Mink crop top £5 – Scooped neck navy top £8

Bag £7 – Sailor Pumps £6

Just a few things I picked up in Primark recently. They don’t have a lot of newer things since the last time. I really loved the fabrics of the two tops. The crop top is a really heavy, flowly material which I think will look flattering & I loved the mink colour. The navy top is also really baggy and floaty. The bag was one of those “oh my gosh, quick grab it” purchases. I’d seen this in the SS11 collection photos, and it was the one thing that I knew I had to have. I spotted it in Oxford Street & there were literally about 5 girls standing around them when I grabbed one. Think there were 2 left after i’d gone. They may get more in but if you want this, grab it now while you can or if you spot it. Looks to me like it’s a popular item. The shoes were just too cute to pass up really. I think they’ll look good in summer with little white dresses and pretty skirts.

  1. I love those flats! Loving nautical stuff right now. xo

  2. I'm going to have to go and get the bag before they are all gone! xxx

  3. bee.

    Mmm, that bag is gorgeous! I think everyone in the blogosphere wants it (:

  4. Carly

    I love the bag, thats really cute :)

  5. looooooooooooooove the bag!!! x

  6. I'm one of the lucky peeps that managed to bag of the floral bags. Can see this selling out like hot cakes and being sold on eBay for ridiculous amounts xx

  7. Lula

    Holy smokes I love that top!

  8. must grab that bag when i see it!
    i've seen those pumps though and regret picking them up. :( xxx

  9. Diana

    cute shoes!!!

  10. KLEE

    love the bag, oh my! xo


  11. Cintia

    lovely purchases! That bag looks amazing, I really love it! Xx

  12. The shoes are too cute!! x

  13. Beccy

    the crop top looks really nice! :)

  14. Zsara

    that top looks like great quality material for a fiver! might have to nab myself one. cute purchases! xoxo

  15. Wow, that bags from Primark?! that's fab! I love the pumps too, I normally buy about 3 pairs of Primark pumps for the summer. I haven't been in a primark since before xmas.. I think a trip might be in order! :)

  16. Heather

    I'm in love with that mink top! I need to humt one down! :)

  17. Alaina

    wow those shoes :) they'll look beautiful in the summer! :)
    Zoe – your pictures always look so great – perfect size etc, but I'm having problems with mine. Been messing around for days now and nothing seems to work :( on my blog they turn out an ok size (I upload to photobucket) then when I view my blog on my phone the photo's seem to overtake everything and my right column overlaps onto the picture? Any ideas? :( x

  18. Vicky

    The bag and sailor pumps are adorable x

  19. Omygosh, I love the bag! I'm definitely looking out for that one x

  20. Meg

    Those shoes are just..perfect!

  21. Monika

    The bag is a beaut, I saw them when I was walking out of primark the other day but didn't want to line up again. Hope there's still some left!

  22. Emma♥

    I've wanted that bag for ageeesss D: Those shoes are so cutee♥ And I love that navy top:)x

  23. Ciara

    lovely bag !btw i dont that you are 'one of those bloggers' im sure no one does :) x

  24. Those pumps are too cute.. I want some! :)

  25. hannah

    amazing finds!!! that bag is gorg!



  26. Helen

    LOVE the bag! The crop top looks very Topshop-esque too, for about half the price!
    You seem to have the knack of picking up some great Primark finds! xx


  27. Same, I really really want that bag, so jealous you've got one!!

    Chloe… x

  28. I'm having serious regrets about not picking this bag up when I was last in Primark! There were 4/5 when I first went in, went back to pick one up after looking at everything else and they were all gone! Bad times.
    Also love the sound of that crop top xx

  29. Not surprised that bag is so popular, it's super lush. And I ummed and ahhed about the shoes, but now having seen your post, they will be mine. Errrrm thanks for making me poor ;).


  30. Loving that bag, its gorgeous!

  31. Melanie

    I've seen this bag a few times on other blogs, but never new it was from Primark. What a bargain! I hardly ever shop there, but might have a look next time now I've seen these beauts x

  32. The bag is utterly gorgeous :)
    some lovely buys again x

  33. Holly

    <3 the bag and the mink top!xx

  34. Sana_A

    the things I would do to have primarks in America!!!!!

  35. Martina

    I love the shoes, they look so nice!

  36. oo I bought those shoes too, so cute!

  37. i normally hate primark but that bag looks lovely! might have to go in (: x

  38. lo

    awsome bargins! that bag is amazing and i love the mink top! Great finds and awsome style as always :) xx

  39. i bought that bag as well – its simply beautiful <3

  40. i see all this stuff in primark and think no one could pull it off or make it look good, but you make it look like something from topshop, just by the way you photographed it:) i know it will look good on you! your such an inpiration♥

  41. love love loveeeeee <3
    -H&D xxx

  42. Ally

    Love the bag :D It looks sooo vintage :) x x x

  43. I love your blog- I am your new follower;)

    Best wishes!!!

  44. Suzin S

    That bag is amazing. . cannot believe its from Primark!x

  45. the bag's an eye catcher! love it!

  46. the bags beauts, i must get to my primark soon!

    i awarded you a Versatile blogger Award :)
    check it out in my latest post :) xo

  47. Beth-xo

    i have this bag, wooo!


  48. That bag is GORGEOUS! Well done on that find!!! =D xxxxx


  49. hi!
    I love the shoes, I was actually looking for a similar pair!
    thank for posting this x


  50. The sailor pumps are so sweet.i have a similar dress and want something like this for summer(where i live we have a snow now :().

  51. I loooove that crop top ! I also really like the bag, I saw that in Primark the other day but didn't buy it because I have literally dozens of bags already haha. Everyone always seems to find such good stuff in Primark and I never can ! Sad times ! Good haul, though ! :D xxx

  52. Lexie

    I'm going to Primark tomorrow and I'm really hoping they still have this bag. Its so gorgeous and I'm totally in love with it.

  53. ooh i love that bag!!

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