So, after writing my previous post about being MIA because of illness, it seems that i totally jinxed myself. After getting over 2 furious colds over the space of 3 weeks, i then got struck down with full on flu the week before Christmas. I spent almost a week in bed, unable to move, sleep or eat & Christmas Day was the biggest struggle ever. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, we get to meet with family, drink, eat and be merry. But, alas, my illness ruined it. Even putting my clothes and makeup on was a huge struggle. I’m still not 100% better, the flu-ness has gone, but now i am left with a lovely chesty cough which just won’t budge, but at least my appetite has returned and i can make up for all the Christmas food binging i SHOULD have been indulging in. *takes a bite of a chocolate santa* Besides lying on my Auntie’s sofa all day, not being able to tuck into the turkey and trimmings and feeling like poop, my Christmas was still as fabulous as it could be & i got some lovely gifts.

A few days before the flu struck me…however I do look disgusting in this photo anyway. Where the hell has my top lip gone?

Not even too sure why i’m posting these, but this is me, with flu on Christmas Day. For some reason my head looks TRES fat in the second picture…i’m not sure why. I’d lost loads of weight and was in fact pale and skinny looking…gross.

Looking slightly more “me” despite the delicious handlebar moustache on New Year’s Eve. Good times had by all.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas & New Year. I don’t really have any resolutions, I’ve never been one to make any, i just live life as each day comes & try to make the best of whatever is thrown my way. There’s nothing i need to specifically change, possibly to eat more healthy but I don’t think deciding this on the 1st of a New Year means i will almost DEFINITELY stick to it. I didn’t get to stuff my face with Cadburys Roses or Cheeselets, so i’m doing it now. ;) Healthy eating can wait.
Thankyou to everyone who joined my blog in 2010, and hopefully 2011 will see a slight improvement in my blogging skills, as well as more frequent postings and a lot more outfits.

  1. Sherrie

    Awwh Bless what a shame being poorly over xmas that sucks :( glad your making up for it now though :) Your lashes look lush in your last pic. Hope your rid the nasty cough soon, I couldnt get to sleep last night because I was coughing so much which then gave me headache :( xx

  2. Orla

    zoe, hope your soon feeling back to normal again :) happy new year! xxxxx

  3. Vicky

    Glad to hear you're better, and sorry to hear you were ill on Christmas x

  4. You still look amazing!! Wish you a full recovery!!

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Sarah

    glad you're feeling better & sucks you were ill for christmas :( my boyfriend had the flu over the past week so i stayed faaaaaar away from him lol!

    if you have time take a peek at my blog :)

    i'm trying to be a better blogger this year and keep up to date with everything too xx

  6. You look better when you're ill than I do when I'm well but I know how miserable it is to be poorly at Christmas so I'll try to dislike you too much for it ;) I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now- enjoy your treats!xx

  7. That is the sweetest little placeholder I ever did see aha (: Glad you're feeling better now, Christmas is my favourite too and I always seem to be ill for it, with the exception of this year. Wishing you all the best for 2011 lovely! xxx

  8. hannah

    happy new year!! & love your red beanie!!


  9. aw your so pretty :)

    i love your lashes in the last picture!

    im having a alexander-wang esque studded clutch bag giveaway on my blog if you think you'd like to check it out hon xx

  10. Sods law that you was ill on christmas!
    Glad your feeling better now!

  11. bee.

    N'aww, it's a shame you were ill for the festive period! Love your 'tache by the way ;) Hope 2011 is a good'un for you!

  12. Hayley

    really glad you are feeling better – christmas is my favourite holiday (not only is my bday 10days before) i love it! I wish i looked like you do when you are ill – you still look stunning!! Very jel!! x

  13. Liz

    cute mustache ;)
    happy new year!!!

  14. Rachel

    Glad you're feeling better – and Happy New Year! I was ill too, not fun! x

  15. Lula

    Get well soon girl! You look smashing anyways.

  16. Joelle

    Good to hear you're feeling better now. I love your red hat in the first picture! Where is it from? :) Happy new year! Joelle xx

  17. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!♡

  18. Do hope you feel 100& soon, You look gorgeous in these photo's by the way! xox

  19. Zoët

    I like the tiny chair on the second last photo, it's really cute :)
    Your blog's really interesting

  20. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Happy New Year! :)

  21. Ow zoe, you look as beautiful as ever.
    so glad to hear your recovering. I've missed your lovely posts so much.
    Happy new year. xo

  22. Ohh Zoee.. how can you still look so pretty when you're ill?! Really happy top see you back girl xx

  23. I'm so sorry you were sick over the holidays… I'm so glad you're feeling better tho :) And I think you look really cute in every photo♥


  24. abby

    Oh Zoe you look so gorgeous even when poorly! Even with makeup on when poorly I am such a state. You're lucky :)

    Glad you're better. Roses tins are half price in supermarkets, you should grab one and eat them all to yourself ;)

    Happy new year missus! xx <3

    p.s.. bristol /birmingham meet up this year i think!

  25. elle

    glad you're feeling better, enjoy eating all that chocolate to make up for a poor christmas tum! x

  26. meghan.

    Ow im glad your feeling better now, and i must add you do look rather lovely even if you were ill. i had food poisoning on boxing day so i know how you

  27. melissa


  28. You are so beautiful (even if you were ill) and you look like one of my friends on pictures above (very funny and bubbly person, I suppose).

    Have fun!

  29. Bieber

    So cute

  30. looking so cute on the first picture! And of course the others!

    • Jessica

      ME! I love reading her old posts!x

  31. Sophie Boult

    Reading in 2017 Christmas!