A seriously long overdue post on some of the mac items I’ve recently acquired.
First up is the “Liberty of London” collection..which actually, i wasn’t excited about at all, but as i was passing a Mac shop on the day of the release i popped in just to have a little nosey & totally fell in love with most of the collection.
In the end i decided to go for things i wouldn’t normally buy (besides the Peachstock lippy which is obviously in my nude comfort zone)
I also want to add that this is by far my favourite packaging, i know it wasn’t every one’s cup of tea but i absolutely love it, weird pigeons & cute little flowers? Yes please.

Peachstock Lipstick

Have wanted this for a while, and when I saw it all pretty with pigeons I whisked it right up. It’s a very dark, peachy (funnily enough) colour which looks gorgeous with a coral lip gloss or even something a bit more milky on top. Wouldn’t recommend it to those of you with a super pale complexion however..or if you do have a pale complexion, and you can pull this off, just ignore me. Personally i think it looks better on someone with a bit of a summer glow.

Summer Rose Beauty Powder

As you can see i didn’t follow the majority of others in picking up the Shell colour, instead i went for the Pinkier one. I preferred the colour payoff of this one, and it gives a very pretty light pink/purpley glow. I don’t actually own any other beauty powders so i wasn’t sure what to expect but i love it. I also totally didn’t just buy this because of the amazing packaging..ehem.

Lipglasses in Perennial High Style & English Accents (L-R)

These really aren’t colours i would normally look at. They are slightly “out of my comfort zone” shall we say? but i have been wearing both of these lots. I especially love Perennial High Style over my Creme D’Nude lipstick. Sometimes we need to think outside the box, be a bit adventurous? I have definitely been reaching for this over my pale pinks and nude glosses, they inject a bit more colour and excitement, over both a coloured lipstick or just a nude.

Next are a few items i picked up at my nearest CCO, (one that i had never been to before & is actually, in my opinion the best) Swindon.

Eyeshadows in Nano Gold, Knight Divine & Graphology

Msf in Cheeky Bronze (perfect for summer) & Blush in Sun & Moon (This wasn’t a purchase from the CCO but i’ve popped it in here anyway) which is also perfect for the summer.

  1. I really love the packaging! great purchases <3

  2. tat

    I loveeed the collection too!

    I got Birds and Berries eyeshadow, I really want to go back and buy the two lipglasses you showed <3

    love, tat

  3. I enjoyed the packaging, too ;)

  4. I love what you picked up. I fell in love with a lot of the products from Liberty of London too, unexpectedly, so it was hard to just pick a few. I've never been to a CCO, I'd love to someday though. Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. i love the english accents lipglass…it looks amazing! x

  6. Angie

    i love the lipglasses!!
    and the packaging is gorgeous ♥

  7. The beauty powder looks lovely – the packaging is so pretty and the colour is fab! x

  8. holly

    the packaging is lovely(:,X

  9. Love the perennial high style lipgloss, similar colour to ever hip lipstick from the Liberty of London range, unfortunately that ones sold out online :( boo but the gloss has a bit extra sheen, perfect for summer. Great review zoe :) x

  10. Hope

    I am in love with the lipglasses! So gorgeous! And I love using knight divine for a smokey eye!

  11. roshas

    I love mac ever hip!! I wish I bought the perrenial one !! Peachstock is Pretty too<3 I love the packaging .. Everyone else has been slating it
    but I love how feminine it looks <3

  12. These photos are really visually dynamic! I love the color of that blush… I've been meaning to pickup some!

    xo, UnravelledThreads

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  13. Lisa x

    The beauty powder is such a gorgeous colour x

  14. Great choices my lovely. Nanogold is love for me :)


  15. Eden

    English accent is so beautiful, I really wanted it but it was sold out everywhere :(

    Did you check out Blooming Lovely? It's a really nice lavendary lipstick :] Definitely a fun lippie to check out~

  16. elle

    i'm a sucker for cute packaging too. Knight Divine looks gorgeous.



  17. Snakey

    That packaging is a beauty!:) Too bad I don't have the funds…x

  18. Phoebe

    I love the purple ish gloss. And great finds at the CCO!

  19. Holly

    I had no idea we had CCOs in the UK! Anyone know where the others are?

  20. Sophie

    missed your posts zoe! i like the liberty of london packaging too…birds and flowers, come on lol

  21. Leenda

    Very nice haul! =]

  22. The packing is so lovely.
    I like the peach lipstick :)

  23. Sarah

    I've been to the CCO in Swindon too! Although last time I went was with my boyfriend and being a typical guy was impatient (and only wanted to go into Ralph Lauren), hence why I didn't pick anything up!
    I did see the Studio Sculpt concealer but it was in a completely different shade which was annoying!

  24. Mel

    WOW they are beautiful, I really like the look of English Accent and the beauty powder is so pretty

    Im off to the Swindon occ tomorrow so I hope you have left some bargains for me!!!


  25. Elly

    sooooo pretty. wish i wasnt on a student income otherwise id be straight down there buying them lol.

    i dont know if youd be interested in it but you might be, iv just started a blog. its not make-up based, its more arty things. but you never know :)


    much love x

  26. Jackie

    Hey Zoe! I love your blog and I just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award!! Check it out at http://prettyprettypetals.blogspot.com!

    PS…LOVE Sun & Moon Mineralize Blush. I've been using it with my MAC 188 brush almost everyday since I got it. I love it!

  27. I adore Peachstock it's such a pretty colour :) x

  28. Diana

    hey hun i have an award for ya check out my blog.

  29. Where is a Cco in Swindon? Had noo idea we had one! Is it in the outlet village or town? Xx

  30. kelly

    yep these need to go on my wish list ! fab blog x

  31. Just thought I'd let you know that I've wasted over an hours worth of revision to read your blogs…SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Back to revision now. Hope to see more blogs soon.

    p.s I specifically joined blogspot to tell you this haha, feel special!

  32. i loveddd this collection! the peachstock lipstick is amazing :)

    I'm addicted to your blogs, keep 'em coming! x

  33. Anja

    those are just amaing, i want some ;)

  34. Marcie

    I just love all the eye shadows Mas has. No line compares. Great blog. I am so glad I found it!

    Have a great weekend,

  35. Thank you so much for your opinion!! I got the glosses too:) love them!

    Follow me –http://whimsysophisticat.blogspot.com/

  36. Zoeeeeee, come back to blogging!!! I miss your posts! xxx

  37. hey Zoe I just nominated you for a blog award :)

  38. Love MAC!
    You have really beautiful blue eyes!!

  39. Lu

    Zoeee!! where are you??? we miss YOU a lot ♥♥

  40. wowza their really pretty i loveeeee the packaging :O

  41. Rosie

    i miss your posts so much!!!
    come back soon?


  42. Girl, where've you been? I've been missing your posts. BTW great haul!

  43. OMG …..my lovely brand ,is this ur collection?

  44. heyyy hunni! was just wandering what swindons CCO is like were thinking of going up in a few weeks??? lots of love charlie xoxo

  45. MAC is very expensive here in Malaysia

  46. Wow!! they look really nice!!
    Monica x glancethroughmylife.blogspot.com

  47. just like you