♥ After walking past the “Hummingbird Bakery” on Portobello Road in London too many times, and never actually stopping to investigate, I decided that last week, whilst visiting, I was going to go in & make a spontaneous purchase on cupcakes. I absolutely friggin love cupcakes. I never get enough time to make them, and mine never come out as amazing as the ones they have to offer, so I did treat myself. I think the one’s I purchased were £1.95 each. They are of the basic vanilla & butter icing variety, but they did have other fancy ones. To be honest, I felt a little overwhelmed & felt like the ladies behind the counter were thinking “Hurry up woman, they’re only blummin cupcakes, pick some”. I’d also like to add, they were DELICIOUS & I definitely urge you to visit. If anyone knows anywhere besides “The Hummingbird Bakery” in London that offers scrumptious cupcakes, do share.
♥ After my last blogpost on Charity Shopping, it inspired me & the muvster (that’s mum), to hit the charity shops. So that is exactly what we did today. We went to 4 different towns, and about 10 different charity shops (call us crazy if you must) and I picked up a fair few amazing garments, and a nice amount of books that some of you had reccommended to me after my book post. I will post up on my finds if you so wish.

♥ Whilst out today, we went into a little gift shop & I fell in love with the Valentines “Juicy Lucy” range. There were cards, chocolates & other little bits and pieces. I wanted all of it, but alas, I only have one boyfriend & so more than one card could be deemed somewhat naughty. I did buy a little pack of “Filthy Fairy Notes”. Don’t be alarmed, I do have a slight sense of humour & when it comes to silly things like Valentines day, you definitely won’t see me buying huge cards with hearts all over them & gag-worthy lines like “To the one I love” or “To the very special man in my life”. I’d rather buy something slightly less cheese. Some of these were surprisngly “filthy” but some were a little more softcore haha. So, If you’re like me, and you prefer to have a slight laugh & not take Valentines too seriously or cheese-fest-ingly (Yes, i think i just made this word up) then check out the website. Or, yanno, if you do like being a big cheeseball, just stick to a 5ft teddybear.

A few of the cards they had that I liked. How adorable is the peanut one? haha
♥ I think I have a slight obsession with Jessie J. I’ve been following her on Youtube for what seems like years, so for her to now be playing on the radio is madness. I’m ever so pleased for her. I must admit, I find her mannerisms slightly distracting annoying but her voice is absolutely amazing. I’ve been listening to this song over & over, and I’m guessing it’s going to be on the album in March as she’s called it “Who You Are”. Listen & Enjoy.

♥ I have also been a little obsessed over Iphone Photography apps. Mainly Instagram & Pudding Camera – Both free :) If you are a bit of a photography enthusiast & love photos with a retro/vintage feel, I urge you to get these Iphone apps and have a play around. 

♥ Currently Reading Little Chief Honeybee & Shutterbug

  1. Ciara

    thank you so much for mentioning the iphone apps!i am addicted to pudding cam now :)cupcakes look yummy x

  2. Lola's cupcakes in Topshop are delicious. They do big ones for around £2 and smaller ones for around £1.30 ish (can't remember exact amounts!)

  3. Tass

    Lola's cupcakes (in Selfridges, Oxford St Topshop, Harrods) are to dieeeeee for. The red velvet one is the best and I prefer them to Hummingbird cupcakes x

  4. Those cupcakes look delish!! And the valentine cards are sooo funny haha! Though I admit that sometimes I do buy the cheesy ones x

  5. I'm obsessed with sing song, too. I just love her voice singing those beautiful lyrics.

  6. Diana

    you are one gorgeous girl and man can you take a good picture lol Can you please do a post on how to pose for the camera :D I think that it would be so fun to get some tips from you.

  7. I LOVE the juicy lucy valentines range – I prefer humour to slushy cards and I think these are perfect. You can customise them on funkypigeon.com – its how I found the card range :)


  8. Monika

    Love hummingbirds, I had to tell them I'm a newbie so they could help me decide which cupcakes to get haha. Those photographs are gorgeous, makes me want an I phone.

  9. Sarah

    i'm looking forward to valentines day :) although two weeks later its our official 1 year anniversary, then 7 days later the boys birthday… i'm going to be poor by the end of it all lol

    you look lovely in the bottom right picture :)

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

  10. Tara

    Those cards are so cute, some of them make me giggle, definitely prefer these kind of cards! xx

  11. The cupcakes seem so yummy! I love the picture of the cat going in the water tank! xoxo

  12. Those cupcakes look amazing, put mine to shame! I really need to try the hummingbird bakery. x

  13. Would definitely love to see your charity shop finds! Your last post was so inspiring.
    I've heard a lot of good things about the hummingbird bakery! I don't know many, there's one call Miss Ruby Tuesday which are wheat, gluten free etc.

  14. Those cupcakes look sooooo nice! I'm going to London on Saturday…think I'll have to stop by and have a look! =P

    I have had some inspiration from your previous posts for trying out some products (the S&G Pore Mask and Benefit Erase Paste) – I have mentioned your blog in the posts =)


  15. Absolutely love the humming bird cafe. Especially the red velvet cup cakes. Yum.
    Those photos are lovely. I saw those cards on twitter, hillarious.

  16. Emma♥

    Wow, those cupcakes look sooo nice and are making me hungry♥ and I would love to see a post on the things you bought in charity shops :)x

  17. I'm downloading Pudding Camera now! Thanks for the tip. I currently use Hipstamatic but I've got a bit bored of it now so it's great to have a free photo app to play around with. x

  18. Jean

    Your photo editing is incredible I am craving an iphone more and more :) x

  19. ah I got the pudding app after you tweeted about it, love it,just wish it was in English lol

    The cupcakes look yummy, can't wait to see your charity shop finds! The cards are also adorable! xx

  20. oh emma

    i LOVE hummingbird cupcakes! they are the best ever, but i always have to avoid the store because i will literally buy a couple of dozen

    emma xx

  21. Nom nom nom to the cupcakes. They look delish!

  22. Downloading Pudding Camera as we speak :) thanks. Hipstamatic photos take too long and usually go blurry for me so I hope this is better! those illustrations are so cute x

  23. I go to the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho, the staff are lovely and very patient. I spend ages pondering which cupcake to get, then always deciding on red velvet <3
    try one next time, they're so yummy!

    laura x

  24. Emily

    the hummingbird bakery also has a recipe book that is absolutely AMAZING and the recipes taste just like ones from the bakery itself – with beautiful images too!

  25. I have those little cards – I bought them one year from the uni shop and sent random ones in the post to the bf as we only saw each others on weekends lol I love them! XX

  26. Jess

    Those cupcakes look amazing! I've always wanted to go the Hummingbird Bakery but I live too far way :( Definitely going to have to pick up their recipe book to make my own!

    Those cards are so adorable too! xo

  27. MJ.FTW.

    every single post of yours are gems

    love the song

    <3 <3

    and please please please let us see your new finds!!
    especially bookss! :)

  28. I am defo gona visit that bakery now! So wanted to have some good cupcakes since AGES!

  29. pink

    thanks for posting the names of the free iphone apps, just downloaded them and having a play around :-)

  30. & don't those cupcakes look immense! Super yummy. I am awful at baking, cooking, put things in the oven- haha! So buying is always best for me.
    Glad you got some goodies, that is some effort for charity shops.
    Luckily in Bassett we have about 5- so I have a good pick for my little loots.

  31. I am in love with the Hummingbird Bakery, but prefer the one in Kensington as it's really cute and quaint and there's enough room inside to sit in and enjoy your cupcake, whereas the Portobello Road one is so… narrow. Gorgeous cupcakes though. I'm also having a love affair with Jessie J – adore her! xxx

  32. Vicky

    Those cupcakes look so, so good x

  33. Rebecca

    Those cupcakes look delicious! I am addicted to charity shops at the moment until the car boot season begins…. normal high street shops seem ridiculously expensive to me now! haha :D

    I'm going to have a look at those apps, really wanting some good photo apps x

  34. omg I want cupcakes now D: And awwwww those cards are totally cute and funny!! Love them!!

    I love trawling the charity shops for clothes, there are always GEMS in there, from a dress to a tea set!! I always check the local charity shops for cheap pretty things!

    Kitty x

  35. LC

    Primrose Bakery is also very good, I think I have their cupcake recipe book! And Lolas Cupcakes, both of which are in Primrose hill. Wishing I had an iphone, those cam apps look really cool. loved the photographs in this post xxx

  36. Monica

    Cupcakes! Those looks very whimsical and girly :) Doesn't that lady understand that choosing between delicious cupcakes takes quite some time? I don't know how you didn't want out with one of each kind, that's what I would do :)
    I wish I had an iPhone to install those app's on, I love the effect they give photos. Maybe they have the same one for iPods?


  37. hummingbird cupcakes are deeelish, theres a cupcake place in Cheltenham (if you're anywhere near there!) that I go to called the Swallow Bakery and the cupcakes there are incredible.

    this coming valentines will be my first with another half…no idea what to get him, the whole soppy card thing really isn't me either! X

  38. Hey could you do photos of all the things you bought in the charity shops because i know when i go into a charity shop its hard to picture what it will look like and what to put it with ..thanks great blog :Dx

  39. Ellie

    those cupcakes look amazing! I love the hummingbird bakery so much, I am constantly baking their recipes but they never turn out the same… :/ :) xx

  40. you look seriously adorable all the time, but ESPECIALLY in that last pic there! x

  41. hannah

    those cupcakes look AMAZING!



  42. Lauren

    I am ridiculously obesessed with that song right now. Especially the clip on youtube where she sings it in the times square underground! I canny wait for her album to come out! :) xx

  43. Amberly

    yay! lets see the charity shop finds. I am obsessed with anything thrifty!

  44. Emma

    i made those vanilla cupcakes the other day using the hummingbird book and they were quite easy to do, if you ever find the time :)

    (mine didn't look QUITE so professional though)

    i got the pudding cam after you mentioned it on twitter but i wish it was available in different languages, lots of experimentation going on with it atm!

    love these types of posts xx

  45. OMG you bought some Juicy Lucy cards too?? I got the "love" ones from Topshop.com last week. Looking on the site now I can't see them any more – they must've been popular and sold out! I adore the look of your ones though – they're so cheeky and mischievous and right up my street! – so I may have to add them to my collection :D

    Thanks for the iPhone camera app tips! Am getting them now as we speak :) x x


  46. Mmmm cupcakes are lovely. I didn't like portobello when I went :( I was so hungover though, the queue for it was forever long. Me and Dey love taking hipmastic pics on the iphone, have you signed up? xxx

  47. ahh i love the Juicy Lucy cards!!.. have never seen them before so thanks for sharing!> xx

  48. Cait

    I have and love instagram! And yes to showing us your finds at the thrift stores!

  49. Haribo

    pics from the iphone app look SO cool i am jealous!

    Ive never really litened to anything Jessie J but i just listened to this link then a vid of her doing mama knows best just sat in her bedroom… my god WHAT A VOICE!

  50. Lulu B

    Love Love Love the hummingbird bakery. I have been lucky enough to have a cupcake from there and oh my! They are A-MAZING! In fact my mouth dropped open when i saw your post!
    Loving your blog as always , would really appreciate a follow as im new to this :o) xx

  51. vicki

    hey my dear, just wanted to stop by and say im a new follower! ive been following u on twitter for ages and realised i wasnt following ur blog so now i am! :) ps i love hummingbird cupcakes ive only had them once but they are divine! xo

  52. kirstyb

    i have never heard that jessie j song – i think im now off to download the album? is it even out yet? i have no idea xxxx

  53. Daisy

    I love playing around with camera apps on the iphone ! The cupcakes look yummy!

  54. Rachel

    Those cupcakes look incredible – I love Humming Bird!

    And I saw Jessie J perform in the summer – she was incredible!

  55. I love those cards, they'll be perfect for my bf as they're cute but not over the top! Thanks for the website link. There's Lola's cupcakes and a cupcake stall in Westfield, but Hummingbird bakery is by far the best! x

  56. I totally feel you about the obsession with the iphone photo apps. I've been trying to keep an instagram diary this week and it's amazing-every photo I take looks good :) You can see some of them on my blog: http://straightupstyle.blogspot.com/


  57. Those cards are so cute! I love them. Cards are one thing I would love to make in my free time, but the materials/time to do it would definitely have to march its way into my life for it to become a reality.

    And isn't it the best thing ever when you have been following an artist from the start and kind of watch them emerge? That's how I feel about Florence + The Machine. I've loved her work for so long and I'm so glad it's recognized!


  58. lo

    am now craving cute cupcakes-thanks!! :) great post and sweet pics xx

  59. Ooooh, thanks for the iPhone app recommendations!! Definitely gotta check those out. I love the coloration on those.

    My current faves are ShakeItPhoto, Lo-Mob, and Hipstamatic. :)

  60. jessie j's song iss sooo good! xx

  61. I strongly advise getting a slice of the red velvet next time. It will change your life.

  62. I love cupcakes too :) May I suggest cupcakes by Crumbs & Dollies :) Google them as they are amazing and have such delicious frosting (I'm not usually a frosting/icing fan but they converted me)
    I love Jessie J too – especially Who You Are :D xx

  63. love the cards! they are so adorable!

  64. Such adorable, cheeky cards!

  65. amazing, love love the peanut card so cute!!

  66. These cards are adorable! Bought one for the boyf- he loved it! :)
    Also you've got me addicted to Instagram!
    Chaz x

  67. Cupcakes look delicious!

  68. Those cards are so adorable and I have to agree i'm a little obsessed with the iphone apps to hipstamatic and instagram

  69. Zobia

    Cupcakes look delicious and the note cards look adorable too!

  70. Muchas

    What is your name in Instagram :) ???

  71. Muchas

    I found you , it's ok :)

    me it's muchas666

  72. I know this is an old blog entry, but I just had to read what you thought about hummingbird bakery :P I just got the cookbook, I can't WAIT to make my own :D

    look amazinggg xxx