I was perusing the isles in Superdrug last week, and i came across this lipstick by Bourjois called “Docteur Glamour”.
These lipsticks are promoted as an “Intensive Moisturising Treatment”.

If like me, your lips suffer a lot during the colder months, and you find it harder to wear lipstick without your lips looking all flaky and dry, then something like this is an absolute dream. Not a lot of lipsticks I own are that moisturising so when I saw this, I immediately starting swatching the small collection of colours to find one I liked. Surprisingly, they had a gorgeous nude-pink (colour 11 – rose retabli) which had been tested right down to a little nub, unlike the other colours which remained almost untouched. This was obviously a popular colour.
The lipsticks contain mango & Shea butter so glide on so easily & really do look & feel moisturising.
I also picked up colour 13 which is an orangey toned pink..it was a mistake, I’ll be honest haha, but i have grown to love it just as much.
The packaging is..well, it’s okay. I wouldn’t say it’s all that special or “glamourous” but it does the job nicely. The lipstick also lasts a sufficient amount of time. Perfect for winter lips & I love the colour. It’s a “my lips but better & slightly more nude & hydrated looking” shade.

RRP: £7.49

  1. Hi Zoe I love these lippies, no. 11 is one of my favs :) my sister swears by them so I can always test hers before buying any lol… loving the new header x

  2. Oooh they both look really nice. I was in Superdrug today especially looking for lipsticks because I'm more of an eye person and need lippypops! I wish I had seen these! I'm half tempted to pop back tomorrow and have a looksie :) Lovely post! PS, I'm Sprinkleofglitter but my pc hates me and puts me as GlitterStitch (an old name) grrrrrr! xxx

  3. Jen

    I love the pink…very pretty :)

    My lips suffer so much in the winter, it's awful – have you tried the lush lip scrubs? They are lovely :) x

  4. India

    Number 11 looks very pretty, from the picture it reminds me a little of Maybelline's Ambre Rose xx

  5. Lauren

    That looks a really lovely colour. I love peachy colours. I think they really suit brunettes :)

  6. I actually like the packaging, it's more than o.k. for a drugstore brand!

    At least, its colour corresponds to the lipstick's shade, so you don't have to look at the label on the bottom ;)

  7. They're gorgeous – I might think about getting these :) x

  8. Love the new layout!
    I like the sound of moisturising lipstick, mine get quite dry too.


  9. Ooo I love the look of no. 11.

    might check these out this week (if it stops tipping it down with rain).

    Sam x

    ps. love the new page look :)

  10. Natalie

    oo0o! Pretty! I'm going to have to take a look at these. They look like perfecr spring colors. :)

  11. Fern

    love the shades :) I really wanna try one of thse :) xx

  12. Gorgeous colours <3
    I will have to look out for these(:

  13. The swatches LOOK moisturizing! lol! Very pretty colors and I like your new blog header!!

  14. Nicole

    bourjois is not sold at drugstores in the states but it is sold in some places for high prices. i am definitely going to look out for these, they sound lovely !

  15. Misha

    They're gorgeous!! I'm really liking the orangey toned lippie & this comming from someone who dislikes orange xD
    Sadly, they don't sell Bourjouis products over here :(

  16. LadyBug

    Prety colours, may have to give this a try as my lips are usually to dry for lipstick in the winter

  17. Jen

    Bourjois is my favourite makeup brand – I just love it. I have lots of their little blusher pots and think these lipsticks would fit nicely into my makeup bag!

  18. Onyx

    I've always overlooked these lipsticks, the colours never looked that appealing for some reason. Seeing them here though they look really pretty, and sound perfect for this time of year.xXx

  19. ahh i love this lipstick! I completely forgot about it though. I had two a while back but lost them when I lost a make up bag at a party! :( TIme for a trip to boots now I think :)
    ps – I love the changes youve made to your blog layout. Very pretty!

  20. Lovely colours :) The packing is alright too. xxx


  21. Just incase anyone's interested, if you have a rummage through T J Hughes makeup section, there are loads of these (including colours i've not seen in Superdrug/Boots ec.) and also the Bourjois lip stains for around £1-2 it's worth a look if you're after trying out new colours in the range :)

  22. I love kinda the nude one