Hello, I bet you didn’t expect to see a blogpost from me popping up in your dashboard..well.. surpriiisee :)
I have been very MIA on the blog front recently, lets call it writers block & a bit of a blogging break. I’m back now anyway & to start im showing you what I wore the other day. Nothing too special but i wanted to share my love for harem trousers and show those of you who find them difficult to wear or pair with anything a way you can wear them (or how i like to wear them anyway)

Harem Trousers – Primark £5
Patent Heel Boots – Primark £10
Baggy Top – Allsaints £45
Alexander McQueen Limited Edition “Ghost” scarf – Mums Dress Agency
Gold Bangles – Various Shops

I absolutely love this scarf, i’ve worn it to death already, think im going to have to slow down as i dont want to ruin it. Its such a gorgeous shade of pink which i think goes well with a pretty pink lipstick. Im wearin Revlons Pink Pout in the photo above.

  1. Lovely!!! :D xxx

  2. Gemma

    Welcome back :) gorgeous scarf!

  3. great that you're back :) great post x

  4. AHH, Yaaay I am so glad your comming back, I've missed you so much!!
    You are one of the people who inspired me to start blogging!
    Love your outfit, I've always been too scared to try harems but they look really good, love the scarf aswell, doing the late McQueen proud!
    x x

  5. She's back! Beaut of a scarf…harems make me ever so nervous but i might go crazy and get some, even if they live the rest of their days in my wardrobe! x

  6. Love the hareems and of course the scarf!

  7. Your baaaacckk!! yaaaaayyy! I missed you and all your posts, you are one of my most favs!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Welcome back, I've missed seeing your posts on my blogroll! You look gorgeous, I love your boots and scarf, you can never go wrong with a bitta McQueen :)

  9. Amy

    Yayyyyyeeeeeeeeeee :) xx

  10. I LOVE this post. It's everything I ever dreamed of! :D xx

  11. Lu

    beautiful beautiful beautiful Zoe!

  12. Welcome back!!! I loveee your outfit, you look so beautiful and the scarf looks splendid on you!


  13. YAY! Glad you're back :)
    Love the outfit, especially that scarf! It's gorgeous xx

  14. Yaaaay hello my darling, so nice to have you back! You look gorgeous, major scarf envy. Now, don't go MIA again!


  15. Milly

    Hey Zoe!
    Nice to see your lil blogpost pop up in my dashboard! Oooh 'ello!! :)
    you look gorgey! I look the harems and Mr McQueeny is schmexy indeedy!

  16. Good to see you blogging again Zoe! :) xx

  17. I need that scarf!

  18. Vicky

    Glad to see you back :)

    Love the scarf and the ring is divine!

  19. MW

    i love that scarf – welcome back ;D

  20. the harems look lovely, you wear them so well :) beautiful scarf! x

  21. franki

    Gorgeous outfit, love the scarf! x

  22. sooo glad to see that you're back Zoe! really hope you get into the swing of things again :) we've all missed you so dearly!
    you look stunning :) i'm definately gonna have to try out some harems & ohh how i need an Alexander McQueen scarf in my life :) ♥

  23. holly

    yay glad you're back! you look gorgeous hun :D,X

  24. Laura

    Yay your back lovely to see you again your blog is my favorite can't wait to see more. Love the scarf btw & the oversizeed shirt.

  25. Lizzy

    yay you're back!
    gorgeous x

  26. elle

    i love your scarf! and we've missed you :(



  27. i am so happy youve started blogging again!
    love the scarf :) xx

  28. woop really glad you're back…love reading your blog! gorgeous outfit, espech love the baggy top :) xxx

  29. Glad to see you back. Gorgeous as always :)

  30. loveloveloveeee it! You are gorgeous! xx

  31. Hey hun, fabulous blog. I LOVE the scarf.. ive been wanting a alexandra mcqueen one for YEARS

    Please checkout my blog: http://lolamarie02.blogspot.com/

    I would be so thankful if you followed me.

  32. Great outfit, fab post!

  33. Rica

    Welcome back! I love how you accessorize this outfit! It looks very comfy too =D. Keep the blog posts coming, we all missed you!


  34. Robyn

    I love the scarf! and your hair :) can't wait for your future posts xx

  35. Alice

    Welcome back :) such a pretty scarf! x

  36. Sarah

    Yay you're back! :) xx

  37. oo I love harem pants- you pull them off soooo well, very jealous :p
    & your hair looks great!

  38. You look fab zoe :) Beautiful scarf as well! xxx

  39. good to see you back, LOVE the scarf (LLL) xxx

  40. you have the most beautiful eyes ever.

  41. Sydney

    Oh my gosh! I NEED that scarf in my life! Gorgeous!

  42. Lauren

    I love how you've mixed Primark with designer. It makes the whole outfit look really expensive!


  43. Great outfit, the harem pants are so cute. I found a jersey pair in Zara last summer and wear them all the time, so comfy! xx

  44. SM

    I wish i could go to primark for a day. My friend who goes to the UK every so often always comes back with such cute things from there!

    PS: Where did you get your ring?

  45. Lauren

    Welcome back! Great outfit. The scarf is beautiful, I'm so jealous xo

  46. Caz

    Really glad you're back, love your scarf!

  47. Lovely to see you back mrs :)
    & as always u look gorgeous. That scarf is a beaut!

  48. Cait

    so glad you're back!
    that scarf is gorgeous :o)

  49. I like the way you've wore your harem pants with a flowy top. I struggle to pull that off so I have to wear it with a tight fitted top.
    But your outfit looks great. I love it

  50. so pretty, the lipstick was my favorite part

  51. Amy

    eee love the scarf!

  52. miley

    i nominated you for an award, check out my blog(:

  53. That scarf is absolute awesome! Lucky you!

  54. in love with the scarf.. two and a half years later! haha x

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  56. just like you

    U looking so pretty can u gimme a makeover?