I have been a teeny bit obsessed with buying rings as of late. I don’t often find anything which excites me..or which i know i will wear a lot or jazz up any outfit.
H&M currently have a sexy selection, some of which made their way into my ring box…
& they are bargainus, with the most expensive ring only being £4.99 (the red jewelled one)
I know that costume type jewellery is not everyone’s cuppa & it does look a bit ridiculous on my teeny fingers, but I love it.

Bring on the bling!

  1. Fern

    lovely jubbly rings :)

  2. I've had some fab rings from H&M lately, they're great value! The red sparkly one is lovely xx

  3. Oh I love the third one from the left in the first picture, it's gorgeous! And the most expensive was £4.99? Eee I heart a bitta H&M :) XOXO

  4. Shabna

    I love the one on the right :)
    Make more posts zoe! xx

  5. I saw that ring in H&M (the flower) a while back bu they oly had extra small,and my fingers arnt having that lol

  6. the long gold one is amazing. how much? x

  7. That pink flower one is soo cute :)
    is that one from h&m too?

  8. I Love, Love, Love these! I don't own enough rings. A shopping trip is in order me thinks!


  9. Rica

    I love the 3rd one from the left… SOOOO cute… I should go check out my H&M!

  10. sarah;

    gorgeous! i'm off to h&m tomorrow so will keep my eyes peeled for these lovelies :) xxxx

  11. Jen

    I adore great, big, OTT rings. Love your selection!

  12. Sher

    I bought that same ring from h&m too! its gorgeous =)

  13. eve.

    aw the flower one is really cute :) xx

  14. rings have to be the best accessorie! i really like the pink flower one…the rest are gorgeous too :) x

  15. Love those, so vintage looking! I'm looking Accessorize for rings at the moment. I got a gorgeous Butterfly one from there t'other day :)

  16. i love statement rings… yours are very very nice

  17. Gorgeous, i love the dusky peach colour! It looks like an unfinished morganite! So pretty xx

  18. Just realised half of the words in my comment didnt come out properly,I assure you it was my keyboard and I am not that thick : )

  19. Love them!

  20. I adore rings too. LOVE these ones may go and check out the accessories section in H&M soon xxx

  21. Lydia

    I am such a ring collector – will have to check out H&M's offerings asap!

  22. Leah

    I LOVE huge rings. I have an obsession. I wish I lived near an H&M!

    Leah xx

  23. I Love rings! The flower one is precious:).

  24. cocktail rings are amazing, I'm addicted to them too! xx

  25. I'm a RING girl too! I'm not really into necklaces and earrings. I like simple studs and BIG rings. If my outfit is a lil too boring…a big ring always works for me.

    Forever21 always have rings at really good prices. I wish they had an H&M over here in Texas.

  26. These rings make great photos. i want to go shopping!!

  27. Rosie

    I love that big flower, it's beautiful!

  28. Sarai

    =/ I wish there was an H & M here! Your rings are gorgeous, I've been buying them a lot lately-glad to know I'm not the only one who may look a little ridiculous with those big rings on their small little fingers lol =]

  29. So pretty! I love these rings :) I wish we had a H&M in Australia!

  30. I love big rings and the flower one and the simple silver one are pretty sweet!
    I was just in H&M looking for rings yesterday and they didn't have any of those!

  31. I am obsessed with big cocktail rings too!

  32. I love statement rings…that can make such a difference to an outfit!
    I unfortunately had most of my jewellery stolen whilst travelling so may have to head on down to H&M and start to build up my collection again..!

  33. Gorgeous rings, especially the flower one with a pink stone.

  34. MW

    i love them !!im a flower rng lovher ,great choices
    xo mw

  35. Lisa

    i have an obsession with rings. I wear rings every day, and when i forget (which is almost never) i feel naked. hahaha

    beautiful rings!



  36. liz

    ohhhhhh soo super gorgeous!
    i want them.aa makes me wanna
    go shopping for accessories alone. xD

  37. Lucy

    The pink ring is gorgeous, I can't get away with costume jewellery at all xx

  38. Alice

    aw they are gorgeous, h&m is the best :) x

  39. Cool :) I have teensie fingers too! But I think they look better with rings on :) And yes I agree H&M has a great selection and prices.. was in Topshop the other day and it was something like 3 skinny rings for £8!


  40. Eden

    The flower with the pink stone in the middle is very beautiful ♥
    the H&M near you always seem to have a much cuter selection!

  41. elle

    i love the pink flower one. is it also from h&m?



  42. Kirsty

    I am becoming slowly but surely addicted to rings, H+Ms fit me better than anywhere else… I didn't realise they did an extra small though! I have to tie ribbon continuously around the Small sized rings because they are too big lol… As you can tell I have tiny fingers too. But I can't help buying them hehehe xxx

  43. Aaaaamazing !

  44. Agata

    im in love with the flower one. serious ♥ :D

  45. these are some beautiful rings.
    and you are also very beautiful.
    follow me please? xD

  46. Ericka

    I want an H&M here! I live in the 3rd largest city in the US and they have yet to put an H&M here!!!!!

  47. Pretty rings :)

    I'm having contest, hope you'll enter! :) lipstickonthecup.blogspot.com/2010/03/bold-bright-intense-make-up-contest.html

  48. Daisy

    Lovely rings !

  49. I love big rings, but they never ever fit my skeletal fingers, & it's pretty damn hard to put weight on in that area, haha. I can dream…

  50. hey zoe
    changed up my twitter account so ive requested to re-follow u. (dont worry im not a hater)

  51. Aloha, I have nominated your for an I Love Your Blog award, because, well, I love your blog, hahaha! Have a looksee at sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com


  52. I went into my H&M today, Inspired by your post, to find those rings but Alas! I found not one, But a totally different one that is absolutley bloody gorgeous and I fell in love with it so it has wormed it's way onto my childlike hands! :)

  53. Erica

    Adorable rings! Love them.

    You probably get asked this a lot, but how did you get it where the dates & titles of your blog posts are in a custom font? it looks so nice! x

  54. aww these rings look sooo pretty! and they're h&m?!?!! that's interesting, i have to go on a little h&m shopping trip ASAP then! ;D
    lovely blog!!

  55. Anne.M

    Love your picture!!

    Kiss from France

  56. Love them.. You have A nice taste!

  57. woah very pretty!

  58. ah these rings are just gorgeous! so pretty xoxo

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