Yes. More of my geek glasses, and oh look, a geek to accompany them.

On the 28th March I’ll be 21 years old. I know, I know. I don’t look 21. I’m sure I will continue to be I.D’d for 18 films and cigarette paper (not for me might I add). I will still have my I.D questioned by bouncers outside nightclubs and bars and always quizzed on my postcode and middle name. Lot’s of people call me “doll face”. I’m thinking this is just a nicer way of saying “baby face”. I’m not going to lie, I’d love to wake up on Monday morning with a mountain of cards and the postman knocking on the door with a huge bunch of flowers and helium balloon for me, however, this will not happen. haha. We can dream though right? I’m still not 100% sure of what i’m going to do on my Birthday. I didn’t realise quite how indecisive I was. Whatever it may be, I will be sure to capture it and update you.
I was seriously so overwhelmed by the massive response to my last post. It had the most comments ever ever ever in my blogs entire history (I think). I’m so glad that so many of you could relate. I also love that it reassured you that you weren’t the only ones. I know it reassured me immensely. I sat and read through every single comment, and felt a great accomplishment knowing i’d made so many of you feel so much better. I know it can be a pretty touchy subject, but 99% of you knew exactly where I was coming from. :)
I’m getting slightly bored of my blog. It’s very basic and messy and just not very…advanced or well-put-together. If any of you techy-whizzy-geeks out there fancy designing me something or giving me any tips or ideas please feel free to email me. I’m definitely stuck in a rut. Also, what do you lot think? What is my blog lacking? I need your expertise and advice as you are obviously the ones who read it.
I am SO happy the sun is coming out, and I have decided this weekend that if the sun still has his hat on, I shall be whipping out the maxi dress and flipflop combo. Too early?
Just want to say a little (well, massive) thank you to everyone who follows my blog. I don’t say it often, and I probably should, but I appreciate every single one of you; even if you don’t follow my blog, but come by every now and then to check up on it. I also have over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube now, and this astonishes me. I swear i’m dull as dishwater?! I’m so pleased that so many of you enjoy reading/watching my rambling nonsense.I don’t really understand it, but it makes me very happy. haha. I never was very good at speeches or public speaking. Now you can see why. *blushes*

  1. so cutes! you have lips like a porcelain doll. have a great 21st, mines in december and i keep thinking about it. i never have parties because everyones skint from xmas and stuff so it's always a letdown! you're lucky to have one in march!
    as for your blog, I always feel more inspired when i update my blog layout! have a look at mine, maybe it will inspire you?! xo.

  2. Aah Zoe don't be silly- your youtube videos are fab! and i'm a picky so and so when it comes to youtube!
    Your last post really was incredible to me, and for such a popular blogger it means a lot that you'll have sat down and read through our comments – i hope they reassured you as much as you did us.
    Aaand as for what to do on the blog, i kind of love it just as it is! Lame i know, and so unhelpful [sorry!] but you've got something unique, which is always a joy to read sooo just keep doing whatchya doin! xx

  3. Your last post deserved all of the comments it received it took a lot of guts to be able to write it and I think a lot of people, including me were glad you decided to post it!

    Happy 21st for this week also lovely :) x

  4. You are so pretty/cute! I'd love to hear what you're doing for your birthday because mines in a week & I have no idea what to do! x

  5. Vida

    Not many people can pull of those glasses, but you look so adorable in them. I, personally love your blog =)

  6. I absolutely adore your blog Doll Face :-) I very nearly got my maxi dress out yesterday but decided against it at the last minute, reckon you could pull it off though. I hope this good weather is here to stay xx

  7. You are such a stuunner! Your birthdays right before mine :) xxx

  8. Holly

    Wow welldone on 14000 subscribers Zoe, you deserve them! I hope you have a lovely birthday and get lots of nice presents:)<3

  9. Alaina

    love, love, love your blog and your youtube!
    pretty pictures of you in your geek glasses :) which lippy do you have on in those photos? looks preeeetty? :) x

  10. Monica

    Having a doll face is never a bad thing! I will most likely be ID'd for life as well, I've always looked younger than my age.
    You are not as dull as a dishwasher, missy!

    Have a good weekend,
    M. :)

  11. I love your hair so much :) your just so pretty as well :) Have a great birthday when it arrives!

    Check out my blog here!

  12. You look so cute in the above pictures. AND your youtube video are super adorable, that's why you have so many subscribers. I'm 21, and my face doesn't seem to want to grow up haha! So I'm still ID'd all the time.

  13. Morgan

    I think people continue to read because you are so damn cute and we like to hear what you have to say!


    ps. hope you have a really lovely birthday. thought I should get that out of the way just in case.

  14. Katie

    You look gorgeous in those pics! The geek glasses really suit you…. Well done on all the youtube subscribers, I love your YouTube vids :)


  15. Chloe

    you are not dull at all! you deserve every one of those 14,000 subscribers! partner on! haha :Pxxx

  16. joanne

    really like ur last post!
    i think a blog doesn't have to be perfectly well put together tbh , well dats jus my opinion, everyones blogs different :) i always come n re-read your posts sometimes!
    enjoy the sun while its still shining.

  17. Looooove you!<3

  18. Nicola

    if you weren't so bleeding gorgeous i'd not like you, 14,000 subs seriously? no fair!! :) but i love you, me & Gemma are likely to be in Londre thurs & friday if you fancy a coffee at some point if you're there xx

  19. Ally

    Your blog isn't lacking anything! Keep on truckin' :)

  20. I sooo badly want your hair, it's soo gorgeous! I hope you have a nice birthdaay:D Why are you bored of your blog?:O Personally I love it♥ Congratulations on 14000 subscribers! It's great that you have the confidenced to do youtube videos – I would never be able to do something like that! For my English GCSE I have to stand up in front of my class and talk to them about OCD and seriously I am sosososo scared I have always been totally rubbish at speaking out loud, even if I just ask a question in class I seem to develop some kind of weirdness with my words!xx

  21. Hannah

    You're so pretty and I think you really suit geek glasses, despite what you said!xxx

  22. You are so beautiful :) xx. Happy early birthday.

  23. Excuse me Pooptitties (yes everyone, Zoe actually said the other day "Why dont more people call me 'Pooptitties' when I love it so very much?"), but I have sent you a smashing card! I also sent flowers and balloons but they are the magic kind, that you can't see with your eyes, only your imagination. They're good though, cost a fortune xxxx

  24. ggrrrr, i cut my hair frankie sandford style and it used to be like up to my boobs, and now you make me want to go out and buy every hair growth product in the world and a set of extensions ! i love, love,love your hair !! and you !x

  25. um love love love your blog. your style has really been inspiring me lately when i put together outfits, and your hair and makeup is always gorgeous! most of all you just have the cutest little sense of humor, which i think comes through well in your youtube vids too. just had to show some love! <3

  26. Awww darling, you so, so deserve it. And you as dull as dishwater? Ummmm, no way, you're mistaking yourself with someone else! <3


  27. hannah

    love the glasses! definitely keep them around!


  28. Onna

    aww congrats on the youtbe followers and happy birthday for three days time! x

  29. Elli

    I'm sure one day you will be happy about looking younger than you actually are- my mom always says that too me :)
    you're just too cute with that glasses!

  30. cute! awh you really don't look 21, but i mean that's good ;) when you're older you will look younger for your age lol.

    Coco Rebelle – click ♡

  31. Steph

    I love your blog, and happy early birthday!!

  32. mw

    Happy 21 when it comes!.. i love your blog the way it is now, i swear it's perfect <3

  33. Eep the big 2-1! I hope you have a splendid day sweetie, you totally deserve it. If I had your address I would absolutely send you helium balloons (: My friends at Uni bought me some earlier this month for my birthday but they were stolen overnight from our front door! xxx

  34. Devea

    Seriously Zoe, I love those glasses on you! I am inspired to get some just because of you! :)

  35. Frith

    I love your blog Zoe!

    There's nothing wrong with what you're posting, just keep up with the outfits, FOTD, new purchases, reviews, etc :)

  36. M.

    WE TOTALLY SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! <3 Enjoy your 21st. It's mine too. *wink wink*
    The pics are super cute. :)

  37. better looking younger than old i guess ! :)

  38. i actually find your blog very clean and nice to read b/c the pictures really pop and the graphic on top is so pretty. have a wonderful birthday! go nuts!

  39. Hey, I love ur blog and ur youtube channel!
    I really like people doing "what makes me happy" at the end of each week on their blogs. Just some random things,a sunny day, a birthday card and things like that. It's just sooo sweet~ U can totally do that IF u like .I just think it's gonna be really cute.

  40. I've always thought you look absolutely stunning! Happy birthday in advance, Zoe. Btw, thanks for mentioning your previous blog post in this post.. I hadn't read it before but I did now. Absolutely loved it – thank you for sharing your story. I've never been in that situation but I know people who would be able to relate to your story. Loved it so much that I posted it on my Twitter, Facebook profile, & Facebook fan page as well haha.. Hope you don't mind :)

  41. What do I love about your blog? Hmmm… Let's see… I love your Someday Summary posts and the quirky pics you post of yourself – just to name a few. What I don't like about it? Well, nothing really. You may think it is dull but trust me, I look forward to reading your posts and watching your videos! You're so real! :-)

  42. hannah

    Well done on 14,000 thats amazing! I hope you have an amazing birthday xxx

  43. advance happy birthday! you are so pretty! :3

  44. You're so pretty and you suit the glasses really well – I am so jealous :)

    Random Question: I was wondering how do you keep your face so clear & fresh?, my face is oily and quite spotty (Forehead most) please can you give me some tips/advice?


  45. Alex

    The pictures are beautiful! I'm incredibly jealous that you can pull of geek glasses, they just make me look ridiculous, ahaha :)

  46. Have an amazing birthday<3 and I loove your blog the way it is actually :) xx

  47. i like your blog, i will follow you always!!kiss

  48. Whoah, that's crazy you have 14,000 subscribers on YouTube!! Your videos are amazing though, they're so funny and well put together. Happy birthday for when it comes too, hope you have a great day :) xxx

  49. Lulu B

    Those glasses look so cute on you! Love all the little poses! I really love your blog, hand on heart i think its so chic and cute, appealling to the eye and not loadsa crap and ads going on.
    :o) xx

  50. Oh my gosh! The BIG 2-1! I'm not sure if i'm excited or nervous to get there. Happy Early B-day!

    – Kimberly

  51. Phoebe

    Your blog is a must read for me. Even if i'm just quickly catching up on blogs yours is one that i'll instantly check on to see if a new post has been hidden amongst my blogger feed!
    Happy early birthday, hope you have a great time whatever you end up doing :)

  52. Hannah

    my blog is in a rut too :( want to get out of it haha! your not dull, i love your youtube videos!xxx


  53. Happy Birthday for Monday :) I think your blog is fine as it is, it is one of the only blogs that I sat and read nearly all the posts when I first discovered it and didn't get bored. And, as for your youtube videos, I love them, they are not dull at all. I think the great thing is although we can see how gorgeous you are from your pics on here, your videos show you have a great personality, and what a genuinely lovely person you are. x

  54. hey dear =) i've just discovered your channel and blog yesterday , and i'm pretty sure i'll like to discover more of you by reading the posts etc =)
    i hope you will enjoy a loooot your birthday, 21th is so important in the USA ( In france it's 18th ^^)
    hope you will have a lot of fun ( and sun ! )
    wish you the best , byebye from France

  55. So cute! Hope you have a lovely birthday :)

  56. Megan

    I cant get enough of your youtube videos! and have an amazing 21st birthday!x

  57. Hey girl you are the cutest ! Happy early birthday, hope its the best !

    I have been reading your blog forevvvver and I just started a blog, hope you will check it out :)

  58. I really like your blog as it is, so I'm not much help really lol.
    I know what you mean about looking younger than you are I get that a lot as well. I'm pretty much used to it now, but people say I will appreciate it when I'm older so we'll see.
    Hope you have a lovely birthday X

  59. Helen

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! It's my Mum's birthday then too lol! Hope you have a fab day though, whatever you do :) x

  60. Sherry

    Happy Birthday (tomorrow)! :) your photos are SO cute!!


  61. Try turning 26 on Tuesday, I am properly traumatised I think the time has come when I need to start lying about my age.

    As for your latest post I totally agree but this should not only apply to weight. People spit things out that they really shouldn't. For instance last week I had a food allergy and my face had little spots. Well I got to work and one of my colleagues went:'oh what's happened you are covered in spots' well thank you it wasn't bad enough to have to slap 2kg of make up on to feel barely human that you have to make sure I know you have noticed….


  62. Happy, happy birthday! Mine was actually today ;)

    You look too cute in your photos!

  63. Sana_A

    Happy Birthday doll! Hope you have a wonderful day!:)

  64. pic

    happy birthday ^^ hope its a good one :)

  65. Hey sweetheart,

    i wish you happy birthday! Have a wonderful day<3

  66. Louise

    Happy Birthday Zoe I hope you have had a great day xx

  67. Orla

    happy birthday! have a gorgeous day xx

  68. Happy Birthday!

    I love your messy ponytail :)

  69. Happy 21st Birthday lovely!

  70. Cute post and pictures. Have a lovely birthday. xoxo

  71. I didn't know you had a YT channel. Is it the same name as your twitter? I'm still loving the glasses, have you worn them out yet? x

  72. You are the cutest little nerd ever! Haha. I've loved your blog for a while now and I'm really loving your videos as well! You're absolutely not dull at all, you're so much fun on camera! Congrats on all your subscribers!

  73. ERES HERMOSA!!!… please do more YT videos, maybe you can post them here along with the Vlog. Some ppl don't like reading so much… (I do!LOL) and i think it can spice things up a lil bit!

    Thumbs up for U! ;)

  74. Zuuwa

    Happy B-Day, you are the same age as I am! ;)

  75. your the cutest

  76. LO'

    You are the prettiest ♥
    I just discovered your blog and I have to say that it's the best !


  77. Hi! I just wanted to ask you a question. Are you influenced by korean/japanese fashion in any way? :)

  78. kate

    i have just come across your blog and LOVE it :)

  79. lizzie

    i actually swear by your blog! best thing ever xxx

  80. Sooz*

    great look

  81. congrats on all the subscribers (ps.i subscribed to ur and how i wish i could take gorgeous pics like u! very lovely (:

  82. your birthdays the same day as mine!
    i love all your posts!
    this might sound stalker.. but i check it everyday to see if you have anymore entertaining posts! sad.. i know!
    keeeep it up zoee! :) xx

  83. Astrid

    You are so gorgeous! i wish i had your kind of hair. mine is as flat as it gets :(

  84. yay! your birthday is only one day after mine haha (:

  85. I think you should make more Makeup videos and reviews and swatches! I absolutley love them, I find them so entertaining :)
    They are about the only thing I read (since Im not a BIG reader) *tehe*
    I LOVE you Zoella your an inspiration

  86. Just discovered your blog. Where did you get your glasses frames?????? I am absolutely in love!!!

  87. I love how amazed you were to have 14,000 subscribers just 2 years ago and now you have 2 million! I love looking at your old posts and watching your old videos to see how much you've changed and how your confidence has improved so much! Congratulations on reaching two million subs, you thoroughly deserve it! Love you Zoe :) xxxx

  88. Kayluna

    Aw, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown! Years have passed, and your channel grows by millions. At the moment you’re up to 10 million, how crazy is that? So much has changed and flourished, all for the better. xx

    • kaitlyn

      she’s adorable!! i love reading these old posts. :)