P1430061Howdy Ho (ho ho ho). My, it has been a while. Probabaly a month or so has it not? *slaps wrist*
So where have I been and what on earth has been going on in my not-so-exciting life these last few weeks?

Well, let’s break it down into bulletpoint form so it’s easier on the eye ;)

  • I got ill. Twice. I had the horrible Fluey/cold/virus thing for a while, it managed to subside…and then it came back worse & fighting. I have literally only just started tasting my food again and being able to breathe through both my nostrils.
  • I have been working a lot more. Retail + Christmas = more shifts & any time i wasn’t working, i was buying christmas presents, shivering under my duvet or seeing my boyfriend.
  • I have been buying presents, thus not having as much money to spend on myself and nice things to blog about. Ho hum.
  • I restored my laptop to it’s new born setting & then I no longer had any editing software…
  • After restoring my laptop, it decided to play havoc…it would freeze every 20 minutes, and the only solution was to reboot…every. 20. minutes. It drove me insane, and made trying to write a blogpost absolutely impossible.
  • I then got a virus. Yes…the dreaded “Antivirus” virus. I could do NOTHING on my laptop. I tried literally everything & because it was a mutant virus, it wouldnt let me open anything. I eventually managed to sort it out, so feel free to email me if you get the same problem and i will try to help you haha.

So there we have it, my list of what could be described as excuses for not blogging. But fear not, now that i have my laptop back in working order after weeks of it playing up & i am no longer a shivering mess, i can finally get on the interwebz and edit photos and be around a lot more, and also, i have been snowed in today so I am writing this from the comfort of my room whilst the snow pelts down outside. I don’t want to say too much about the snow, it’s a very controversial subject (especially on BBC Radio 2 if any of you have been listening to that today? Not my usual choice of radio station but I had no say in the matter – It involved Lorry drivers shouting at screaming car-driving mums…) although, i will say, that it’s the perfect setting for Christmas, as much of a pain it is to drive in (I have been slipping about all the place), I do love snow. Makes everything look so clean and pretty and Christmassy.

More blog posts to come my pretties.
Pinky Promise.

  1. Ashley

    Missed you! Glad you're back and feeling good. :)

  2. Glad to see another post from you :) x

  3. Lauren

    Looking forward to some new posts!
    I absolutely adore your blog, I hope you're feeling better and not too stressed with working :)
    Have a good Christmas! ♥

  4. Hayley

    Ooooo i actually squealed when i saw this post…so glad you are back =) x

  5. So glad you're back Zoe! Looking forward to more posts from you :) Merry (early <3) Christmas! xo

  6. Orla xx

    glad you're back and feeling better:) xx

  7. Nice to see you back mrs :)
    Please don't get poorly again. The snow is super pretty, and makes me smile – until I have to drive it, that isn't so much fun

  8. Hey! I have that problem on my laptop too :( I did get it fixed and paid to have software put on to stop it happeneing again and its happened again!
    I would be really grateful if you could email me at lwalsh24@hotmail.co.uk and let me know how you sorted it? Id loved to be able to do it without having to find another I.T place :)

  9. lula

    Happy you're back lovely! Those viruses are SUCH a bummer!

  10. Ashley

    You have been missed. Glad to see it's not permanent. Hope you're feeling much better, I just had a stomach virus and that was unpleasant to say the least.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!


    haha mint wellies!

  12. Kelly

    Glad you are on the mend!
    I got hit with that horrible fluey bug thing. Nightmare. Still coughing now.

    The snow is lovely, until you have to do anything in it! My sis got sent home from working in Bath today, she said it wasn't very nice!


  13. Glad your back and glad you are feeling a bit better!
    Loving the wellies :)

  14. Jorien

    Welcome back:)
    That's horrible when you have to reboot every 20 minutes!! Hope you're feeling better now:)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    Xx Jorien

  15. Glad you're feeling better now. That's one thing I hate about this time of year, I always seem to get a cold that I just can't shake off! Happy to see you back :) xo

  16. Lichy

    aww, hope everything is alright now
    take care and I´ll look forward to your posts when you have recovered from all this mess :)

  17. Happy to hear that you're feeling better!

  18. So glad your back :) I love your posts, they're amazing!

  19. a'gi

    happy that you are back! :)
    and happy christmas to you



  20. So glad you're back, and healthy!


    xo, Jay

  21. I love the image used :) I don't envy you working Retail at Christmas time but it does mean more money which is great :)

  22. Ciaraxo

    MY face was literally glowing like my christmas tree when i saw this !So glad your better hate those winter blues.. !i started a blog too :)

  23. Yaaaay you blogged, good to see you! If you can get out, go get yourself Company magazine :). Sorry you've been ill, I actually don't know know anyone who hasn't. And my laptop does the exact.same.thing. Annnnooooying. Anyway sweet, lovely to have you back ♥♥♥♥♥♥.


  24. YAY! =)
    I had that flu thingy, I was practically dying!!

  25. nice photo.

  26. been a while indeed, glad to have you back

  27. Nilufar

    Sooo glad ur back…hope your feeel much better…In the time that you went, I started blogging too…can't wait to see your posts.

    Nilufar xXx

  28. horray! Glad tou hear that you are well again :)

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

  29. Phoebe

    Glad you've got over the illness ok!

  30. Yeay i love reading your blog :) Bought some boots build up shampoo , hope it works! x

  31. Caz

    I'm glad you're back and I hope you feel better soon :) xx

  32. Hannah

    Hope you're feeling better lovely! I adore your beautiful blog, and since I just stumbled across it, I hope you keep blogging! xxx

  33. Hurrah! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! I thought I kept missing your blog updates and would check every few days to see if you'd posted a new one – lo and behold!
    Welcome back :D x

  34. Ciara

    love your blog zoe!got me into blogging im addicted now haha :)glad your back :*

  35. Begooo

    Thank God you're okay! I was really worried… Welcome back dear :)
    Pinky kisses!


  36. Orla

    Missed you Zoe :) Glad to see you havent left the land of blogging :) merry christmas xxx

  37. Merry Christmas darlin, glad you're feeling better :) xox

  38. Haribo

    Very much missed your posts they are always good fun to read. Glad you're feeling better and look forward to reading more xx Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a good new year too

  39. Phoebe

    So glad your blogging again, your posts and photos are always lush :-) Hope your feeling better and had a lovely Christmas :-D x

  40. double yay :] i love your blog! and your eyes ♥


  41. Your blog is incredible. It must feel so great having so many loyal followers :)

  42. Glad your feeling better zoe <3

  43. milano

    So glad you're back, and healthy! I love your blog! Happy to hear that you're feeling better!
    agenzie hostess

  44. city

    thanks for sharing.


    I love you baby
    Zalfie rock