I’m probabaly a bit late posting this but like a few others in the beauty community, I came home to find a mysterious box addressed to me. I unwrapped it, and to my absolute joy, it was a few items from the most recent Illamasqua Collection “Body Electrics”, sent kindly from Alex.

I wasn’t as excited about this collection when I had first heard what was going to be released in it, but after seeing and playing with it first hand there are some absolute gems in there.

The first thing i want to mention is the promo images Illamasqua use. They are by FAR the best promo images for a makeup brand i have ever seen. Clearly so much thought and imagination go into the shoot and all the editing, not to mention the amazing makeup. When you see the images, there is no way you can pass up looking through the products.

Nail Polish in Jo’Mina

The best way to describe this colour is lavender. In all honesty, i have never seen a colour like this. There are alot of dark purples & pale lilacs floating about, but this colour is very unique.
The application is easy and the colour is very opaque. I had great colour pay off with just one coat. The consistency is also perfect, not gloopy and not watery. I am definitely going to explore more of Illamasqua nail polish range.

rrp: £13

Bronzer in Burnish

I have been using this bronzer ever since i recieved it. It reminds me of a slightly more glittery version of Laguna by Nars, except i find this leaves me looking a lot less muddy and it blends easier on the cheek. I also love the little Illamasqua symbol on it. There is clearly gold particles in the bronzer, but it really doesnt come across as glittery on the face & does give a gorgeous bronzed glow as well as being super pigmented (so go light on the brush ladies)

rrp: £20

4-Colour Liquid Metal Pallette

This was the one product in the collection i was the most excited about. The signature liquid metals (which are amazing if you haven’t already discovered this for yourself). You can buy all 4 (some previously released in older collections) in one nifty pallette (Clockwise from Top Left: Enrapture, Surge, Solstice & Phenomena) If you don’t already own any of these but have been interested in trying them out, i definitely reccommend this pallette to add to your collection. There is honestly nothing else to compare these too in the makeup industry.
The one thing I did notice, was that the pigmentation wasn’t AS good as my single one which i already own (Solstice), I don’t know if this applies to all pallettes or just mine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still damn good, just not as shockingly pigmented.
The liquid metals look fab for the corners of the eye, as an eyeliner or even used as a base for other shadows..and they can be used anywhere else on the face or even the body (just not the lips)

rrp: £29.50

If you haven’t already, please go check out Illamasqua’s website for more amazing promo images & equally fabulous products. I genuinly feel that the brand carries very unique and exciting things no other brand can offer & you get a lot for what you pay for.

  1. They all look fab :)

    I dont have many items from Illamasqua but really need to go and have a look and see what is there, as looks like there is some greay items xx

  2. Nicola

    I'm so gonna plug my giveaway in your comments!!! just to annoy you hehe free press!!!

    Love you!!! You got more than me you bitch!!!


  3. The bronzer looks gorgeous!

  4. elle

    love the lavendar polish. i can't wait until illamasqua comes to canada.



  5. Ooooh that nail varnish looks heavenly. Your photos are always so stunning my lovely. Great post :)


  6. Aru

    I love that Nail Varnish!! *-*

  7. Yaaayy!! Another fabbydabby post Zoe!
    I'd love to try some Illamasqua products soon- woop xxxxx

    Are you going to the UK Beauty convention at the NEC tomorrow? xx

  8. zoeee these are absolutely gorgeous! and youre right, defo gona have to have a butchers at these beauties, must say..what camera do you have? in all your pictures it takes such good photos!

  9. gosh they all look amazing! that bronzer especially! you're so lucky getting all these lovely things sent to you! thanks for sharing it ha :) x

  10. the look simply stunning!

  11. I love their promo pics indeed! And bronzer that doesnt look mud-y is definitely a pro!

  12. u don't realise how lucky u r receiving these.,.. :D lucky girl xx

  13. The bronzer sounds lovely and the nail varnish looks like it is a beautiful colour :)

  14. This has been the best review in the blogworld about the new colln thanks! I've never been that into Illmasqua but the liquid metal quad has tempted me – so thanks!

    Btw, your camera is really good quality! Wld you mind sharing what model/make it is?

  15. wow… i am actually now going to purchase the liquid metal pallette- it looks like it will be perfect for summer :) xxx

  16. woah, that liquid metal palette looks devine! need to go and try those out :) xx

  17. That nailpolish is hot!

  18. xWHLo

    Ooooo i love nail polish, pretty colour =)

  19. Essjay

    There seems to be a real buzz around Illamasqua. The presentation of their products always look so enticing, that pallette!, and I do think good colour payoff when I think Illamasqua. Think it might be time to make a few purchases and find out for real.

  20. Jonna

    Can't wait till I go to UK next time and can buy Illamasqua products! Never tried them, but heard some much good about them so I must try! :)Their promo pics are always stunning x