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Too Faced – Le Grand Chateau

This year’s offering from Too Faced is a rather sweet one! Last year they dazzled with their beautiful beauty carousel, so I was so excited to see what they would follow it up with this year! Le Grand Chateau is a box set featuring three palettes and a mascara, beautifully boxed into a sweet little house in the classic pink and gold Too Faced style. Each palette contains 6 eyeshadows and either a blush or bronzer, with shades perfect for creating a gorgeous look for a Christmas party. Each contains plenty of sparkly and glittery shades, keeping things nice and festive! The set also features a Better Than Sex Mascara (one of my favourites!) to finish off any looks you create. The Chateau box would look beautiful styled on a vanity or dressing table, but equally the palettes are small enough to take out individually and pop in your bag to top up your makeup on the go. With a great range of shades, the set would make a fabulous Christmas present for a beauty lover to expand their collection, or even just as a lovely treat for yourself!

  • Barbara Maria

    What a beautiful gift idea!! I like the green one the best. It’s soooo gorgeous!! ♥

    Insta: @bvuzm

  • Molly

    This is the best blog post I have ever read!
    Love you so much Zoe!
    Lots of love,
    Molly xxxxxx

  • Kim

    The last 2 palettes – beautiful!

  • Beautiful palettes! Looks like a great gift to give to a friend who is really into their makeup! The colors are so pretty, and it’s definitely something I would wear myself :)

  • Amy

    Looks amazing!! You’re photography is so nice Zoe

  • How beautiful does this look? It’s definitely going on my Christmas wishlist!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Saw this on your video today! I thought it would be lovely to give it to someone!!

  • I always love too faced products , especially the packaging hehe

  • Trudy Johanna

    I really need to try some too faced stuff! The packaging is gorgeous! x
    Trudy x | TrudyJohanna

  • I love thisssss <333 Too Faced is a brand with ethics and good quality products. Their pigmentation is amazing and they always have such flattering colors. They're one of my favorite brands and love gifting it to my friends! Lovely post, would love to see swatches next time!

  • These palettes look gorgeous! Too Faced is such a reliably good company, I am sure the pigmentation of them is amazing! Also, I love that they come in a box set! So cool!

    Meghan |

  • emily couture

    These palettes look like perfect Christmas gifts :)

    emily xx

  • Aimee Budge

    Those are beautiful colors. Just gorgeous! I’ll definitely have to check this out. :)

  • This looks great! I’ve actually never tried anything from them before (I know, where have I been?) Thanks for sharing Zoe!
    xx Kenzie

  • This looks amazing! The colours look so good and of amazing quality! I need this in my life! xx

  • Madalena Dantas

    What a great Too Faced gift!! I want it sooooo badly (: Too Faced makeup is really good and hopefully I’ll be able to get this!

    Have an amazing day Zoe,


  • seznajkomakedonija

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  • Oh these are beautiful!
    Aleksanna |

  • Imaan Shamsi

    I literally came on 13 minutes after she posted… my earliest yet!

  • Lucy ♥

    Zoe, your photography in this is stunning! xo

  • Such beautiful packaging!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Very awesome.

    My Christmassy Posts:

    • seznajkomakedonija

      You have very great christmassy blog :)

    • Medovedcka akcdembel

      im in love with your last post

    • izzy
  • Isabelle

    loving your blog t the moment xxx

  • Eleanor

    This looks so pretty! Not only is the packaging adorable but the product looks really good quality as well!

  • These are adorable, definitely love the Mademoiselle palette best!

    PS – super excited to see you posting so frequently!!

    Cindy |

  • Maria Armstrong

    I need this, so many shades! 😍

  • Rue Roxanne

    Such a lovely present!

  • Omg this looks simply amazing. I bet the quality is great because the colors look gorgeous. And the snow on your blog is awesome, it looks so pretty!!

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  • I still cannot get over the snow on your blog! SO cute! I must say I really want this now! Im going *hint* to the boyfriend now.

  • Great idea for a present!
    Kisses from


  • Your blog is so cute with the snow! This palette looks amazing! X

  • The Bonjour shade looks perfect! Your blog always make me want to go shopping haha

  • Ashley Christabelle

    That is the cutest packaging ever! Can honestly say that Too Faced does a great job on their packaging skill x

  • Zoel

    That’s very cool! Would you give us some beauty tips for men? thanks xx

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Nicky Avakidou
  • Molly Pennick

    I love the blue palette the best it is absolutely gorgeous! xxxx

  • Ah I love Too Faced products this looks gorgeous, I am also loving the snow effect on your blog! So cute

    Liza | Glambeautys

  • Chantal

    This is an amazing set, I love Too Faced stuff x

  • Eilidh

    I would absolutely love to own this! such beautiful packaging too:)

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  • Too Faced do the best palettes! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these x

  • felisha

    I LOOOOOVE this packaging!

  • i’m in love with these, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

    Really need to get my hands on a set! x

    Imaan |

  • What a lovely palette! Will have to try it x

  • Great one. My Christmassy posts:

  • Natty

    Love it ♥

  • Natasha Patnaik
  • So cute! I’d love to see this pop under under the tree for me!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • Kayla

    The pictures that you take Zoe! They are just so perfect and clear, i love them <3

    [my blog]

  • These palettes look amazing! love it! xoxo

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  • Such pretty packaging and amazing colours, very festive! x

  • Jenny M

    I genuinely love them all!! x

  • This set looks awesome! Also, the falling snowflakes on your blog are too cute!

    xo, Liz

  • lucy prosser

    So gorgeous.. I feel like I can’t quite justify buying this for myself, maybe for a friend but I’ll just be jealous. Lovely post :)

    Lucy xoxo

  • Maggie

    This looks wonderful! I would seriously love this as a gift!

  • Super cute packaging, need to get some! :) x

    • Pareen

      I agree! The packaging is amazing!


    These beauty calendars are amazing, I need one.

  • I saw this the other day and was debating on getting this. Now I definitely think I need to get me this.

    xo, Mae.

  • Amy

    How beautiful! I love wearing Gold/Copper tones on the Lids! May have to purchase this! As if I need another Palette! Haha

  • I have never quite ventured into Too Faced cosmetics, but I particular love the second palette; the peachy blusher is absolutely gorgeous. This would make a wonderful Christmas present!

    xx Melody :

  • Karolina Ežerskytė
  • Claire Allan

    This looks amazing, I’m looking for new bronzers and the set looks really cute xx

  • Pareen

    I love the shades and photography!

  • shadel

    It’s really beautiful I love the second pallet

  • This is really pretty! I loved last years packaging but I love how this one is a bit less OTT.

  • I saw this in your video and it’s so pretty! I really want to gift it to my mum <3

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  • Halal Hamper

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  • For Christmas Party your choice is so good,, I am in love with your Post..

  • The box looks lovely and actually quite festive :)

    Mel ♥

  • Defnitely the best set of all holiday range! Last palette looks gorgeous :)

  • Definitely on my wish list! Amazing eyeshadow shades! x

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I’m loving your Christmas posts Zoe. You’ve given me some good gift ideas, thank you :) X

  • Serene Kurd

    ahhhh this palette trio is GORGEOUS!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  • All three palettes look amazing!

  • Zoe I am so in love with the mobile Blog design and how the virtual snow is falling down the screen! That’s so cute and festive!
    I love toofaced makeup I might actually buy one of these for myself

  • Hearts for evaaaa

    Looks so good >3

  • Mariella

    The eye shadow palette looks so pretty.
    Also they would make great gifts

  • Susan

    This is so cute! It would make a great gift for girls of every age.


  • Naomi Tyrrell

    Awesome palette zoe . I LOVE your blog!!!

  • Gabby Tolerico

    This is absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE Too Faced, and this is nothing short of lovely! All wearable shades, definitely something that would be great to give (or receive… hehe)!

  • This is such a cute set! Would love to receive this for Christmas :)

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty

  • Gingersnaphattie

    I love this brand, their products are always so beautiful and feel like such a luxury :-)


  • nn ss

    I’ll be buying one on saturday so I’ll be mentioning how I find the colours on my blog! xx

  • This box set is definitely going on my Christmas list!

  • Lucy Doyle

    Ah love this! If only it wasnt so expensive :/

    Check out my latest Christmas haul post and I’ll check out your blog too! Let me know that you were sent from this post xx

  • woaww its so pretty!! im in love with the colors and packaging :D

  • Love love love !!!
    I did a little December -Christmas favourites on my blog and everything

  • Kacey

    yeah i saw this in one of your video’s it must be really good!

  • Kati

    The colours look so pretty!

  • Janella Moi

    Geez, those palettes look amazing. Wouldn’t mind getting one for christmas!

    // Would you mind checking out my blog?

  • Beautiful and fantastic Christmas present. I hope some of these lovely Christmas gifts will be available in sale after Christmas :)

  • Laura Jane McCarthy

    Woooow I really want this, it’s gorgeous

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin’

  • xTashaxo


  • Ida
  • Ca fait mal lire les noms des produits quand on sait parler français… Aille aille aille, même pas voulu engager des traducteurs pour quelques mots.

    • Sarah Murgatroyd

      Hahaha je suis d’accord 😂

  • Risa Berry

    Love this Zoe!
    Hey guys anyone wants to follow my blog I will follow back. I’m just getting started and would love the support.

  • Hetal Bhagat

    All the pallets are soooo good!

  • AnibaeAsh

    The neutral palette could easily be an everyday thing!

  • Sarah Murgatroyd

    Lurveeee this product… Hello Christmas list addition!


  • Priya

    I love catching up on your blog posts

  • Such pretty colours! Those colours are everything I need I guess :)

  • leah //

    I asked my mum if she could get this for me because it is absolutely stunning!!!!!

  • Ayre

    I love how much thought they put into their packaging. Honestly, that is the perfect gift for someone that’s only starting with makeup. She can do all kinds of eye makeup looks with all those palettes.

    Arianne | Ayre

  • GlitterGold Lily

    Is too faced expensive?

  • GlitterGold Lily

    I love this! Xxxx

  • From Girl C

    Such pretty colors and quality…must touch and have them all
    girl C

  • molly

    the colors look great and perfect for a party at this festive time of year:) great post zoe keep up the good work!!:)

  • Mathilde Brisset

    Does anyone know how much it is? Thanks :)
    And this is my blog:

  • Chloe Louise

    They look incredible!

  • Angelica P

    This is such a lovely beauty set, I wish I’d seen this before Christmas!

    One Little Vice – Beauty Blog

  • I’m obsessed with Le Grand Chateau. I think it looks so pretty on my vanity

  • KarolinaVideoStarsxx
    Inspired by your girl online :3

  • Mary Nascimento

    Very nice post, Zoe! If you read this (Which I know is a long shot, lol) I just want you to know that I am absolutely in LOVE with your blog. It’s amazing!!

    Maybe y’all could check out my blog? I haven’t posted an actual post yet, just some little facts about me…

  • Maelle

    Un nom français !!!!!! Je t’adore Zoella <3

  • Too Faced strikes again with even more magical products. I can’t wait to spend all my money on them, haha.
    Anyone want to help a girl out and follow my blog? I’ll give your blog a look and follow, too! I love some internet friends!

  • I constantly spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles everyday along with a mug of coffee.

  • zoe robinson

    I know this has nothing to do with this make up product but you take really good pictures and always get the lighting write, some of the eyeshadows in the box look really neutral and they would make the perfect smokey-eye look as well xx this has also inspired me to start looking at more subtle browns then subtle pinks xx thank you Zoe

  • Sophie Robinson

    They had such good packaging! XXX

  • these are so super pretty indeed

  • Ugh so pretty I want them all! Such a fan of your blog.

    Check out my fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog here ✨

    Robyn |

  • I love this range I wish I got this! I just got the two faced peach palette recently – check the review on my blog!

  • Too Faced are such a lovely brand! The shades in these palettes look gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to try the Better Than Sex mascara too, I’ve just never got around to it! xx

    Latte Leanne Blog

  • Poppy xox

    Dear Zoella
    I just wanted to say that you are a great inspiration and because of you I want to start my own YouTube channel. Thanks for being really honest and having great beauty advice! I know you will never see this but I may as well try
    Lots of love
    P xox

  • This product/line was amazing! my best friend got it for christmas and she absolutely loves it! a huge pallet and beautiful samples. The packaging is amazing as well! like seriously it was a hugs pink box designed to look like a very grand house! xxx

  • rosie cheeseman

    je suis un grand chateau