Top: New Look
Blazer: Zara
Shorts: New Look
Black Tights: Primark
Earrings: House of Fraser

Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NW20
Topshop Brightening concealer
Benefit Erase Paste No1
Clavin Klein powder “Barely Beige”
Bare Escentuals bronzer “Faux Tan”
Mac Mineralised Skinfinish “Refined”
Nars e/s in “Isolde” duo palette
Mac e/s “Woodwinked”
Eyeko Graffitti liner “brown”
Topshop eye khol “Saddle”
No7 Exsquisite Curl mascara “Black/Brown”
Mac lipstick “Shy Girl” (I dont know why this looks isnt)

I love “Geek Glasses”, but I fear that they scream pretentious-avant-garde-ness. I love the concept, the way they look, and the way they can complete an outfit. So why is it that I just cannot bring myself to wear them outside? Maybe it’s because I know they aren’t real lenses, and do not give me any ability to see clearer, therefore I am faking slightly? Maybe it’s because some people really do only think these types of glasses belong on “geeks”? What do you think of the “Geek Glasses” trend? I personally love it, I just don’t know if i can pull it off as easily as others though…or if they suit me…

  1. I love how they look but agree that it's fake and pretentious. You look lovely anyway, as always xx

  2. Jasmin

    oh I love them, they definitely can complete an outfit. i'm a big fan of american apparel's selection. looking as pretty as always in these photos x

  3. Zoe, don't be silly, you can pull of anything. I love the craze, but i could definitely not pull it off, you, however, can.

  4. Hayley

    OHmygosh Zoe you look stunning!! Why is it you can pull off any look!? Jel!!

    Really glad to see you blogging although i adore your videos :) xx

  5. mw

    I love the glasses on you, love the outfit! <3

  6. Ooh I love these pictures! Your glasses look super cute you should totally wear them out!

  7. i love geek glasses and i used to wear a really similar one, now i wear some similar but a bit smaller ones, but i need them, i really do!! anyway i think they suits you and remember: only you know that they aren't real lenses ;)

    have a look at my blog :)

  8. Erika

    I think you can definitely pull them off! I unfortunately do have horrible eye sight and have been trying to find some tortoise shell ray ban prescription glasses. I say be confident in the look (because it is a great one) and wear them out in public. The are an accessory and finish your look in the post very nicely! :)

  9. I love geek glasses, I don't really pull them off too well unfortunately! – I think you suit them.
    Lovely pictures btw :)

  10. xWHLo

    Aww do they really suit you ^_^ and loveee the outift!! Prettyy <3 xx

  11. i love them, but tbh i wouldn't wear them out either.. they're too "hipster" and people who wear them outside all the time and don't need them are posers i reckon
    cute look though :)


  12. Jen

    You look fab!

    I love geek glasses, but I can't wear fake ones, so trying to convince myself that my next prescription pair should be some big old raybans – and the price is totally worth it. Ha! x

  13. I also love Geek glasses, love them! But I cannot wear them, like you, it's weird hahaha
    The pictures are amazing!

  14. Gahh, you look stunning. <3

    I have geek glasses – prescription ones though.

    When I was younger I always wanted them, but my eyesight was perfect so I couldn't. Now I actually need them and I hate wearing them! Haha, always want what I cant have! :P x

  15. Love the outfit! :) Your hair looks lovely!

    The geek glasses look really good on you! You can definitely pull it off…if you want to wear them out then go for it!


  16. KLEE

    they look really cute on you! i think it depends on the person with how they look? like i think you look really great in them but i know a few people who look like pretentious tools wearing them! haha. i have some geek glasses too, unfortunately need them to see though! x

  17. Yeah, they suit you. I know the feeling. But I think we extrapolate and think ahead too much because tbh I'm sure that most people don't care. As long as you like it! Love the outfit though.

  18. i love geek glasses when i travel or when i feel like going out without makeup, think it's a great way to distract others from looking straight at those nasty dark circles!

    should try wearing them outside cos u look gorgeous in them :)

  19. Lulu B

    I love the trend but think exactly the same, if you dont need them dont wear them! Would we wear braces to be fashionable? Where would it end! Love your outift though so cure, you look great in Geek Chic xx :o)

  20. I'm exactly the same as you! I love the look of them so much, but I fear that putting them on when they're fake just puts me in that pretentious fashion category that everyone else seems to lump geek-glasses-wearers into. They really suit you though so you should definitely go for it – just be brave! z

  21. You are gorgeous lady, so jealous of your hair!
    Agree about the geek glasses, they can look amazing, and I think they do on you, I just don't want to look pretentious so I never wear them outside!
    silly really cos it shouldn't matter!

  22. Rachel

    They look amazing on you! And your hair looks lovely in these pictures!

  23. i love the geek glasses on you, and usually i dont think they look good on most people. I think you should give it a shot in the real world, you might not regret it <3

  24. so pretty love you style :)

  25. hannah

    it amazes me how the geek glasses hit the west so slow… it's been popular in korea for ages…. i love the look you pulled off.. i also agree that the glasses completed the look. but i also feel the same with you about loving the look, but not having the confidence to wear it outside.. i know exactly the feeling of that awkwardness,, but i think again it's just us being conscious in the inside,when really no one minds it…or even notices it. lol.. everyone will know your wearing it for fashion.. no1 wears those big lensed for their eyesight anyway.

  26. Ash

    You really suit those glasses!!
    love it xx

  27. YAY! I bought a pair of those bad boys in Japan. I love fake glasses and people tend to get really thrown off. The pair I have is a tad overstated and thick rimmed though, so I feel it is almost obvious that they are fake!

    What a great way you incorporated it into your look!

  28. You look lovely in these pictures. I'm not a fan of the glasses in general, but you do pull them off :) X

  29. i love it! but i hate how stereotyped they are!
    and how some people may like discriminate them ahaha! but i personally love them!
    they look great on you! love your make up too!
    Krissy xoxo

  30. You look lovely! I know how you feel bout the glasses, too many people took that and killed it ha but I think you pull it off xo.

  31. I love your hair in this picture. I can never do a top-knot bun properly. Looking forward to that hair q&a video that you're planning.


  32. Ally

    I love Geek-Glasses! I own two pairs! :)

  33. hannah

    the glasses look amazing!! and your outfit is completely adorable!


  34. You rockin those glasses girrrl!!!


  35. go for it! you live once. we're young, so let's take some chances. btw you look lovely in them.

  36. You look lovely as evz Zoe, I find geek glasses a bit hit and miss on the whole, you pull them off perfectly! Some of the younger girls back at home look ridiculous in them though haha. Gorgey shorts as well (: xo

  37. They look absolutely pretty on you! <3

  38. i really love this post & i feel the same way about the geeky glasses but i love love them for photos and i see them as an object of free expression, it be nice if i could wear them out without feeling a bit odd. bytheway, you loookkk awesome in them, i think you could pull them off. =)

  39. I have to be honest, I hate the geek glasses look with a passion. But you seem to pull them off regardless x

  40. Cheryl

    They look really cute on you but I'd have reservations about wearing them out but surely fashion is about taking risks? If you're feeling brave then I say go for it!

  41. I absolutely love wearing Geeky Glasses :) & I think they suit you very well ^^

  42. Katie

    You look lovely! They really suit you! x

  43. Charls

    I loveeeeeeee those! they look fab on you! :}


  44. The glasses look really cute on you! I love your hair too! I can never get my bangs to cooperate. How do you get your bangs to look so nice?

  45. Oh you're such a stunner! I can't do the geeky glasses look, but on a random note, I want those shorts! I keep seeing them in our store and umm and ahh about them. Totally getting them now :).


  46. oooh they suit you perfectly!!!
    and i soooo love geek glasses…

  47. Marian

    You look so cute! x

  48. You look a bit like Willa Holland in this post :)


  49. Sarah

    you look so beautiful!! i love the top and blazer combo! can you take a picture just of your shorts they look like they'd look sooo cute!! and im not sure about the geek glasses trend it looks so cute in photos and stuff but i think in real life it might look a bit fancy dressish xx

  50. @Sarah – If you click where i've written "shorts", it takes you to the website and you can see a much better photo that way x

  51. I personally love the geek glasses trend! It's so sad that it's been done to death though, particularly with people walking around in glasses without lenses to look cool and 'indie'.

    I also love your top knot, some people can make it look like they've just thrown it together and it's so incredibly, effortlessly chic, but mine never turn out the way I want it to!

  52. Sarah

    Love geek glasses, nothing cuter than them and they make us look so small and dainty!

    Zoe, Id be very much so honoured and happy if you'd read my latest blog. Its about fur in fashion and I want to get the word out there more. Following is not necessary but id make my day if you did. Love your blog and your vids always get me so excited!

  53. love the hair. you are such a beauty :)

  54. becky

    I know what you mean! I love the look of geek glasses, but I too am weary of wearing them outside the house! You look great in them though, you should definitely rock them out!

  55. I love the Geek Glasses trend I think you pull it off amazingly! I don't think I could pull it off as well but if I could I definitely would, I wouldn't worry about them being fake because unless someone actually takes your glasses off and tries to look through them how are they to know they aren't real lenses and your just wearing them to see clearly? Opticians seem to be recognising this trend now and have a wider range of bigger frames so I think you can get away with it more now than before.


  56. Marrie

    I love the trend and I love you to! gosh you're so pretty! haha


  57. Super cute. I was actually going to buy some glasses from Warby Parker….they have both perscription and non both under $100! And they send you five to try on at home.

    Take a look at my blog, I'm doing a first 100 follower prize ;)

  58. Orla

    absolute babe! i love geek glasses, i have a pair that literally take up my entire face but they're prescription. and everyone always asks whether they're just clear! shorts are gorge xx

  59. Abby

    Of course you can pull them off! I wish my hair would grow to the length of yours!

  60. Emily

    You can pull it off! No one will think they are fake, haha! Btw so many people run around with fake things these days, so don't mind!
    Have a great week,

  61. Pao

    They look awesome on you, love the outfit too!

  62. i love the geek glasses look that is going on right now but agree that it seems odd to wear them if they dont actually serve a purpose… still they suit you and u pull it off well.

  63. Marie

    I LOVE geek glasses, but I, too, think fake glasses are shameful. (Though I guess if nobody knows they're fake, then no harm, no foul.) I actually have terrible eyesight, but it's SO terrible that I can't really wear glasses because they would make my eyes look tiny. As if my Asian eyes need more reason to be tiny.

  64. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! you look absolutely stunning in those! "can you pull it off" haha that makes me laugh!

    go for it, woman!

    you're seriously a beautiful little thing and i love following you and seeing what pretty things you buy {the hauls are my favorite}

    if you'd like, come visit me at

  65. ~LA~

    WOW you look amazing in these pictures! you could be a petite model :] I like the glasses for modeling purposes but I wouldn't wear them out.

  66. I actually wear them so I'm liking it and there should be no doubt that you can wear this trend. So cute!

  67. Cait

    i like them! i'd say wear them out on a small trip and go from there.

  68. I love them soo much, and I really want a pair, but I can't find them ANYWHERE! I'm so sad! xxx

  69. you are great! nice outfit and glasses! :)

  70. you're so beautiful ♥

  71. srdx.

    you have gorgeous eyesss. LOVE geek glasssess but my boyfriend broke mine :( cute blog x

  72. Laura

    I love those shorts!You look fab :)

  73. You, miss zoe, are unreal.

  74. i am the same way, i want to badly wear them with some of my outfits, but i just know and have already heard of ppl saying how pretencios it is, so now i feel weird about wearing them, but i wear them when i take pictures lols.
    btw you look AMAZING !!

  75. I just feel like "geek glasses" have become so mainstream. I like to look different from others. Also, as a glasses/contact lens wearer, I definitely get annoyed when people wear fake glasses. You don't know how lucky you are to have perfect vision. You're a gorgeous gal, which I'm sure you know ;) I just wish you'd give a full on smile instead of these grins.

  76. Pulling it off with class! Looks hott on you like those librarians in movies that always get the makeover but before she does, u already know she's a hottie LOL

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  77. I love the glasses and they really suit you! x

  78. Alex

    These photos are so amazing, you look beautiful :)

    I really love the geek glasses trend, ahaha! My friend just bought a real pair of geek glasses with actual lenses and I keep stealing them.

  79. Paula

    wow you're so beautiful! just found your blog and already fallen in love with it.

    best regards from finland!

  80. Harri

    I can never bring myself to wear "geeky glasses" out, I spent ages trying loads on in Claire's yesterday with my friend. Glasses uber cool! xx

  81. You're so so gorgeous!! I wanted to buy that shorts in that same colour so bad! But I'm a bit afraid of it's length cause I'm really short!

  82. Katie

    I love the geek glasses! I own a pair but they bother my eyes wearing them. Your top knot bun is adorable. You have perfect hair.

    XO, Katie

  83. I know how u feel bout the glasses my bf got me a pair adn i can never wear them outside for more than 5minutes before i take them off in fear of being mocked! Love the lookxxxx

  84. I couldn't agree more, geek glasses are adorable but, I can't bear to wear them out because I know their not prescription and frankly I have no practical use for them.

  85. Hi dear love your hair style.. can you do a tutorial on this please :)

  86. Helen

    You look stunning! Your hair looks so lovely and shiny. And yes I love geek glasses and they really suit you! Although I do agree with you, I think people can only get away with wearing them out if they're prescribed (or for fancy dress hehe) x

  87. Sana_A

    Just purchased shorts like yours in olive to pair with black tights. thanks for the idea:)

  88. Sana_A

    Do you like MAC studio sculpt? I am considering buying it. I have every other MAC foundation and the fact that I dont have the sculpt is annoying me!

  89. Jen

    LOVE this, especially your cute hair! :) x

  90. ooohhh I love your hair bun. How do you do it?
    Do a video pls :P xoxox

  91. i feel the same way about the geek glasses (: i cant bring myself to wear them outside either, i was close to buying some for myself but i thought when would i wear them actually outside?

    I love your style and your really pretty! x

  92. obsessed with your hair! i wish i could get mine to sit like that but its too thick :( our tips definitely helped with volume though, thanks for that!
    love your blog, adore everything about it. and your gorgeous! best wishes :)

  93. hun , if anyone were to pull off geek glasses , it'd be you . <3

  94. i personally find that they suit you great! i also own a pair. i was, at first, quite reluctant as to wearing them in public (at school, streets…) but knowing that my parents would nag me about it, i did and i sure don't regret it! i unfortunately broke them recently… but i'm definitely getting a new pair as soon as i possibly can!

  95. TS

    Those glasses suit you so well! and OHMY your eyes! Beautiful :) You're a true source of inspiration Zoe!

  96. Rachel

    Geek glasses suit you very well! I think they look chic :)

  97. i wiish i was pretty as u ! |<3

  98. Miss B!

    I have a similiar pair of geek glasses, and I absolutely loove them! But I am also too afraid to wear them publicly :(… You look awesome in them though!

  99. I love the trend and agree that they can complete an outfit, i have the same confidence knock when wearing them out doors cant bring myself to do it! They really suit you though =) x

  100. Your decision to use these awesome sunglasses tells us that you're all about a good time.

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  101. I am a bit iffy about the 'geek glasses' trend. Never tried it myself but I think I know a few people who took their prescription lenses and got them fitted into 'geek' frames. I suits you quite well regardless. The big frames on your small face actually looks quite cute.

  102. I really do think they look absolutly great on you! I love the trend but I'm a bit afraid to wear it outside because some people think it's quite weird so for now, i just wear them if I'm going a bit crazy.

  103. I really like the "geek glasses" trend; in fact, I'm wearing a pair as I speak (well, type)! They really suit you and you should wear them out and about! I really like your blog and YouTube Channel! Lucy x

  104. I don't wear the "geek glasses" it makes my nose looks much bigger :D but I think, they are cute ^^… And I have never thought about it before, but you and Joe look so similar! :D I've just noticed it on this pictures :D

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  107. You definitely pull these off very well :) xx

  108. I completely disagree. I love that style and think that if you can pull it off, go for it. Zoe you suit anything anyway. you r so beautiful. u r my idol.

  109. I am an everyday wearer of geek glasses and I love them! I particularly love the glasses from 'Scarlett of soho'- see their website for a wide range of cool glasses, which you can order for free! See me in my glasses on @thisislauren_ on instagram, or visit my blog!

  110. ErinInVA

    Zoella, love these specs and am going to try to track them down here in the States. What model are yours, please? Thanks!