As many of you will be aware, & if you aren’t you will be now, Lush have repromoted (from their sister company Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful) the ever so popular lip scrubs.
I had never tried these, but they obviously thought that they were worth keeping in the family, so passed them on into the Lush store when they decided to close down (sad times)

I first tried to get my hands on these last week but was informed they had all sold out in 2 days..sheesh, that is ALOT of dry chapped lips amongst the Lush fans in my City.
Yesterday however, they were fully stocked, so i went and had a nosey at all three scrubs.
In all honesty, i did just want to pick up all three, pay & go, because i had a train to catch & they are right on the till, so i was being put off by the girl standing behind the counter.

Her favourite was the mint one, but i wasn’t instantly drawn to that one, and the chocolate one wasn’t so appealing once i’d smelt it.. (i had obviously been imagining them totally different & was a bit dissapointed – I will most probabaly end up getting them anyway though) but the bubblegum one smelt amazing. It’s a mixture of Creamy Candy scent and Snow Fairy (that’s my rather awful attempt at describing it)
It taste’s just as delicious.

So what do i think? Overpriced? Probabaly, it is, after all, some oil & sugar & a bit of colouring & flavouring, but it’s not something i would have the patience to make and how many of us ever just dip our fingers into the sugar bowl and rub it over our lips?
The one thing i find a bit..annoying about these is the fact that you can’t do this on the can’t be out shopping, think your lips are feeling a bit dry and start rubbing this all over the place..and i say this because i did this with no mirror..looked in the mirror a few minutes later and looked as though i’d tried to eat a donut without licking my lips…and that was after i thought i had removed anything that may have still been there.
One other thing i thought i would mention was that my little glass pot, as cute as it is, had the most skewiff label ever..i took the whole thing off and put it on neatly..the person who made mine was obviously in a hurry to get these shipped out for all the chapped lipped ladies, it’s not a massive deal, but it’s the small things eh? a few more seconds spent on it, and it would have been fine. It was also extremely messy & a bit sticky around the lid but i cleaned that up.
One thing i can totally say is worth the money, is the fact it works, it does leave your lips feeling and looking one hundred times better, mine even seemed a little more plump from all the lip-rubbing. haha. I’d say it gives you the perfect base for a lipbalm or before lipstick. I also found it rather addictive..i was applying this almost every hour. The taste and smell is amazing, and because it’s mainly sugar, you can just lick it off :P

RRP: £4.50

What do you think of the lip scrubs?

  1. Gemma

    wooot! need this in my life! x

  2. Great review! I must look at these next time i go to Lush.

  3. I'm worried if I get this i'll just apply it to my lips then eat it haha! xx

  4. I must admit…I got all 3 lol i couldnt stop my self, as my nearest lush is an hour and a half away i couldnt smell them, but i lovvvvve them, your right about the lable tho :( xxxx

  5. Susan

    I definitely need one of these (I'll probably go for the bubblegum one too)
    Great review lovey xx

  6. Sarah

    well miss zoe, i have not tried a lip scrub before but after reading this fantastic review, i think i might just have to try this one ;) can't go wrong with creamy candy and snow fairy scent mixed with sugar lol xoxoxox

  7. Lydia

    Oh yummy! I'm getting all three as soon as I get to Lush xox

  8. Lu

    I haven't been to Lush since these were released but deffo planning on getting the bubblegum one. Probs not the others as £4.50 is pretty expensive. I can imagine it tastes amazing though :) Your pics look yummy. x

  9. Stella

    I just got it today. And at first, I asked myself if I really needed it. The answer was: no BUT the moment I opened it, saw the gorgeous pink colour and sniffed it- I HAD TO HAVE IT lol

  10. Creamy Candy AND Snow Fairy? HEAVEN!! Gimme some sugar ;) lol xx

  11. MW

    Seem really good I would try this

  12. Lulu

    ooo another new product to try out from LUSH!

  13. Hmm..
    Ive always used home made lip scrubs my my chapped lippies.

    The color is so bright & pretty, does it stain your lips any color?


  14. thanks for the review im def sold on trying this out now.


  15. Rosie

    I saw these when I popped into Lush the other day but I didn't buy anything, I'm going shopping Friday night and will definitely check these out as my lips are disgusting atm :(

  16. Kerry!

    i brought the mint julip one. i agree its expensive when i usually used to make my own anyway, but it will last for ages and the mint tastes so nice!

  17. This product sounds amazing!! I can't wait till they come out in the US. Great review as always! xx

  18. ♥Lola

    That looks really nice! I've only just discovered Lush, I might see if my local shop in Australia stocks these. Also just came across your blog and I think it is so lovely, have added you to my blogroll!

  19. Melly

    Thanks for the review! I was thinking about buying some, but I think I'll just stick to the old sugar and olive oil method :)

  20. kind of a waste of money considering you can make your own little pot at home…but I would prob buy and try it once just for fun ;)

    ps ..I linked you…great blog!

  21. Cait

    I need to find a Lush near me b/c you do all these reviews on their products & they all look amazinggg! This lip scrub looks especially cool. Great review!

  22. Oooh! Looks nice! Very intriguing. I'm into mint so I'm going to have a look into it.

  23. Be careful not to overapply because it can make your lips really sore! Lovely review

  24. definitely gonna have to try this : )

  25. LadyBug

    Sounds great, definately one to try!

  26. suzi.x

    great review sweetie!!!
    I actually only apply this to lick it off!! :)

  27. i usually make my own lipscrub, though it doesn't ever smell like bubblegum which i wouldn't say no to. might try this out if i need a treat soon! xx

  28. I tried the mint last wk but this is the one I want cos of the smell.

  29. I *know* that I shouldn't want another one of these just because it's pink… and yet I appear to be thinking otherwise.

    Great pics,

  30. Nicole

    i am going to lush this weekend so will definitely check these out. i got really excited that this one was pink but i hate the smell of snow fairy ::runs and hides:: ill probably end up with the mint one :)
    great review :) xoxo

  31. Ooh I think I might check out their lip scrubs! :)

  32. Sam

    Omg I didn't even know they did these! My lips are in desperate need of a bit of exfoliation right now. I'm adding these to my must-buy list.

  33. I bought one this morning! soo tasty=)

  34. Rosanne

    Love this got the same one! Smells delicious
    packaging was rubbish here too!:(

  35. Sawah89

    I got one of these yesterday the mint one i just put it on to lick it off again hehe

  36. A couple of months ago I thought of a fab idea to bring the lipscrubs to lush, because there's probably only like 2 B shops! So I emailed the lovely people, but they told me only their sister did the scrubs. & then I hear they've brought them out, I think they've stolen my idea! Gits! =P

  37. It was funny, the day you posted this I was thinking that I needed to buy something to fix these chapped lips of mine and look at this here is something miraculous.. too bad there isn't a lush where I live.. and I'm kind of sceptical about ordering online from them just incase i really dont like it?

    Oh and btw, i just started my blog and I wanted to get some ideas, but i dont know what people want to see or if they even want to see or hear anything from me



  38. I LOVE your blog! I want to try this out now.. I've been looking for something like this.

  39. i bought this and i absolutly love it! id been looking for one for ages as i ALWAYS have dry lips! this does the job and tastes yum! p.s mine had a skew wiff label too! not impressed with that :/ oh well. i love lush!

  40. Beth

    I'm going to pick one of these up on Sunday not sure which one to get though :/ dammn lush they always make everything sound sooo good haha
    visit my blog ? i just started.

  41. Mmm it looks yummy! I've got the mint one and yep they probably are a little pricey but I love them. I'm really disappointed Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful closed down as I liked a lot of their products :(

    Liz xx

  42. Lip scrubs are amazing. The new popcorn one is fantastic. The only thing is, where I live (Edinburgh) they are £5.25 which is way overpriced!!!

  43. I love this lip scrub. I use from three month and he is perfect. <3

  44. I have the popcorn one and I love it, i use it nearly everyday and makes my lips feel really soft, it is quite expensive (i got it for a present though) but it's totally worth it, i've been using it since Christmas and theres loads left, i've barely made a dent, i love it and it tastes really nice!

  45. i have that omddddd xoxoxo love your blog

  46. shinngu

    Do you need to keep it in fridge?

  47. shinngu

    Do you need to keep it in fridge?

  48. Tammy M

    I think the skewiff label fits with the fact that they are handmade cosmetics, because I own the Mint Julips lip scrub and noticed the same thing. Great product though, and so addictive!

  49. I got mine 3 days ago and I can't stop using it lol :((( I feel like it's going to waste but it tastes so nice haha!xxx

  50. Had the mint one a few weeks back and can't lie, I had literally used (and maybe eaten) it in 2 days!!

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  54. I'm gonna have a bit of a Lush shopping next week and I'm not sure if I want this…I think I'm just going to get al lipbalm or smt :)

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  57. I have wanted this for years and it is on my Xmas list!

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  60. I love your blog :-)
    Really good review x

  61. The packaging is gorgeous! Unfortunately, I've had bad experiences with all things bubblegum. All I can imagine that tasting like is bubblegum medicine which I HATE.

    Jess Heart

  62. Annie

    I went in Lush today to check these out as I’ve heard good things. I agree they are way too over priced as they are now £5.50 (Yikes)
    I was trying it on my lips in the shop and my god did it taste nice, then the lady came over to ask if she could help me. It was only when I was leaving the shop did I notice I had sugar all round my face! (How embarrassing!)
    Anyway, I didn’t buy it as I couldn’t justify £5.50 for the tiny little pot, however I will see if I can get it online a little cheaper hehe xxx

    • Samanta Rizzi

      Hi Annie! :) I know I’m not Zoe, but I’m here checking her old post and I have to say I bought this lip scrub from Lush a couple of days ago for 7,55€ which is quite expensive, maybe even more than in the UK (I live in Slovenia, we have euros), but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it! I recomend you to go and get one, maybe spare some money elsewhere? :)

      • Annie

        Hi Samantha,

        You are not going to believe it, I was passing Lush today and I went in and thought what the hell, I will buy it!
        Then you messaged me, what a coincidence. I decided I needed it especially as winter is coming and my lips go very dry during winter.
        Thanks for your message, have a lovely day xx

        • Samanta Rizzi

          Haha that’s funny! :) You wont regret it, I’m sure! In the autumn/winter times a lip scrub is a must. ;)
          Have a nice day yourself! xo

          • Samanta Rizzi

            Lovely review! You have a really nice blog and may I add that I admire women who play the guitar! ;)

          • Annie

            Thank you so much for reading. Yes the Guitar is very fun, I am still learning though :) x

          • Samanta Rizzi

            Well, I played the guitar for a year, but my brother plays the guitar since he was little and he’s 29 now so I often visit him and he plays for me and his friends. It’s a great way to hang out, music connects people in a way. :) I want to start writing a blog myself, but I feel like i would get lost in a river of blogs, lately there are thousands blogs online and it intimidates me a little. Would you recommend me to start one? Or do you aggree with me about there being too many blogs already?

          • Annie

            I agree music is a wonderful way to connect people.
            You should definitely start a blog. Everyone is interested in different things, activities, hobbie etc. They also all have different opinions so you blog will be totally different to somebody else’s. Go for it :) x

    • Asia Pillay

      I went into lush yesterday, in Perth Australia and the lip scrub was $9.95. It was way too overpriced so I ended up getting only that. 😩

    • Billie

      There £6.50 now! I still bought all of the flavours though 😂 including the Christmas ones 😂❤️

  63. Suchi S

    I’ve got the honey one, it’s really good, i think the only problem is that after a while it feels quite sickly and weird in your mouth, but it helps your lips and does smell and taste great while it lasts, once this finishes, (if i get the money) i’ll definitely get another flavour