying anything.

  99. Amy

    I am the same as you, 5ft 4", around 7-7 and 1/2 stone and a size 4. I used to get bullied for being skinny at primary school. I've been the same measurements since I was 16. I had to go for medicals for my work and I was asked "do you eat regularly", "do you make yourself sick after eating". I could have punched her and I wrote a letter of complaint. It hurts that people can't just accept that people can be naturally slim and not have to be starving themselves or on a diet. I have been accused of eating disorders hundreds of times but I have never had one. I eat loads, my whole family is naturally slim. I also once tried desperatley to put weight on, I was drinking protein shakes and eating loads of carbs, oats and meat. Nothing worked though, I just stayed exactly the same. I hate being called skinny, it is the same as calling people fat. I just wish people would accept people for who they are. My Grandma told me "the only people who would dare say things like that to you are only saying it because they are so insecure about themselves" I think she is right. I am now totally happy with the way I am and have stopped trying to put on weight. I realised it was a waste of time and I have better things to do with my life that worry about what size I am.

  100. ioanna

    well said! amazing post! i'm just like you and it's hard! that's what i think when someone asks me why i'm so skinny. these people never tell fat people to lose weight it's just not polite! thanks!

  101. @Fiona – That wasn't the main point of the post, but it's reasurring after reading a few comments that they may ask the same awkward questions regarding weight, whether you're small or large, but not everyone who is "just below/over bmi" are ill, and a doctor would know this. If they were MASSIVLEY below, or MASSIVELY over, then obviously they would ask very probing questions which could THEN lead to helping someone…but I was merely stating just over and just under. x

  102. This has got to be one of the best if not the best post i have read!!
    i agree with everything you said, i always get that and coming from a portuguese background i am automatically expected to be curvey like all the latin women in my family. Its really unfair to call someone Skinny and say stuff like theres no meat there and stuff, i would never dream of calling someone fat and saying theres TOO much meat there, so how is it any different! i do agree with you and i love this post so much, as my whole life i have been the same as you, slim, and have been called names and asked weird quetsions and told to go to the doctors because i must be suffering.. and it still astounds me how much other people care about my weight and my health when they should look to themseleves and see how their doing! I made a post about the same issue a couple of months back here
    because of a situtation that happened, but i generally think you have covered the topic in much more detail and much better then i could!! :) love it! X

  103. I have to agree and disagree. Obviously it isn't nice for skinny and overweight people to be commented on in bad ways.

    I also feel that when people are skinny they tend to over react too comments about there weight as some people are just interested in whether that person has followed certain diets and exercises, but I do know a lot people tend to have a high metabolism and that is why they are skinny.

    I have to disagree with you also on the doctor issue as she must of been concerned when she found out you only weigh 7 stone 5lbs. Your BMI is unhealthy and she probably only asked you about your parents so she could see if it's in your genes and not a disorder.

  104. Amen, I love this. :) Keep your chin up girl! Us ladies are beautiful no matter what shape we are.

    Keep smiling!

  105. really appreciated this post! there should be nothing controversial about this subject. Everyone needs to be allowed to be comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their weight/anything else.
    thanks for speaking up!:)

  106. @thebrunettegirl – Sorry, but I don't agree with that. My BMI is not "unhealthy" being at "only" 7stone 5lbs, it works out at about 2 points below the average of what I should be (according to fuck knows who), which I believe is around the 18/19 mark, and if this is so, it does not mean I have a potential "disorder". Like I stated in the post, there are thousands of reasons people are the weight they are. It shouldn't all be based on having a disorder, or not having one. You have clearly not understood any of the points I was trying to make and it comments like that, which inspired me write this post in the first place.

  107. Steph

    Zooeeeeee, you have just told my EXACT story! Doc always askes me if I'm dieting, I was always called 'skinny' names, but because so many people want to be skinny I'm not supposed to be offended??? If I said to an overweight person 'you're so fat, loose some weight' I'd be taken up for bullying or something. I'm 28 now and starting to fill out a little bit around my stomach, but I'm 5ft 8.5 and 9 stone, so still classed as underweight. I hear you love, I hear you :~)

  108. @thebrunettegirl, ofcourse it matters, if they did have an eating disorder imagine how they would feel after someone saying that to them. Also coming from someone you don't know it's obvious they aren't asking so they can help they are asking for some sort of personal gain which is completely wrong. My BMI is bordering underweight and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and you are obvisouly average BMI seeing as you're so bloody high and mighty about it and you have clearly never experienced these comments where as zoe and myself have and just so you know, you're the kind of people she's talking about, basically just small minded.

  109. I could have written this myself a few year ago! Well done for speaking out, it is entirely ridiculous people think its socially acceptable to just throw these kinda insults around, I'm nearly 6ft so I got things like "Oh your such a lanky skinny giant" yet they'd say it like it was supposed to be a compliment! I did eventually start to put more weight on, infact now I can't eat cheese without it going straight to my hips but hey ho!

    Had a very similar experience with the nurse too, completely agree with your point!

    Take care xxx

  110. Sarah

    Kudos to this whole post. Exactly everything you have outlined has always annoyed me, though its never been aimed at me!

    I agree that BMI is a load of tosh, and I'm in the medical field myself! My BMI is bang on healthy, but my body fat percentage is higher than it should be – And thats what I'd rather be going by!


  111. Sarah

    To alison up there:

    6 eggs a day? Thats a really unhealthy amount of cholestrol. 6 eggs a day WITHOUT the yolk – maybe. Also, eating every 2 hours is a trick to keep your metabolism speedy, so thats not really going to help! :)

  112. i defiantly agree with this zoe, im naturally skinny too but i cant help it :S zxx

  113. Sarah

    this post actually made me cry.
    im 5ft 6 and 7 and a half stone and i relate to every single little thing you said in that post. i've always always always been skinny throughout my entire life. ive been to so many different doctors pushed from pillar to post at my weight ive had so many different doctors say they think i have anorexia but i havnt just like you have a high metabolisum. i've been bullied throughout my entire life about it too. i remember one day i was wearing shorts to school because it was hot and a boy in my year grapped my ankles and asked what was wrong with me why i was so skinny. its shocking what people can do and say and how much it hurts even doctors accusing you of somthing that you do not have hurts so much. i hit puberty at 16 i was so so so late developing. and now my boobs are bigger than my best friends i have a bum now!! it fits in my trousers!! wahoo! im 19 and still people are so quick to judge you. its so hard being skinny but its life and genes my dad was skinny when he was younger but now he has a rather round belly! i would love to gain a few pounds and even stone! but its so hard to. i love you zoe for doing this post, i relate to it so so so much! i hope people understand how hard it is being skinny and i would never accuse someone of being fat so how can people say to a 'skinny' person are you anorexic?? its so heartbreaking.

  114. I most definitely agree with this. I just wrote a paper on eating disorders and how media influences us. In my paper I stated that we have to stop blaming skinny people and assuming they are anorexic and respect them. But we also should stop calling overweight people obese and categorizing both differently. We are ALL human beings with different body types and we shouldn't categorize anyone because a) they are too boney, or b)they are too thick. This is just the way the world is and it drives me absolutely insane.

  115. This is one of the best posts I've read in a long, long time. Mostly as it struck a chord with me personally – I've always been slim too, and, similarly to you, was ashamed of my body as I saw everyone around me growing, filling out and looking more womanly. At 5'11, I already stand out from the crowd, but my slimness made this ten times worse, and the amount of times people have felt they have a right to comment on my weight and/or height is just uncountable now.
    I think people truly fail to realise how upsetting it can be, to suffer explicit judgements on your appearance, judgements that are actually often said in a negative way, whether on purpose or not.
    I still get comments, and I still get upset – why can't people see ME rather than my body? Why must I be a weight or height rather than a personality? It's horrid, and I can really really understand where you're coming from in all of this.
    You are, of course, stunning, and more importantly [though probably seeming weird coming from a relative stranger] you come across as a lovely person – that's what matters in my book, and should be the only thing that matters to everyone else.

  116. I completely get what you are saying about the skinny thing as I had a tall friend who was very slim but she ate more than me at times…People would comment behind her back and to her and she would get really upset which was horrible for me to see :/
    But one thing I kind of disagree with you on, is that you say your a fatty and shizz, (I know a lot of people do) but that, to me, is like someone going ohh im such a skinny if you know what I mean? Which could be hurtful to others just as the skinny thing is to you.
    But this was a good blogpost as I know from experience how hurtful it can be.

  117. oh my goodness I ALWAYS get things like this said to me and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. especially when people automatically assume I have an eating disorder and god forbid I actually have to pee after I eat because then I'm bulimic. People are ridiculous

  118. the BMI system is bullshit anyway. an "obese" person could just be really muscular but because they are heavier and maybe "too" short that gives them a higher BMI or in your instance a lower one. it's total crap and needs to be abolished.

    everyone should watch the movie "Fat Head" (documentary) it blows the lid off crap like that.

  119. I really agree with this post! But I seem to be really weird with eating as I never really get hungry in the day only morning – therefore I'll just eat quite a large breakfast and not really eat anything at school, but one of my friends thought I wasn't eating and then told me I needed to speak to someone about my "eating disorder". She was really rude about and I have to say if I did actually have an eating disorder(which I don't) she would have just made me feel even worse about it. I don't think it's ever really right to comment on someone's overweight – everyone has a set of scales and a mirror meaning they know if they're too fat or too skinny! Great post! x

  120. For jay parker read properly! I said that why the doctor would of been concerned in case it was an eating disorder or to do with her genes!!

    Zoe, you said above that the doctor said your BMI is lower than it should be you hadnt stated what your BMI is. I never said you had an eating disorder :/ what i was saying was she was probably asking whether it was to do with your genes or whether you might have an eating disorder because you weigh so little.

    You have clearly not understood me.

  121. @thebrunettegirl – I said "just under average". I didn't say that's what you said. What I meant was, why should it only come down to "maybe your doctor thinks you might have an eating disorder". Being "just under the average BMI", your doctor wouldnt instantly assume there was something seriously wrong. I don't appreciate you saying I weigh "so little" either. It's things like that I find contribute to this post. Are you suggesting that weighing 7stone 5lbs is the weight of someone with an eating disorder then?

  122. Ellie

    Such a good post! And I entirely agree, who gives you the right to judge and comment anything of someone's appearance? As long as you're happy with yourself then that is really all that matters and nobody should make you think differently about yourself :) xx

  123. oh my god FINALLY someone talks about this!
    The weight debate is so ridiculously one-sided. If the front cover of magazines were 'celebs that are too fat' instead of 'too skinny', then it would be a scandal!
    I got a Heat magazine this week and the cover spread is something like 'Yay! Curvy beach bodies!' but if it said 'yay! skinny beach bodies!' everyone would think its a bad example.

    Thank you so much for finally shedding some light to all the closed-minded people out there!

  124. I wan to cry!:(
    but i'm agree with you!:D
    and you can say…
    cause baby i was born this way!


  125. When I was younger I had the same problem and my doctor was convinced I had an eating disorder, when he wanted to discuss this with my mum she could honestly say she sees the way I eat, the way I live and I was in no way concerned with my weight.

    I then was diagnosed with an "overactive thyroid" which means I couldn't put on weight, where as if someone had an "under active thyroid" they'd have the opposite effect and not be able to loose weight.

    I was so sick of having to justify myself that I just stopped doing so, I went on with my life and eventually I did start gaining weight gradually, I'm now a "healthier" weight and actually feel like I want to lose some or tone up but in all reality I've never had to exercise before so I am not very fit after years of netball and stopping and still being very skinny.

    You, and nobody else for that matter should have to justify themselves especially their weight to anybody else.. nobody wants to be called "too" anything but the sad truth is.. people will always judge.

  126. Zoe,

    First I must say it must have taken a great deal of courage to write this. I know many people who feel like this but don't want to say anything because of the dozens of people who will jump all over them saying the usual "you have nothing to complain about you're thin" spiel. As you said, people never really stop to think about the REASONS behind the situations people are in. You have every right to voice your opinion and I think you did so in a very dignified way.You are beautiful just by being you and hopefully others will see that about themselves too; excuse the unintentional rhyming.


  127. I completely agree with this post. I slightly agree with thebrunettegirl.
    I really respect the fact that you made this post, I made a similar one and all of your points needed to be said! Hopefully we can get rid of the ignorance people have when it comes to weight. BMI is one of the most unreliable things in the world, it doesn't take into account dense bones/muscles/metabolisms so I don't even bother with that like you said. I think people should concentrate less on the scales and more on health. (funny me saying that since i eat like a pig) Health>weight.

    I have been asked some odd questions by my doctor because of my weight, I don't mind because if it means they could potentially save someone who does have an eating disorder then so be it. Just like if they asked an overweight person whether they do exercise or not. If it could improve the quality of life of another person then I don't have a problem with it. It's their job to prod at us and as annoying/offensive it may be, it could save someone.

  128. @kissonthechic there are lots of magazines that say celebs are "too fat" that's why some loose weight and then the magazines then say they are "too thin" nobody can win, you should notice that the "curvy" women are a normal, sometime even below, size. I personally think that they weight debate is ridiculous there are people below and above the "ideal" bmi (which is ridiculous in itself) that are healthier and fitter than those who are considered healthy. As long as you are comfortable and healthy be happy with yourself!

  129. I was actually going to do a post on my experience with my weight issues, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested, haa.
    I used to be REALLY skinny, & have a fast metabolism, but in the last year/year & a half, all that weight's caught up on me, & I've got curves for the first time in my life. In the last couple of days I've realised that I need to start eating healthily & exercising to basically 'tone up', as well as personal medical reasons.
    People think being skinny is great, but not when people begin to think you're anorexic even though you eat heaps, :|

  130. *hugs and kisses*
    I freaking love that you were strong enough to not only draft this post but click, post! Thats a BIG step you took hunny and I'm so proud to be a follower. I like that you have grown to the point in ur life where u have embraced your size enough to shrug off ignorant nurses like her and rude comments…you ARE beautiful, inside and out. And to me, you look fine

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  131. I'm SO glad you wrote this post and that you brought this issue up, because its something that has bugged me so much for a few years, and its a relief to hear that other people feel the same way I do about this :)

    I'm 5ft 6 and 8st 1lb, and it make me angry that even total strangers feel that they have the right to comment on how little I am and say some pretty offensive things, that they would never dream of saying to someone at the other end of the weight scale.
    It makes me sick that people think that they may say whatever they like to you if you are slim, and its not offensive, when it bloody well is!
    One of my neighbours once said to me 'you look like a pencil with the wood shaved off' and I will never forget it. It was SO rude I was just literally stood there like, did he actually just say that to me? If I had been overweight would he have said, you look like a pregnant elephant? No he would not! Im not anorexic I'm just slim for my height and it irritates the hell out of me that people think they can say what they like to you if your slim, as they obviously think they don't have to worry about knocking your confidence or hurting your feelings. But the fact is, being slim does not automatically imbue with heaps of confidence, slim girls (and even guys) have body hangups and issues the same as anyone else.
    The one thing I hate the most is people who say ' you know guys prefer curvy girls' because they think that I don't eat because I think I look better slim and I do that to be more 'attractive'. But its just the way I am. So it upsets me because I can't help how much I weigh if I eat normally (which I do), and I don't see why some people feel like its OK to say things like that to you. If someone was obese they would not say to them 'you know, guys prefer girls with less weight' and so by the same token its NOT OK to say it to someone on the slim side.

    So glad you wrote this, and sorry for the super long comment XD

    X x

  132. Eleri

    Thank you for writing this! I weigh the same as you and I'm an inch shorter 5'3inch. I get asked every day how much I weigh. To the point where, recently someone asked me my size and I was quick to respond "I'm a 6 on top, 8 on bottom" harshly. Then they responded "No, I meant your shoe size". Embarrassing!

    I am constantly trying to put on weight but I have a high metabolism too and every time I go to the doctors they are concerned. They are quick to always ask what I eat and whether I need to see a dietician.

    I have found that its harder for me to confide with friends, the difficulties of trying to gain weight. They usually tell me how lucky I am and then I feel awful when I see that they struggle to lose weight. I don't want them to think I'm bragging.

    Thank you for making me realise I'm not alone in this. Love your blog!

    x x x

  133. RCagz

    This is fabulous post Zoe! It's so refreshing to see the whole body image subject from this angle, I can truly see how someone can get upset for being called skinny. It really doesn't matter what you look like, everyone's beautiful in their own way! And that's what fashion's for, to hide the insecurities and show off our best assets – no matter what they are ;)

    And as for BMI, it's all a load of bullcr*p anyway. I remember reading somewhere that when Brad Pitt was filming Gladiator(I think?), his BMI at the time classified him as morbidly obese but it he'd been on a diet that made him gain MUSCLE not fat. It's not really the best indication of healthy weight to be honest and really not worth getting upset over.

    Keep up the great work on the blog! <3

  134. Sarah

    Reading this was literally like reading my own thoughts! I'm in complete agreement with you!
    I'm 5"7 and have always been thin – I suppose I'm lucky in the sense I can eat what I want and get away with it. I stopped eating meat when I was around 14 and have only just started again last month (after around five years) particially in a bid to get a bit bigger.
    In the first year or two of Secondary school I had a few comments about my non-existant boobs (but let's face it, I was tall and thin, I was hardly going to have double d's). One particular boy decided to take a disliking to me in year 11 and used to call me 'A cup' (original seeing as though I was a B..pah). After year 11 he left school and about three years later on facebook I added him – he had no tagged pictures of him with friends (because he didn't have anyway). I waited a while so I knew he'd see my pictures (Me + boobs – glasses = not bad) and then wrote 'HAHA' on his facebook wall and blocked him again. Probably not the highest road I've taken but it sure felt good!
    Last year in work one of the boys who started when I did said out of the blue "Sarah you're like really skinny." I felt so angry and told him straight that if he said that to someone who actually had something wrong like an eating disorder how what he said would do damage and that he needed to watch what he said! I suppose it came with age that I stuck up for myself and put him in his place, because like you said, he wouldn't dare say to someone overweight "you're like really fat you know that?"

    It's posts like these why I enjoy being a part of the blogging community!

    Sorry for the essay :) xx

  135. Orla

    you are so brave to write about this issue. what matters is being healthy and loving your body for what it is! blog is pure amazing xxx

  136. LC

    really agree zoe that people don't consider the feelings of slimmer people sometimes. great thought provoking post, sad to hear about the poor treatment by the nurse – i think you are beautiful and hilarious xxx

  137. Please don't put yourself down to make any of those misery guts feel better about themselves. If they are insecure of the fact that are slightly or somewhat overweight – they have no right whatsoever to pick or comment on anyone else. The truth is all these people sit behind their computers picking at everyone else, when they can just as easily hop on a treadmill and fix their own personal situation – you're gorgeous and don't let any of those losers get to you. They comment because they feel threatened by your beauty and feel the need to pick everyone else apart. They will never be beautiful until 1. they work on their attitudes 2. they work on themselves. xx

  138. AMEN Zoe. I have the same thing as you and people tell me not to bitch about how hard it is to gain weight. Because their struggle is so much more important? I also did an internship at a law firm where a 40-something attorney took one look at me on the elevator and said "you're so skinny. i hate you." nice. i have to hear that a lot. I hate being so skinny but there's nothing to do about it so I love your message to just accept yourself and for people to lay off.

    I also have had quite a few problems with doctors even though I've always been this way. One had me write down what I ate so she could count my calories later. Laugh's on her. I ate 4,000 that day. More than most grown men. I finally found one who got it.

    Seriously, thanks for this post.

  139. Abby

    I just wanted to leave a comment as someone who struggles with their weight on the opposite spectrum. You mention that it should seem just as unfair to comment on someone who is skinny as someone who is heavy.
    I personally think the reason that people feel it acceptable to comment about skinny people is because it is clearly more socially acceptable to be skinny than it is to be overweight. Being skinny is something that most everyone is constantly striving for with this diet or that diet, working out, etc…Being overweight isn't something that anyone seems to strive for. So if you're naturally skinny (something that most people want) of course you'll get comments.
    I can assure you, that you would rather walk around maybe slightly underweight and have people making mostly envious comments about you being skinny, than someone who is overweight listening to peoples comments that are not meant with any sort of good intention.
    Just something to think about…

  140. Emily

    Finally! someone that understands me! I'm 15, almost 6ft tall and still growing, and i weigh 115lbs. i absolutely hate it when people say i need to put some meat on my bones or that I need to eat some food! ugh drives me nuts! It's nice to know that there are other girls out there like yourself that struggle with the same crap i do. xoxo, emily

  141. I have to disagree with you on just one issue. It is more socially acceptable to be thin, and often when people comment on your weight (being too thin) it is because they are envious and probably weigh more than you. It is a lot easier to be thin in this generation than to be overweight, even by ten lbs. It is not really fair to say that being thin comes with the same stress that being over weight does. Not saying that it comes with ZERO stress, I just don't think it is fair to compare.

  142. I completely agree. I was the same, and my friends would tease me about it. It really did upset me, and they wouldn't understand. I had a friend who was constantly trying to lose weight ad she would constantly compare her arm to my arm, her weight to my weight, calling me hurtful names. People would say "anything would look good on you", but nothing did. Everything was too big and I had no shape. I'm so glad I've found people I can relate to! xxx

  143. Leah

    This is probably the most encouraging post I have ever read. People always say, "your so skinny, put some weight on!" to me, and i always eat so much rap, i just don't put weight on. You are beautiful Zoe(:
    Give me an email anytime,

    xx Leah

  144. Winny.

    here, here.
    that took a lot for you to share with people.
    but well done xx

  145. Nav

    i loved reading this post, i hate when people comment on my weight, its uncomfortable and awkward xx

  146. Belle

    Doctors are terrible with BMI's and what not. Every time I get weighed they go on at me about having too high a BMI but I've been healthy eating and exercising for two years so I'm not unhealthy. They don't hold back with their words either, it's like they don't care of the effect it has on their patients. I've walked out of doctors (and dentists strangely enough) in tears for what they've said, which I don't think is right to be honest.
    I agree with everything in your post and wouldn't dream of calling someone slim 'too skinny' or 'bag of bones', I've had friends confronted with those terms and seen how it hurts. Any form of derogative terms are going to hurt people.
    It must have taken a lot to write this post, good for you hun
    Love Belle xx

  147. This is such a great post that I can totally relate to in both ways. I have always been skinny, a size 6 until I was about 21, I also had a similar experience with a doctor who wasn't so polite as your nurse and flat out asked me if I had a eating disorder, to which I replied no, but he still proceeded to tell me all the problems they can cause as though he didn't believe me. I left feeling upset obviously, because like you I just had a fast metabolism and could eat pretty much anything. Then when I hit 21 it seems it slowed down and I started to put on weight. I am still only a size 8-10 and now people say to me "Oh you've put on a bit of weight haven't you?" Which then makes me feel really self conscious. You can't win either way, so I think you are totally right we just have to be happy with ourselves :)

  148. I'm sort of the same. I'm not that skinny, but my friends assume I have no problem with my body because I'm not fat. And people say I'm skinny all time time and it does get to me, cos people are basically saying I'm shapeless :L x

  149. Amzing post. Well done for tackling something that needs to be said more often. I would never dream of commenting on anyone's size, especially when I'm not so perfect myself.

    Everybody is different, people just can't seem to accept that fact.

  150. Inka

    This post is so great Zoe & I can totally relate! I'm exactly like you, I've always been skinny (amazingly, I have almost exactly the same measurements as you!) and I'm still the same height & weight that I was when I was 12 (I'm 22 now). I eat absolutely anything I please, I love chocolate & pizza & burgers yet I won't put on weight. People need to realize that some people just are naturally thin and that commenting on other people's weight is not very polite to begin with. THANK YOU for this post Zoe.

  151. I feel EXACTLY the same, I'm skinny(healthy skinny) but people ask me all the time; are you eating enough, are you anorexic, … and the answer is NO! I'm perfectly healthy and I eat A LOT, I just don't gain any weight. My mum, sister are exactly the same so was my grandmother

  152. awhh haha i love this! i feel the exact same way.. and i still am very skinny and its so annoying when people comment i just want to yell at them and say dont u think i know im skinny! dont you think if i could i would change it! i dont like my body but im learning to accept it cause i dont like to be upset and i know eventually i will thicken up a bit, but its hard to make progress when people constantly comment on it. :) once agian…i love your blog

  153. i totalllly agreee with you zoe!! everyone used to say it to me like even my friends mums it used to really upset and id go home and scoff my face lol!! i think its very unfair that people think its ok to say look how skinny you are but wouldnt say look how fat you are. I also hate how things are set in writing with the BMI's they dont take into account peoples different body sizes and shapes. i was measured at the gym last year around my waist and my hips and then looked at the chart, the chart said that i had a risk of being overweight :O i laughed so hard because i dont have wide hips the chart obviously shows the waist/hip ratio as me having a big belly instead of small hips! its rediculous! now i am still petite but super curvy and sometimes i wish id embraced my little figure when i had it instead of trying to hide it as everyone commented on how tiny i was!!
    lots of love charlie

  154. Jo

    I can relate to this post so much. Im 5ft 10 and all through my teenage years, right up untill I was around 24 I weighed no more than 8 stone. I was called every name under the sun, I was constantly asked "do you have an eating disorder", "why are you so skinny" "you need to put some weight on" "you look ill" blah blah blah I hear it all. Yet I ate like any other normal person, I just couldn't put on weight. Even when I was pregnant with Anton, I gained 3 stone and lost it again the minute he was born and went back to 8 stone.

    Then when I hit my early 20's around 23, my body just started to mature and fill out and I finally started gaining weight. My boobs got a little bigger, I got a nice shape, I got a nice bum. Everything just went right. I think it comes with age hun.

  155. Great post! Somebody had to say it. I get called skinny and anorexic all the time. I personally think I am of normal weight for my height which is very short, below average and I weigh more than you! I think people think I'm skinny because I lack curves which I can't help. Id love to have bigger boobs and hips but hey what can I do right? If I were to be heavier I would look plump and feel sticky and groggy like what you said.

    As to the comparison you made about how people don't make remarks at a fat person, that's what I say all the time! I also use that on my height. For some reason people think they need to reiterate how short I am and let me know. Well, hello, I see myself in the mirror and I know how short I am jeez. No one says anything about a fat person so why are they targeting skinny and short people.

    Amen to your post <3

  156. Oh my goodness I'm so thankful that you did a post on this! I did a (much shorter) similar post a few months back. I'm exactly the same proportions that you mentioned and you're exactly right. It is difficult. Plus, it tends to be easier for larger people to lose weight than it is for skinny people to gain weight. We both have to fight our metabolisms regardless. The more skinny people eat the faster our metabolisms burn. Its a blessing and a curse.

    I think all of us skinny gals go through the stage where we're super insecure due to lack of feminine curve. As I got older I accepted the fact that I wasn't going to fill out quite as generously like my friends. I try to look at it in a different light. My friends may have the perfect proportioned beach body, but I have the body type of a runway model. It helps keep me positive to find role models who embrace their bodies – pokey bones and all.

  157. Maria

    just wanted to point out in response to some comments: you can have an eating disorder at ANY weight. (But being underweight and overweight does make it more likely.)

  158. i totally know what you mean.
    sometimes an extra-quick motab is a hyperactive thyroid… i have a HYPO-active thyroid, but it just makes me really tired. i've never noticed any weight gain… but then again, i'm pretty active.

    i think weight is personal.

  159. Cait

    I feel you on this but on the opposite end of the spectrum. I've always been chubby or heavier and it's very frustrating when people think that I completely chose to be this way. Even when I'm at my lowest weight I'm still chubby b/c of how short I am. Right now my weight is higher unfortunately but I'm working on lowering it and yeah. Idk. I just feel you on this whole thing and it's absolute bullshit that people feel they can comment about it whenever they want to.

  160. I agree, though i may not be as skinny as you say you were (I'm 14) It gets kind of tiering hearing "Go eat a hamburger" or went people think i dont eat (to exaggerate it all I'm about 5'6" so that makes me look even skinnier), because the truth is I eat WAYY more that any of my friends but don't ever really gain. Although I think sometimes people mean it as a compliment or even jealousy, honestly it wouldnt be bad to "graduate" from the "itty bitty commity".
    Also I get what your saying about it being an insult to the overweight but not to the skinnier, still hurts.

  161. Great Post Zoe!

    I think whether slim or fat, people will judge and it shouldnt be the case!

    I am a big girl and although you say 'people wouldn't go up to a fat person and say – lose weight' – I have had many comments either to my face or said near me very loudly. Mainly by drunk idiots on nights out, but it is upsetting!! These people do not know me, or know that I am a nice person and would do anything for anyone, they just see I am bigger and to them this means I am the worst person in the world and all human decency should leave the place and they can say what they like!!

    Yes I have to admit I have always wished I was skinny etc, but I know how hard it must be for someone like you the same as me, when people feel they can comment on you!

    Sorry i have now rambled on hehe xx

  162. i'm hoping you read this.

    i am extremely underweight and compared to my friends i feel like the odd one out. I am 14yrs old and weigh 30kg – considered skinny. WHenever someone asked me my weight and i answer, they always say something along the lines of 'i weighed like that when i was 8' or 'woah ( as a surprise)'.

    i hate my figure and somehow i never gain weight. It's really hard for me to find clothes that fit. I've tried eating more and taking vitamins daily and nothing helps. I wish i was normal.

    I look horrible in jeans and people say my thighs are the size of their arm. I hate it.

    I know exactly how you would have felt and i completely agree. I'm hoping someday, i would have 'sprouted boobs' and a bottom, but right now i feel my body will never do such a thing. WHen i change fro p.e at school, i hide. Or for swimming lessons i go straight for the toilet. I am body-conscious in all sorts of ways and never accept my body. My sister is normal, my brother and my parents…it's just me.

    Whenever someone calls me anorexic, i almost cry. The insult brings me down and makes me feel worse about myself. It is not my fault my body is underweight and i've tried my hardest to gain weight. My mother says to eat more to look beautiful and my dad says because i have a flat bottom i'll never become a model ( when people say i shouldbe a model). Why aren't i like everyone else?

    i am the most unhealthy in my family, but yet i am the skinniest. It's is embarrassing shopping in 'kids' sections and shopping centres. I know people talk about me when they see my weight. I hope i overcome the fact that i AM normal.

  163. I love this post for many reasons.
    I'm approximatly 5ft3, and i weigh exactly 99.4lbs. Which is roughly just under 7.5 stone.
    The amount of times when i was younger that i got ridiculed for being skinny, i actually started to believe that i had a problem.
    Depression runs in my family too, and because of that i get a few months a year where i just don't eat and don't have any appetite, I don't loose weight or anything, but my hair starts to loose it's livleyness. But i've been to the doctor's countless times, and had blood test and what have you. But everything turns out perfectly normal. I've come to the understanding, it's really just my genes. My mum and dad aren't much meat, but i'm taller than them both.

    Sometimes people say they'd love to have my legs, but i think that's what i'm most insecure about, because i have such a gap between my thighs when i stand with them together, but i tend not to focus too much on it. Because everyone has flaws in their own eyes.

    I've never really been happy about my boob's, as i have a 30" back and i can never find a decently fitting bra because of that aspect, so people say things about those too. But since i started dating my current boyfriend. He's made me feel so much better about my body, because he constantly compliments me. I'm not a fan for compliments, and i take them badly. But it's put my confidence up a large amount.

    People, especially strangers, should just start to compliment on the aspects of other people, rather than pointing out, what's possibly is making people lack their confidence.


  164. This was such an interesting article. Thanks for bringing light to a topic not often discussed. I completely agree.

    – Kimberly

  165. i hardly ever read very long articles, but this one related to me allot. I to have a high metabolosim and i am 5'3 and 7 and somewhat stones.

    I remember going to the doctors a while ago she took my BMI, and sed that i was underweight. Ive heard it before.

    Now i do have a large bum , and like a B CUP top half, i am slightly happy but would prefer a little bit more, i am reaching 17 and wondering if i would ever grow more than a b? :(

  166. That's so weird, I went to the doctors just the other day and he weighed me and took my height: 5"4 and 7stone 5lbs, he told me to put a stone on in the next month. I cant. Right now, I'm eating a box of jaffa cakes, okay, I have finished the box, I just want to put weigh on so I can have boobs tbh, being 16 and having no boobs isn't easy haha :/

  167. I know exactly how you feel, i'm the same and i eat so much its not funny. I have a really fast metabolism too. I hate it when people say are you annorexic yes it is just like walking up to a overweight peson and saying wow are you obese?
    Check out my blog if you want. Im just starting Thanks xx happy birthday for tomorrow (its tomorrow where i am) <:)

  168. I had somebody come up to me yesterday and ask me why i was so skinny and that i 'need a good sandwich'. I was taunted for being anorexic in junior school and i've been told that i'm not very nice to hug because i'm so bony.
    Boys always take the mick out of me for my boobs (i barely fit an A and i'm 15 – awkward.) I used to pretended i'd hurt my ankle on the days where we had to go swimming in PE, because i didn't want anyone to see me in the school's swimming costume with no padding.

    Mind you, i do enjoy eating whatever i want, whenever i want – having a fast metabolism definitely has its ups! xxx

  169. eve

    You have no idea how comforting it is that someone feels the same.

    I am not underweight. I've never had a major problem with my body, and it's strange that other people do; at a young age I was called anorexic, all because I was a thin, lanky kid. My parents were like twigs when they were younger, so it runs in the genes. Now, even my close friends make little comments which can really get to me. Even if it’s something little like "Ergh, you're so skinny" how do I react to that?! What’s even worse is when people comment on your eating habits, they always catch you when you're not hungry or full up, and interrogate you on why you are not eating; I eat what I want, am unfit, lazy and happy!

    I soooo understand how you feel when people are commenting on your weight, what is it to them anyway? If you're happy with what you are they can get lost (to put it politely.) It has made my day reading this; it’s nice that someone puts the thoughts of hundreds of girls like us for those inconsiderate people to understand.

  170. This is such an incredible post <3
    I'm exactly the same and rarely put on weight. I'm told i'm too skinny yet the rare times I have managed to put on weight i get 'oh, you've put on a bit of weight then' making it sound like a bad thing?!
    I have the same 'problem' with my legs – they are too skinny and I would much prefer them to have more shape so I could wear shorts and anything other than a body con skirt.
    Weight is far too much of a big deal nowadays. Everyone is either too fat or too thin and it seems everyone feels the need to criticise someones weight.
    It's so insensitive when people make comments like that. And unnecessary.
    Thank you for highlighting such an important issue.

  171. Hi Zoe, just wanted to say my sister told me about you a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I haven't been able to stay away from your blog/youtube thingy (I'm not a massive youtube-er myself) Everything you've said here is my life! Small body but boobs that came from nowhere and people constantly commenting on my weight. It certainly is nice to know I'm not the only one. Keep it up! xx

  172. Diana

    I'm glad that skinny women are coming together now to address this issue. I've been bullied all my life for being skinny and it's not fair; people need to be aware. It's the media too, all those articles about "real women" being the shape of a doughnut- what on earth…? we're all real women, thank you.




  174. Zsara

    I think this is a great post; I went to school with a girl who had issues putting on weight and was bullied for it.

    That said, I used to be overweight and you do get yelled at in the street, told to go to weightwatchers, asked awkward questions by doctors (all illnesses are as a result of your weight apparently), an old woman told me i shouldn't eat in public on a bus once, a man told me i should try and eat less…..

    i think it shouldn't matter what the hell you weigh or what your body type is to make you a) healthy and b) a woman. What should matter is whether you're happy within your body and then perhaps we'll all stop making assumptions and casting asperstions on each others sizes and eating habits.

    ps: BMI has fuck all to do with being healthy – Michael Jordan i.e. an athlete is classified as being overweight because of his height & weight. It's such a bullshit scheme.

  175. I went through the exact same thing as you.. I am slightly taller, I stand at 5'6 and when I was 14/15 barely weighed 100lbs. I was 105 at 17. and then somehow (I am slightly older than you) at 23 I gained weight I now sit comfortably at 128lbs (that is last time I weighed myself.. I don't do it often) I am now a size 7. I think it had something to do with switching to a lower dose hormone contraceptive (switched from tri-cyclen to tri-cyclen low) I have booty and boobies now :) I think I always looked good.. Honestly I feel as though people are simply ignorant and that the BMI is off.. there are ALOT and I mean ALOT of overweight people and the average is based on your age and height but not your bone structure. There are 3 main bone structures.. ectomorph (thin) mesomorph (medium, bit stalkier than ectomorph) and lastly endomorph (thick and stalky build) Each of these have a different ideal weight to carry on their frame. A health professional should know this. <3 love your blog keep it up!!

  176. KC

    I'm actually new to your blog, but this post caught my eye (as I see it did many others!). At 5'9 and 110lbs I reallllyyy understand where this post is coming from, unfortunately, I'm in my 20's and the days of waiting for any lovely curves are gone and never came. I'm a perpetual bean pole and constantly ridiculed for being anorexic or bulimic even – when I was younger and not nearly brave enough to speak my mind, I actually quit a job due to being constantly called that even though I've never had an eating disorder – in the same boat as you with ridiculous metabolism. It took me years to feel comfortable at my weight and to be able to fend for myself when the mudslinging starts. I was always amazingly confused as to way it was taboo to joke someone for being fat, but joking someone who is skinny was deemed "okay". It's important to note that at a certain point too skinny or too fat is just not good for one's health – like you, I've eaten a ton of junk because I thought it would help me "grow a booty" but really all it does is make me feel blah, thusly, I was not in great shape due to my excessively unhealthy junk diet, not the weight itself. Positive perception of oneself makes all the difference in the world. I'm a bean pole, I'm proud of it.. tradin' in my candy bars for protein bars and tons of veggies and I feel amazing.

    Oh, and you're blog is super fun and cute! keep on keepin' on.
    xo kc

  177. I totally understand where you're coming from. It's like, you're either too skinny or too fat and you can't please anyone. People think that just because being thin is more acceptable in society, it's okay to tell you you're "too skinny" and that you should eat more. I remember a few years ago at my old job (so glad to be out of that place!), these two older ladies commented on my figure (yeah, old people can be just as nasty!) saying how I was so skinny (meanwhile, I was holding Subway in my hand, lol) and then they say, "Well, at least we know she eats". I just thought it was completely rude and inappropriate and it did not make me feel good at all. These people say it in such a condescending manner as if there's actually something wrong with you when in fact, there's absolutely not.

    You wouldn't call an overweight person fat to their face and I don't see why things should be different for thin people. They don't know you and if you're naturally built that way. Well, naturally thin or not, it's not their place to say anything, anyway. It's just completely ignorant, and to judge someone on their looks, especially over something they have no control over, is just downright nasty.

    I think the media these days tends to focus on "bigger is beautiful" to try and be more accepting of all body shapes, but then girls like us are left out, as if we should feel bad for being naturally thin. It's impossible for me to put on weight too, but I don't care. I've stopped caring about what people think.

    You are honestly one of the most gorgeous girls, Zoella, and you should be proud of your petite frame. :) It's also nice being able to eat as much junk as you like without consequences, isn't it?!

    Sorry this was so long! It's a subject close to me too. xox

  178. Hello Zoe!
    My name's Sophie, i'm french (so excuse me if my english isn't perfect ;p) and i turn 22 yrs old in may.

    Nowadays i weigh 9st9, and i am 5.5ft (if i'm sure, i've converted those measures lol). But 6 years ago, for the same height i weighed 7st4, so i was very skinny and i hated my body. Some people made fun of me (a boy told me my arms resembled a "breadstick" (ewww a french bread, which looks like a stick..?); afterwards a girl asked me if i was anorexik and she wasn't the only one; my best friend's mother could'nt help telling her (who was a little bit fat but beautiful!) that she should take care and take me for example O_o it was disgusting!!). Thus i TOTALLY understand (except that i wasn't as pretty as you are haha) and i ate, ate, ate and now i have to admit that i feel just beautiful! i know i am stout, i have fat on my thighs, i also have lots of stretch marks, i may be ugly but i don't care, i really accept myself now.

    Some say that some specific exercises can help to take weigh (because it helps being hungry, it develops muscles (which is louder than fat) etc…) but when i was skinny i feared to be even skinnier, so….. i don't know!

    Last but not least, you are a beautiful girl with a STYLE that lots of girls envy (maybe you also have the money, lucky you lol), and i think LOTS of people allow themselves to say those things to skinny girls because they would LOVE to look like you, maybe some of them really worry (and it can be cute), but lots of them are just JEALOUUUUS, don't forget that ;)

  179. aaaargh i also forgot! Today i still HATE my arms & hands, my ankles & my feet 'cause they are skinny and, as for me, they look like a skeleton (no i'm not deformed lol but i've fat haha!)

    good luck :)

  180. This made me cry because it pretty much summed up my life.
    I'm tall (about 5'9") and and just over 100 lbs. In other words, a string bean.
    Just the other day my mother asked me if I'd lost weight.. It broke my heart because I hadn't really noticed until she said anything, but she was right. All I had been doing was eating healthier. I don't want to look like a stick figure :( but I want to put healthy food into my body.
    I was also recently in a musical at my highschool. I got comments on my figure constantly. Fellow cast members and strangers in the audience came up and told me things like what you've mentioned. So basically I've been feeling pretty down recently.
    All my life I've been told to put more meat on my bones. It is hurtful, and it does affect my self image. People need to learn to shut their mouths and keep their thoughts to themselves. Thank you for writing this. Even though it made me cry, it made me feel like I'm not alone. It also gave me a chance to vent about my issues with weight. I can't say these things to most people because then I suddenly become that "skinny bitch" who doesn't know how "good" she has it.
    I love your blog
    and your youtube videos
    Please keep them coming!

  181. m-ks

    Hi Zoe,
    i love this post and it did make me think a little more and what you said made so much sense as people can say things, sometimes to hurt you but sometimes they unintentionally hurt you, so this made me realise that everyone needs to watch what they say because you never know how a person is feeling or what they're going through!
    Love your blog! x

  182. I love this!!! My entire life people have been saying this to me whether they be my family friends my doctor or random strangers, It truly does hurt and has added to my depression but seeing this posts lets me know I'm not alone. Thank you sooo much for writing this! :)

  183. Good job writing this. It's an important thing to get out there. I'm trying to play catchup today on all the blogs I follow and had to respond to this post. I actually just posted something on our blog along these very same lines, and I bet you'll find a lot of stuff in it that you can relate to. There were lots of comments within the post and underneath it from girls who feel just like you. My main point behind the whole post was that we need to appreciate women of ALL shapes and sizes. You can read it here:

    Body Confessions: Think skinny girls have no image issues?

    A lot of the people who call you skinny probably THINK they're paying you a compliment because they wish they were and assume everyone who's skinny is happy about it. I'd bet at least some of them are well-meaning when they say it. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have already been hearing my fair share of weight comments. "I didn't show that early!" "Maybe you're having twins!" It's annoying, but it's just in people's nature.

    I'm so glad that YOU are happy with you – that's what counts!!! <3

  184. Oh, P.S. – EVERYone needs exercise, and there are certain kinds you can do that will build muscle instead of reducing fat. Not sure if you have Curves where you live (workout centers for women only), but strength training-type exercise would probably be right up your alley! Hope this helps!

  185. I get excactly the same comments about being to skinny and small. :| but Im just petite and eat loads of crap anyway! hehehe.
    I love your blog btw :') xox.

  186. Kate

    Attempting to make somebody feel uncomfortable because they're skinny is as wrong as making somebody feel uncomfortable because they're larger. It's also not fair to call somebody in between 'average'. I just don't think there is any point to put labels on everybody – we are all real women with realistic bodies, and every body out there is different. Shapes, sizes, & how they work inside (metabolisms). At the end of the day, people don't realise the harshness of their comments until they are turned around on them.

  187. wow,this has really given a a more…fresh outlook on life! It is very true that a lot of people find it acceptable to comment on a large person's weight and confront people that "seem" to be under-weight.Watching your videos on you-tube and looking at the way you've set out your life-style just makes me smile and think "why cant EVERYBODY" be like this zoella! I think your doing great and your right…the best thing to do IS to just walk away….:)

  188. You've totally hit the nail on the head. I've been feeling like this too for ages.

    This was such a good read.

    – Kayleigh x

  189. this is so amazing. i completely agree, ive gone to the doctors quite a few times and practically every day people tell me how skinny i am, compare wrist sizes and make me feel so small and insignificant. why cant people accept us for who we are and exactly noone would call someone fat to their face so why is it EVER acceptable to be so open about calling someone skinny. x

  190. Jody

    i am exactly the same! I am so skinny & always have been, even though i eat insanse amounts a day.. & i ALWAYS get called anorexic! love this post :) x

  191. Bria

    I totally agree! I've always been skinny and when I was younger I was self conscious about it. I'm so glad you wrote about this!

  192. that's exactly what's in my mind. I have this fast super metabolism too and I hate it to hear from everyone, oh you're so skinny or you should eat more. I can't stand these comments. When someone says something like that to me, I could slap him in his face. You described this situation so damn good, I thought I could have written this text. It feels good to know that I'm not the only one with this problems. You're so gorgeous!

  193. Fantastic post!

    I totally agree with everything you said!
    For me, I think that people have a certain weight they suit. I had a couple of friends who were around 7 stone and a size 6-8. They certainly didnt look like they had an eating disorder. They looked fine. Although I was slightly jealous :)

    I dont think people have a right to comment on someones weight, especially someone they dont know.

    Personally, I think you look fab! And don't let anyone tell you different! xx

  194. Ola

    Great post…I used to be a very skinny child and although I filled out..I know this is bad, but I do kind of wish I didn't fill out quite as much :/
    Really interesting points though – I lie reading about this kind of stuff xx

  195. I totally agree, I've had the same problem all my life! I really hate it when people are like OMG! I wish I was as skinny as you! and all you want to reply is "no you don't".
    This post really touched me as I thought I was the only one who felt like this! I think it's so true what you said about would they say that to a fat person? because it is just the same, and no ones ever perfect in this world, we are always too fat, too thin, too tall, too small etc. I'm so glad that you wrote about this :) <3

  196. kate

    i guess most people don't understand it's as hard for you as it is for those trying to lose weight as most aren't in your position and in today's media all you see is 'thin thin thin' as a good thing, making people think you've tried to remain little.

    you look lovely anyway zoe, just petite. be proud of who you are :)

  197. zahaGc

    I agree with every word in this post!! and btw you are amazing just the way you are <3 :]

  198. Im the same, im 5ft2 and weigh 6stone6, i eat like a horse, but try as i might i dont put weight on, and when i go the same as you do for your contraception they check me, they even took me off one pill because it was double dose and i didnt weigh enough! i hate how people see skinny girls and automatically think they dont eat, or vice versa with bigger people. What they dont realize is that it hurts just as much to say someones skinny as it does fat x

  199. elin

    I am so happy you posted this, I thought it was just me :/
    And I agree it is so unfair when people are like " wow… you're skinny" They don't understand how insulting it is.
    At the end of the day, it's great to be any shape or weight, thank you so much for posting this, I hope it has really opened some people's eyes
    <3 xx

  200. This is clearly from your point of view and I respect that, but you cannot say a fat person would not be called fat so overtly because you have never experienced that. All I can say is I used to be overweight and everything you've described happened to me then.

  201. Thank you so much for posting this :) I've just discovered your blog and I'm so thankful I did, only today did I post something a little similar to this about myself, I'm trying to gain weight so I can be healthier and people give me those questions about my weight, asking if I have an eating disorder and don't realise how that feels to have that said about them.

  202. This is a great post :) It was exactly the same way for me when i was growing up. I'm 18 now and I'm still very skinny!!! lol. I'm 5'5 and weigh 117. i would like to get up to 125 xD Thanks for your post <3 more people need to realize that skinny people go through the same shit too

  203. Nadine

    ohhhh when I was younger I felt absolutely the same :) I remember when I was about 16 years old a boy of my class asked me if I was anorexic because of going often to the toilet ..
    and I was like.. first thing u mean bulimic and second NO I AM NOT!! He knew me about 5 years and I always was very skinny.. I felt quite bad that afternoon!!! :S

    Don't care what people say because every body is different and the BMI sucks :P
    Anyway I don't even think that you are that skinny.. I am 1.72cm tall and my weights's 48kg (5ft6 — 7st8lb) =)

  204. I totally agree with this I'm naturally skinny also but I had my lumps and bumps and I recently decided to start getting fit mostly because I felt unhealthy so I went on holidays and did exercise almost everyday. I didn't eat anything different than the rest of my family and we were away for almost three months and when I came back the comments I received weren't exactly what thought. My friends were accusing me of having an eating disorder and to prove them wrong I started eating a lot and I stopped doing exercise. I had felt so good with my body before I came back from holiday and then everyday I started feeling worse and worse and then I ended up putting on more weight then I started and when it came to anyone's comments they were non existent. It was as though when I was being healthy it was ok for people to question what I was eating my weight and appearance but when I put on a lot of weight it was ok even though I didn't do exercise and I ate junk food. Sometimes because everyone else see's a change in you but not themselves they question how it was possible and that you obviously are being unhealthy. People should just leave weight alone because if your happy then you should be proud! And love the way you look no matter what size you are as long as your comfortable in your skin. I'm so happy you brought up this topic thank you zoe =)

  205. I love this post <3 Its really made me think. My boy is way way skinny and i'm always like to him "oh your so skinny" (even if its meant as a compliment and i say how i love his size) but this has made me realise maybe he doesnt like that.

  206. Chloe

    I accept what your saying about the people constantly asking you if you’re ok/anorexic/whatever, but when it comes to the doctor, it’s only out of concern. BMI is used to work out whether you’re healthy or not, and just because you’re ok, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. If they hadn’t asked the same questions and you happened to be anorexic they wouldn’t be a very good doctor. And they probably would say it to someone with a slightly high BMI, it’s there job to let people know if they are at risk.

  207. Im a new follower and i love your blog and your vids. I defintley agree. Im 14 and very slim compared to people in my family and at school. I always get called anorexic and 'too skinny' and it really upsets me sometimes. So when i read this , i just thought ' finally someone who thinks the same as i do' . You look great and i hope i can be comfortable with myself as you are. :)

  208. Maz

    Ahhh I can relate to this post so well! After years and years of being 5'4" and barely 100 pounds, my body has naturally crept up to a healthy 110 lbs over a period of about 2 years. I went through most of my life trying to gain weight and seeing bones in the mirror, being teased, and having people constantly comment on my weight. The fact is, no matter what size you are its likely you will feel uncertain about different parts of your body. Its human nature. We have to embrace the things we love about ourselves and keep thinking positive.

    I am so glad your wrote this post and that there are other people out there that can relate to the struggles of being the "skinny kid". I think it is something that needs to be addressed more in the media because the "skinny kids" struggles shouldn't be more over looked then those of the "fat kids" "gay kids" "socially awkward kids" or "ginger kids" We all have our own battles and no one battle is more significant then another.

  209. thank you so much for this post zoe, i can honestly say i thought i was the only one going thru this! i am, like u, naturally skinny with a high metabolism. everywhere i go someone just has to stop me and say "my you are skinny girl" "ew you need to eat more" or "why are you so skinny!" to be honest i always thought being skinny was a good thing, isn't that what everyone wanted to be? i use to absolutely HATE my body and tried to do evrything i could think of to gain weight! and like u even after i started filling out people still gave me those rude comments. but now i've grown to love my body, and this is a post that really helped me. thanks (; and keep up the good work!

  210. Thank you so much for this post. You have no idea how much problems i have at school because of this.. "ANOREXIC!!!" etc. I eat and eat and eat.. bad things for me. I have high metabolism and don't really put on much weight.. Thanks so much for posting this, I enjoy reading you blog loads. Its lovely. It inspires me.

    Much love <3

  211. Zoey, this post was exactly what I needed to read. I've been under weight for most of my teenage years which was also due to a very quick metabolism but also to do with various health issues (none eating disorder esque).

    However, I am 5' 11'' and when you are only 8.9 stone that then for some reason gives people the right to interrogate you to why you are so stick thin? why do you resemble a lamp post? For some reason people think it is their job to tell you how thin you are, not thinking about what that is doing to you. Or actually how much you despise not being able to change it.

    Recently I have been able to put on a good amount of weight due to a medication, I now have defined waist for the first time, a more than size able chest and bum that does too wobble with me. For the first time in my life a weigh 10 stone exactly and my body is raking in the benefits.

    Thank you for this blog post Zoey, it's made me think a lot about how this all affected me while growing up as teenager.

    You're truly beautiful.
    Livs x x x

  212. Hey Zoe, I know it's hard to explain things over and over when it comes to questions like "are you ill for being too skinny?" etc, because I was once like that. My metabolism was crazy, I was very skinny and even being asked those questions from people that I barely speak to. I hated it but at the same time I feel good about how I looked. I was skinny for many many years, and enjoying my life of not to bother about gym and exercise.
    But I have reached to a point where I am sick of people telling me to put on weight, I googled to find some answer and found there is one illness of having high metabolism. And last year one of my eye is slightly bigger than the other and I did a check up in hospital, doc confirmed that I was having Hyper-Thyroidism. That explained why do I have high metabolism for so long. After taking medicines for a year, my weight & BMI seems be like normal person and the illness has gone. Now I don't have the privilage of eating crap/whatever but still looking fine, instead I have to watch what I eat. Tiny bit of fat in my food will make huge diff on my body.

    Neither that I'm trying to scare you, nor saying you are having that "illness", but just to give you heads up if you have the same symptom in the near future do have a check up in a hospital, not clinic.

    Sorry if you find this offended a little and completely rubbish.. :(

  213. I understand this but I also feel that some people say it to compliment you. We live in a society that demands a woman to be a size zero or she is "overweight". Women are also expected to be on top form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I feel this is grossly unfair but leads people to believe "You are SO skinny" a compliment. Which it is most definitely not!

  214. I totally agree with you, I love my food, and I HATE it when older girls at my work who aren't even big mention that I am so tiny. Then they all start saying it, and it makes you feel small. Especially when they almost make you feel bad for being small. So when I read this it made me happy that you, and so many other people feel the same!

  215. Celina

    Great post! I'm still young (16) and I haven't gained much weight yet but I'm also 7st5lb but an inch taller. It's so annoying when girls either scream about how much they adore your fast metabolism or when they say things like "Are you anorexic" or "How do you stay thin?" and stuff like that. It's so annoying! I wish I could gain some weight! Ugh! That's the end of my rant haha.

    Thanks for this post, Zoe! Petite girls! <3
    We shall all walk the streets beautiful in whatever size or shape we are.

  216. oh my god. finally someone understands. I really don't know how to respond when someone calls me skinny. and being extra skinny isn't anything anyone should really be jealous about. we are the same height by the way :)

  217. This post made me look at weight in a very different way. I used to make what in my eyes were compliments about peoples weight to my skinnier friends, but your words made me realize not everyone likes being stick thin, and while I may envy my friends figure they might hate me mentioning it. Thank you! x

  218. Aria

    This post is really good Zoe! I had the same problems as you growing up, and I'm even smaller than you and weight less. The thing that I hated the most were when in school – every two years we went to be checked by the doctors together. I hated taking of my clothes in front of other people and having doctors I didn't know look at me. They always asked me about my weight and eating habits and never believed me – I got notes to show at home, that they should be worried because I might have an eating disorder. great. And last year I went to one of my doctors because I was feeling sick for over a month and she told me she thinks I'm bulimic. The most annoying are the people who either ask you questions you're not comfortable with, or talk behind your back and guess which eating disorder you have. That happens to me even know, when I'm 20 and have hips and boobs and everything. People really don't understand that sometimes being skinny is as hard as being fat-you just get questioned more, because for a reason I don't understand, it's fine to ask someone about their weight in force them you're advices, if they're skinny. I'm now happy with who I am and I stopped trying to put some weight on. I hope this post of yours will help some girls to do the same and show them they're beautiful no matter what :)

  219. I really enjoyed this article! It's interesting, because I never thought of it hurting when someone says that another person is too skinny. Yet, it makes complete sense! If someone if offended by being called overweight then it makes sense that vice versa would be taken into account.
    Though I (personally) believe that the people who are close to you should comment on your weight, because being too underweight or overweight can cause serious problems. This only takes effect WITH PEOPLE CLOSE TO YOU though!! Random acquaintances have no right to say anything, because they don't know anything about you. That being said, if I thought my best friend was losing weight at a suspicious rate than I would probably talk to her about, simply because I am worried and I do actually know her and her metabolism etc.
    Thanks for the great article!

  220. Lulu

    Hi :) I can't really empathize with you on the topic as I have never really been 'underweight' but I agree with you entirely, that people should not be judged by their weight and people shouldn't comment on anybody's weight. This was a great article, I really enjoyed reading it :) xxx

  221. Great post, but I still want to have a skinny body because I'm fat :|

  222. This post is great, I've been through very very hard times with eating, and reading this has helped me :'). don't take any notice of them people who say all them nasty things to you, you know your healthy so does you fam and friends (: xx

  223. Dotty

    I am slightly overweight and have had trouble accepting myself for a while. I think it stems from being called a prostitute when I was around 15 years old because I developed really early.. and by developed I mean popping C cups overnight!

    I am now a E cup and proud! be proud of who you are! Never let anyone get you down!

  224. You bring up such a great point.

  225. Lara

    One of the best post I've seen. Really great!


  226. Amyy207

    OMG , I feel the same … Everyday people tell me how much I weigh.. and why are people like that once when I was running in p.e we all got exhausted and this girl name Ashley was like I feel bad for you because your soo skinny infront of everyone and like I smile thinking nothing is gonna happen but in the inside I'm crying .. Idk why people put there fingers around my wrist to see how skinny I am .. and the people think I don't eat but I do… I hate when they say do you eat because I see your so skinny and I feel like crying most of the time but when I got my result its say Im underweighted by 4 percent and Healthy .. So people were like how MUCH you weigh I'm like 70 why ? There like oh.. and when I saw there weigh she's 11 and she's 156 pounds. I am 11 years old and I thought I was the only that was being call skinny .. and has these kinda of problem .Anyways we are good like that and the thing is when we get older we'll change.. But thanks for posting it .. (:

    im the exact same! im taller though so i appear skinner than i am as well. its hard to be hapy with your body when others arent! fantasic article.
    your an inspiration Zoe!xxoxox

  228. im the total obisite – you are so lucky x

  229. teganz

    See, I have chubby fingers – however large or small my body is, my fingers stay fat. I would love to have dainty old lady hands like you!

  230. Hannah

    Late in seeing this but it's very interesting. I couldn't agree more, I seem to be a flat chested short rake. I wish I could be taller (my aim is to reach 5ft) and a bit "bigger" if you understand. It's quite hard to find clothes, for example, my friend's sister (she's 11) uses a dog collar as a belt – she's that skinny!
    Enough complaining. I guess I'm stuck with myself which I should be happy with. Everyone strives for perfection but what is perfection anyway?!

    ~Hannah xx

  231. AWESOME post! I wish every girl i knew could read this. I'm not a skinny one, but it's hard for ppl to understand that we are not all anatomically the same. :p

    NEW FOLLOWER! ik you have so many comments, but I hope you have the chance to stop by and follow my blog too :)

    happy advent <3

  232. oddxsox

    ive just started watching your videos and reading your blog, i LOVE this post. everybody needs to know slim people have a hard time too, its not glamourous. im 5 foot 7 and around 7and a half-8 stone, same as you i hated swimming, getting changed at school. i was bullied so much for being skinny and now ive also filled out, also boobs of a generous size hips AND a wobbly bottom! i was asked the other day if i eat enough and if im okay. how are you supposed to respond?
    the past year i started eating healthily nd execercising alot, ive put abit of weight on my upper legs and gained some muscle in my arms but thats about it. ive given up trying to put on weight and just decided to eat healthily :)
    p.s i love your blog background, so cute! xx

  233. i love this and can totally relate but im still on my way to accepting it i guess..keep it up girl xo

  234. i have never liked or commented on a blog before but this is soo true and thanx god someone is being real about it.. im still in the accepting process but ur blog has really helped..thanx zoe :) xo

  235. You are a real inspiration to me,I am going through with the same situation and there is no one that has ever understood how I feel. I am 5ft3' and weigh 7.6lbs and I am so self concious of my weight. I can't even face myself I feel so skinny and yet there is nothing I can do about it, I eat loads of junk food and done everything to put on weight but it just hasn't worked.
    Reading your blog has made me realise that I'm not alone and you have inspired me that I can't help the way I am because I and me and I need to start being more happy because nobody's perfect

    from Melissa

  236. Zoe, thank you so much for posting this. Just like you, I have always been underweight and I eat anything and everything I can get my hands on. I almost started to tear up when I read this because its so great to finally have someone understand how I feel! I'm also 5'4 and 100lbs. I also can't take some medication that I need because it makes my weight drop too low and there are no other options. I have people comment on my weight all the time, and when I was still in school I would always hear people talk about how they thought I had an eating disorder. I have even had people in my workplace making bets on my weight! That was very hurtful. And any time that I actually stand up for myself and let people know that the things they say really bother me, they always tell me the same thing: "Oh my gosh, shut up I would kill to say that I needed to gain weight" and it is just so comforting to read this and know that there are other girls just like me who deal with the same thing! You are a beautiful young lady Zoe and keep up the great things that you do!

  237. This post is amazing, its everything iv always wanted to say but never known how to put it. i have THE skinniest legs ever no shape to them what so ever, iv tried everything to make them bigger + nothing changes. I can truly relate to you in more ways than this I have recently been suffering with bad anxiety to the point its making me physically sick + i dont want to leave my house. I just read your posts + its comforting to know that there are other people like me :) thank youu bebe xxxxxx

  238. I'm so glad I stumbled across this post as I'd thought about doing a similar one myself… I too was uber skinny as a child & teen and got all the nicknames of the day. I was also a ginge, which didn't help lol. I now have a little girl aged 7 & people (close friends & family) have made similar comments about her – eg omg look how skinny you are, you're thin as a pin, etc. She just looks at them blankly, but it upsets ME! I don't want it to become an issue for her like it was for me, for her to feel unattractive & self conscious because of her weight. I used to wear several pairs of tights at the same time, leggings under jeans etc – all to try & pad myself out a bit.

    Anyway, thank you. And for the record, I did start to become more curvy in my early to mid 20s – and I think you're lovely just as you are!

    Nic xx

  239. Emily

    I am coming from completely the other direction to you, fat, but I totally agree with what you're saying. I know several people who are just naturally slim and can't do a godamn thing about it! I've also seen how they react when people comment saying that they are so skinny.. I can honestly see the hurt and anger in their faces. It is exactly the same as calling someone fat. Why should people be able to comment on someones size, regardless of what size they are?! Chances are nobody is in fact happy with their size.. People suffering from eating disorders are obviously not happy with their size, people who are naturally skinny are not happy with their size, people who are overweight are not happy with their size, women who are pregnant and have put on weight due to it are certainly not happy with their size but you don't see people going up to them shouting fatty do you? What's the difference really? Very well said :) x

  240. Alice

    I am exactly the same Zoe! I never work out, and i eat like crap and i'm super skinny. My friends are all like "omg i am so jealous of you" but i'm like.. k. no. you don't understand. it SUCKS being judged, and i'm crazy unhealthy and have no motivation to do anything about it because i'm already skinny so i completely understand where you're coming from! So glad someone said this :)

  241. Zoe, I couldn't read a lot of the comments so sorry if this has been covered, as a girl who is a size 14-16 I would love to be soo much smaller. But I don't think I would ever say to someone OMG your so skinny because I would think about how they would feel and if people do say things like that to you. I can assume a lot of it is through envy- and this isn't the same as the whole 'when people bully its just jealousy type of thing' well maybe it is a little. I mean a lot of girls- beacuse of society are so envious of girls who are 'skinny' but because skinny is aparently what is beautiful is, people completely loose sight of reality and even girls who are not too skinny but have great figures still have deep set feelings of I need to be thinner because too skinny is beautiful (not all girls of course im just generalising) the lines do get so confused because if we are all suppose to look like models ( those are the sizes clothes are made for ) then people think they can say what ever they want to you because you should just be greatful- It is wrong but I think if you can view people as envious etc maybe it will help. This is a wonderful post especially for girls who struggle with their looks or size because it helps reinterate that we always think the grass is greener on the other side and girls who would love to be your weight should reflect and realise that comfort in yourself comes from inside first- because mostly we are all just as uncomfortable as each other unless we work on how we feel about ourselves(not the easiest of things i know)!! Maybe then the 'envious' comments will stop too!! Loved the post

  242. I never realised this in such detail, thank you for opening my eyes! Such an inspiring article Zoe!

  243. Candy

    oh my goodness i am so glad i read this and you posted it, im 16 in april and am about 5"2 and weigh 6st, i am skinny, and i know i am, ive wanted to put on weight for about 5 years and it just doesnt happen. As a result, i hate summer because i hate getting my arms and legs out, and the only place i do is at home. I only wear jeans and always have my arms covered up because im scared of what people think and i myself dont like looking at how skinny i am. I eat as much as anyone else and its so annoying that i cant put on any weight. I have prom coming up in july and am dreading it because i will have to wear a dress and have my arms out. I was in hospital 2 weeks ago and the doctor asked me "are you one of those girls that wants to be incredibly think and so doesnt eat much?" it embarrased me and made me feel very upset. But i am so glad you posted this as it made me feel good about myself! thanks zoe! xxxx

  244. I'm so glad you said this because I have had exactly the same problem all my life. I am and always have been relatively happy with my body, but when you're a skinny teenager and other girls are saying things behind your back or staring at you it can really make you feel insecure.

    People shouldn't really care what other people look like. If it's not your body so why should you have a say on how it should look?

    I am new to blogging and just started my own blog about makeup/fashion/lifestyle. I would really appreciate if you would check it out, maybe give me some feedback-
    I would love for my blog to become as popular as yours! :)

  245. hey zoe i just read all of this and i cannot believe that someone feels/felt the same way as i do now, i have had all those things said to me, the first day of school i was asked if i was anorexic. i an 14 and i cant put any weight on at all, maybe i have a low bmi, i have neverchacked butall my family is preety skiiny, i hate how people can tell me to eat more and yet you see a fat kid and it would be 'out of order' to tell them to eat less, people just dont think, love your posts and videos never stop! x

  246. I totally agree with you!! it annoying how people will jump to conclusions and your right it is honestly no ones business to comment on weight it is a private matter that is no ones concern but your own (unless you do have a eating disorder than that should be delt with by a professional.) but i really thing that your "BMI" is a load of crap, it is the Average range of numbers other people your height and age "Should" be, but that's really not right as you said no ones body is the same, i am above average but only by a little and i have a felling i will always be because of my slow metabolism.

  247. I know exactly how you feel, Iv always been a skinny girl with a super fast metabolism. I was bullied so severely about the way i looked that I had to get taken out of school. I was so depressed and hated the way i looked so much that I developed severe anxiety that meant I was scared to go out, talk to people or even answer the register at school. I remember one particularly mean girl who said 'selene if you got any skinnier you would die' and the whole class laughed and I had a panic attack right there in front of everyone.

    I have now filled out and constantly get compliments on my figure and i am now beginning to beleive them :) I cant beleive so many girls have had the same experience and feel so much better for finding out :)

    I couldnt agree more that people think its ok to say things about skinny peoples weight that they would never say about a larger persons. I also say magazines with massive front pages about how skinny/'fat' some celebrities are and how disgusting it is. its so wrong!

    Thanks so much for writing this zoe in such an articulate and moving way i hope it would make someone think twice about judging someone. and any young girl reading this going through what I/we went through, you are beautiful and dont let anyone tell you different, your body will change as you get older I promise :)

    regards, selene x

  248. Asan

    Hi, iam 17 boy iam very skinny iam 5 foot 8 and weight 48-49 kg. I never had a girlfriend or kiss anyone befor I feel so crab.last 5 years i only went out just wearing a shirt ( even to the shop that Took 1 min from my house) Been only2-3 times. When ever I want to go out I wait till cold weather I so much being like this. Everyday I go on the Internet to find a answer to my problem but they all say eat more protein and lift weight which I tried and didnt work. For the new year my parents brought me gym membership but I only went onece I feel so small To all the other men and even women there bigger than me. I can't carry on like this I fear my hole life going to be like this, no one will love me and die as a virgin so if things didnt get any better when iam 19 I will commit sucide it's better than living rest of my life as a wanker …plz plz plz help me .thank you

  249. I completely agree. I know how it feels. Often people(and this includes my friends)call me names like 'no boobs' which frankly amuses me in a way. I have boobs but they are small. One of my bestfriends always takes the mic out of me for it. It never really bothered me until my friends and i saw her bra and it was litterally about 2 inches thick! This really frustrated me!!
    You might be thinking "well they clearly aren't very good friends then", they are and we get on fine, im not bullied or particullaly name-called at school but it does frustrate me what hypocrites some people are. I am naturally skinny and therefore don't have a large chest but i am only 14 and so they still have time to develop from an AA or small A. My mums a A or small B so i will probably be the same however the weomen on my dads side have quite lage cup sizes.
    I really enjoyed reading you blog! <3

  250. Zoey, i know exactly how you feel.. im only 13 and i weight 6 stone. all my friends are like giants and im like 4ft 9 something like that. I eat so much crap its unbelievable! i never put wieght on, people dp ask me on occassion "why so silm?" "id dye for your figure" "i wish i never put wieght on" i recently got asked if i was anorexic.. i just laughed it off. i had a conversation with my bestfriend about it and we both ended up crying:/.. the point is it is offencsive and i know people might be concered but if you was ill im pretty sure you would tell your close ones:) its a pain being slim cause everyone can wear adult clothes and i can only just fit into a 6 maybe an 8.. Coming from my experiance you should love your body the way you are and if people question you then ignore them. Everyone is beautiful in there own way but we all still have insercuritys xx

  251. Zoe you are absolutely gorgeous i also have a high metabolism and I also use to be as skinny as a rake between 12-14 and I really tried to put on weight but when I turned 15-16 I broadened out so I know how you feel even though I am a boy :) btw did I mention your BEAUTiFUL

  252. that was so inspiring andheart felt

  253. I'm so glad you spoke out about this.. I'm naturally skinny too and people are constantly making remarks like 'look how tiny you are' and 'don't you ever eat anything?'

    it's made me really self concious and I even took to wearing baggy clothes for a while to make myself look bigger.. if people point out a girl is overweight it's a big taboo, but when you're targeted for being too small people don't see it as a problem!

  254. I know this is like a year later or whatever but I love your blog so I've been reading it for a few hours and noticed this. I just have to say THANK YOU for this! My sister and I have always struggled with problems like this.. all the way through high school we had to deal with bullying and people saying "that Rachael is anorexic you know" or "OMG you can't do P.E. if you fall over you'll snap!" One of my friends' mum even called me a skinny bitch and compared me to a rake when I was about 13! I've been saying for years that calling someone too skinny is just as offensive as calling someone fat. I'd never ever call anyone up on their weight, yet people do it to me! I am 5'10 and only just started to weigh 9 stone – it was 7 stone before I grew my chest and my curves. Like you I still hate my legs as they're so stick like and shapeless, I keep having to ask my friends if I look ill skinny when we go out. And now on top of all this there's the whole hate against skinny people and everyone's saying "real women have curves" the thing is real women are any shape! Yes, magazines do have a horrible effect on young people making them want to be skinny but now it's turned around and telling young girls they also need curves! Seeing that in magazines would have just been devastating to me at that age too.
    It's just nice to see that people have the same views as me, so thank you so much :)

  255. ami

    I am 5ft2 and weigh the same as u do :) totally understand how you feel x

  256. Polly

    I could have easily wrote this post with the exact same content, story of my life from the 'skeleton in a wig' class swimming remarks even down to the whole doctor/ contraceptive pill experience in which i felt i had to convince the lady i didn't have an eating condition which was very upsetting as im a comfortable size6/8 and when i told my friends they almost rolled their eyes asif i was bragging. I think because the media portray this as an 'ideal' weight people who aren't this weight see it as a blessing and have never had to experience the 40 shop jean shop to find a pair on jeans that doesn't leave a gaping hole at the back where my non-existent bottom should be!
    I'm glad there's someone with a similar experience as sometimes i was just made to feel ungrateful xoxo

  257. I am SO glad you wrote this! I am the same i think its incredibly offensive when people describe me as skinny, (oh great i have no womanly shape whatsoever…thanks!) in the same way its offensive to call somebody fat! im so glad other people agree with this its refreshing to hear! :) xxx

  258. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU WERE!!! apart from one slight difference im 5"9 :P im 15 in a few weeks and ive pretty much gone through puberty but im still as skinny as anything. i look at myself and even though i have boobs my bones stick out everywhere :/ my hips, ribs, knees and arms are boney and thin. i read your blog and you were EXACTlY the same as me, i eat so much! yet i never gain weight and i have a huge gap inbetween my thighs that i hate!!! i agree with you completely about it being an insult when people call you skinny. i know most people mean it in a good way like "oh your so lucky i wish i was that skinny!" but honestly why would they wish to look like a stick? i am even more insecure because of my height, i tower above all my friends which makes me stand out enough but they all have perfect curvy but slim figures. i also have boney veiny hands which most people must overlook but i cant help but notice them :P some people say id be perfect as a model but when models are known for being anorexic id rather not be one. anyway your blog has helped me a lot i know i wont allways be ths skinny im just young but it nice to know im not the only one :) thank you so much i love your blog and videos :) xx

  259. Sarah

    Coming from a trainee dietician – you are totally healthy!! Ignore BMI (and stupid ignorant people) and just be the way your body naturally wants to be, there's no point fighting it xxx

  260. I agree so much!

    I think it's ridiculous how society can be so ignorant when it comes to different sizes. It's like people don't see that everyone is different and got different bodies that work slightly differently. I get sad every time I see blogposts/pictures/whatever where people are like "I saw this unhealthy/sick/anorexic looking mannequin and I think it's awful blah blah blah". Because, first off, eating disorders are so much more about the mindset than the body itself. A person can be a "healthy" weight and still very sick.
    An "ideal body" should be more a "healthy body and mind", than "a body within a BMI-range some random guy once said was good".

    You're amazing Zoe!

  261. Hi Zoe
    I have read this post a number of times and i completely understand where you are coming from, i have always been a size 6/8 and have had the comments about eating disorders and anorexia and the o you need to put on weight are you eating properly comments. I find it hard to deal with sometimes and look in the mirror and think is it abnormal to be 5ft 3 and weight 7st 8lb. I really struggle to put on weight but have found that if I'm happy with my weight then that's the way its going to stay. I found that your post really enabled me to see that i am not the only one who receives these comments. Thank you for posting this as i have found it very helpful.
    Justine x

  262. coleen

    Thats Sweet!:)

  263. Love this post! Exactly how I feel word for word… and I love how this was posted on my birthday. ;)

    Thanks Zoe! Just recently found your blog and I'm loving it so far!

    Sending you some love & joy from Canada! :D

  264. I agree with you and am like you and I don't think it help's that I dance all the time but thats what I want to do when I am older! People tell me I should stop dancing but I don't want to I enjoy it and people tell me to eat more but I eat all the time, stuffing my face! Some people call me lucky that I am so skinny but I would like to put a bit more weight on.

  265. I know you wrote about this ages ago and I'm not sure if you will ever read this but I just wanted to say thank you for this. I am 28, 5 foot 7 inches and I only way 110 pounds (I'm american so I don't know the conversion!). I can't gain weight for the life of me. I realize that I am, by standard, "too skinny" but like your parents, mine are both skinny so I think it's just my genes. It shocks me the rude comments I get and people literally tell me to "eat a cheeseburger." I have no curves and yes I wish I did but I have become accepting of my size. I thought it would get better the older I get but so far I have had no such luck. I agree, no one should comment on anyones weight….Rude! Thanks again, now lets go eat some cookie dough

  266. I absolutely love this post! I was so glad to find that I wasn't the only one who felt this way. Is there any way I can reblog this on my WordPress and Facebook?

    Thank you and keep up the amazing job on your blog!


  267. This is a brilliant post! I totally agree! I have a weirdly varying metabolism, like seriously. Many people change their whole lifestyle to change their metabolism, yet mine changes all the time, I'm constantly putting on weight then losing it all, it's ridiculous. People always comment saying how I've put on or lost weight as if it doesn't matter and it's not insulting, my weight is always around average and I've never really been actually overweight or underweight, but weight differences are so noticeable on me, I hate it! Wish people realised it's not okay and it's purely insulting!
    Louise, xo

  268. i get the same thing all the time. my friends say they wish were as skinny as me but they dont realise that if they were in my shoes they wouldnt still think the same, who said being skinny is being healthy. people ask me are you under weight and they think that dont hurt my feeling, its like they think we are lucky to be skinny or somethink ??? when i get comments like " you dont eat anythink" and "your so boney" when probley eat just as much as them, its hard to be proud of who i am and what i look like because some people want to be like me but other just comment think that they are helping. i was so happy when i saw this zoe because i know there are other getting the same thing. this will sound really strange but you have helped me alot and im always watching your youtube videos and i follow you on facebook and twitter xxx

  269. I have the same thing! and I HATE that people always say to me, "omg, how can you be so skinny, or why can you so much without getting fat!" But it helped alot now, that i'm the only one in the world how has high metabolism!

  270. I think it's stupid that people think you have to be skinny to have an eating disorder – or overweight because you eat too much.
    I'm overweight – not proud of it, but it's who I am, I always have been, and for 3 years I was diagnosed with anorexia because of the way my thought process towards food was. I lost a lot of weight yeah – but my BMI still stayed in the "overweight" range.
    Just because someone is larger – or smaller – doesn't mean they have an eating disorder or not!

  271. ugggh ! you are , and im dead serious when i say this , you are soooo lucky that your metabolism is like that . i wish mine was like that . i mean , im not obese or anything but i do have a tummy . and i hate to exercise and i love junk food . . . it sucks . it really does . be great-full !

  272. Anna

    Oh Zoe,
    I have the same problem, my metabolism is really fast and I cannot put my weight up.. It's sooo hard live like that, I hate my self, everybody thinks I'm an anorectic but I'm not, I eat everything from vegetable, fruit to McDonalds, KFC… I've got the same height but I'm thinner.. In summer of 14 years I never wear skirts, shorts, nothin when someone can see my legs.. Soo this is

    Please excuse my english but I'm just learn English, so I'm soo sorry

    PS: At the end I want to tell you: I really love your videos and how are you and your blog, you are the best youtuber, so soo much thank you

    <3 Anne

  273. this is a really great post! Ive had people say the same thing to me, sometimes I eat more than my mum but with a fast metabolism like you, it is really hard to put on weight. Thankyou for this post Zoe!!:D xx :)

  274. Zoe thanks for sharing with us how you felt, I learned a lot while reading this, you are ablosutly georgeous !! I'm glad you feel better with yourself now I made a post about something related! I love your blog girl!! :)

  275. I loved reading this post, since I saw myself in every word you wrote. I'm sixteen years old and have always been very skinny, too skinny people would say. Once my school teacher gave me a whole chocolate bar, and said I was too thin. I had never felt so uncomfortable. Also a year ago my ex(!)-boyfriend told me he was always so scared he would break my bones, since they are so visible… You are an amazing person for putting this subject out there, I always thought I was the only one who would eat lots and never gain weight. But I'm happy to know that I'm not alone, and now I know I'm in good company! X

  276. thankyou for this post zoe- its so inspiring.. and when i feel down about my body i read this(and i feel down every second of my life about my body tbh) i am basically you all over again although i dont have metabolism..its just that im very self concious about my chest area.. im 14 and going to be 15 later this year&it gets me down everyday, i HATE going swimming… i never go with friends, only on holiday! ive been to the beach a couple times this week(lovely weather)nearly everyones in their bikini, and then theres just me and some other people- now, they werent in the bikini because they were self concious about their chest size, but just simply because they didnt have it on them! and then theres me.. i could easily bring a swimming costume but i cant bring myself to it! i see other girls who arent big on top, and wish i had the confidence to wear a bikini going swimming with my friends at the beach or swimming centre! Then my friends ask me to go in the water, and i was like ooh i dont want to get this top wet&one said 'just go in your bra'.. and i couldnt bring myself to do it! words cant describe how self concious i feel about it! so i'd like to thank you for this blog post, because i try to convince myself that there are so many other girls like me- this really helped me, because it makes me feel better knowing that you were like this aswell.. so i can re assure myself things can get better! i never wore tops like bandeau tops, bralets, crop tops which had a lower cut.. ive got the confidence to now&i hope that one day i can go swimming with my friends.. and the only thing that is stopping me is my cup size.. so thankyou once again, it made me feel better about myself!xx

  277. THANKS FOR THIS ZOE! i am so self conscious about my bra size, it brings me down everyday- i HATE wearing bikinis, swimming costumes, bralets, bandeaus… i mean..i do wear bralets&bandeaus but i feel so self conscious about it! i get asked so much to go swimming with friends and i dont want to, i cant bring the courage to do it! the only time you will see my rocking a bikini is on holiday. thats it. and the only thing that is stopping me is my cup size, and no one understands how self conscious and horrible it feels! so thankyou for this.. it re assures me that its going to be fine&that theres so many others like me, thanks zoe- thankyou so much xx

  278. amazing post Zoe! I think most of us dont have perfect bodies and we'd like to change something about it. But we all ate beautiful the way we are. I'm 7.55stones nd im happy with it.. but I'd be happier if I lost a little mor weight. It's all about doing what makes you happy and have confidance.

  279. Lauren

    You've basically summed up everything in my head.
    I also hate how the media puts down being thin now like it's bad, There's so much in magazines about celebrities looking stick thin, and how it's not healthy, and how curvy is best. But they forget that there are people out there naturally thin.
    For about two years I felt super nervous eating when I went for meals because I felt pressured by people I would go out with, People who had previously made comments like "Have a big portion, you need it." or the same "You must be anorexic." comments, It actually messed up my eating habits, I'd feel so pressured into eating that it actually made me feel sick and stopped me eating.
    I just wish there was more recognition that there's nothing wrong with being skinny, just like there's nothing wrong with being curvaceous

  280. I can totally totally relate to this story and to what you are feeling. I am exactly the same, exactly, and I shared the very same thoughts. I also hated my body when I was younger and got comments that still hunt me down. I know that I am perfectly fine and that I am "lucky" but it really would be nice to have somewhat bigger boobs and be fine while taking off my clothes at the beach.

    Why are you so skinny is a question I get a lot and never seem to have the right awser, I always get embarresed. But lately I started to react with sarcarsm, like: "I am skinny, whoooow, never noticed, thanks for telling me!!" and they will never have a harsh answer back. Maybe a little tip :) But hey zoë you are really beautyful, inside out! Love you blogs and video's!

    I feel really similar to you.. which I rarely do but as we have to same shape of body I also love photography as you do and even have the same camera. Keep up the good blogpost en video's!! Love your hauls.

  281. I can totally totally relate to this story and to what you are feeling. I am exactly the same, exactly, and I shared the very same thoughts. I also hated my body when I was younger and got comments that still hunt me down. I know that I am perfectly fine and that I am "lucky" but it really would be nice to have somewhat bigger boobs and be fine while taking off my clothes at the beach.

    Why are you so skinny is a question I get a lot and never seem to have the right awser, I always get embarresed. But lately I started to react with sarcarsm, like: "I am skinny, whoooow, never noticed, thanks for telling me!!" and they will never have a harsh answer back. Maybe a little tip :) But hey zoë you are really beautyful, inside out! Love you blogs and video's!

    I feel really similar to you.. which I rarely do but as we have to same shape of body I also love photography as you do and even have the same camera. Keep up the good blogpost en video's!! Love your hauls.

  282. Gossssssh!! I just typed a whole story about how I can really relate to your story and it all disappeared when I was trying to post it and wasn't logged in into Google. Arggggg.

    But what I was telling you is that I am exactly the same as u are, it is almost weird how similar we are. I hate my weight and body and wisssh my food would go to my boobs or but, but unfortunately it doesnt.. I hated to go into middle school and being called skinny, those words still haunt me. But I still hate it to take off my clothes at the pool and have people be suprised how skinny I am.

    It is creepy how similar we are (is this sounding weird, haha, i think it does) but we are the same body typ, I also love beauty and we share the same intrest in photography and weirdly enough we have the same camera! But however I love your video's and blog posts, so keep it up Zoë, you are beautiful!

  283. Zoe, I am 15 and feel EXACTLY the same way as you. One time a girl at school said to me "Amelia you are SO skinny" and pinched my waist, I got so frustrated at her for treating me like that I went "I'M NOT!". So this clearly got her fuming and I got given a whole rant about how hard losing weight is and I should appreciate my genes and I shouldn't be so 'heartless' towards people who feel bad about the bodies & wanting to lose weight. I just went into the toilets and cried for a whole hour, missing my maths class. P.S you are beautiful the way you are.
    All the best,

  284. I totally understand you, When I was like 13 I was so sad I was so thin, the same thing, felt flat, and not feminine at all. Then, 20 years old, my body change, it was a fast change, and dindn't know how to feel about it, but know, I look like a woman, have curves, and when someone talks about my body they say "proportioned". It's so beautiful to hear. I'm happy to hear you're happy, but I think you should talk to a doctor because it's just unfair that you feel you cannot be healthy.

  285. cat

    i agree on your points, i have felt this my whole life. always being told i was "too" skinny. i'm 5ft3 and weigh 7 and a half stone. anytime i feel sick or get ill people automatically suspect that i am not eating "properly" (as in not eating at all), like you i eat whatever i want and ALL THE TIME. i'm a food junkie! i was feeling a little faint one day at work (i had a fever the night before so i just wasn't feeling the best) and everyone made a fuss and got a nurse in, the nurse looked me up and down and told me to tell her exactly what i had eaten the day before and that morning (she thought i was anorexic), when i told her my whole meal diary i knew she didn't believe me! she kept hmming and ahhing and slightly rolling her eyes as in "sure!". call me wrong but i thought nurses weren't supposed to be douchebags? i had never felt so low than sat in front of this nurse who was looking down on me, from the moment she walked in she had already diagnosed me.

  286. cat

    i agree on your points, i have felt this my whole life. always being told i was "too" skinny. i'm 5ft3 and weigh 7 and a half stone. anytime i feel sick or get ill people automatically suspect that i am not eating "properly" (as in not eating at all), like you i eat whatever i want and ALL THE TIME. i'm a food junkie! i was feeling a little faint one day at work (i had a fever the night before so i just wasn't feeling the best) and everyone made a fuss and got a nurse in, the nurse looked me up and down and told me to tell her exactly what i had eaten the day before and that morning (she thought i was anorexic), when i told her my whole meal diary i knew she didn't believe me! she kept hmming and ahhing and slightly rolling her eyes as in "sure!". call me wrong but i thought nurses weren't supposed to be douchebags? i had never felt so low than sat in front of this nurse who was looking down on me, from the moment she walked in she had already diagnosed me.

  287. I love you so much for writing this. So true on all counts! The focus should be on all around health and happiness, not a number on a scale.

  288. Oh my days, When i was reading this i seriously felt like you were writing the thoughts ive had pretty much my entire life. I have a stupidly fast motabalism (sorry if i spelt that wrong) and i love sports too, which doesnt help. However, i do eat like a pig.
    People are always like: "omg your so skinny!" "are you anorexic?" "Your legs look like their going to snap!" and it kills me inside. Ill admit that when people are making fun of other peoples weight i dont object, but i tend not to join in. its horrible and i hate it.
    Just as i hate my weight. i dont like putting my hand up in class because im scared i look too skinny, my hands are boney and veiny too. As are my feet.
    And im glad to say that i am begining to come to terms with the fact that i am who i am and if people judge me then.. i guess its their problem. As long as im okay whith how i am, then i dont need to judge others.. or myself
    + thanks so much for posting this, and, in your vidios, i wouldnt have even called you skinny! Everyones perfect in their own ways :)

  289. I know Im a bit late on this train of comments seems how theyre all dated for 2011, but that is how I exactly feel. I am a 14 and a half year old girl whose 6st(ish) and 4ft1. All of my friends are much taller and more developed than me, and I feel very young and like I have a problem. Theyve all also started their periods and i feel as if I'm never going to start. Everyone is like 'you won't want to start its horrible' but that doesnt make me feel any better I think it would make me feel a bit more feminin once i start and make me feel special(as weird as that may sound).

    People are always say 'fat' this fat that, and it just isnt fair nobody apart from us thin, 'metabolism' people(?) understand what its like.

    When I was in year 6 one boy asked me if I had anorexia, that made me feel really sad and upset but because I was young I didnt understand it as much. It's very insulting and i completely dont understand why people don't think its insulting and call people names. I don't agree with anythink like that and would never judge anyone on their size.

    I am actually very similar to you Zoe. I eat rubbish all the time and never put on fat, i am a size 3 shoe. I can sometimes fit into a size 6 but mostly only childrens sizes(but you are a women, so youve grown so you can fit into a size 6). Your so inspiring for posting this, however long ago it may have been, and your one of my favourite bloggers and youtubers:) I've watched all of your videos:D

    Ive only blogged a bit but it would mean the world to me if you had a look:D

  290. This is a great post! I'm 20 and weigh 95 lbs.. and I LOOOVE food. Society is just jealous of the thin people I suppose. I work in a clothing store and when an obese person tells me I'm "Too skinny", I always want to throw back, "Well, You're too fat". How do they not see how rude they are? It's taking me years to love my bony body, but I'm learning to accept it.
    Great post girl! You're beautiful :)

  291. Clobo

    this has been so nice to read because i went through exactly the same thing except im 5ft7" and now 16 and still dont really have a shape to me apart from my hips :/ people used to say why am i so thin? am i anorexic but my best friend is exactly the same as me apart from she now has a figure.

    you are beautiful and lovely and i admire you for writing about this :)

    Chloe xxx

  292. Just came across this article I realise Im about a year and a half behind, lol, but it really sruck a cord with me so i wanted to leave a comment. Iv been very under weight my whole life, even when I try to put on weight I can only manage a few pounds here or there. The other day my Mum was speaking to a lady who had met me and her only comment was oh the skinny one, whilst saying this she held up her finger and shook it about as if to demostrate my 'skinny' body. I was so horrified and hurt when my mother told me this, why people think its acceptable to comment on a persons weight in such a rude and insensitive manner is beyond me. I totally agree with everything you have said in this article Zoe. Thank you much for sharing!!! Lets all learn to love ourselves, as long as we are healthy and happy weight is not importnant!

  293. Omg I can completely relate. I am about 5'2, have always struggled trying to gain weight and the most I've ever weighed is 111. I then began to lose weight, I know it was related somewhat to stress but even when I wasn't stressed I would have an upset stomach. I weigh 92 right now and can't figure out why I go… well… number 4? everyday, multiple times a day. Hoping to get results soon, but lets just say I always get weird looks from people, sometimes looks of disgust and I absolutely hate it. People judge before they know and it sucks. People always say they wish they were skinnier and that Im so lucky but they really don't understand us. I really appreciate you writing about this! <3

  294. Ellen

    I completely agree with this post! It inspired me enough to write something similar, though about why I hate the word "fat". I wouldn't know enough about being thin to write one on it. I wish the media would stop telling us what's write and whats wrong. We're all different!

  295. i guess they think this is more acceptable because of all the media- everyone tries hard as they can to be skinny
    some may think of that as a copliment and others might just be jealous.
    readers asking you what your weight and size is might wanna have the same size/weight!

    I, however, agree that it is rude to judge someone by their weight.
    as you already said, it's not alway anorexia..

    good post, I like the way you point things out and that you post about that stuff, too and not just the "superficial" kinda things

  296. I'm 4 ft 11 ins and 7 st 7 lbs. Aged 45 I've always been a skinny. I've recently lost a few inches off my thighs and tummy 3 lbs to be exact. I've just started to horse ride again after 4 years. Ooooooooooooh and the nasty comments I've received you won't believe. Aren't you thin, haven't you lost a lot of weight, are you eating properly. Horse riding is great for toning up and that's all that has happened. I've been accused of being bulimic because I eat so much. I was having some dental work done recently and my tummy was rumbling and my dentist made a joke about me being hungry and I started to cry and it all came out that some one accused me of being bulimic and I daren't go to the loo after eating anything even if I'm desperate and if I really have to then I take some one with me. That's how people have made me feel. Dentists know when you are making your self sick because the acid makes your teeth rot. When he told that I cried even more because I was relieved The best laugh is that most of the comments have come from women who are middle aged and overweight and have let themselves go. It's very upsetting and I do try not to let it get to me but some times people need to keep their mouth shut. I'm a polite person and would turn round to some one and make rude comments about them being over weight. I feel for all the natural skinnys out there as we given a harder time than you fatties. Oh and heaven help us if we do a bit of excercise. Skinnys unite that's what I say and to all you nasty fatties who make rude comments. Just shut up and mind your own business we are skinny not ill!

  297. I just found that post on your blog lol its a bit older i guess but i love your videos and you always look so strong and i love you anyways but to read stuff like that is like.. we are one person ^^ all i reaad is like i know what you mean! happend to me!
    and i really hate it that all that happend to me and is still happening.. but.. its kinda nice to read that because a pretty and smart girl like you have the same problems.. oh men i hate that :<

  298. I COMPLETELY agree with you on this. I am 5'8 and weigh 8st 3, I have weighed 8st 3 for years now. I am always trying to put on weight, even trying using muscle gain powder as i was told if i didn't exercise, it would just help me put weight on. Nothing.

    I have always been incredibly self conscious about my height and weight, made even worse by people going 'God you're so skinny…you're quite tall as well aren't you?', which I have to admit makes you feel as ugly as you can get.
    Having just moved to London and meeting new people all the time, I am getting this constantly, the most recent comment being 'Yeah you're really thin aren't you…….not disgustingly thin though.' Now is that a compliment? An insult? An insult disguised as a compliment? Whatever it was, it made me feel extremely embarrassed and self concious.

    And don't even get me started on the whole 'real women are curvy' thing!!!!

    Sara x

  299. I've went through my whole life wanting to be somebody else. Wishing to be skinnier and I always liked the same things as everybody else. Then I met one of my best friends and she helped me not to care what anybody else thinks! Now I embrace how different I am and I'm proud of my little muffin top belly! I got some abuse for liking different things and wearing some pretty crazy clothes at first but I still felt better than I had before.
    You're beautiful Zoe! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise <3

  300. Thanks for writing this. I have a sloooooooow metabolism so I have to eat very little and people are always freakin' out over my portions of food, not to mention, I'm thin. this was encouraging!

  301. faqeera

    Omgosh! You're exactly like me, it's like you're reading my mind. I'm 15 and all throughout my teen years I've always been called too thin. People thought I had a eating disorder, but the truth is I eat more than anyone I know (3 plates of rice mostly everyday!) and sometimes I scarf down a whole feast of food when I feel really insecure.

    Whenever people comment on how skinny I am I get really down. Even one of my teacher called me privately and asked me "are you okay? what do you usually eat?" I just stood there, confused and hurt, I was only 11. She was quite fat, shouldn't she know how it feels like when people comment on your weight? Sometimes it really got to me.

    But then I realized lots of people would kill just to be like me. Literally, they would puke purposely and starve themselves. So I have learnt just to love and embrace myself. :) <3

  302. Ann

    I just found this post right now! I did the exact topic in one of my videos! You're however lucky to have filled out a bit! I'm still the same old haha but I can relate to several things you said. I think we just end up growing thicker skin and see those criticism being ridiculous. Honestly which well mannered human being says those things? Just ridiculous and as everyone has already pointed out! You are gorgey! It's awesome you blogged about this! :) Much love xx

  303. Thank you so much so doing this post. I've always been naturally slim and had to brush off comments on my weight from an early age. People don't realise that comments can be really hurtful sometimes and irritating. I really dislike it when strangers can say things about your weight and think that's that okay. Even at work!
    I think it's a slight tabboo for 'skinny' people (I hate that word) to say that it's wrong and you shouldn't speak about another person's weight regardless of their size. Anyway I like my body the way it is, and hopefully you do as well because you look lovely.

  304. June

    First of all, I like this post and you're a very good blogger :) I'm average weight, but I kinda wish I was thinner. If it makes you feel better, at least you won't grow out of your clothes! I really hate when my favorite pants get too tight and I can't wear them anymore. My friend is like you, and she does calf raises since she doesn't do other types of exercises. Maybe you could try that too.

  305. Anna

    Can you tell me please, how is your weight? BTW: I love your videos, you are the best youtuber ever! :)

  306. Omg i totally agree, im super skinny too, but im tall… :/
    But Zoe you're gorgeous, don't listen to those idiots_

  307. Zoe, i am very happy with this post!
    I'm 5ft4 and 7 stone. Calculating my BMI you'd think i'm underweight but looking at my slim parents and history of fast metabolisms you's recognise that it's just the way i am! You shouldn't feel like you have to explain you're weight to people- like, why do you have to go through your family history for people to except that your thin naturally? People have accepted that a larger frame is a build some are born with, and it'a the same for skinny too! The vast majority of thin people are naturally thin, we don't have eating disorders- and if someone unfortunately did, is it something to be so cruel about? In media today people throw anger on slimmer people, models etc. But you are who you are. We should be more acceptant of that fact that everyones different and that as long as you're healthy, there is no perfect figure!(: x


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  309. Wonderful post!

    I can relate.
    When I was younger I was sort of " flat as a board" you might say.
    After I filled out later in life my own grandfather told me " Oh you look much better than when I last saw you.."
    I was appalled, but decided not to take to heart.I am content with the way I am now and that is all that matters.

    Thank You for sharing your thoughts(:

  310. Zoe, you're so cute and I do agree that harsh comments either way are unnecessary. You also look absolutely lovely how you are! (:

  311. what a great article that I couldnt agree more with! I had the exact same thing all though school and it could be really tough at times, really makes you feel like crap. Thanks for writing about this! I think you look gorgeous how you are! xx

  312. I was never really content with my body. All my life, I've juggled my weight from fat to thin. A couple of years ago, I wasn't fat but I was slightly chubby and I'd think, 'Why do I put on weight as soon as I open my mouth?' But then I started Martial Arts and I am skinnier now, I guess. Recently, I've started feeling much more happier with my body shape. Blog posts, etc. like this one has made me realise that everybody's different and we'll never be 100% satisfied, but we will be happier with our bodies if we just ACCEPT it the way it is. Lovely article :)

  313. Firstly, I would like to say that hight wise, I am the same, I am 16 and I am only 5" and I have stopped growing. This is because I have an under active thyroid and have had this since birth. This also makes me have a slow metabalism (?)… although I am not fat, I am not skinny an unlike you all my weight goes onto my thighs. I do eat unhealthily but not to an extent. And lastly, I know how you feel about feeling awkward. People just don't know how awkward it is. This makes me so socially awkward because people always comment saying "why are you so small?" "seriously, your really that height?". Yes I am, and I am taller than my mother, so what? My mum is small, and so is her mum. Get over it.

    And also, I love your youtube videos! You also made me start writing a blog so if you have chance please check it out and my youtube, thankyou:) x

  314. being someone on the other side of the spectrum i thought i would share from my point of view. i agree with you in the fact that people shouldn't comment on others appearances. however, from my personal experience – when I have commented on how skinny someone is it is out of jealousy while people who comment on how overweight I am do it out of disgust.

  315. (I apologize for commenting on this very late, and not that what I have to say matters much in the grand scheme of everyone's opinions–but!) I agree that people shouldn't just assume that if your BMI is below average that you have an eating disorder or that all skinny people have one because that isn't true. It's a misconception that has bothered me for some time, just how people with a higher BMI aren't thought to have one of the similar mentality. Skinniness can be an indicator sometimes(definitely not all the time) of something going on deeper, conflicting.

    While some people can be bothersome to ones day when they ask you, "Are you anorexic?" Or "Why are you so skinny?" I feel that actual sincere concern shouldn't be misunderstood or taken poorly. That if someone is really worried about someone else that it should be OK to ask and make sure. (I really think what you wrote was more about the misconception of skinniness, though.) I think sometimes society puts too little a value on expressing ones concern, that issues can go without someone to speak up and help people with so people shouldn't just ignore everything.

    Doctors should keep an eye on someone's weight as it is their job to monitor health and eating disorders really can put a damper on that. I myself have had doctors ask me before, but because of an actual drop in weight resulting in a lower BMI. I have different doctors that don't have my record, so I could see them looking to my family to see if it was my fast metabolism or my own doing–I'm not sure about your doctor's files, though. If they had the record and saw that you have been that weight for quite awhile I don't see why it's an issue if everything else checks out alright. Why does a red flag pop up so quickly in their minds? I see it as a computer with an alert when it notices a small error in the code. The BMI scale being the code of conduct to follow, and the under average bit being the thing that sets off the warning. The doctor, then, should know that they need to heed the warning and make sure that it doesn't fit the criteria of an eating disorder.

    Other people can be just curious, or just feed into misconceptions and make things horrible for the self-esteem especially when they ask, "Do you shove feathers down your throat?" out of the blue. Education on what they're asking should be indulged in on their part before asking such a personal question.. and in such a rude manner really is unappreciated. Is this the sort of people you have encountered? I understand your point and agree with you more if people were just making rude comments.

    Overall, I appreciated those who were genuinely concerned and helped me.

  316. As a recovering anorexic I've put on a good extra ten pounds because I'm terrified of going back to the comments about how skinny I was and how gross I looked being that skinny. If I'm being completely honest with myself I am more comfortable a few pounds heavier than being very thin because I feel healthier but that's my business and not people on the street's. Why we judge people so much on what their scale says is beyond me.

  317. I've never thought about it like that before, but I'm definitely quoting you in future! I'm 5ft2 and my weight fluctuates between 6.5 and 7 stone, and I always get asked why I'm so skinny. It's infuriating because I try to put weight on but it just won't work, any weight I manage to gain goes straight to my thighs and bum! A couple of weeks ago I was at my 34 year old cousin's house with my mum, and she asked my mum (in front of me) if I was anorexic. I almost cried. Mum just laughed it off and was like 'are you kidding?! she's always eating!' and it's true, I am! Yet no-one seems to believe me because i'm so tiny. Is it wrong that I'm happy with my figure?! I look in the mirror and I'm pleased with what I see. I have a flat stomach, but my ribs don't stick out, and yet everyone seems to think they do – so annoying! So many people ask why I'm so skinny nowadays that I just say 'fast metabolism' and walk away, before I have a big rant like this one, ahaha! Oh well, I guess the world will always be obsessed with weight, even if you're happy with the way you are ;)

  318. I know this is an OLD post, but I've only just discovered your blog just yesterday. I, too, struggle with this and it's quite annoying. Yes, not all Americans are obese, some of us are NATURALLY slim and HEALTHY. So, ignore it and don't feel bad. If you're healthy, then embrace it and work it! :) Cheers from across the pond!

  319. I am so grateful that you have posted this blog, so people can see that being skinny isn't as great as it seems and that we get put down beacuse of our weight and stature.Reading this blog mad me feel like i'm not alone and that other people are going through the same thing. I have the same opinion about people being able to say certain things about smaller females but not larger and I also think it is very unfair and I just want to say thank you for blogging about this, it has made me feel somewhat better about myself.

    Lots of Love xo

  320. You think you are insulting you say you're too thin, hopefully mu ami say would be happy. My weight does not affect me much but ami. Hopefully I weight 20 pounds less people would be happy maybe because I'm not recordan I were fat or something.
    But like you say well no one is perfect and we have a thousand and one faults and probably will always be there but would be happy if you could fix just this weight. Avegades angry at my house that I do not eat food left but do not want to gain more weight, because very hard for me to lose it.

  321. Elissa

    I totally agree with you.
    My friend also has a super metabolism and she got bullied for being so skinny and she wanted to put on weight but she can't. She get's bullied for something she can't change :(

    You are beautiful Zoe, in any way :)
    Elissa xx

  322. just stumbled upon this, though i've been watching your videos and occasionally looking at your blog for a while.
    i agree with you so much, i am neither skinny nor fat but hate many things about my body, everyone seriously needs to stop judging people because they have no idea how the other person feels or what they are going through!!
    you're amazing Zoe, keep it up <3

  323. I think you look perfectly fine, don't listen to those other people, they are just making observations and making comments, rise above it x

  324. Couldn't relate to this more, I think you've spoken for every girl with a high metabolism!

  325. i wanted to say that i really understand you and i agree with you. Sometimes people need to be careful with what they say.
    I used to be very skinny and since i am way too tall my classmates used to call me "Mutant bag of bones", random people at school asked me weird questions and my own grandma asked me if i was anorexic. They just couldn´t understand that i had a fast metabolism but as you said this metabolism didn´t stay that way forever.
    As a result of those comments i started eating more and more to see if i could gain some weight. I ate this way until i was 13 and unfortunately or luckily that was when my metabolism stopped being fast and became a normal one. Yeah, i gained some weight and i was like "Yes! nobody is going to bother me because of my weight". What a huge mistake. They now bother me because they think i should have stayed skinny. And its been two years since my metabolism became a normal one.
    Something that i learned…You can´t please everyone and you have to accept yourself the way you are even though you will always find something that you don´t like.
    I am really happy i found this post, i reaaally love your blog zoe. :)

  326. zoe you have really inspired me to start writing a blog and not care so much about my weight and try to think about my beauty and my inner beauty thanks for the inspiration!:)

  327. i agree with you. it is upsetting when people ask if i eat, if i'm healthy, if i work out, if i need help. i definitely do eat, i am healthy, no i do not work out, and i am perfectly fine thank you. i'm sure people think it's a compliment to call someone skinny being as some people have to work really hard for it. but saying the word 'anorexic' just makes me so sad. anorexic is a mental disorder, by the way, and it it by no means a good thing.

    zoe, you are so beautiful and one of my favorite people on the internet. i look up to the way you tackled this sensitive topic. :)

  328. Thank you for posting your view on this. I honestly know of one other girl besides myself who has spoken out to our friends about this. It's always been hard for myself to live through even the 'bestest' of friends and even my own parents making jokes out of my small size and claiming me to be anorexic and etc. They see it as light hearted jokes, but they don't understand how much it makes me feel insecure. So thank you Zoe : )

  329. Rodny

    This is exactly what I've been going through for ages.

  330. I totally agree and anyway people shouldn't juge you just because your skinny and any way who cares what other people think its what you think is what matters. You are so pretty and so what your skinny it's not my place to say anything about it and your not the only one and people should think about someones feelings before saying anything about their weight and I have people saying to me that they wish they were as skinny as me but it's not that simple its hard because if someone says that then you/I suddenly feel pressured into staying like that. And I personally think you are perfect just as you are and people look they way they look for a reason and that is you genes and you can't change them. I would also like to say that you really inspire me and I wish I could be like you!! Xx

  331. I just stumbled over this post from one of your others. Firstly, thank you so much for posting this. I feel just like you and sometimes feel like the only one who thinks this. I'm 18 and, just like you, am naturally slim. I despise being called 'skinny'. It makes me feel unhealthy and ugly. I eat so much, but never put on weight. I used to hate doing PE, especially swimming like you. I felt like my body was so child-like in a swimming costume, and hated the way I looked. Although I'm now 18, I still haven't really filled out. One thing that does still irritate me is when people say 'I wish I was like you' or 'I wish I had you're legs'. I just feel like saying, 'No you don't, it's not all it's cracked up to be'. However I've now accepted the way I look, maybe I don't really like how I look I'm comfortable in my skin.
    When people say things, they think it's a compliment and they probably do mean it to be taken that way, but I don't. Just like you said, if someone said 'you're too fat' to someone who is perceived to be overweight, then they'd be considered rude. But saying 'you're too skinny' to someone slim is okay? I don't understand it.
    Again thank you for posting this, it's nice to know someone else feels the same way! <3

  332. I'm so glad I read this post.
    I still really young but exactly the same as you were/are, and continually have the same problems. People ask me why I'm so thin and it just makes me embarrassed, I don't know how to reply and there are a good few people who think im anorexic because I'm so underweight. I huge problem I have is clothes, so far the only pair of jeans I have ever found to fit me decently are from Hollister and I simply cant afford to spend £50 every time I need a new pair of jeans. It's such a lovely feeling to know that someone else is the same as me, and I have never found this before.
    Thank you Zoe <3

  333. Anne

    I love this post. You took the words/paragraphs out of my mouth! As for me I've been an athlete ever since I was 7 years old, swimming and tennis… so unlike you, I didn't develop nicely on the chest area. I'm not sure if it's denial, but it doesn't bother me that I don't have much of them though, what bothers me is people asking and touching me.

    I'm Asian, so I thought, isn't it normal for asian women to be MY size? I'm 5'5 and weighed 90 lbs. I was much thinner when I was 12-15. Now that I'm in my 20's I'm seriously working on putting some weight, currently up 105 lbs in two-year's time. Thing that bothers me is that if I'm naturally this way and my grandparents are naturally thin too why do I have to conform to people's standards? I'm just now realizing how people view other people since all my life high school and college my mind is pre-occupied with sports/novels/anime so I didnt really have the time nor the interest to think about what other people are think or do.

    Now that I do, man it's crazier fiction.

    You know what, it's nice that you wrote this post and I saw this. Made me feel much more comfortable.

  334. You're my inspiration Zoe, I have always suffered with my BMI/Weight, my BMI has always been 17.5 and I'm 5'9, I've always been boney, I don't like seeing my bones prong in every direction but my metabolism just wont allow me to put on weight like an average women can.
    Also your video on Anxiety/Panic attacks have really helped me, I'm now starting my life properly, I'm doing things I love, I want to start fresh.

    Thank you for making these videos Zoe

  335. I just want to hug you. You are seriously the best writer ever. I can relate to this so so so much. I really feel like punching everyone that have ever said to me that I am to skinny.

    Some people think that they want to be as skinny as we are and be able to eat whatever you want when they don't know how it feels to always get comments saying that one is too skinny. Shit. I totally agree with you and I am just so happy you wrote this. Thank you Zoe.

  336. Well done for being brave and saying this.

    (And speaking as someone who's the other end of the spectrum – the nurse absolutely 100% points out when your BMI is too high. I was about half a stone over what is acceptable for my BMI for my height which is 5'9" – half a stone is not noticeable but I was told to lose weight. So that wasn't just you – BMI is the only index health professionals have and by and large it's a useful and accurate tool.)

  337. I don't think it's acceptable to call someone skinny or fat. Fat is more hurtful as it is considered to be hideously overweight and there aren't many things to do with fat people, whereas models, for instance, are skinny and are looked up to, considered very cool and trendy. My point is, no one would see a fat model and say "ooh wish i was her" or "wow, i'd love to look like her in that dress".

  338. Belle

    I also have a "super-metabolism", and I absolutely hate it! I have a tiny stomach so I can only eat a small amount at a time, but about half an hour after eating, my body wants/needs more, because it metabolizes my food so quickly. Which means that I eat TONS of sugary junk food, because if I don't get sugar into my system quickly enough, I pass out.
    I get alot of people asking about my weight, and when I tell them about my metabolism they almost always say "Oh how lucky". I wish people would see that having a fast metabolism isn't an entirely good thing.

    You are a beautiful person, Zoe :)

    Belle x

  339. I absolutely love that you wrote in this post in such a personal yet informational and not whiny way. I think I can see you even more clearly now knowing some of your struggles. I'm not really sure of people would or would not say the same type of things if you were overweight but I definitely agree that neither are really okay.

    Stay lovely, Alex.

  340. I just stumbled across your blog and was looking through past articles and found this one.
    I am exactly the same, have felt exactly the same feelings and had the same questions and looks as described in this blog. Its great to know that someone else is exactly the same! I love the fact that your blog is huge so hopefully a wide audience will understand that skinny people face the same prejudice as fat people do and that not everyone who is skinny has an eating disorder.
    Thanks Zoe, I am now following you and look forward to future blog posts :) Don't forget that all people no matter what their size are beautiful :)

  341. i love this post. I can relate so much to this. Last year I was 5ft and 4 stone. I was stupidly underweight and had no eating disorder at all. The doctors told me that my metabolism was so high it was dangerous and had to physically over eat to put on weight and make sure it stayed there. I had no figure let alone any boobs! I was so unhappy because people teased me for it. I'm glad to know there are heaps of other people who went through the same! xx

  342. That's true. I'm thirteen, I'm 5ft11" and I'm really quite slim. I understand you Zoe, I heard something like "you need to eat", "there's something wrong with you" really often. I remember when my best friend said to me "you're anorexic", I swear, that time I was shocked. I don't understand how people can be so rude for someone. I hundred procents with you Zoe, because I know how you felt and how you feel till now. Basically, I don't care what those people are saying, I feel good with what I am :) Good luck Zoe x

  343. I use to think I was really fat because my 'friend' was calling me fat. So I went on a mega diet, didn't eat anything and threw up (please don't do this I was incredibly stupid!) to try and make myself skinnier. But, to my horror, I was getting skinnier but my throat, head and stomach always hurt, I started fainting and I was getting paler (which is quite worrying because I am usually very pink!) One day I was sitting there and I was thinking 'why am I doing this?'. Just because someone comments on your weight doesn't mean you have to strange for them! So I started eating more again and now I am 13 and I am 6st5lb and 5ft5"(is this normal?) and I am really happy with my weight. Most of my fat goes to my bum and my hips and I have practically no boobs so I am very pear-shaped. And after seeing this blog I felt really proud. You look so beautiful Zoe and you shouldn't listen to anyone who says different. I am happy with my legs, my arms, my stomach and the rest of me to! So even with all the magazines saying that you need to be skinny, skinny, skinny I am perfectly happy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  344. Anna Z.

    Zoe, I am just as tall as you are and I weigh exactly how much you do, it's incredible. It's this kind of post that I would write myself, each word. I am constantly being called 'too skinny' and it really bugs me. I eat a great deal of food, I just can't put on weigh though I really want to. Sometimes I am scared to wear leggins because if I do, I have this feeling that everyone's thinking 'wow, she must be anorexic'. Sigh.

  345. I completely understand what you mean! I'm also small, and everything you just said is something I have thought of at one time or another in my life. People don't seem to realize how offensive it is to keep pestering someone about the way they look – they think it's okay just because being thin is more socially 'acceptable'. People use their insecurities to judge others. I used to have no problem with what I ate. I used to eat plenty of junk food. When I started eating healthier, people started saying nasty things about that, too.

    You have the cutest figure, and people need to lay off. Thanks for sharing this!

  346. Omg! This is exactly how I feel! I am totally with you on this, agree 100%! This explains and says everything I feel and think. No one thinks its rude but it really is! I love this post, can not disagree on anything you said!

  347. Zoe, This post actually brought me to tears. I recently found your YouTube channel and It lead me to your blog. My whole life I have been called short and skinny…and i hate it. I honestly eat alot in attempt to gain weight and wear high heels any chance i can to appear taller. I am 15 years old and in the tenth grade. I haven't gotten my period yet and I am 5ft2inch, and I weigh 87lbs. I am embarrassed to tell people how little I way. People are always saying things like 'you are so tiny and skinny, you are just SO SMALL' and I get really uncomfortable. I Over the years i have developed my way of coping. Sarcasm. I am constantly being sarcastic, sometimes in mean ways. I don't have a best friend. I have friends, but not a best friend who i can trust with my life. I have never had a boyfriend or a boy ask me out. I always think people are taking about me and then just pretending to like me. I know this all sounds super childish but its how i feel. I really respect you Zoe, i think you are such a strong and brave woman. I hope that someday ican be half as confident as you are to post a blog post like this, and to make videos like you do. I don't know if you will even see this, but if you do, i want you too know, I think you are amazing <3

    <3 <3 <3

  348. Hey Zoé , i totally agree with you . Nobody should judge on how you are on the outside .
    But love you how ever you are .

    Love you Zoé <3

  349. beautifully written and so true :)

  350. Jade

    I can completely relate to you and loved reading your post, I'm a skinny Minnie too and I've gone through similar experiences and had people make judgement's on me based on how much I weigh. Even after having a baby I'm skinny and it drives me mad when people make throwaway comments about me being a lucky bitch because I'm skinny after having a kid! Everyone has their insecurities and I think it's completely out of order for someone who doesn't know you well to even consider making a negative remark about your weight. It's difficult at first but you have to try and block out these kind of ignorant people….you know your healthy and well and that's all that matters.

  351. Good on you, Zoe! My dad has the same problems as you, and because he is a guy he gets tons of comments about how short and tiny he is for a man and how he should put on weight – for a long time he di what you did and ate loads of crap and felt bad, but now he has learnt to kinda accwpt it more :)

    This post really helped me understand what my dad is goong through!

  352. carley

    You put this blog post on a long while ago but i recently discovered you on you tube and found you also had a blog and was just browsing through and wow i can't believe how much i relate to this post, thank you for writting this because i now know that i'm not the only one. The other day my manger at work said…oh carley your looking very thin…some people might find that a compliment i suppose it kind of was…it was just the way she said it and then another man that i hardly knew said that i should eat some more chips. OH SHUT UP i felt like saying to him….i wouldn't call you fat, because that would be mean. Pft anyway thank you for writting this i now feel more confident with my body and think hey it's ok i like being my weight, i don't have an eating disorder.

    I love your you tube and blog, it really inspires me and makes me think of starting my own…i just can't think of a "good" name haha.

    Thank you for being you..


  353. georgia

    beautiful post zoe, it's so true, if someone was going to comment on your weight, they better make sure it's positive. I was once on the verge of an eating disorder, worse bit was i am 13. I personally think i was an alright weight i mean i had the slight concern like anyone would, but it did not bother me much. I soon got comment's by a friend saying that i had chubby arm's and leg's, although it was meant as a joke i did take it to heart (another problem of mine) therefore leading me to not eat alot at all. Soon my parent's found out and so did my friend's it was hard but im doing well on the physical recovery front, but not so much on the mental side of thing's. I reckon people need to start thinking about what they say can affect people alot.

  354. urmull

    I am so glad I found this post. I might as well have written it myself, this is all so very familiar to me.

    Today, I am 22 years old and have got a little bit more curves than a few years ago although I am still what people would call "stick thin". I don't often get comments on my weight anymore but when I do, I get so angry. Deep inside, I am still so hurt and sad over all the negative comments I got when I was younger, especially from the age of twelve to circa eighteen.

    "You look so out of proportion"
    "Your legs and arms are so long"
    "It looks like you're falling apart"
    "You're wrist is so thin, it looks like your hand could fall off"
    "I can see your bones through your skin"
    "You have no bum"
    "You look ill"
    "You look like you have an eating disorder"
    "Are you anorexic?"
    "You look so unnatural, who looks like this?"
    "You're nothing but skin and bones"
    "Go eat a hamburger"
    "You look disgusting"
    "Aren't going to finish your meal? You certainly need it!"
    "You're going to get a salad? You should rather eat something with fat in it"

    and I could go on and on.

    Once in 10th grade, my new teacher stopped my when I was walking into the classroom and said that I really ought to try and eat more, and that I looked frail and ill.
    My mum's sister accused me of being anorexic about 4 years ago. That one really hurt. She's was my favourite aunt and I trusted her and she accused me of having a mental disorder.
    When I was eighteen, I though this era of remarks and hurtful comments had stopped. I came to school one day in a short skirt and tights and my best friend at the time was walking behind me and said what she couldn't believe how skinny my thighs were, that is looked so sick and unnatural and I looked ill. I was so hurt that a few weeks later I went to a nutrition specialist and asked her if she could help me gain weight.

    I wish I knew how to respond to people when they comment on how skinny I am. Every once in a while, I still get comments like that, especially from people who I've just met. I've learned to not let these comments get to me too much (some people even think they're giving me a compliment when they mention how skinny I am) but I really want to come up with something to say to people that makes them realize that that was a hurtful and inappropriate comment.

  355. Hi Zoe, I don't know if you are responding (or even reading) the replies here, but most people have hit it spot on; you're gorgeous! Not only because of your beautiful figure (which no matter what, I'm pretty sure I would kill for) but for your personality! You are so fun and happy that I would have never thought you have had any issues with self confidence at all!
    As the person who was told by my doctor as a child: "you're not allowed to drink apple juice anymore because you weigh too much" I know how it feels to be self confident.
    Ever since then, I've never been "overweight" but I've also never been the skinniest! I have always felt SUPER disproportionate as I am very tall and I have a tiny head!
    Growing up has been really awkward for me because I've always, always, ALWAYS been taller than EVERY boy in my class. I've been called "teacher" "tree" and even "giant" both to my face and behind my back.
    I know that it's completely horrible to compare yourself to others as we are all different, but having the skinniest tallest (well, second tallest)girl in school as my best friend doesn't exactly boost my self love. Some days I am super happy with myself, and others I think that I'm the ugliest, fattest person on earth (over exaggeration of course). I also wonder if any boy will ever love me, but really, I'd rather have a boyfriend who loves me for me and not just my body!
    It all comes down to the fact that the "haters" and people who insult you, are probably jealous of you! I mean look how popular you are, on top of being naturally gorgeous, funny and talented! I understand that skinny girls can go through some peril, but just remember, you're awesome!
    Love from, Sam xoxo
    PS sorry for the novel ;)

  356. radmila

    I'm so happy there are people like you, because of people like you world changes to better. Thank you for the post, and I'm sure thet it will help a lot of girls out there… especialy teenage ones.

  357. I know I'm a tad late to the party… But this is like, my biggest pet peeve! The worst is when people put things on their Facebook or Twitter like "Men want a real woman with curves, only a dog wants a bone". Don't know why anyone would try make themselves feel better by making others feel worse. You can't help your size so as long as you're healthy and happy it's nobody's business!
    Love the blog and vlog x

  358. I have only just stumbbled across this article… And i agree with everything you said. People commenting on either how skinny or how fat a person is is not fair. I actually suffered anorexia, bulimia and a compulisive exercise disorder for 4 years. Before becomig ill at 14 i hit puberty and found it hard adjusting to the growth of boobs, bottom and natural curves. I was never over weight but took to heart a single comment one stupid boy made in a P.E class. It caused me to completely abuse my body. My lowest weight was 5 stone 3 pound. And you would of thought people saying 'Ur so skinny' is what youy dream of. It wasnt it hurt me just as much as that other comment, but the difference was i couldnt do anything about it. Im now fine, i battled it and i won and i am now a healthy 8 stone 5 pound at 5'4. But still do this day i worry what people think. Both ways, if i go through a stressful and lose weight i panic im to skinny and if i indulge over xmas or my TOM, i panic im getting chunky. Its just in our female DNA… SOmetime i wish we had it easy like guys… They dnt need to worry about boob size, or weight or any of this horrible stuff that seems to destroy many lives. Your beautiful just the way you are, never let anyone tell you different, and deffinately make sure you dont let it almost destroy you. Your life is more presious then a dress size. xx

  359. I agree, Zoe. Well said!
    I'm a girl with the age of 14. I am 161cm and weighs 63kg. I can honestly say I'm not happy. I want to go down weight. To 55kg, to be precisely. And I am working on it. By hard workout three times a week, and eating when I have to, not every half an hour. It is sometimes hard. I don't feel fat, I know I'm not, but I don't feel comfortable in my body.
    In my class we are eleven girls. I'm the "fat" one. One day one of the girls said to me,
    "I'm SO fat!"
    She grabbed the little(almost nothing) fat she had on her stomach.
    I know she don't really think she's fat. She has a six-pack and showes it of whenever she feels for it. But at the same time as she said that, I kind of felt a bit hurt. I am trying so hard to be OK with how I look, but I can't. So if that girl really isn't happy with how she looks, will I ever?
    Anyway Zoe, I hope you one day will be happy with your legs and hands, because you deserve it! You have opened eyes to so many people and made them not feel alone on this wierd planet of ours. Even if you probably never going to read this, but I hope you will, I just want you to know that I love you so much and I have so much respect for you! xx
    Sunniva Johnsen 14, Norway

  360. ime

    this is exactly what happened to me, and was going to make a blog post on it myself! everyone tells me to stop complaining and theyd love to have my body, but they have no idea that id love THEIR body! i would rather be curvy, its so much prettier, being stick thin its boring i feel like a sheep. I hate people asking me if im anorexic, no, i would never dream of it, im just thin. you wouldnt ask someone whos fat why there so overweight, theres no difference when your skinny! thank you for showing the world EXACTLY how i feel!

  361. Thank you so much for posting this some people just don't understand how hard it can be.

  362. Lian

    Hi Zoe! First of all, I know that this post was made years ago, but who cares? Posts doesn't have any expiration date anyway.

    Your post gave me a lot of hope for myself. Right there when you said, "why don't I have boobs like my friends do?" "why do all my bones poke out at every angle?" "where are my hips?" "why am I so skinny?", it felt like it was me speaking. I am 15 and I know my body would still develop, but being with my friends with wonderful contours makes me feel bad about myself. I have fast metabolic processes too, and my small bone frame doesn't help.

    Reading this post opened a light I switched off myself, and I'm really glad that I'm not in the dark anymore. I have high hopes about how my body would develop, and oh! We have the same height =)

    Continue helping people like me. Stay pretty and happy. Love youu! =)

  363. Claudia

    I totally agree. I've had the same problem all my life. When I was 15 in a maths class, I was standing at the front and one girl shouted infront of everyone "You obviously are anorexic, why are you lying?" Why would I lie about something like that? I didn't and never have had a problem, just I used to dance everyday and have a very fast motabolisum. I've finally managed to get my weight right up to my height. Being 5'8" I was always noticeably taller and called a bean pole and lanky all the time. I totally agree about what you're saying, it's just as offensive to talk about skinny persons weight than it is about a fatter persons weight. They should keep their nosey noses out of other peoples business :) xxxx

  364. Hey Zoe,
    I think some people have asked about your height and weight so that they can figure out your BMI and try to make theirs the same, to have a body like yours. I know you say that you'd like to put on weight, but I am the exact same height as you, but 10kgs heavier. I used to weigh 53kgs, and gained almost 10 in 2 years, I didn't even notice, until I weighed myself. I have now lost a few kgs, but can't get below 57kgs. I have been going to the gym every day for over a month and eating much healthier and not getting anywhere.
    I would love to have your figure, even if you don't want to read're amazingly beautiful and have a lovely figure!
    I think many of these girls look up to you and aspire to be like you.
    Love what you look like, we all do!

  365. This is soo true for me!
    Thank you so much for this post <33333333333333333333

  366. I'm actually really happy I read this. I'm 16 and have the same problem. I used to get called 'paper' and would try to wear big baggy jumpers to hide my body from everyone else's. I always felt so insecure, especially through the summer, as it was too hot to hide my body away.

  367. I love you videos and this is my first visit to your blog! So I am 30 and was exactly like you are regarding metabolism AND eating crap and not exercising. It *might* not happen to you that your metabolism slows down and you put on weight, but it is definitely happening to me. Don't do it to yourself! Start trying to eat a little healthier. If you start really slowly now, you will be used to it by the time you "have to" do it. I'm sure you could at least do some strength training and like 20 minutes of cardio a few times a week without dwindling away to nothing — you will just have to eat some more proteins. Regardless of size, you are too beautiful and sweet to not take care of your heart. <3

  368. Zoe,
    Thank you SO very much for being brave and posting this. I'm literally the exact same size as you except minus an inch in height and I've been trying so hard to explain this to people I know (and those awkward, random strangers). This post has helped me a lot and hopefully it will help them understand as well.
    Lots of love, Megan :)

  369. Very glad someone's sticking up for skinny people for a change!!

  370. Wow. I've never thought about this topic like that, it's a whole new perspective, and now I feel that I was a terrible person for thinking the way I used to: assuming things and judging people. This is probably the best post ever. I never thought that it could be hard for someone who can't gain weight. People always go on and on about people who can't lose weight, but they never think of people like you. I think that's why everyone knows about larger people but people aren't as aware about you kind of situation. This has really opened my eyes. You are such an inspirational person and I think it's amazing you have written this. You are a huge inspiration to me. :)

  371. This is so true! When I was younger a Dr told me people were dying in hospital that looked as skinny as me, I spent most of my teens trying to put on weight so I'd look like my friends. Thank you so much for writing about this, I hope it's an eye-opener for many people.

  372. I can totally see where you're coming from. I'm 16 years old, 5'3 and 46 kg and, as you said, have a "super metabolism". I hardly put on weight despite my utter crap diet and little to no exercise. I don't think I'm going to grow much bigger, length wise and width wise than I am right now. I was called anorexic in the past, and people tell me that I'm "skinny", a comment I can't really find a response to. I've only put on about one kilogram since I weighed myself last year (I don't tend to weight myself often and do not own a weight), and I'm finding my inability to put on weight a little scary. I try to eat as well as I can, so I can stay healthy. I recently worked out my BMI, which told me that I was underweight for my age group. However, both my parents are doctors and are okay with how I am. Sure they may urge me to eat a little more at dinner and a little less lollies, but they're not overly concerned. So I'm trying to stay positive about it and just go with what I've got. I'm really thankful you made this post, as it has made me realise that there are others like me, I thought I just had a really weird metabolism!

  373. I was just flicking through here and came across this. I say to all my friends that you are like my idol, and to know that you also felt the same way i feel now makes you all the more inspiring. I hate the way i look and i get the exact same comments and i just kinda stand awkwardly and smile. IM glad that you wrote about this, as it makes me feel less alone :) xxx

  374. AAAAHHHH THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS POST!!!!! I feel exactly the same way!! It's seen as bullying if you tell someone to lose some weight and we all gotta make sure we don't hurt the fat girls feelings but um hey what about skinny girls?! I've had to put up with soo so so many anorexic rumours for my teenage life and it's not on!! X

  375. I know exactly what you went through and are going trhough. I'm 14 right now and I only weigh 78-85 pounds, I'm 5ft2". All of my friends envy me for being so skinny and all I can say is just don't. I hate it when people call me out for being so skinny and I hate going to the pool and such. I don't feel pretty and I don't feel…feminine. I look at myself in the mirror, disgusted. And no matter how hard I try I can;t change it. I read your post and it really touched me to know that there are other people out there like me and that I'm not alone. Thank you so much just for posting this, I will always hold you near my heart.

    Much Love,

  376. wow. just wow. you don't understand how many times ive wanted to say this to everyone at school. my friends think calling me 'a bag of bones' is the best compliment ever, when really, it hurts.. alot. ive told my best friend about how i go home and cry and she apologized but i know she thought i was being stupid. and the fact that is if i went upto her and said 'you're a lump of fat' everyone would think of me as a bitch. thankyou SO much for posting this, maybe one day i'll show her it and she might understand:) thankyou again for putting it out there. xx

  377. I completely agree with you. I hate the fact that people think it's acceptable to negatively comment on someone's appearance. They have no right to do that and I feel that your article/blog post has shown a lot of people that calling someone "too skinny" is bad and upsetting too. :)

  378. Thank god that someone like you has posted an article like this. I have never really come across anything like this on the internet and I felt strangely "touched" when I read it because I feel exactly the same way. I am a 14 year old girl and everyone I know is constantly telling me I need to eat more or that I'm so skinny and I am really SO SICK OF IT. I didn't really know if things would get any better for me because I really am pretty skinny, being 5'6" and just under 100 lbs but after reading this I have some hope. I love your YouTube videos, you really are such a sweet person, and keep doing what you're doing!
    Thanks Zoe :)

  379. Thanks

  380. Finally, someone who feels the same way! Ever since I hit puberty I lost all my baby fat and was really skinny. Growing up was hard because people would constantly ask me why I was so skinny and it got to the point where one of my friend's sister used to call me "bones" as a nickname. It's not like I can help it! I ate just as much as the average kid (sometimes even wayy more) and my body would not show it. Fast forward nine years later, I am now 110lbs which is still pretty thin but I've come along way from the 70lb eleven year old that I used to be. Even though people are still telling me to eat more, I'm proud that I actually put on some weight and I just learned to accept the fact that I just take longer to fill out than others.

  381. liksai

    I had the same problem as you. I was REALLY skinny when I was at school, and I'm still are, just not as much as I used to be. People always ask me things like: Are you anorexic? Why don't eat? The truth is that I do eat quite a lot, everything I want, and yet I don't gain any weight. I hated my body, but as I grew up I learnt to accept the fact that this is who I am and that's not going to change. Though I still get very angry and uncomfortable when people ask me about my weight, it's a delicate subject for and I try to avoid talking about it, even with my friends. People just don't seem to understand how hard it is for both people below the average size and people above it to receive comments on their weight. It's just unacceptable to judge someone by their size.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this post :)

  382. Hi Zoe!
    I just stumbled upon this specific blogpost of yours, even though I've read your blog and followed you on YouTube for quite some time. I have to say, first of all, that I completely agree with you in what you're saying here. And people will judge you, regardless of weight, size, height, and so on. But let me tell you; eating crappy foods isn't necessarily the option if putting in weight is the goal. Simply eating healthy and lifting weights will help massively. Healthy does not mean salads and water, it means bad-ass clean meals with a lot of proteins and carbs (which you can get through veggies instead of pizzas and burgers and all that stuff), and, of course your healthy fats. I'm not an educated nutritionist, doctor or personal trainer, but I've read about so many people accomplishing weight gain through doing this. No lie! And, I've been experimenting with it myself, so I know it works if I do it consistently. Again, no lie! I'm not recommending you do it, I'm just saying that there are ways. All is not lost. I happen to think you look amazing just the way you are, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. But there are, in fact ways to change the appreance of one's body, be it to lose or gain weight :)

  383. Raf

    hi zoe, i've had friends who could never gain weight but then after they started exercising, they started gaining muscle and weight! so maybe you needn't be frightened of exercise if you really feel you'd like to start, it would make you feel so much happier and more energetic! (unless you've tried and you really did lose even more weight haha then please disregard my advice)

  384. Yes!! Oh my goodness I am so glad that someone feels the same way that I do!! I have quite often been told that I am too skinny. I am a twin and I am of a small build with a fast metabolism its not my fault I'm not bigger!!


  385. We have BMI's to gauge your mortality rate and chance of having problems (cardiac disease, diabetes etc.) I agree that they are a bit off. People with a BMI under 18.5 or even 20 usually have a lot of health issues, just like a person with a BMI over 30. I wouldn't take too much offense with what they nurse said. She was just new to you and your info and wanted to assess your particular situation! That being said, if you are healthy, then that should be more important than numbers!

  386. Maike K

    Oh wow! I think I just realised that I am one of those who say thins like "You are too skinny" "Don´t you eat enough?"…
    But I think it´s becourse I am super jealous. I always have to remind myself not to eat too many sweets and I never feel good when oters see me eating.. I do know that this really isn´t nice, but I just can´t help myself. :(
    In a way it is abolutelly obvious, that slim people have problems with their bodies as well, but it´s just now (after reading this post) that I kind of realised it.
    Thanks for this amazing post! (and sorry if there are millions of mistakes in this text^^)
    Love from Germany,

  387. This post has moved me so much *-* really great.
    I know this situation too. Always in school people say to me "you are to skinny"
    A year ago I felt bad, but now I put it away.

    PS: I love your videos and post. ^^

  388. Thank you so much for writing this article! I feel exactly the same!

    I hardly ever go a week without someone grabbing my wrists and saying "Oh my goodness your wrists are sooo skinnyy!" Granted it's rare that someone tells me to put on weight, because everyone i know well knows i don't like being so skinny, and that it's just my high metabolism. I also put weight on where i don't want it ha, on my tummy, so when i say i have a fat tummy i get weird looks and get almost told off for it, but i do have a big tummy, half due to having scoliosis which messed up my whole torso, so I'm also conscious of that.

    I'm torn between wanting to eat loads of chocolate and McDonald's and my Mum telling me she was the same when she was my age and one day I'll regret eating rubbish. But it's hard knowing that my size is something that people instantly see and probably think is gross, so it makes it really hard to walk around town and try no to think people are looking at my skinny legs.

    Whenever people tell me about my size, i get really worked up, and feel like sating the things you mentioned, about saying the same stuff to people of bigger size, i also just want to slap them and say, "Do you think i don't know my wrists are that size, do you think I'm blind? I've had the same body for a good amount of years, of course i know my wrists are thin!" Thanks again for addressing this subject, i think more people should talk about it because being skinny does not automatically mean eating disorder.

    Love your youtube channel and this blog :D xxxx

  389. Hi Zoe!
    I know this is a little bit late but I think I can help you. I´ve always been called skinny too, I weight the same as you and I´m 5ft 2". The trick (in my opinion) to gain a little bit more weight is not to consume junk food because it just builds fat and your metabolism will process it very fast. Instead, consume healthy food high in protein and exercise. This will build muscle, not fat. I wasn´t a very sports person, but I´ve been doing the pilates exercises from the Tone It Up girls (you can find them in youtube) and it has helped me a lot. Maybe the first days you´ll feel tired, but later you will start to feel really good and, like I said, building muscle. Also, it will give a very nice shape to your legs, so it´s a win-win :D
    I really hope you can read this, and I hope I can help you in some way.

  390. I absolutely LOVED this!!! Im 5'3, 14 years old, and 80 lbs (American measurements…convert if you want). Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, comments on my weight. "Your hella skinny" "Oh she's anorexic" and all this other bull. So many girls come up to me and say "I wish I was as skinny as you!". Its all so annoying! I too have a "Extra Super Fast" metabolism. I eat so much junk food as well, and not an ounce of healthy food :D Im glad im not alone! Thank you so much for writing about this!! Hopefully some idiots will realize that its not okay to call someone "Anorexic" to their face…

    Much Love,
    Jenna :)

  391. Ana

    Hi there, you probably won't read this but I'd like to let you know that you really do help people. I watch your videos, and I just discovered your blog. It's so hard for people who grew up in the world we live in to understand the other side of the whole "weight" issue. I'm the skinny girl, and I feel your pain! People just don't realise that their words can hurt. Thanks, keep making videos and blogging, and remember that you're beautiful inside and out!

  392. Hope

    I'm really glad that you wrote about this. It really is an actual issue. I am 5 foot and 7 inches tall and about 100 lbs. That being said my "BMI" is so low that it is not on the charts. I get that from my dad who grew so tall so fast (6 foot 8 inches) that he literally looked emaciated in some of his childhood photos. People always say "You're so skinny! You're nearly anorexic!" etc. I'm not sure if they think they are complimenting me but either way it really bothers me. I have severe anxiety and a really touchy subject for me is my weight. I am terrified of being anorexic. I know that is ridiculous because I am 110 billion% sure I'm not since I eat whatever I want whenever I want. The issue is I've always had a really small appetite because of the meds I have to take. That coupled with a really fast metabolism makes me quite thin. I hate the word skinny. I also hate my legs, they look like twigs/bird legs. Even my mom calls me that and she sometimes calls me "birdie". I hate my legs. Sadly I have really large hips for how thin and tall I am that I look slightly disproportionate. I also have ridiculously prominent cheekbones so in bad lighting I look like a skeleton. I hate that. I always envy girls that have more meat on their bones.

  393. As someone who's suffered from anorexia for many years (not just self-image issues and a crash diet… i'm talking full on 68 lb, afraid to eat an apple, anorexia), and have had a few near-death experiences because of it, I'm really familiar with people pointing out that I "need" to gain weight.

    Like you said, it's rude, very impolite… ESPECIALLY if they don't know you or your life story. If it were your mum or uncle or friend saying it out of concern, it's one thing. But a stranger or acquaintance has no business saying any of it. Unfortunately, people aren't taught that. They are taught underweight or anorexic = choice, and overweight = tragic and out of their control… when, really, it's quite the opposite.

    For you, you wanted to get curves and boobs, but couldn't. For me, I wanted to just be 'normal', not be deathly afraid of food, not take my depression out on my body, but I couldn't help it. For both of us, we had issues that were out of our control, but everyone looks past that and just assumes we chose to be that way, and therefore thinks its okay to call us too skinny or whatever. It's sick and wrong.

    However, when the nurse was asking all those questions, I think that was okay. It's her job to make sure you're healthy and to ask those questions. If you were overweight, she probably would've done the same thing and ask if the rest of your family were overweight. I'm sure she was not trying to be rude. People with anorexia are very defensive, secretive, and good at hiding their behaviors, so she probably was just concerned, and trying to make sure you were okay… she was only doing her job, so don't feel personally targeted.

    But for anyone else to say that, especially to TELL you what to do (i.e. "you should increase your fat intake," "you need a cheeseburger," "just gain a few pounds")… they aren't your doctor, they don't know what your diet is like, they need to eff off!

    I think you are gorgeous, your body is amazing! Healthy comes in many sizes (obviously not the extremes), and I find you the perfect size for you. People who say otherwise are either jealous, uneducated, or plain rude. Keep your head held high, be proud, you have a body people would kill for!

    Love Kimmy x

  394. Thank you Zoe, I had no idea that slimmer people go through the same thing bigger people do. i see bigger and slimmer girls being bullied every day at school, but I thought the slimmer girls were that insecure than bigger girls are. I will now try to be friends with the girls in my school that are insecure and help them with there problems.
    Thank you Zoe,
    Amazing Article :)

  395. woow zoe, This is so weird, I feel the exact same way as you do!

    but the differance between our two is that I am only sixteen, I hope I'll become the person just like you because I am also 'to' thin and your body is perfect now!


    'Everybody is different, and nobody is perfect. It would be a very boring place if this wasn't the case.' well said zoe!

  396. This is such an inspirational post.

  397. Ariel

    Great post. I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to address this issue, Zoe. Why should other people's opinions matter if you yourself are content with the way you look?

    However, you might be over-thinking the doctor part. Possibly, as a doctor, she's worried that you might be having bad eating habits, or whatever. Obviously not every skinny person is going to have an ED, but maybe she was just concerned. Don't overthink it too much.

  398. Thank you Zoe for tweeting this link on twitter. I hate BMI because I'm short and weigh more than I should for my height I have always been in the overweight category. I've put on a lot of weight at university unfortunately so I am well into that category but when I lose weight I will still be there. (this makes no sense- but I hope you get the gist). This definitely need a mention in a new post in your blog! Thank you for posting this. xxx

  399. Henni

    hey zoe, i loved this post! it's not nice to comment on someones weight because you never know whats going on or what these people think about it. the only thing is that exercising can actually really help skinny people shape their body and make it look fit and filled out nicely instead of skinny :) but still, you are beautiful and you are a huge inspiration!

  400. Zoe, the doctor WOULD have asked if you if your parents were overweight as they did with me. I think that bit of the blog post was pretty naive.

  401. I'm so happy you posted this. I'm 20 and unfortunately wasn't blessed with larger breasts or a bigger butt (I think I look like a boy). People in my own family won't shut up about my size. My Grandma is constantly telling me I'm too skinny and it really hurts my feelings. I wish I had a curvier body and I can't help it that I don't. I always see posts on pinterest and other sites saying things like "Bigger girls are sexier" and stuff like that. I know they post those things to feel better about themselves, but it really stings because I don't feel sexy at all. I wish we could all get along and support each other no matter what size the other is. :/

  402. Really great post here Zoe. Personally I think you are beautiful, if it's any consolation ;) It's really refreshing to hear the topic looked at from the other angle. It needs to be done more often I feel! Personally I've got small bones and have always had a small upper body and small head! I worked hard through exercise to shed the bottom heaviness that for me, was getting me down. I love exercise now and it really hit home about you perhaps not being able to stay active as much because maintaining weight would be really difficult. I never thought of that when I wished to be someone to never gain weight!

    I can relate to the skinny comments though too. I'm 5ft3/5ft4 and went from being 10st 1 to 8st 6, all through a healthy diet and exercise. But of course people only seem to expect the worse and would immediately think 'bet she's starved herself?' I found this incredibly insulting because I'd worked so hard for over 6 months. My grandma would say 'oooh hope you're not going anorexic!' 'Dont't lose anymore weight'. And would comment on food like 'god what's up with you having a cake' etc. I don't think she realised that it upset me but it did because I knew I was fine and I looked a lot better. People don't seem to take it well when you reach your goal weight and feel proud and happy for once. I'm sure a lot would prefer you to be bigger and unhappy to maybe make themselves feel better.

    Anyway I just thought I'd say you're not alone in the skinny comments and bad assumptions! I don't believe anybody is 100% happy with their bodies. Everyone I've ever met dislikes something or would change something about themselves. But that's the body obsessed society we live in! Just find the good things and smile :)

    Ellie x

  403. Aiora

    I completely agree with you. I'm 17 years old and I've got a problem with my thyroid. It is too lazy to make enough energy for my body. Because of that the doctor gave me some pills which contained hormons. What happens with that is that due to all that amount of hormons they make my body fatter and look much more unhealthier than I it is. I remenber going to the beach and listening to people taking about my huge wobbly botton. I felt so bad that I went directly to home and stayed there for all the summer. Even my friends started to forget about me because I didn't go to the beach in all the summer. My parents used to get angry with me just because they thought I was being stupid. They didn't understand what I was feeling and that made me feel even more depressed.

    Zoe's post made me believe in myself and feel a bit better with my body. Thanks Zoe! I'm sure I'm going to go more to the beach this summer!! Thanks again it means a lot for me ♥

  404. This is an amazing blog, and everything you say is so true! People really need to stop judging other on the way they look. xo

  405. We can thank the media for this. For so long they have romanticised being unhealthily thin. Now bigger women have taken a stand and fought back and the tables have turned and "curves" are in, even those whose 'curves' are actually unhealthy. Everything has to rigidly fit within the lines that society has deemed 'acceptable' and any deviation from within those lines is considered abnormal and therefore must be publicly ridiculed. Someone told me to "go eat a burger" recently, you wouldn't hear someone tell a heavy person to "go take a jog around the park" in the same manner. I'm 5'2 and I weigh just under 7st, thin yes but not unhealthily so. If eating disorders weren't idealised by the media, this whole 'skinny hate' would never have happened. Time for change. (Also, great post Zoe, very informative)

  406. Bhavna

    Really enjoyed reading this post and I completely agree! Whilst growing up, and even since I was born I was very skinny and used to get called 'anorexic' and all sorts of names, even from family – they'd be like 'you're so skinny you need to eat more.' But the fact is, I used to eat A LOT, all the junk foods you've listed here and it does all come down to metabolism. People need to understand that. I too had a recent visit to the doctors and she said my BMI was lower than it should be (and it wasn't even that low, it was at the lowest side of the "acceptable" BMI) which also really got me down. Anyway, I'm 5ft 4" too and I weigh 7st 12lbs, don't listen to others and be happy with who you are, cos that's the most important thing :) thanks again for an amazing and enlightening blog post xxx

  407. I get this practically everyday and it's really annoying. People assume you don't eat anything, but I eat so much I should be obese, but I'm not. I find it incredibly hard to put any weight on and it's all just down to genetics and a good metabolism-not an eating disorder.

    I don't think it's right that people should judge anyone on their weight, because they don't know you or your circumstances or anything.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets frustrated about these things and it's nice to talk to people who actually understand for once :)

  408. Thanks for posting, Zoe.
    I wish the world wasn't as superficial as it is.
    You are absolutely stunning! Keep on keeping on!!!

  409. why are you getting birth control bills when you're not even in a relationship………. you didn't need to provide that bit of info lol you could have said you were just getting a regular checkup. people probably comment on the fact that you're so skinny because YOU ARE and you saying that you thought you looked hideous for not having any boobs and looking like a pole is really insensitive and rude to people who are naturally like that so it's like you're calling their appearance ugly. i'm sure if you really wanted to gain weight you could go to a nutritionist to get the best advice and sort that out. "why should you ever be allowed an opinion on someone else's body or way of life? " because if they appear too skinny or too fat then it can be a health concern and friends and family would want the best for them so yeah, it's reasonable that they'd bring up someone's weight. the whole purpose of BMI is to tell you whether your weight is healthy or not, not to target your appearance it is to help you out. they are professionals, you should listen.

  410. why are you getting birth control bills when you're not even in a relationship………. you didn't need to provide that bit of info lol you could have said you were just getting a regular checkup. people probably comment on the fact that you're so skinny because YOU ARE and you saying that you thought you looked hideous for not having any boobs and looking like a pole is really insensitive and rude to people who are naturally like that so it's like you're calling their appearance ugly. i'm sure if you really wanted to gain weight you could go to a nutritionist to get the best advice and sort that out. "why should you ever be allowed an opinion on someone else's body or way of life? " because if they appear too skinny or too fat then it can be a health concern and friends and family would want the best for them so yeah, it's reasonable that they'd bring up someone's weight. the whole purpose of BMI is to tell you whether your weight is healthy or not, not to target your appearance it is to help you out. they are professionals, you should listen.

  411. I totally understand where you are coming from! I hate getting "you're too skinny" "you need to eat more" (cause trust me I eat enough for 3). But on the other hand I think when doctors say it they really are concerned for your health, and I think eating healthy and exercising wouldn't hurt us Junk food eaters (I'm on a diet of McDonald's and top ramen lol). It could actually help build muscle and then you would have a toned body rather than a bony body, but as you've said everyone is different. And also I think sometimes people point out other people's weight because they are insecure about themselves, so just a little thought…

  412. Thank you for writing about this Zoe. I also have a super metabolism. I eat well, exercise, and am 5'9'', all of which do not help my case. I struggle with explaining to my friends and family that their comments on my weight upset me, and it is so encouraging to read that you deal with it as well.
    You are absolutely gorgeous, please do not think otherwise! :)

  413. Oh my God… I've never even thought about that… I can't imagine what that must be like! This was a great post, stay strong! You are beautiful! xx

  414. You have no idea how much I relate to this! Everything you said in this has happened to me too. I spent so much time trying to put on weight so people couldn't pass comment and I would be 'normal'. Then I realised as I get older it'll happen and I looked at the positive side, I can still eat a big mac without the worry! Thank you so much for writing this post, it's given me that little boost of confidence! <3<3

  415. In sixth grade (11-12 years old) I grew four inches… and put on no weight. I was not only awkwardly scrawny, but I was now also super tall for my age. Not only that but I was in that terrible pre-teen stage with glasses, braces, and acne. Eventually I began to fill out a bit and have grown happy with my body (with the addition of contacts, serious face medicine, and the subtraction of glasses) But because of the stupid media, it's difficult to constantly compare a perfectly normal body to the completely unrealistic expectations set be models and celebrities. But I try to keep in mind that no one actually looks like that. We are who we are, and we all deserve to be happy. Everyone need to love their body as it, and Zoe, you are wonderfully terrific.

  416. Agree. I hate when people says you're so damn skinny what do you eat? "just like everybody else I think?". I have a friend who always says to me that I should eat more because she think I never eat… I often hear that I'm anorectic from her and that I'm skinny as a match. I don't have high metabolism but I can eat almost whatever I want. I don't want to hear from anyone that I'm skinny, acording to me that is just as bad as calling someone fat, it hurts.
    I don't need people to say I'm slim, I'm perfectly fine thinking it to my self.
    Even though I tell my friends to not say I'm slim they keep telling me that, they think it's a nice thing to say but it hurts.

  417. I can relate to you 100% Zoe. I also have a high metabolism and really hate it when my friends pick up my wrist and say "How the hell are you so skinny?!". My weight used to bother me alot when i was in primary school but now i've learned not to care about what others think. I'm perfectly happy the way i am ^_^
    I love this post Zoe, I think you made a wonderful point! x

  418. This is the story of my life. I've been called Flaca (Skinny) all my life as a nickname. You know when people say it in a good way but immediatly they start doing question about my weight is annoying. Especially when they insinuate I have a health problem or eating disorder. That affect your self-esteem !

  419. This is the story of my life. I've been called Flaca (Skinny) all my life as a nickname. You know when people say it in a good way but immediatly they start doing question about my weight is annoying. Especially when they insinuate I have a health problem or eating disorder. That affect your self-esteem !

  420. I totally agree with you! I don't have to go through the same as you but I do feel your pain. I have a friend that says the same as you did in this blog post, but she uses it for a wrong reason….to let me and my other friends know that she is skinny and that we aren't as skinny. It's so annoying because I have an opinion for this issue, the same as you do.
    You are strong though and absolutely beutiful!

  421. I feel the same way. I am much taller than you, but I am a string bean. My elbows and hips stick out and I have a bony everything. I've been called anorexic by my "friends", I always get comments on how skinny I am, it doesn't feel nice. The worst part is, once my parents said, "Are you okay? Are you sure you're eating enough?". That hit the core. Having your PARENTS say that? I told them that I am perfectly fine. I eat like a person who has been stuck on a deserted island for years. Granted, I might not eat the healthiest food, I eat nonetheless. It is just…not nice.

    Zoe, you are gorgeous along with everyone else in the world, no matter their body size or shape.

  422. I am exactly the same as you im 14 and im 4ft something and idk how much i weigh but yh. I hate when people call me skinny because it makes me feel really insecure. A few months ago at school we had to do about 'healthy diets' and BMI and I was one of the only people who didn't do it for themselves because I knew mine would be really low. After that I went home and like ate a load of stuff. It didn't help at all. (I got a few spots though :() another thing that annoys me is because im so small i look quite young so before when i went to see a 12 rated movie i got asked for id and a few random people just laughed at me! i mean seriously! And one of my not so close 'friends' called me anorexic twice when i took my blazer off. this made me feel so insecure i hated it. I hate when there's things on the news about everyone being 'obese' because that is just a really rude offensive word i think. I also hate when people just 'assume' that all i eat is salad or i don't eat anything when really all i eat is junk. Even if i tell someone that they don't believe me- its so stupid. And because im so small i have literally no body shape just boney hand and knees and elbows and everything. I mean i know im underweight and im like if i could change it dont you think i would?!?! im sorry this is really long it just winds me up so much

  423. People saw this to me too! I hate it! My body is so ugly and shapeless! However, I haven't got the nice boobs, hips or bum yet!

  424. YES! I love the part where you say BMI is stupid. Our whole class had to check our BMI in my health class because we were studying adolescent growth & I was so humiliated because I am considered obese. It seriously made me depressed for a week and I now loathe BMI.

  425. It's one of the most beautiful post I ever read. I'm really skinny, during my childhood everybody thought i was anorexic or having eating disorder. I'd never the right to complain about me, everybody thought i was weak. Now I'm quite confortable w/ my weight but no one speak about this trouble. Every mag I read speak about how lose weight, or how accept a ''fat body'' but , never about too thin people who have trouble to accept their body. Thanks to speak about it.
    I really love your blog. x

  426. My life!
    I was recently at a showing of Rocky Horror (and was wearing a corset as per) and this lady who was larger than average (and a complete stranger) called to me from across the room about how skinny I was and how I should eat something. I was wearing a corset! That's the point of a corset! It sucks you in!

  427. Tia

    I totally agree with this post – for some reason in today's society, we treat obesity so sensitively, and do not stand for it to be criticized – allowing these unhealthy people to be called 'curvy' or get away with special treatment and sensitivity for essentially poisoning their bodies, is toxic behaviour, and really unfair considering how people view those who are thin/skinny or slightly underweight. I am an average weight for my age, but slightly underweight for my height. I work out a lot because I enjoy sports, and eat healthy because it's just the right thing to do, but I am constantly being criticized by relatives, friends, even parents of friends, who say that it is unhealthy behaviour for a young person. There is nothing unhealthy about being a proper weight – it's a good thing, yet society seems to lay heavier negativity towards it than obesity.

    I know that's not quite what your post was about, but it kind of touches on a similar issue – great post though!

  428. i had the same problem as you all my life. nurses even telling my mother it was her fault because she wasn't giving me enough food (insulting). so I understand you perfectly. now, though, I put on some weight and I'm not that skinny, I would say I'm thin but with curves, as you. But growing up being constantly questioned about your weight is really hard. I started eating doughnuts every evening which made me feel miserable as well.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  429. Thank you for this article! I really liked it! you need to love yourself, I think you're gorgeous zoey.

  430. Zoe, I am exactly like you! People say "you're so skinny" "i'd love to be as skinny as you" yet I'd LOVE them to try being as skinny as me. Just for one day. Unfortunately i'm younger than you, so i haven't 'filled out' yet. Its horrible, and i wish everyone else could see what its like for people like us, who cant help being this way. I never go out in shorts, or wear tight trousers because if I do, people will stare and just judge. Its cheered me up to think that there is someone who i look up to anyway who goes through exactly the same thing:) my mum says she was like me until around 27, and then she gained weight, so i guess i have just got to wait some time.

  431. Not to be rude, but some people might feel awkward going to a nutritionist and asking things like that. Also ,if you read some of the other comments, other people have been to a nutritionist and the advice that they've been given hasn't worked. Some people go on birth control pills to improve their skin condition so she doesn't have to be in a relationship to go on them! Plus yeah it would be right for friends and family to be concerned if someone wasnt eating, but zoe said she's always been this skinny, and that she eats alot, therefore her family and friends would surely know that she had no health problems or anything they need to be concerned about? And even if there was a concern, random people shouldnt feel the need to point it out when they don't know anything about you.

  432. I am really skinny too and it upsets me that I had have the 'voluptuous boobs' that my other friends have, my legs are so skinny even skinny jeans wrinkle at the knees and I look silly, I am a fussy eater but I make up for it in the amount of snacks I eat, I always struggle to put on weight and really wish I was more feminine and I had a more 'curvy' or 'womanly' body :(
    None-the-less this post helped me alot, thankyou Zoe!! <3 xoxxxooxoxxoxooxox

  433. I can understand where you're coming from, as I've been called skinny my whole life too. I think the difference is that when you're skinny, it's generally clear that there's far less judgement being made on your self-control, your eating habits, etc. than if you're overweight. People might say "eat a sandwich", but I always took it more as concern, or in some cases, jealousy. You're the second Youtuber to bring this issue up (first was Jen frmheadtotoe), and while it's an interesting point, it also feels a lot like exacerbating an essential non-issue.

    You don't see overweight Youtubers making videos explaining how hurtful "fat" comments make them, because honestly there's a much bigger stigma there than here. There's no doubt you're gorgeous, and to hear you say how you "HATE" being called skinny – it feels disingenuous, because there are so many larger problems that people face daily.

  434. I can really relate to this post because I used to be soo obsessed with my physical image and weight ( I still am although not as bad as I used to ). I think you could be the most gorgeous girl in the world and still suffer from these insecurities. I really hope some day, I will learn to love myself and my body the way it is. I'm not 'heavy' but I'm not as skinny as I'd like to be either. I hope to find someone who could help me overcome my insecurities, because I have such a low self esteem that it hurts my relationship with others sometimes I think, and I just want the support of someone who can make me feel great about myself. I believe it's every girl's dream to find a partner who makes her feel as if she's the most beautiful they've laid eyes on and just make her feel special so I hope you all learn to one day be content with you appearance and I hope everyone finds that one person who makes them feel special constantly :)

  435. I have this same problem & Thank you so much for writing the words that are ALWAYS on my mind <3 You're amazing! :)

  436. I can relate to this so much. Ive always been small with a high metabolism. I hate it, a couple of weeks back my netball coach blatantly said, and I quote "are you eating?" I was stunned and later really upset. No one understood, they are all enboous of my body but its just getting annoying. I have played goal defence in netball my whole life, I can jump twice as high as an 'average' sized person, my friends always say 'you have to see it to believe it.' But as soon as I step out on the coirt I am judged. It drives me nuts and really saddens me.

    Anyway, rant over. Thank you so much for writing this xxx

  437. So true words. And I also I think it was very brave to post this as is it very personal stuff. I am still glad you wrote this post though as someone has to say this :)
    Btw we are the same height :D

  438. Do your research before you comment! As MisfitToy said already birth control pills can be used to treat skin, but also for irreuglar and painful periods and it's her blog so if she wants to share she can share! Skinny is a horrible word, just like saying to someone "you're fat" you're chubby" it is unkind! She probably felt 'hideous' because of this because too many people bang on about 'real women' having butts and boobs! Fuck off we're all real women or are us little ones made of plastic or something? Yeh possibly a doctor and occasionaly a very close friend could comment on your weight but strangers or aqquaintances coming up to you and saying "Oooh you're so skinny" and poking you in the stomach is not cool. And erm BMI doesn't take muscle into account so muscly people would therefore be considered obese? Is that right? Um no. Do some research before you come across all high and mighty haha.

  439. This post is perfect. Well done Zoe, you're amazing x

  440. This pretty much sums up my life, people always say i'm lucky that i don't put on weight when i eat so much or how can i not put on weight when i eat so much junk but they never understand how the metabolism thing works, it's so depressing and annoying. I went through a stage where I was ill and put on a lot of weight, to think people were asking me if I was pregnant -_- but hey, you've got to love yourself and those that make you happy about yourself!

  441. Ellen

    I think you look lovely zoe! I had a friend who was really concerned about being overweight all her life and she started to take it out on another friend calling her anorexic and stick thin, to her face. Her excuse was that it was just 'concern' but she would have been horrified if it had been the other way around. I agree with what you've written, great post! :)

  442. All i have to say is Thank you!,
    I feel a lot better that about this subject now i know someone else has had to deal with this like myself. Everything that you have pointed out has happened to me and I hated every moment of it. I felt bullied at school, judged by everyone i knew and i felt like i was not right. Even though your in a completely different country i really appreciate you taking the time to write about this as there are so many people who don't understand or only see one view point.

    Much love from Australia :)

  443. I get this all the time and it makes me feel so self concious. This has really inspired me and im so glad im not the only one like it! :) x

  444. This helped me so much! When i was younger, people used to ask me all the time if i was anorexic, and would always be telling me that had to put on weight. A few years later, and i have actually managed to put on quite a bit of weight, especially in my legs(they used to look like twigs – it was horrid!),but im still trying desperately to put on more weight. Thanks again, this article really helped me! :)

  445. Hi! I know this post is old but I just found it and I must say, I was definitely relieved to find someone who is literally just like me!
    I am 18, almost 19, weigh 95 lbs, and I have had "super metabolism" my entire life. I'm a natural size 0, and I find it very hard to deal with everyone always saying "oh you're so little" "you don't have any meat on those bones" "you have such tiny legs" "gosh, you're so skinny" and so on..
    Calling someone skinny and little, hurts JUST as much as calling someone fat. We can't help our situation, and if we could, we would. I don't want to be so little, but I can't help that I am. I just have to deal with it now and hope that I gain some weight in the future.
    I took birth control for two months last year and gained 14 pounds, going from 88-102. I gained it all in a few places: my face especially, my bum, my boobs and a bit on my tummy. I figured out my insurance couldn't cover my particular birth control so my mom decided to stop it all together. In those short two months, 14 pounds is A LOT to gain.
    Now its a year later, and I've came back down to 95. I didn't go back to 88 thank goodness, but still, I felt more confident at 102.
    Anyways, if you struggle with "super metabolism" like the gorgeous Zoe and I, just know that you're not alone and that it will get better one day, trust me. I was a bean pole in my early teens and I didn't start getting boobs and a bum (I still have hardly any hips) until high school. It won't last forever and just stay positive. Everyone is beautiful, no one can tell you different..

  446. You are my idol Zoella! I totally agree with this. I am in the same position as you and my metabolism is super fast. I weight only 43KG and I'm 15 years old and 5ft2 :( And my bottom half of my body is bigger which I hate! But you are so right. People always tell me that I'm skinny and I find it really offensive. You are amazeballs!


  447. I love this piece. I've been harassed about being underweight since I was 6/7 years old. Like, what the hell do you say to these ignorant people? They're so offensive.

  448. This is a really old post and I am insanely late in reading this. But I just had too. I read this & got a weird feeling of deja vu. As I was reading throw all of this I heard my voice saying it because I have had to defend being thin in the past. One of my nicknames is "bean"; shortened from the veggie string bean because that's exactly what I looked like. LOL. I had developed a complex about being skinny they took me a while to get over because I got picked on so much about being skinny has a kid, in high school, and even up til college. My first year at college I weighed 104 pounds. I'm 5'3 (a tad bit shorter than you LOL) So I was a really little thing. I did a reverse diet too. It took me a while to slow my metabolism down but I did and gained so much it didn't feel right for my height but I was happy to finally have some weight. I decided to eat healthier and I'm maintaining a weight of 130 pounds now. My point of commenting this was because I was actually shocked to see that literally everything I said, felt, and/or told someone about the reason I looked the way I did; someone else said.

  449. Thankyou Zoe for posting this because I've never really seen it from this point of view before, my friends have always been thinner than me and I've always been really jealous of them and I know that isn't good but it really bugs me that while I'm trying my best to lose weight my friends don't care and can eat whatever they want. I never thought of it the other way round, I always thought that they were lucky and that they have it easy because I've never read anything like this.
    I think you're so beautiful and I love that you posted this because its really just so inspirational and even though I have never commented o a person's weight I will never again judge anyone for being too thin. x

  450. Hi Zoe,
    I'm 16 and a have always been very thin. People used to call me and sometimes still call me : "anorexic, scrawny" and all that stuff. I have always felt very bad but now I just don't care about what people say. A month ago, my P.E teacher told me : "a human being gets to eat". I was so upset… Luckily people like you understand me.
    I am starting to get my woman body, boobies and hips and bottom, I'm glad about it and I also think that slim is pretty. Look at Kaya Scodelario in Skins.


  451. My daughter's friend has this same "thin no matter what she eats" issue. She's very thin. It really concerned me when the school nurse, even seeing that she was eating pizza every day for lunch, took her into her office and had her run down a list of questions to determine if she was anorexic! This kid ate all. the. time. Whatever. Meanwhile, no one ever mentions the garbage ALL the kids are putting in their mouths. Thin or no, garbage is still garbage. Here ends the rant. lol

  452. I know this is so old but i always come back and read it! , i have the same(fast metabolism) when we had a non-uniform day in school about 3 girls came up saying to me – "wow your sooooo skinny!" , i HATE my legs, today someone said to me "jesus your legs are soo skinny & small" i didnt know what to say so i just stood there awkwardly smiling because they are too skinny! i always wear collar tops to cover up my collar bones as they stick out- im the same haha you'll very rarely catch me not eating chocolate or crisps or drinking a fizzy drink!

  453. I know you posted this about 2 years ago but I'm going through the same thing. I'm about the same height and weight as you and people are CONSTANTLY pointing out that I'm skinny. It makes me feel so self conscious and I'd give anything to be curvy or 'normal' sized but I know that it's not going to happen because of my metabolism. I'm so glad that you posted this because I think it will help people that are in the same situation and it will be an eye opener to those that feel the need to make comments about people's weight. Knowing that you went through the same things makes me feel like I can be more confident in myself :)

    Team Petite ;) xx

  454. I went thru the same thing, I used to never wear shorts because even though I'm short, i have long skinny legs, and people would and still do, say stuff like, don't you eat, your too skinny, blah blah. And i always felt the same way, would you say that to someone who was over weight? But really, its about becoming comfortable with yourself, and we all need to learn not to judge and focus on every ones flaws or weight.

  455. Meghan

    I think this is the first time I've ever thought about this so in depth.
    You're 100% right, though.
    Weight is always one of those awkward subjects that it's not really okay for anyone to judge people on.
    I'm 5'11 and weigh about 9 1/2 stone, which to me, seems horribly over weight and I can't seem to shift an inch of it. But if I really look at myself in the mirror with a logical head on, I'm just a bit wobbly in places. My boyfriend makes regular little comments about my weight though, even though he's about 5'9 and quite a bit heavier than me. He made a comment just last night about how I probably can't fit into one of his t-shirts.
    I've just found out that a hormone imbalance is almost certainly causing me not to lose weight, but he's still as insensitive as ever…
    I suppose the moral of the story is that everyone is completely different when it comes to body size. I just wish that the rest of society could recognize it.

  456. I am currently 16 and I'm 'skinny' and apparently 'bony' as well. When I was 13, and also a late bloomer, I was always conscious of my stick-thin legs and very flat chest. I couldn't find any trousers that fit, or anything that could give me some kind of feminine shape at all. I was a little upset and hated it when people came up to me and commented on how I looked like. I think I look better now, and hopefully gain a pound now and then :) But people still walk up to me and tell me that I'm skinny or complain about my weight. The problem is that when I try to tell them that I don't like it when they do that, they still argue that what they say is a compliment (?) Thank you Zoe for writing all this, because it made me realise that others have this problem too and that I'm not alone :)

  457. JMF

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post. I've always been insecure about how skinny I boobs, stick legs, etc. Tried very hard trying to gain weight (even tried drinking milk twice a day for 2 weeks, and all it did was make me want to barf). Everyone tells me I should eat more…and I'm just like…"I eat even more than you! and you look perfectly nice and healthy while everyone probably thinks I have an eating disorder.. "

  458. i am exactly the same:O

  459. Great post, Zoe. I totally agree. You always look amazing. I have the same problem I get heavier but I never put on weight. And I get taller.

  460. This perfectly describes my life!

  461. You're so good at getting your points across; a very good writer indeed. Regarding the post itself, it made me realise how rude it is for someone to say "you're so skinny!" People take things in different ways, to some this may be quite a compliment, but to others (people with fast metabolisms in particular) it may be very offending.

  462. I am in love with your blog. I've been obsessing over it the last couple of days, but none of your posts have impacted me like this one. I used to be really skinny, until about the 7th grade when puberty hit and God gave me hips. I became really slefconcious because none of my friends had hips, and those who did were much farther along in development then me. They had boobs too and looked like 18 year old girls. I was a 13 year old with awkward hips. Not to mention at this time My hyper mobility decided to make an appearance along with my bowed legs. Basically, hyper mobility is this thing that some people are born with that causes your the socket of your joints to be bigger than normal causing your to be able to move your body more than it should. Lots of athletes have this and it can help you in the long run because then hypothetically you should be able to move more than the average person. This is all fine and dandy until you add in the fact that I am not a super athlete. So my muscles could no longer support my hyper mobile joints resulting in many a doctors visit to figure out why I was in pain. From there I got myself to a point without pain but still I ran different than everyone else and my legs are bowed which means they kind of jut out. It's like a thigh gap for your shins and looks pretty bizarre. I've had it my entire life and so does my dad so I actually like the way it looks, but most people get freaked out when the see them which makes me a bit self conscious. I went from loving my abnormal legs to hating them. To make matters worse my guy friends starting making fun of how I ran. They meant no harm by it, they told me it was cute, but I couldn't help but feel bad about myself. Then as the years went on my metabolism continued to slow and well… I gained about fourty pounds in four years. I would be fine with how I looked if people around me didn't have to point it out. My brothers friend told me I was chubby and, being the girl power believer that I am, it took everything in my not to slap him. DO YOU THINK I HAVE NO CLUE THAT I AM CHUBBY? Do you think that I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and think "Yeah I like skinny today"? No! Instead I end up crying because of people like him who tell me I'm fat. Jee thanks! I had no clue!

    I really just wish people would forget about what other people look like and let it be. As if we are unaware of our weight. As if we don't go to stores and cringe when things are too big or too small on us. As if we don't have panic attacks when we think about going to the beach. As if we don't look in the mirror and think about how we could look better. It's time for people to realize that their comments are not needed. Then maybe everyone would feel a bit better about themselves.

    Sorry for the rant…. I just felt so strongly about your post and I tend to be an opinionated person… Thanks for posting this, Zoe.

    Much love,
    Shelby Lee :)

  463. I thoroughly loved reading this, I found it so easy to relate to. Honestly, your a inspiration to everyone just by being proud of who you are.I constantly get called to skinny but behind my back so I just hear their judgemental whispers and it's just really awkward, what do you do? Turn around and say you can hear them and stand up for yourself or just let them because you know your a stronger person…

    Anyways, you are a true role model and I love your blog.

  464. Hey Zoe
    You will probably never see this, but i just wanted to let you know you are my role model. I'm 14, and i'm in a healthy weight range, with a BMI of 22. but i wish i could change my body. You are one of very few people that have taught me that its ok to be slightly different from everyone else. to be a slightly different shape or size. Sometimes, when i'm sad or upset, i think of all the inspirational things you have taught me. So now, i'm trying to accept myself. its difficult, but as long as i have your blog posts and YouTube videos, i think i'll get there. Thank you for everything.
    Lots of love, Meg. xxx

  465. one of my best friends is naturally skinny, and to an extent where she gets bullied for being so small and people push her around and always poke her bones. she's constantly hiding herself with her arms and hunching over to hide her weight and it's horrible to see what harsh words can do to people of any size. She also, because of her size, has no boobs at all. boys call her unattractive and don't want to go near her :( i agree with your post Zoe, just wish i'd have found it sooner to be able to show her before she got hurt even more :(

  466. Even though this article is from 2011, I´m going to reply to it now.

    Zoe, what you´re saying here is so inspirational. Overall I think you're an inspirational person already but after reading this I just can't think of anything else to say than: Thank you. Simply just thank you.

    I am a larger girl, and I absolutely don't feel all that comfortable about being larger, though I try to make the best of it. I've got amazing friends who accept me just the way I am. I trust these people with my life. Some of these friends are very skinny girls, none of them is as large as I am. They try their very best to gain weight, I try my very best to lose weight.

    Sorry for airing my heart (is that even a proper English expression? I don't know, sorry I'm Dutch.) here. But I need to confess that sometimes I just have these days where I lie on my bed, crying, feeling sorry for myself. Even though I know that there are people with lives much worse than mine, I sometimes feel so miserable. I've been so lucky, all my life. I've never really been bullied ( I've heard some comments, of course) and I always have had friends, but it just feels horrible if you can't follow up with the others on physical levels or if you don't fit in another nice jeans. It just hurts.

    Don't get me wrong, I've got my confidence, and I do believe in myself. It just hurts sometimes.

    But then again, I've got my thin friends. Even though I've got those thin friends, who really can eat anything they want and really want to gain some weight, I've never really gotten such a good insight on how that really feels as you've given me now. I really respect you for that.

    I've always been that person to tell people to be themselves, and to be proud of who you are. I told people that, and I have been proud of myself. Proud of my singing, proud of my acting in the school plays, proud of things, but proud of my body? Never.

    Maybe I can start now.

    I'm sorry for this block of text. I'm sorry for writing all this. But I just needed to thank you.

    So hereby.
    Thank you Zoe.
    Thank you for being so inspirational.
    Not only to me, but also to so many other girls.
    Thank you for finally convincing me to maybe even start being proud of my body type.

    I cannot thank you enough.

  467. Everyone says this to me too, I wear 3 layers on my legs to make them look fatter even when it's hot (although that rarely happens in London)! I'm glad to find this; hopefully I'll fill out soon :)


  468. This is a great post, but I'm sorry I have to disagree with at one point. I wonder why skinny people thought fat people dont get asked questions about them being overweight. im overweight and i have to face a lot of embarrassment when sometimes people in the mall just came up to me trying to sell slimming products saying im too fat and i need to try the products. each time i saw a doctor they would always say something about me being overweight. when i felt weird about my knee few year ago i went to the hospital and the doctor just sent me away saying i was just too fat and all i need to do was to lose weight and things will slowly be good on me. I had to even ask the doctor, "lets imagine im not fat, lets say im just an average sized girl complaining of instability at my knee, what would you say then?" it was ridiculous how i had to really fight to get examine carefully, met the best surgeon, and spent too much money on that. over time my knee got worse and last year i had to undergo an operation due to knee injury that had been slowly developed since i was a kid, and nothing to do with me being fat. when i attended job interviews some of the interviewees just nonchalantly asked me to slim down first and come again next time. some said i dont have the "corporate look" being overweight so they couldnt take me in. and the list goes on and on….

    so the question of "would a larger persons got asked the same questions" as you got, YES they got that a lot. im sure you would never go to someone fat and ask them questions(because you're sweet and too nice to do that) but that doesnt mean other people wouldnt. just like me, i have a lot of skinny friends and have never said anything about their body because i know its just wrong. but there are always other evil people who would do that

  469. i;m the complete opposite of you Zoe, im fatter… people think i should lose weight and lots of people say i look absolutely fine, i eat well but the problem with me is i overeat and i get really hungry… its not fair when people tell you you should lose weight… but at least you dont have to worry about stretch marks :)… you are perfect just the way you are Zoe you are a gorgeous person with a gorgeous heart and i know its not always easy being fat or thin… but remember they are only words!!!
    and like you said…"Everybody is different, and nobody is perfect. It would be a very boring place if this wasn't the case."
    luv ya
    Bella <3

  470. I have the same problem, i live in Sweden, I'm very skinny and have small breasts but I'm now proud of it at the age of 17.

    A funny thing in Sweden is that they would have ordered in a size 32 (my size, where very happy for it, because that size is available in Italy and France, so I know it fits perfectly) the smallest of clothes in Sweden right now is 34.

    But all became angry and size 32 does not exist. Instead, they made ​​curvy mannequins as an excuse for those who have been affected and angry?!

    What about me? I'm happy to be small, I'm a little bit Italian and they are small.
    I love all the body shapes because everyone is different.

    I am thin, have small breasts and I'm proud of it today, sono Piccolo. I think everyone should be proud of themselves.

  471. I get the same type of comments as you, Zoe. I am really short for my age, well for almost any age, really. I have been in the 5th percentile for height and weight my whole life! I am so glad to have someone like you to help me get through the rough patches <3

  472. Wow. Thank you so much for writing this. I have always been underweight, but it's because of my metabolism. Although not that many people tell me that I need to put on weight, they imply it. I hear things like "Wow. You are SO skinny." all the time. I mean, how would they feel if I went, "Wow. You are SO fat." It's not ok. I completely agree, and I hope that by making this post you have made people realize to not comment about things like that. I hate it when people tell me, "Your legs are so skinny." Or like, "Your legs are the size of my arm." It doesn't seem mean, but it actually is. So, to the world, get it through your head. I AM NOT ANOREXIC STOP ASKING. Again, thank you for writing this.

  473. WOW Zoe, I feel like you're the first person to understand. I'm really skinny too and always have been, people always tell me i'm really skinny and need to put weight, and i've always felt the same way, how rude is it to tell someone that? You wouldn't point it out to a fat person so why would you do it to a skinny person? I find it so rude. I completely agree with you, thank you so much for your post, i feel a lot better knowing someone understands. :)

  474. I'd never thought of it that way Zoe. You have really opened my eyes. I love the way you think. You deserve an award :) xx <3

  475. Ester

    I feel exactly the same.
    I'm 15 now, any my "change" to woman had not come yet. All my friends say things like: you have to eat more, you have to stop doing sport, or even: you make me look fat. I loove them a lot, and they also looooove me, but sometimes they make me feel so uncomfortable. I'm trying to gain weight, but I can't! I would love to gain just a little, but I can't.
    People always say that I'm sooo thin and that they would love to be like me. No, they wouldn't. I don't even have boobs!! It's so awkward, I hate it. I like being thin, right, but not that thin. Nobody thinks that they can make me feel bad for their comments, they even think that there are compliments. But there aren't for me. I don't have any problem, and I like myself, but with comments like that they make me feel more and more uncomfortable everytime. I'm scared it can end with a problem, I hope not. But…whatever, I LOVE MYSELF. Like Lady gaga says, baby, you were born this way. Maybe guys aren't into me, maybe I would like to be more beatuiful, but maybe society can change their minds, maybe we can change a bit the world, because I'm sure we are not the problem, THE STEREOTYPES are the problem. Everyone has a stereotype, and it's so stupid. We must end with this. I'm sure nobody is going to read this, but if you do, please reply or just change a bit your world. If everybody can change a bit, it's going to be a big change. Just saying… Thanks for your atention, have a good day and do not forget the ones you love. ^^

  476. Lydia

    I totally understand. Just yesterday a girl in one of my classes was eating popcorn and offered some to me. I said, "no thanks" because I honestly just didn't want any popcorn, but she grabbed my wrist and could wrap her hand around it and was like " I can fit my hand around your writs! Eat!" She had no right to accuse me of not eating enough because she didn't know me at all, and I eat more than any of my friends! If someone was overweight and was offered food and accepted it, do you think she would have poked at their stomach and said "You weight too much! Stop eating!"? Of course not! It just bothers me so much when people assume things about me for being so thin. They could ask ANYONE in my life if it is suspected that I have an eating disorder, and every single person I am at least moderately close with would say "Of course not! She eats like a horse!" I take care of my body and exercise, and although I eat a lot, what I eat is for the most part healthy. Bottom line is, people should not judge with no evidence! Enough said.

  477. I have the exact same problem! D: At least I'm not the only one now :)

  478. Zoe thank you for posting this. I struggle with many insecurities about my weight, and I am generally a pretty confident person. When I was little, people would ALWAY comment on my weight and about how I was too skinny, and that I looked gross, and it really bothered me. Sometimes I would cry every night, because of what people said and the truth is that they probably didn't even know they were doing it. I don't like it when people treat me differently because I am tiny, and I thought this would change when I went to high school becuase I didn't notice it anymore, and I thought I looked normal. But many people have asked me about my weight, and what I eat and it makes me so mad that I want to cry.
    Just yesterday I was working at this music school, and one of the kids there came up to me and said "Are you anorexic? You're SO SKINNY you have like a little crater in between your collarbones, go to mcdonalds, seriously!" and I felt like dying.

  479. so, I know this post was ages ago (I think?) I just saw it, and I thought, that relates to me so much! apart from, I am 5ft8 and 7.8 stone. I am 15 and people at school constantly say , 'omg! you are so skinny!', and now I don't know whether they are saying that in a complimentary way or in a negative way. I always say back to them, 'thanks, but I am trying to put on weight', and they look at me as if I'm mad!! like you Zoe, I just have a speedy metabolism, I am really unfit and I scoff food like there is no tomorrow! haha, but if I do put on weight it goes to my bum and that's it – it's so annoying!! but it's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem and it should hopefully change and I will hopefully fill out in the future. thanks Zoe :) xx

  480. Oh my god yes! thank you for writing this i get this so much!!People have been awful to me because i have a smaller clothing size than most people, its not my faultI'm a total twig!!
    BMI is a load of shit anyway its a very inaccurate way of measuring stuff, you're gorgeous anyway take no notice!! x

  481. I just heard about this blogpost and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

    I agree with you, almost fully. I am 5'8" and weigh 108lbs. That is just 5lbs heavier and 4 inches taller than you, Zoe. So, imagine your weight stretched out even more! As well as the fact that I have very small boobs (proportionate) and basically no bottom. I do have hips, however, so that gives me a bit of shape. I have a BMI of 16-18, which means that I am underweight.

    Now, I'm 21 years old and have had this body for forever. I've been about the same weight since the 9th grade of high school, but didn't stop growing until I was about 18. I've heard PLENTY of people ask me if I was anorexic or bulimic, if I ever ate, and how I stayed so skinny. My answer is the exact same as yours. "No, I just have the metabolism of a 5 year old". They would then ask if my parents were skinny (mom is, dad is not). But that's always been pretty much where they would drop it and accept my answers.

    I do find those questions to be insulting questions, but I do not however take offense to them. It may just be my personality, but I find that people are just naturally curious and I accept that. It may be that they themselves have aspirations of becoming skinnier and want to know if I'm on some fancy diet or something that they can do. It could also be that they're genuinely concerned for me, but I just right it and we move on. I find that the best way to deal with the types of questions that you get all the time, and that I get too, is to just answer them.

    I do have some advice for you, though. Work out!! Exercise! I never exercised just like you haven't, and am/was terribly unfit. Then I started to go to the gym and take a Piyo class (pilates/yoga, it's AMAZING). And I've found that I haven't lost ANY weight whatsoever. I have just gained muscle. My legs and arms and stomach have never been so defined. The only thing that you need to stay away from is doing too much cardio (treadmill/elliptical) because that burns fat faster than it builds muscle.

    This has been long, and you may never read it, but I thought I may aswell.

    Become confident in your FULL self. I wouldn't change a single thing about myself. I'm perfect for myself, and that's what matters most.

  482. I feel as though I'm jumping on the bandwagon a bit late now, but your blog post has really struck me.
    Like you, I have always struggled to put on weight, a problem which (surprisingly to many) really gets your confidence down. I feel the media is partly responsible for this. I've noticed people say that the media encourages 'skinny' or 'anorexic' figures, but being naturally like this myself, I have never seen this as the case. By trying to make their readers feel better about their weight, tabloids slam naturally slim people, calling them looking 'worryingly thin' or 'skeletal', and people leave comments on article telling them they need to 'eat a burger' and put on some weight to stop looking so 'disgusting'. Reading articles like that is so disheartening and does nothing for self-esteem. It feels as though people are unable to recognise that some people have naturally high metabolisms, like you and me, and therefore find it difficult or even impossible to put on weight. Being told you have the 'figure of a 12 year old boy' or you're not a 'real woman' is just upsetting.
    Reading this article has made me feel so much better about myself. I have been struggling with self-image for a while now, and reading how you have been treated with the same comments as me makes me realise that I'm not alone. This post is so encouraging – I feel like I actually have the possibility of coming to terms with my weight and my appearance now. Thank you so much!

  483. I feel as though I'm a bit late in jumping on the bandwagon, but I have been really struck by this post.
    Like you, I have always struggled to put on weight, but recently it has been really eroding my confidence. I feel that the media has played a part in this, despite the fact that many believe that it is newspapers and magazines who promote slim figures. However, as someone affected by this, I have noticed that tabloids describe naturally slim celebrites as 'worryingly thin' or 'skeletal', provoking online comments of 'she's disgusting' or 'she needs to eat a burger'. People don't seem to realise or appreciate that people can be naturally thin. I have read dozens of articles about how women should feel secure in their bodies, and how they don't have to be skinny to feel beautiful. Whilst these articles are succesful, they are tailored to those who feel overweight, not under. They therefore exclude those of us who are naturally slim, making us feel as though we do not count and, consequently, worse. I, for one, feel disheartened being told my figure is the same as a 12 year old boy, or that I'm not a 'real woman' because I don't have curves.
    However, reading your blog post has really cheered me up, Zoe. I'm only young, so I have time to learn to accept my figure and accept myself for who I am, but I really feel that your blog post will help me get there. It is not often that I feel comfortable in my own skin, especially when surrounded by so many other beautiful and confident girls. I'm so glad that you wrote this post as it has shown me that there are others out there like me who understand what it's like, and that I am not totally alone. Thank you, Zoe.

  484. The people say me that all the time! and i hate it!
    But, what can I do?

  485. Avalon

    I'm in the exact same position, I can totally understand. People ask, "Why are you so skinny??" "What do you eat or NOT eat??" But I eat like a normal person, in fact, I eat plenty because I love food. I just have a faster metabolism rate, just like you. Some people compliment me, but others just question.. but I never really did anything to MAKE myself skinny, I wouldn't think of anorexia! Of course, I too wish I put on a bit more fat (hehe) but I don't believe anyone should put you down for being skinny. That doesn't automatically make you a stupid person who tried to look like a model and went wrong. I'm so glad you are proud of who you are, Zoe, that's what is amazing about you.

    I think you are perfect the way you are! <3


  486. It made me wanna cry because this is so true and I'm totally agree. Who are we to judge people? It's not fair at all.

  487. I totally agree with you Zoe! Don't worry people who do that are just jealous of you! If they really believed you had an eating disorder they would just feel sorry for you, and say nothing – leave you in peace.
    But the fact that they are saying something to you means they know your just one of the lucky ones with the "skinny gene" and they are jealous!
    Next time someone says "OMG, your so skinny" know that the translation is: "Its not fair, I wish I could be skinny like you and this makes me feel bad, so I'll pretend there's something wrong with you, to make myself feel better"

  488. I feel the same way. I feel so sad when people say im too skinny, They say it with disgust. But I cant help it! Like you, I hate it when people think its fine to call someone skinny but not someone fat. Grr! ;)x

  489. Pip

    I seriously love this post! I just followed you because of it! :) Love the blog and I am so tired of people always making snide comments about how I am so thin and they were never my size nor could they be. I think it is so rude for anyone to ever make a comment to anyone regarding their weight because the doctor is the only person who should express concern towards anyone's weight. For all they could know, someone very skinny could be on chemotherapy or something and not telling anyone they are sick. Some people are just born thin, and some people just change over the years and end up thinner than they were when they were younger. Anyways, if overweight people ever had a skinny person telling them that they shouldn't eat because they are too fat, they would knock that skinny girl right over on her butt probably! Well, I look forward to more posts and think you are gorgeous! Have a good day! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  490. i know you might not see this comment; but i think you are the perfect size, many people would dream to have your body, you are beautiful inside and out. you are an inspiration to many others such as myself.
    stay strong and don't let jealous pathetic people get to you. xo

  491. Lois V

    This post is so nice and made me think about how my sister feels. She is soo slim and sometimes I wish I could be like that. She eats loads of food and puts on no weight.But maybe its not good, she looks alot younger and smaller because of it and cant fit into most clothes. I am really going to be considering how she feels more now because of this. Thanks!!!

  492. Zoe just when I thought that I couldn't love you anymore than I do already, I come across this little gem! This post spoke volumes to me, it's almost like you were speaking as me? haha
    I'm so glad that you've published this and I hope that it gets others to understand and open their minds. I feel I can really strongly relate to you after this and if I could like this post a million times then I would!
    Thank you for posting this Zoe, it's definitely a topic that needed to be dealt with and I see you as a huge inspiration!

  493. This is one of the most truthful and accurate posts I have ever read. I have had the same issue all of my life, and I'm still waiting to 'fill out'. I'm 16 and have always been small for my age. I can totally empathize with you and all who have posted in the comments, being called 'skinny' and 'bag of bones' is just hurtful as calling someone 'fat'.

    I really appreciate you writing this post Zoe, thank you so much :) x

  494. I hate having such skinny wrists and legs and arms and being so short. I'm only 154cm and I hope I haven't already had my growth spurt. I'm tiny in every way possible which makes my stomach out of proportion. I have chrons disease so I can't help it and people always complain about being fat or about how lucky I am to get out of PE at school because I can't run because I'm so unfit because of my Chrons and how I'm so skinny. Well I can't help it and it sucks!

  495. t77a77

    I know the feeling! I totally agree. once in school i got this random girl asking me if i was anorexic! where ever i go people look at my legs and i'm just like keep your eyes to yourself! buying clothes is hard because my legs look hideous in short dresses and i like like a'twig' 'skeleton' in skinny jeans! like what do you want me to wear BAGGY granny trousers all day every day of my life just because i cant put on weight!!! and i hate it when some are like i want to be as skinny as you, or how are you so skinny and it's just soo annoying because they don't know how hard it is to buy clothes that look nice on you! but you look gorgeous in everything and are beautiful!

    your blog will and probably already has shut peoples mouths!!! xxx :)

  496. Hey Zoe! I loved this and it cleared it up, i was always told by classmates as well "you need to put some weight on your too skinny" for about 5 years. It used to confuse and annoy me, why would they care what i weighted? Course now that i have put on weight, the comments stopped and i dunno i weigh 56kgs i think, and aren't too happy, id like to be 53kgs, just because i want to look as best as i want to be, and be more confident about myself :), but for the longest time i was 49kgs or under and i don't ever want to be under 50, it just brings back memories. But yeah, cya :) from Ashleigh, big Aussie fan x

  497. I think lots of teenage girls are put under pressure to be skinny because it's the 'right size to be' and it's not seen as an insult if someone goes "Oooh, you're so skinny!". I know plenty of people will have heard this but Marilyn Monroe was considered the sexiest woman of her time and she wasn't that slim so I don't think anyone should be put under pressure to look a certain size, ever.

  498. Finally someone said this! I agree 100% with what you're saying! People think its acceptable to call people too thin (usually out of jealousy and insecurity) but wouldn't dream of approaching the topic with an obese person! You're gorgeous just the way you are :) Keep up the good work Zoe xx

  499. I have exactly the same issue:) thank u sooo much zoe u helped me a lot <3

  500. I know this is an old post, but I went through the same thing growing up. Always the girl who was so skinny. Not only do you feel weird and uncomfortable, but I feel like it puts major pressure on you to stay skinny. I've not only felt bad for being to skinny, but also for gaining weight. Vicious cycle I tell ya.

  501. Renee

    Hi zoe, I have read your blog and read a couple replies, I am 47, 5'5" & weigh in @113 lbs consistantly, no kids, no boobs, no hips…rather boyish. After years of hating my body type & people's comments about it, just like you I finally came up with a remark. I tell them I have worms! Boy you should see their faces! Then I just laugh out loud and ask if they would like some! It works perfectly, not only do I think it is hilarious but thet never say anything about my weight again! Keep your spirits up Zoe, it really is a blessing in so many ways! Sincerely, Renee

  502. I stumbled over this while reading your blog (obviously!) and I have to say that this was exactly what I needed to hear today. My body is completely average but when I get into good shape and eat well, people start thinking that I have a problem and need to eat a cookie or put on a few pounds. I like to be healthy and fit, it makes me feel amazing! I completely agree that everyone carries their weight differently. Be it stick thin or bigger boned, you never know somebody's genetic makeup, lifestyle, and body type. Thanks for the post, Zoe! I am glad that I am not alone in not loving to be called "too thin".


  503. <3!

  504. I know exactly what you mean Zoe! It's basically the same for me and thanks for posting this because its really helped xxxxxx

  505. Your an inspiration Zoe! Im 15 and have really struggled with my weight due to my muscle wasting disorder, although being disabled does not effect me people saying how 'anorexic' I look makes me feel terrible. I hate how rude some people can be as I also have a fast metabolism, therefore I have neither muscle nor fat. I know I am 'skinny' and 'bony' but I dont have the option to gain weight as I have been trying to do since I was 13. You have made me realise that it doesnt matter if you are 'skinny.'

    Thank you for inspiring me Zoe!

  506. Just reread through this blog post for the third time and every time I read it, it gets me a bit emotional. How stupid could a person be to be so blatantly rude and ask questions like that? What does it even matter to them? It doesn't matter at all. I am of average weight for my height and age but I have really big thighs. Now the reason I have big thighs is because they are all muscle due to the fact that I do Kung Fu. But people are constantly reminding me of them. A girl once said to me "We need to get some meat off those thighs." She said that straight to my face. Why does it matter to her that I have strong, muscled legs. It doesn't. Just like you said, we should all learn to love each other for the way that we are. I think everyone is beautiful no matter their shape or size! ^_^ xxx

  507. I LOVE that you wrote about this! I have been faced with theses kinds of annoying people my whole life too. I have had many strangers approach me and make stupid remarks 'Hey stick insect' 'You should really eat more' etc. It made me really insecure about myself and I also dreaded getting into a bikini as I was the 5'10" boob-less, bum-less stick during High School.

    I'm so glad that I have filled out a bit in all the right areas :) yaay!


  508. I appreciate that you've written this as it's a very difficult and touchy topic to tackle. I'm 5'1 & 1/2 and am typically around 90lbs most of the time. According to the doctor I should be 100-110 I believe based on BMI. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to try to lump everyone of a certain height to a certain weight etc based on a scale. Everyone's body is different and there is a different baseline for healthy for everyone. I might be skinny but I eat just about everything and anything and find I barely gain while if I get sick I lose weight very quickly.

    Sometimes when I meet people they comment that I'm so skinny and am I anorexic and that I should eat more. It's quite frustrating that people assume things about me which are far from true. I've learned to just let those comments slide off of me now and not bother myself with them. I know my body best and that's what's most important.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's dealt with this issue.

  509. I know you wrote this ages ago, but I just wanted to say that you have put into words so eloquently what I've been feeling for years. I always feel really awkward when people talk about their weight, as if I have no right to be unhappy with my weight, which isn't true. So thank you so very much for writing this :)

  510. I'm going through a similar situation, except I'm overweight. Although, most people don't say anything to your face when you're overweight, they sure love to talk about it behind your back (even though they know it'll get back to you). They love it even more if they can actually make fun of you and laugh at you, acting as if we can't see it. I'm very self-conscious when it comes to wearing cute clothes, because it never looks good in my opinion. One day, however, I was wearing a cute summer dress, and I felt really pretty. I simply didn't care that day that it might not look good on me, I loved wearing it either way. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a group of two girls and two guys basically laughing their arses off at me. They even pointed at me, and probably thought I didn't see it. I've never worn that dress since. (Wow, that sounded really dramatic, there :p) Anyway, the point is, it almost seems like we're fighting a pointless battle. I really don't understand how some people think it's okay to laugh at others because of their looks, or to comment about it. Just live your own life and leave ours bloody well alone. That's what I think, really.

    I've actually now decided to go in for a Gastric Bypass Surgery, because I've been dealing with this for more than fifteen years (that's more than half my life!). It has been scary making this decision, and I haven't really told many people, but I'm just excited to finally start living my life.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that, even though I wish nobody would have to go through such an experience, it's still nice to know that I'm not going through it alone!

    Also, your post has finally made me realise that the girl who bullied me in secondary school probably wasn't really happy with herself, and took it out on me because I always 'seemed' happy and confident in myself (even though I wasn't: I just faked it). So, thank you for that!

  511. I totally agree with that! But you're so gorgeous zoe and i would love to look like you, stay strong x

  512. Mika

    I weigh the EXACT same as you, Zoe, but I'm a whopping 5'7"

    I look like a pole and I get so many "compliments" which is really jsut people sussing out if I have an ED, which I don't.

  513. Hi Zoe,
    Its like this article read my mind, im fourteen years old, have had a lot of trouble with my very skinny body, ive been called a stick before by my own best friend, and once someone announced my weight to the whole class, all I can say is I cried for days wishing I never had this disgusting and ugly body. Everyone knows I eat like a pig, yet my high metabolism restricts me from putting on any weight, which is sad but its life and this is me. IM SKINNY. AND IMM PROUD TO BE. Ive been pushed over a lot, jus coz Im smaller than the others, I have HATED every time I wear a bikini on holiday, and I wouldn't dare change openly in front of my own friends, which is why I resort to hiding. My weight is my biggest insecurity, it has led me to shying away and hiding myself, which is bad, for a fourteen year old girl. This article made me realise a lot; there are people out there just like me. And zoe, I watch ALL your videos and admire you and you inspire me, and for someone to have gone through the exact same thing as me, and for her to be you, is the greatest feeling ever :) you have taught me to LOVE MYSLEF, I have aunties that ask me everyday, "when are you gonna put on some weight?" but they don't fricking understand, it just like you said – asking someone "when are you going to lose weight?" its horrible. And I may deal the rest of my life with these questions, but I can simply say, I WONT, I DONT HAVE TO. IM HAPPY WITH MYSELF, MY LIFE AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT. You have taught me to love my body and love the skin im in, I also get some eczema occasionally, which also has a massive impact on my security and happiness. But I am learning to love myself and my skin.
    Thank you ZOE, for being the best inspiration to someone, you are special to me and all your loveable fans.
    btw, I want to meet you, I live in the uk myselfXOX

  514. I know how you feel im a teen and im really skinny and i just turned 5 stone which is good for me. I eat mIre than what my friends eat and they even admit it. But i never put on weight. My arms are really skinny and i hate taking my jacket off in public because im afraid of what everyone will think. Most people in my class understand about itand they say they are jealous but i tell them they are fine as they are. But the people who i thought were my friends call me a stick. I was looking through my friends contacts and i saw my name and next to it said 'the stick'. I was so hurt that i just left them i didn't talk to her for ages. It really hurt my feelings and made my confident levels go right down. I never really cared about how skinny i was until now. I looked at myself in the mirror and i cried for the rest of the night. But the one thing that hurt me the most when a really good friend of mine said 'you're so skinny your like a stick you need to go on a diet' i couldn't believe what she said and she said it to my face. Then she went and asked everyone else in the class if they thought i needed to go on a diet. I was so upset. My legs are skinny as well and i hate them. I hate changing before pe i do it 5 minutes before anyone comes in the changing room. Because its summer, i decided to wear shorts and go to town and everyone said that i looked really nice which boosted my confidence. I agree with this post so much and people need to understand that its not always fun being skinny

  515. Wow! Just stumbled onto this after reading some of your other posts – so true! I'm 168cm and 55kg, which isn't ridiculously thin, but I get comments a lot. I actually get tired of reading magazines where they comment about having pictures of 'real women' (e.g. plus size models). I mean, really? I'm a real woman too, and I shouldn't have to feel like any less of one, just because I have a ridiculous metabolism. I don't starve myself either – I eat everything and anything, and then some, and I rarely exercise (which can't be good for me). Just because I have a smaller body size doesn't mean that I am of any less value. What is really important, besides loving who we are, is just flat out being healthy. If I was 120kg, I would be unhealthy. If I am my normal size and eat the way I do and never exercise, then I'm unhealthy. However, that's my challenge. It's my body. Having someone say, "Wow, you need to put on some weight" isn't the most encouraging use of the English language. Much love xx

  516. thanks for posting this, it made me feel much better about myself..I am a skinny person too, and i don't like it. Maybe i would like it if people would stop calling me a very skinny girl. I have a very high metabolism and i hate that people don't understand that i'm not anorexic and i never was. So..thank you again for posting this, you really made me feel much better :)..and sorry if i made some mistakes but my native language isn't english.

  517. I don't know if you've tried it before and had bad consequences, but exercise can actually be very helpful in gaining weight- it's not about getting thin, it's about getting healthier.

  518. I couldn't put it better myself! I've got such a weird body shape. I've got my low metabolism from my dad which means I am quite chubby but my mom has got an incredibly fast metabolism and her bones stick out a lot and for some reason I've inherited her very pointy bones. I've got countless people ask "why do your collar and shoulder bones stick out when your so fat?" I can see it from both sides of the scale and its so horrible. I really feel for you, I know it must have been hard to write this on the Internet. Your such an inspiration and there's no need to worry what people think:)
    Love ash xxx

  519. Belle

    I'm so glad someone has addressed this! I have the same thing, where I am skinny because of my metabolism and I eat like a pig, but people called me anorexic. People don't realise that skinny people can be self-concious too! I dont like the boney-ness of my body and it makes me quite uncomfortable sometimes.

    Thanks Zoe!

    Please check out my youtube channel, it's fairly new, but its BudgetBelle.


  520. 2 years too late, but just came across this! I was exactly the same and I remember crying to my mum about it and her saying 'everybody comes in different shapes and sizes'. I'm still underweight, but I'm happy with myself.

    I've always said my metabolism will give up one day and I'll wake up on a broken bed, haha!

    Everyone is beautiful, you just have to look for it :)

  521. I have experienced the same and still do. People keep telling me that i am so skinny, oh you've become so think and I'm like when was i fat. As you said, it is the same as being fat and obese. I find it extremely difficult to put on weight the same way bigger people find it difficult to loose.

    I cannot exercise much either because then i will loose more weight. I can loose weight like anything. Same as you i have high metabolism and it is extremely difficult to put on some flesh on my body.

    Now, I kind of ignore when people call me skinny because it's just not worth wasting my time on bunch of people who i care a damn about.

    Naaj xx

  522. Rosh

    You don't know how much this post helps. A lot of the things you said about when you were younger are happening with me. I've always been really skinny: it's in my genes and I have a fast metabolism as well. Part of me is glad I do because I can eat all the crap I want;) but part of my hates being so skinny. I agree 100% with everything you've said because most people don't realise how hurtful they are to people who are skinny by making comments like that. When I was in year 7 and had just started high school, a girl asked me 'are you bulimic?'. At that age I didn't even know what that was and had to ask my mum, and when I found out it really, really hurt me. It made me feel insecure about my body and made me worried that I am in fact too skinny – a worry I still suffer with now. But anyway, I only made this account so I could say thank you to you for understanding and making me feel like I'm not the only one. xxx

  523. I agree with you. As long as you are happy, no-one has the right to judge how you look or how much you weigh. These are personal things and in my opinion you are beautiful <3

  524. Alice

    I totally agree with you, you've got all my support :)

  525. Wow Zoe, I just love reading your blog posts and watching your videos. You are such an inspiration to me, so positive, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. I look up to you, and you are one of my favorite role models. (Next to Louise) I always feel better after reading what you have to say. :)

  526. 1) I'm not arguing but the point about having a high metabolism not being all it's cracked up to be, I disagree with because although you may think "i'm too skinny", People with low metabolisms have a harder time in life. A low metabolism means my friend and i (i have a low metabolism)could eat the same diet and do the same exercise but i could never be as skinny as her. I'm not trying to be rude but i don't like when people complain i'm too skinny (as in look-wise not health-wise because if your too skinny that you have health problems then you have a right to complain)because people who are overweight get made fun of and can't do as much in life but skinny people a lot of the time are praised and people are jealous of them!

    2)I do not agree calling someone skinny is an insult because it is positive because in society skinny is beautiful and fat is negative and considered ugly.

    P.S. sorry for ranting and i was not trying to be rude! :)

  527. P.P.S. I love Zoe and i was not hating! Xx :)

  528. wow, i feel so lucky to have come across this. I think you, and also Louise, are both so inspiring in talking about wieght. xx

  529. Really well written post! I would say that I agree some of my friends are really skinny as well and on the other hand I have a few who are a bit "over average" and I think they are wonderful no matter what!
    But I just think society thinks it's okay to be skinny than obese because skinny is considered "easy" to do something about when it sometimes really isn't!
    I really do think you've got a great point there!

    Christina xx

  530. C

    I have had the exact same problem my whole life (as well as panic attacks & anxiety – mb connected?) and have suffered the same stuff you have. I even went to a dietitian who, instead of offering advice nicely, accused me of not eating, and when my Mum backed me up said my Mum must have a skewed view of a decent meal (needless to say I told her where to go and never went back.) I filled out a bit as I got older, but never got the whole boobs thing(gutted) but I have maintained around 8 stone for about 6/7 years now (at 5ft7.) But everyone ALWAYS comments "You're so skinny" how is that ok?! I hate it. Thank you for this blog so I don't feel so alone. :)

  531. Hi Zoe, I feel the exactsame way as you do and the thing is my friends all thinkits okay fro saying "look how skinny she is!" or "I think you might need to go to the doctors" I am 5ft4 not so sure how much my weight is but I no I am slightly underweight and my wrists and ancles are so small (which makes it quite hard to find bracelets) thanks for this video it made me realise sod what people think about the way I look because I am happy and that is all that matters! xxxxx

    thanks for helping me :)

  532. Thank you so much, ive struggled with that too. Ever since I could remember I was know as that skinny chic, or that skinny girl, and my sister would say that I have the body of a little boy. Literally no (boobs) Nd no bum (pancake flat). My sister had curves and when ever she would wear something that is so cute I would try it on and I looks horrible and baggy and no shape at all. So I always told people that i wanted to gain weight because I am to skinny, and my friends would think that i Am bragging about being thin. And eventually when someone would say I'm to skinny I would say ,"your to fat." And i get called mean for it because they think being skinny is a good thing. And one time I got in an argument with my best friend and she called me "anorexic" I was so pissed I never talked to her again. I dont think people understand that being skinny isn't always so fun. And today I am 16yr, 5ft8in and 103lb and i cant gain any weight even after all the doctors supplements that i have been taking. I can only buy my pants from holister because that is the only store that has my size ( double zero) for my height, I have long chicken legs, and a gap so big between my legs you could fit a bus through it and wrist so small I cant wear most bracelets. I know I sound really stupid saying this, but this has really touched me, I hate being superskinny if I was just normal skinny ok but I look anorexic which is really hard because, one time a teacher followed me to the bathroom after lunch because she thought I was going to throw up my food, and asked me if i needed to see a counselor. I wanted to cry so bad. Everyday I felt akward because I didn't know how to work with being super skinny and tall so I would bend my back to be shorter and and doubled my pants so i would not look so skinny, because the school I went to most guys only liked girls with big bums and boobies. So you could imaging why I was so insecure about how I looked. I would stuff my bra and double my pants but that didn't help at all. But i really just learned to deal with it and I do wish to some day gain at least 20-25 lb I'd be ok. But until then.

  533. I totally agree! I used to get called anorexic bitch in primary school and I constantly get asked if I have an eating disorder, ironically because of that I have developed a slight disorder and anxieties. I also hate it when people start comparing themselves to me, which can be just as bad. I get people (who sometimes can be good friends) coming up to me asking why can't they be skinny like me, which makes me feel so awful. I love this blog post, it's so great to know that someone feels the same way about this :) Thank you Zoee!!!

  534. ^^ I agree with you, and secondly you also imply negative connotations about being on the pill. I am on it and I am not in a relationship and there is nothing wrong with that. As MisfitToy said, there are other reasons for being on it, I have to be on it because I have a blood condition as well as other things. The fact that you are uncomfortable with that information is pretty immature

  535. Abegial

    I feel you Zoey.. I go through the same as you, although I have yet to stop growing.. I am 153cm tall and weigh 38.6kg (my BMI is acceptable in school) All my life I've been told I was to skinny even by my mom.. People would tell me to eat more and to gain more weight. But I eat like alot when im out with my friends and I love eating anything unhealthy like you XD … But im also like super lazy and if LOTS OF FOOD + not much exercise.. won't it mean adding on a little weight but apparently I never seem to gain as much as 2kg more.. I have high metabolism too! well at least thats what I think :) but I have learnt to embrace it and Im happy in my own little shell..

  536. Your writing skills are superb! I can read what ever you write anytime. Also what you write about is very 'aware', not like make up and stuff but real subjects that make people think about their actions.
    I am also subscribed to your channel on youtube and i am petite like you.
    You've made me open my mind to the weight situation in people.
    Thank you

  537. Maisie

    I only just found this haha, but I've always been bony too and I eat LOADS (not unhealthily) and I have always had very very skinny arms and legs, especially my wrists and ankles. I remember they used to weigh us at school and I got a letter saying my BMI was 0, the smallest on the chart. It's good to know I'm not the only one with extremely fast metabolism! :)

  538. I am 13 and I get asked all those questions everyday. once this guy said to my face, "do you have cancer or anorexia?" I started crying but my bestfriends were there for me. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who thinks it's unacceptable. P.S. Love your blog! And congrats on #Zalfie c;

  539. I have the exact problem. My legs are mainly bones and same with my arms. I eat food like no other and my metabolism just started catching up haha but i learned to love it. Its a diffirent body type and for many years i wanted the strong calfs and the perfect fingers but like i said, my bony vainy fingers are just part of me haha im also 5'4 haha thanks for writing this blog! its comforting that someone goes through the same things that i go through.

  540. I'm sure the doctor would, but not in the same way, not rude.

  541. I totally understand what you're saying here, Zoe. When I was in middle school, people would tell me every day, "Ellen, you're really skinny." It was kind of awkward. What are you supposed to say to that?

    When I was 15, my metabolism suddenly slowed down and I quickly gained weight. Now, I had people telling me they noticed I gained weight, which wasn't nice to hear either. You can't win.

    People are going to comment on your body, whether you are too skinny or too fat, just because it deviates from "average". The best thing to do is just accept it. What helps me accept it is working out, so I guess that's where we're different.

  542. So I get that I'm two years too late but I just read this article and it really touched me. I wanted to email you so I could be more open but you only have a business email so this will have to do. :)
    Im 17 years old I am 5'5.5ft and I weigh about 115lb.I have been skinny my entire life and it was effected my life as much as someone who was overweight. People always labeled me as that "skinny" girl and when I was younger I didn't really mind. But at a got older around 12yr old it really started to hurt. I was "bony" and "poky". I was told I looked like a stick. I was super flat and had no curves. It hurt because all my friends were growing and I was still flat and thin. I used to hate how skinny I was and wish I could gain weight. I ate junk food too and NEVER exercised. And even after I hit puberty nothing really changed. Its only been in the last couple years 16-17 that I now have some hips, barely B cup boobs and a small perky butt (mostly from exercising) People still call me skinny and say I have no curves which hurts a lot, but im learning to accept my body. So I just wanted to say I understand and wish more people would be considerate about skinny people. I love you Zoe, always keeping it real :)

  543. Mikayla

    Nobody's perfect. We can embrace our imperfections! God made us the way we are!! Embrace your inner and outer beauty!!

  544. Alexa

    I completely agree! I'm 13, and I have to put up with it too! :( I hate having a high metabolism.. people always say things like: "bet you starve yourself" "hmm.. I'd hate to be like you" "why are you anorexic?" everyone thinks that being skinny is a good thing, and then you get bombarded with these insults… Not many people think about what it's like to be naturally skinny.. :(

  545. Being someone who is constantly stuggling to get into the 'healthy' BMI bracket, I actually DO get those same questions. I love my body the way it is, sure I want to be healthy and so want to loose some weight to make sure I'm healthy, but I love my curves otherwise. So it is incredibly hard to be reminded CONSTANTLY that i'm a bit heavier than I should be etc etc. I don't think it's any different either way, doctors should be more sensitive when talking to young girls about their weight either way! It is no better to be overweight than underweight, both are things that you will probably be aware of and could use less judgement and constant reminding of!

    Stay beautiful, Zoe :)

  546. Elsie

    It's like you're in my brain! I actually really appreciated this post – it's amazing to know that someone has gone through exactly what I'm going through and made it out the other end as someone who, seems to me, so lovely :)

  547. ive always been really skinny and for my whole life people have made fun of me. But I never in my life have called someone fat. So why is calling me anorexic or lanky acceptable? It isn't but people just brush it off as okay. But I have learnt to just accept it because I can't change it, though it is still annoying or upsetting when people say that to me.

  548. Nancee

    I've only just seen this post, but I agree. It's not right to say these comments to people. Although things are a bit different for me I feel similar, I think I am a normal size and weight. The whole BMI thing annoys me as well, my BMI is JUST below overweight (I'm not too familiar with all the terms but basically I am just within the bracket of being "heathly" or the "average" BMI). So you would think that there was nothing wrong and I look fine. (I think I look alright, not great but fine) but I am not healthy in the sense that I don't exercise or eat heathly.

    My problem is that I am also of Asian Oriental decent. In Asian countries everyone loves to be skinny and it's not even healthly skinny, just skinny and because I am not, they see me as "fat" and I find it really upsetting. This is because unlike how you mentioned in this post that someone wouldn't make comments about people being overweight. In Asia they are very outspoken about it, for example my family will always make comments about my weight/ the way I look. It is the FIRST thing that comes out of their mouths. Not "Hey, how are you?" like a normal greeting/ conversation opening but "wow, you've gotten fatter" or "you gained weight" and it annoys me because I am not fat (in my eyes) and it doesn't help my already low self esteem.

    In some ways you think, ok since they are family they are just looking out for you (in their kind of way) but then when we go out for meals with everyone (family friends – to me some are strangers) they will also comment or just say things that imply they are not happy with my weight – by saying things that basically mean "yea I think your daughter needs to lose weight" and this is across the table! It bugs me a lot and I feel so judged all the time because of it, but I think because their comments annoy me I just think "screw you! I am going to stay the way I am because you've said that!" lol I hate people telling me what to do and I'm stubborn because of it! :P

    But at the end of the day it's like what you said, if you're happy about it, it's fine and I KNOW that I am not fat! So to me that is all that matters, I would however like to become more fit. I am exactly the same in running up the stairs and feeling completely exhausted afterwards! :P haha

  549. Oh Zoe I know you probably won't see this BUT I just have to reply!!!! I can recognize me in EVERY SINGLE thing that you wrote!!!!!! I feel EXACTLY the same. I have also been skinny all my Life and got comments about it but I don't have any eating disorders. It's just who I AM! And it can be really hard sometimes and I have also asked myself the question thousands of times: "is it ok to comment to a skinny person but not on a fat" And EVERYTIME my answer is no. But at the end of the day, all that matters is what I THINK about myself and that I am HAPPY with it. I'm getting better but still ONE comment can make me fall… But I won't stop keep going, I'll always keep climbing no mater how deep I fall!!

    You're my role model thanks for being you <3 You go girl! Much love from Sweden, Emma

  550. Oh Zoe I know you probably won't see this BUT I just have to reply!!!! I can recognize me in EVERY SINGLE thing that you wrote!!!!!! I feel EXACTLY the same. I have also been skinny all my Life and got comments about it but I don't have any eating disorders. It's just who I AM! And it can be really hard sometimes and I have also asked myself the question thousands of times: "is it ok to comment to a skinny person but not on a fat" And EVERYTIME my answer is no. But at the end of the day, all that matters is what I THINK about myself and that I am HAPPY with it. I'm getting better but still ONE comment can make me fall… But I won't stop keep going, I'll always keep climbing no mater how deep I fall!!

    You're my role model thanks for being you <3 You go girl! Much love from Sweden, Emma

  551. JemJem

    Such a great post Zoe. Until you mentioned it, I didn't really think about how hurtful being called skinny can be. But I can totally see where you're coming from. If you have no control over it and you would like to have a few more curves it must be so upsetting. It is indeed as offensive as calling someone 'fat'.


  552. Wow! Zoe, this is one hell of a good post! I hate the idea of a BMI because who are they to just label someone like that! It really is amazing how you have addressed this issue from the other side of the scale because calling one fat or obese is as hurtful as calling one skinny or anorexic. I, for one, think that if you are happy in your own skin or if you are working towards something that will also make you happy then who are doctors and nurses to stop you!They think by telling you, you will try and watch yourself but really, they are all implying you to either starve yourself or eat unhealthy foods and wait to put on the pounds! As long as you feel happy then to hell with what everyone else thinks!
    P.S I love your YouTube channel!!:)

  553. I love this blog post! i don't mean it in an oh iam excited to read about "skinny" or "fat"people, because trust me. i know what it feels like. i have been dealing with weight, body image, buying clothes, wearing clothes issues my entire life. But mostly now. My own mother calls me fat and i can't do tumbling, cheerleading, or ballet because i have to wear a leotard and i am "too fat" to wear one. My grandma hints to me when she she's a slice of pie in the fridge, and says "oh, i can't eat it, or i will be fat like Denise!", they are constantly telling me to go workout because i am too fat and that i shouldn't wear this or wear that because i "look fat in it." It's so hard to take because i have and am dealing with an eating disorder, i am still battling and i dug half way out of the pit already all on my own, obviously without them because they don't give any support at all. Zoe really helped me understand and once again, internalize some things. Thanks Zoe;)

  554. Couldn't agree more with you zoe! Even though I'm not very thin or very 'fat', I still don't feel very comfortable because society puts so much pressure on everybody to look 'perfect', whatever that means. I love you zoe! You're such a big inspiration

  555. This is unreal how I suddenly found this post just as I was feeling really low about all this. Youve made me see that Im me and no one can change that! I absoloutly HATE my metabolism its crazy how fast it works and makes me all skinny urgh. a massive problem I have though is my collar bones sticking out so bad, eveyone just pokes them like what the hell is going on?

    seriously it annoys me so much aswell when people are like 'omg your soooooo skinny…' its not a compliment ATALL so why say it!

    Anyway, zoe i totally understand where your coming from on this post and i absoloutly ADORE you! if only you would see this *sigh*
    Your such an inspiration to me and many others :*
    love you zoe!!

  556. I have an extremely slow metabolism and that, is also, rubbish! I sometimes just stare in the mirror and wander what it would be like to be super skinny. A lot of my friends are petite and have lovely figures, thigh gaps etc. however, they seem to look at it as a bad thing. It's easy to say I wish I had high metabolism but you never really realise that it may be difficult for some people. One of my friends was telling me how incredibly rubbish it is to be called 'anorexic' and be stared at and judge, she often questions me about would you rather be called anorexic or fat. Hard situation, I guess.

  557. I feel like finally someone understands. In my school they call me anorexic and they say that probably I have eating disorders when actually I've been like this ALL my life. What people don't realize is that those comments hurt and that you shouldn't judge on anybody by their looks, we should just love how we are and accept the fact that everyone's different :)

  558. thank you so much zoe, this has really helped me and i can relate to everything, i'm 14 and really really skinny, like people always give me odd looks and boys from my school call me too skinny. i've always been the skinniest out of my friends and only recently have i really started being conscious of it, with all the pressure of being 'perfect' and having big boobs nowadays. when i walk to places by myself in shorts or leggings i constantly worry if anyone is looking at me and being discusted by how skinny i am.. lots of people have called me 'discustingly' or 'dangerously' skinny without realising how much it upsets me. so thank you so much for writing this, i know it was two years ago but i just found it and i really appreciate knowing that i'm not the only one who's is/was like this :)thank u xxx

  559. I completely agree. My class once had a science lesson in which we learnt about being healthy. Our teacher showed us pictures of both anorexic and obese people. One of my so-called friends then decided to say 'you look like her cos you're so skinny,' loud enough for the whole class to hear. I went beet root red and started tearing up, but the worst part was, she thought it was perfectly alright. People need to understand that maybe being skinny isn't all that good and these comments hurt. Much love, Mary xox

  560. I'm totally agree with you, Zoe!
    I'm 110lb (about 8st) and 5ft6". I have 32A size boobs and a 36" butt (a generous one for my frame I think) oh and I'm almost 23 and hit puberty 9 years ago.
    When somebody says something about how thin I'm, I feel free to tell them what I think about their body =) They usually respond with silence. And when during a lunch break at the university people look at me with some strange unfriendly expression while I'm eating a big bread roll (my fave), I tell them to envy silently, and continue eating.
    I would say to all thin people out there…stand for yourself and do not let anybody laugh at you or say bad things about you!

  561. Wow I experienced the same situation. You typed out exactly how I felt when I was in my teenage years and me right now in my young adult stage. I hate my boney body so much but I love to eat. Putting on weight is a struggle for people like us, who are high in metabolism.

    All I'm trying to say is thank you for this post and love you! Keep doing (eating) what you like and whatever makes you happy!

    Love you

  562. OMG ZOE i'm 15 right now and I'm literally so happy I found this post because it basically explains everything i feel. This whole summer I've been actually trying to gain weight but it seems as though i really can't no matter how much i try. I've also always thought the exact same thing as to why it's even acceptable to call someone out on being too skinny when they wouldn't ever do it to an overweight person. They don't understand that it is an insecurity and DON'T YOU THINK THAT I KNOW THAT ALREADY?

  563. Yvonna

    Hi, I understand what are you talking about. I have the same problem whole my life. My parents are both very skinny and my sisters to. Since I started school everybody were telling me that I am too skinny and anorexic, and because I have very pale skin they were also telling me that I look like drug addict. I totally agree with you nobody never asks fat people questions like that because they think they will hurt them but unfortunately they can't see that being called too skinny, anorexic, bag of bones etc. actually hurts as much as being called fat. :/

  564. I get you, people are like that with me even my best friends are like "Anna are you anorexic" and I tell them all the time no but they still ask me

  565. Olivia

    That was really nice, I do love your blog posts, they make me feel really happy and like I want to go an live my life. Thank you!

  566. I have never thought that those who are skinny have self conscious problems like heavier people. I myself have struggled with accepting how I look since third grade. I always compared myself to other girls. Now that I look back, I realize that I wasn't an obese child like I had thought I was. I was just chubby. On the other hand, my sister was like you. She had a very high metabolism and could eat anything, but not gain an ounce. I was jealous of her. Now I wonder if she felt like you do. I always thought skinnier people loved their shape. I have been the person that tells someone they are skinny occasionally, but only because I'm so aware of my image compared to others. I hate to think that you or anyone else has felt bad about themselves because of their weight. I should listen to my own advice, but the mirror keeps that from happening. Just remember God made you and he doesn't make any mistakes. You are beautiful and loved by millions.

  567. Riko

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Zoe! Some people are just too ignorant, I mean I'm 4ft11" and weigh 44 kg, which is considered appropriate, but that doesn't mean that I look skinny either! It's all about bone structure, genes and metabolism just like you said!

  568. I loved reading this post. Sooo glad to know I'm not the only one that eats wheelbarrow loads and still ends up being a size 6 and keep being told to eat more pies!

  569. I don't know about anyone else, but I myself am quite overweight. I am 5ft3 and 9st12lb and unlike what you'd think people actually do come over to me and ask the fat equivalent to the questions they ask you…

  570. Best post ever! I've always been a skinny kid and everyone was always saying how I needed to put on weight and stuff and it really did hurt! This kinda thing still happens in my class, girls are always pointing out someone in our class who is 'skinnier than average' and makes them feel bad about themselves for it, it's really horrible.

  571. Zoe! Wow thank you so much, I am naturally skinny and bony too (super metabolism sucks, right?;)) I am constantly being told how skinny I am and it's so rude! Respect for writing this! P.S love your videos xxx

  572. Zoe! Wow thank you so much, I am naturally skinny and bony too (super metabolism sucks, right?;)) I am constantly being told how skinny I am and it's so rude! Respect for writing this! P.S love your videos xxx

  573. I have the same problem. People approach me on the streets ands ask me if I'm anorexic. And you wouldn't go up to someone in the street and just say " are you obese?" People always wish to be skinny, but being skinny is as bad as being fat. It doesn't feel nice to be skinny. I can't look in the mirror without feeling disgusted in myself and my body. I'm glad you posted this, however long ago it was. It's opened mŷ eyes and I bet it has affected many others.

    I hate to ruin this comment with spam, but it would mean a lot if you we're to visit my blog :)

  574. Jusitne

    I think one explanation for people commenting more freely about a skinny person is just jealousy – you have a body type that others wish they could have, which isn't the same for larger people, so it seems more like a compliment than an insult. Jealousy could also be in play when someone says something obviously rude – they could be attempting to make themselves feel better about their body by pointing out or exaggerating the flaws with your body, while in reality they wish they looked more like you. That doesn't make it right though. The same thing happens with bigger boobs – for some reason it's ok to comment on how giant a big girl's boobs look or to point out that they'll sag or that they look more slutty (pro tip: no, it's not ok). Thanks for posting this.

  575. I really appreciate this, Zoe. I'm naturally a bit overweight and I really struggle with it. Especially when people make comments about it, even in a subtle way. I guess I never really thought about it on the other side, if I was 'too skinny'. I've always seen it as a wonderful thing to be skinny, considering the people that are usually get more compliments than I do. But now I've been able to see that even if a girl is skinny, they still have insecurities and don't like their body. And as much as I wish that I was 'too skinny', it isn't me and I should appreciate the body I was given. So thank you so much for opening my eyes.

  576. Zoe, you are absolutely right! Nobody is perfect. Everybody looks different, has different body, weight and height. Nobody can say to as: you are so fat, you are so skinny. My body is only mine and if I like it and I feel good in my skin, nobody shouldn't judge me.

    And I love you Zoe! You are so pretty. I like so much watch your videos on yt and read your blog. :)

  577. Hi Zoe!! I recently started watching you on YouTube because I've seen you in Louise's videos and I absolutely love you! You're so gorgeous and adorable inside and out, and it never ONCE crossed my mind that you are too skinny. I agree that it is totally inappropriate to make assumptions and negative comments about others, especially strangers! People can be so thoughtless and rude.

    I did want to say though that exercise wouldn't make you skinnier. In your case it would just build muscle and strengthen your heart and lungs and what not. Unless your doctor says otherwise, if you want to exercise, go for it!

  578. I went through a really bad time of being anorexic, it was horrible and i could'nt believe what was happening to myself. I dropped to 3 stone exactly. But after 18 months i started to put on weight , i now weigh 6st 4lb and am pretty happy with my weight. However people awlays say to me 'how are you so skinny?' 'you are skin and bone' 'skinny minny' when evidently i am not. People need to understand being skinny can be down to anything and need to stop asking questions or saying remarks. Skinny/Obese people would'nt say things to you about your 'normal/average' weight, so why is it okay for you to say things to them.

  579. one of my fav blog posts! this needs to be shared more.

  580. I know this is an old blog but what the heck. If you have super metabolism then i have Super-Duper Metabolism. I'm a guy 5ft 11inch and am just over 9st… WTF

  581. Amie xx

    I agree,
    I can't say I'm the same, but I am desperately trying to put weight on. I'm not the skinniest person I know but hi can see my ribs through my skin. Not very clearly though :-) My friends are always saying to me, ure so small ure so skinny you only weigh so much. And I want them to know that everyone has insecurities, and just because the are slim not skinny, they do not have the right to adress me as one of the skinny b*****s! So yh

  582. Lucie

    I love you so much Zoe. This kind of post is what makes you different from other Bloggers/Youtubers. And this is what I love about you.

    +My cousin is ecxactly like you! Her metabolism is so high she just eats all day and night long and my 7 year old brother can carry her! So, we come in all shapes and sizes, and we are all unique.

  583. I know that this was written a long time ago but i happen to have stumbled upon this just now,and i can't tell you how happy and relieved i am that you have written this. I am in the exact situation you described above right now, and it is awful. Nobody understands how horrible it is to be so skinny, and all my friends and most girls in my year are in the average size bracket, whereas i am as far from it as possible. I am severely underweight, even more so than you were zoe,(not to say your experience was any better than mine) but to give you an idea of how 'super' my metabolism is, i am 5ft8 and i weigh less than you do.I cried at how happy i was to have seen that someone else has been through this, and i'm not the only one. Even though my best friends are all awesome and amazing people who don't care how much i weigh, i do feel lonely sometimes because nobody understands what it is to have a high metabolism and i can't really talk about it with them. Its very hard to cope with boys as well, because they do not understand how i can be so skinny without having an eating disorder and they talk about it a lot and it makes me very uncomfortable. Boys do not like skinny girls, and i hate to be reminded of this so often, even by my close guy friends. So many people think i have an eating disorder when i eat just as regularly and as much as other people of my age and i'm very greedy and snack a lot as well. However, if i'm eating with other people, i always feel pressured to eat loads of junk and much more than i actually want, just so it looks like i'm eating more than a normal person would. I only do this because if even for a second i take a break from my meal, or say i'm full up, or don't finish my food, even if i happen to have eaten more than other people have anyways, i always get funny, concerned or pitying looks. I hate it and no one understands. This is why this post is so important to me and i thank you so so much for giving up a considerable chunk of your personal, private life, because i know you do this alot and it must be very hard and scary to do it. In sharing this part of your life you have however helped a lot of people, myself most definately included. It is just good to know that someone understands, because that is my main problem, that nobody gets it. They don't get how i can be so skinny and not be depressed, anorexic or bulimic, and as much as they say 'yeah, yeah, we know you have a high metabolism' i can still see them giving me worried looks when i don't have an absolutely massive meal, or say i'm not that hungry, just like any normal person would. They still ask me 'how do you stay so skinny' like they're trying to suss out if i have an eating problem or i diet or something. I cannot gain weight, and haven't been able to for many years because of my metabolism and have always been skinny and people just don't get that. It especially makes it worse as i am so tall, and i'm still growing taller, but i'm not putting on weight. When people come up and ask me 'why are you so skinny?', do they think i like being bony, having old woman hands, being a lanky beanpole, having tiny boobs, bony hips and a flat bum? Do they think i like being insecure around boys and intimidated by other girls? They just don't get it, but this post has helped me so much to know that other people understand, and hopefully, it well get better and i'll maybe get a bit more average-ish (or as close to it as i can be) when i'm older.
    Thank you so much Zoe x

  584. I am exactly the same! Atm I am 8st 1lb , 5ft 3" and very pleased! Up until I was twelve I was 3.5st but i ate like a pig. When I was about 13, I began shaking, getting very dizzy and nearly passing out on a regular basis which wasnt much fun. my friends all thought i wasnt eating, and were always looking down their noses at me which made me feel bad about myself. I went to the doctors who said i was below the healthy BMI and my blood sugars were low, so I had to take blood sugar tests twice a day. Even though i was eating more food than my parents, i couldnt keep any of my weight on and lost 2st when i was ill. we went back to the doctors again and this time my blood pressure was so low they rushed me into hospital because they thought my heart was failing! then after nearly 20 different blood tests to try and find out what was wrong with me, it turns out i just have a high metabolism and i find it really hard to put weight on.I find that eating a lot of food, not necessarily healthy all the time and exercising keep me a healthy weight, even if i am still thin :/ I am happy with the way i look even if i do get comments from people asking if im anorexic or if the clothes i wear are kids clothes(??) thanks Zoe for letting me know i am not the only one :)

  585. i agree :) people have reasons for being how they are, im the same only i get asked if i have a reason im fat, but then the doctor tells me im underweight so i dont get it :\ but i think that you dont look 'Very skinny' and you dont look 'underweight' in all honesty you look fine and stunning :) xx so ignore everyone who thinks else wise haha because they are only jealous haters :) xx

  586. I recently lost about 30 pounds which was where I needed to be healthy, and suddenly people started making comments about how id be invisible if i lost anymore weight, and it really depresses you!!! I just kept on thinking "i tried so hard to lose my extra weight and no has apprecited it other than my doctor"

  587. Zoe, I am so glad you had written about this, even though this was 2 years ago. I am in the exact same position. I am small and skinny and I absolutely hate it. But the way you look or what size you are can't be changed. I look in the mirror every day hoping to put weight on. One of my friends even commented on my weight saying 'you're too skinny'.. I felt like saying, so there is a specific look to be normal is it? But I didn't reply I just looked at her in shock! And I know there isn't! People always ask me how old am I, so I tell them 15, and 9 times out of 10 I get 'Are you serious? You look about 11' which really puts me down! :( This post really touched me! Zoe I look up to you so much! Not just because your a really popular youtuber but because of the way you act, and your not afraid to show off your legs even though you sometimes say that you don't like your legs in some of your vlogs, I feel exactly the same but i should learn to love my body and seriously you have given me confidence, i'm sure im not the only 15 year old girl who feels like this and I bet so many girls feel way better after reading this! X

    Thankyou zoe, i love you!(hope that doesn't sound creepy)

    x x x megan x x x


    x x

  589. I read this and literally started crying. I am 5'4" and have never been able to weigh more than 105. I completely agree that people are out of line to comment on anyone's body figure. Things people say can remain as scars. Few examples, one of my customers at work today offered to give me his plate because I looked like I was starving, and then laughed. I shrugged it of. A week ago, a server refused to take my plate from the table because she said I was too thin and needed to eat more. This translates to me as "You look sick, eat something." There is nothing I can do to gain weight. It is a battle to maintain my weight.

    The best point in your post, who cares how much you weigh as long as you feel good. Thank you for sharing this for everyone to read.

  590. I get asked this so much, literally the most annoying thing ever. So glad i've been stalking your blog and found this post! :) xx

  591. Rose

    I've been waiting for someone to say this for a long time, I know I've always wanted to. Ever since I was very young I've thought there was something wrong with me and wondered why I wasn't like everyone else, although now I understand that I'm completely normal. It was just other people that made me feel like I wasn't. People should really realize that it's not okay to tell a skinny person to "go eat a couple cheeseburgers" any more than it's okay to tell someone who's overweight to get off the couch and go for a run. I've been tall, skinny, and bony my whole life and it hasn't been easy. I thought I was the only one who was like this! I know I'm a little late to reading this blog post but I just wanted to say how glad I am you wrote it and I hope you read this comment so you know that you made me feel better! :)

  592. This has really helped me :) x

  593. I think you`re right :) For example my father always points out how fat I`m and it hurts me :(

  594. mArIsSa

    Zoella I love you so much, seriously you are the most amazing beauty guru on YouTube (: Most of them are just dumb, fake girls who cake on makeup and don't seem to care about their fans, but you and a select few others actually display things more than just exterior beauty that really make you such a role model. Although I've never been bullied about weight, I used to have horrible, HORRIBLE acne, and the sad thing is I'm only 13, and people said horrible things to me everyday. It's mostly cleared up now but the scarring, physically and mentally, is still there. I can't thank you enough for how inspirational this article is, your viewpoint on not commenting on someone's weight really goes to any sort of physical trait, such as big ears, shitty skin, etc. I love you so much and please continue to be yourself and make amazing YouTube videos!

  595. I have been saying the exact same thing for years. I hate the fact that I am "skinny" and when people feel the need to tell me how slim I am they are usually so rude about it and it's actually offensive. Lovely post, even if it is a touchy subject :)

  596. i feel the same way Zoe,but personally i think you look amazing! x

  597. Wow Zoe that was really insightful. One of my good friends has always been skinnier then me (i know its high metabolism, an all) and for the longest time I was so jealous. Then, idk, one day I just looked at myself and though "hold on! i like me! i love me! i was given this body for a reason, it's the only one I'm ever going to have (unless I get in a freak accident and pull a 'Freaky Friday' haha) s why not accept it and love me the way I am. And I do. Everyday I say one thing I like about myself (bony wise and personality) and just doing this has really boosted my confidence. Of course some days I feel like crap ("god i wish i had her flat tummy…") but who doesnt have those days, I just remind myself that I am the way I am, and I am healthy and active and thats all that matters!
    Sorrt for the ramble :)

  598. Emma

    I agree. I get that all the time and I just tell them "Im Scandinavian" as some kind of excuse to stop them asking questions. I still get weird looks though and people saying they "wished they had a body like mine" they really don't…
    You are beautiful Zoe! Never forget :)
    Emma xx

  599. I literally get these comments every single day, from random people I've never even met before. It's rude and really hurtful, it angers me so much I end up wanting to shout or do something violent, but normally I just walk away. Even friends of mine who know this is a hurtful subject constantly comment on how "ill" I look, and I'm above the healthy weight for my height! I just look "too skinny" I'm so glad you've posted this because this is literally the subject that annoys me more than anything else. I hope a lot of people see this!

  600. i have been trying to find someone just like me x i am also very skinny and hate it most people would want to be but i agree they just dont understand, and people can think there complimenting when there saying.

    "wow your so skinny" "how do u get that thin"

    but it just makes you feel worse knowing people do notice. im 14 and i guess some people think i try to get skinny too like girls in magazines, everytime i try to put on weight it doesn't work. so glad i found someone with the same problem as me – i know that sounds mean but i thought id never find someone like me x

  601. I've always been the exact same. People can be quick to judge and don't seem to think about how their words may effect you.

  602. I just found this and I actually cried because I am the exact same way. People always say "you're so skinny" or "i wish I was as skinny as you" or joke and say things about me being anorexic but I just have an extremely high metabolism where it is impossible for me to gain weight. I try so hard by eating so much and things with extra protein and tablespoons of peanut butter before bed but nothing ever changes. I'm like the 15 year old you being unhappy with their body and its hard. This made me feel a lot better though!
    Love you Zoe <3

  603. I hate it so much when people say to me that i am skinny! i am tall too but it's not nice that people say: u are so tall and skinny…

  604. Can't believe I've only just read this, honestly just gained so much respect for you by reading this. I completely agree with you. I think the reason for this, however, is because people seem to think that it's very easy to put on weight so they think if you're skinny it's because that's the way you want to be however some of the time it's simply because that's the way they are, but I think you're very brave for posting this and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look. You have to remember that the people that approach you and say these horrible things about you are only the minority and you have plenty of people, including myself, supporting you and loving you. Although I can not relate myself it's touched me and I thank you for posting this and giving others a different view on something so serious like this. I think people have a pretty distorted view on society and weight has become some massive thing in which you are made to feel that you have to be a certain way and if you're not then you're not beautiful which of course isn't the case. The most beautiful people are the ones with a smile on their face, living their lives. Just remember, looking through the comments on this post, for every bad comment you get regarding your weight you have 100 comments supporting you and complimenting you.

  605. I understand how you feel about being "too skinny" to everyone else and always hearing other peoples comments about it. I'm 5'1 and 93 pounds, people always ask me if I eat.

  606. H

    I recently went to a check up at my GP, and since my normal doctor retired, I had to go to a different woman. As soon as I walked in she asked when was the last time I had weighed myself. Similar to you, Zoe, I told her I dont normally keep track of my weight, and that it tends to fluctuate between 45 and 47 Kg. She then proceeded to weigh me and measure my height. According to her, I am severly underwieght and I need to eat more. That was ok, I could deal with that comment, A lot of people had told me that before (although I actually do Eat like a pig!) but what upset me the most was when she asked me whether I was specifically keeping myself skinny in order to ruin my chances of giving birth in the future. FIRSTLY IM ONLY 17 YEARS OLD! SECONDLY IVE BEEN SKINNY SINCE BIRTH! I wanted to slap that b*tch across the face. She was very unproffesional in the way that she addressed the issue, and it left me in tears. Needless to say, I am not going back to that doctor again.

  607. Eva

    wow! i totally agree! awesome text. :)
    in my eyes you are perfect <3 i love you :)

  608. oh my gosh this post is so relatable! I have the exact same thing, my BMI is lower than 'it should be' and my sister calls me anorexic and thinks i have an eating disorder, even my parents occasionally ask me if i've been eating properly.. and it sort of gets to you. But the thing is i am completely comfortable with my body and how skinny I am, like there are things I would change but, I feel healthy. Even though I eat like shit haha.. but then when someone mentions it, i'm like oh… right ok… thanks for pointing that out.

  609. It's the way society has unfortunately become, so many people think fat = ugly and skinny = beautiful. That's why people think it's acceptable and some even think it's a compliment to tell someone how skinny they are because in the world of eating disorders it's what people want to hear. It's not right at all! Beauty isn't about your height or your WEIGHT. Beauty is about who you are inside. I must admit though I've never thought about how self conscious thin people can feel before and how offensive being called thin can be because I'm not exactly thin myself so have never been called 'skinny'. Thank you for making me see another side to things and you're so beautiful the way you are Zoe, never change! <3

  610. i love this post Zoe! this has also happened to me before, i went into my local doctors to have a review on my tables and i ended up getting measured and weighted as my doctor thought i was under weight, it really knocks your confidence and i come out thinking "Why did he do that? is there something wrong with me?" and not many people understand this! x

  611. I just stumbled upon this post, and I loved it!
    It's so nice to see someone writing about this topic freely and openly :)
    So thanks you Zoe!

  612. This is such a good post Zoe. I can totally relate to you because I was very skinny when I was a child and I remember being told so a lot. One girl used to call me matchstick everyday! Then when I was a teenager I was still quite thin (but probably in a good way – a size 8-10) and I remember these ladies at work made up a rumor that I was bulimic. They said I must be because I ate so much food and still remained thin! I look back and laugh at it all now, but it wasn't very nice at the time. When I got to about 30 (I'm 33 now) I put on weight and am now a size 10-12. Anyway you're a stunning girl. xxxx

  613. I've also been asked why I'm so skinny. The funny thing is I am just average size and it always puts me by surprise when someone says that I am skinny. That's not how my body type is. However, I've had people come up to me saying how lucky I have that I have to have bf or they wish I had my life, etc. What's makes me upset is when they say my life is better than theirs. And it's quite frustrating for me because my life has its downs and I know people wouldn't want to experience those downs. I just wish they were thankful for all the good things they have. It just makes me sad. :(

    You are lovely and beautiful inside and out Zoe. :) You always will be! I hope you're having a great September so far!

  614. This is the most inspiring piece of writing I've ever seen and i am a bit over weight and i am doing something about it, but this has also helped me look at how lucky i am really lucky and that a lot skinnier people are feeling the same as me. I also agree completely that no one should judge anyone about their weight as everyone is different, I've been called "fat" in the past and yet the people that are saying this to me are not always so perfect themselves xx You are gorgeous the way you are and i am glad you touched upon this subject as it is very important and more people need to be aware of this xx

  615. Rach

    YES!!! A million times, yes. I've wanted to say something like this my entire life. I was always "underweight" and scrawny growing up – some of the boys in my Jr High gym class made a game out of trying to push me over while we jogged around the gym. So, I feel you.

    I finally filled out to what I thought was "average" in high school though, generous bust and all. But it took until I got pregnant and had a baby this past year to realize…I was (and still am) pretty tiny. I'm completely happy with my body though, and am relatively healthy, so I can't complain about that…I hope you can grow to love your body too :) it really is liberating. Freaking hard, but it is so worth it once you're on the other side.

    The thing that bothers me, though, about size and weight and all, is the clothing industry and sizes! I mean, obviously there are people like you who can wear the coveted "size zero" jean – but I am a solid size 10 in jeans and dresses and all. I can't buy shirts smaller than XL either due to my bust. Yet I still get comments on "how skinny" and "tiny" I am…all the time! So why do women covet these teeny tiny sizes, when they won't necessarily look their best if they were that small? Or if their bone structure won't allow them to be that small???? ugh fashion. I love it and hate it at the same time.

    Anyway. This is ridiculously long. And you already have so many lovely comments, so you may not even read this one. I should just write my own post on my own blog with my own rantings and ravings on the subject ;) you are awesome, and I am so happy you shared these things with the world!