My favourite time of the year is finally upon us.

When we whip out the decorations, light the candles, eat as much chocolate as we possibly can, crack open the champagne and cheeselets & snuggle up to watch endless amounts of christmas films on the tv.
I just thought i’d share with you some of the little christmas details in my house & the gorgeous views we had today (it was perfect christmas weather in my opinion)

I seriously love where i live. The snow & ice has mostly melted as the sun has been shining all day, but there is still a chill in the air. My favourite winter weather & a prettyiful sunset to top it off.

How do you decorate your house for christmas?

  1. holls94

    omg all of those pictures are gorgeous! have a lovely christmas (: X

  2. _holly_

    Beautiful decorations you definitely have an eye for interior design and all things pretty :)

  3. Caz

    those pics are so pretty – I love the one with all the presents with cute ribbons on them!
    hope you have a fab christmas!

  4. Beautiful pics, Merry Christmas Zoe x

  5. jennie

    gorgeous decorations! I <3 christmas. Everything's so sparkly and lovely! xo

  6. Love the decorations, and the little mice – so cute! i want them! :D xxx

  7. I love the mice! :)
    I had just taken pics of my tree to share too! I love Christmas!!!

  8. Gorgeous decorations !! I particually love the stockings with the mice on them so cute, where are they from ?x

  9. Emma

    Where did you get those mice from!? they are so so cute.

  10. Gorgeous pictures, Zoe, everything looks so idyllic. :)

    Hope you have a fab Christmas and New Year!


  11. Jen

    Gorgeous photos, and I love your decorations! Our flat is decorated quite modernly, but my mum always does the traditional stuff!

  12. Becky

    Your house looks beautiful!

  13. Nicole

    soo beautiful!! i was watching your second vlog and was amazed at view you had from your bedroom window when you were showing the cars. its amazing !

  14. Bri

    Beautiful! What a happy time of year :) Merry Christmas!!

  15. Your home is so chic..right down to the Christmas stockings..hahahaha…Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  16. jules.

    thats so cute x

  17. happy christmas!!!! love the mice usually i am afraid but yours are adorable!

  18. Your christmas tree looks gorgeous!

    As much as I love living in a big city, I don't think anything could beat waking up to snow when you're in the countryside, the view is always amazinggg :)

  19. Oh and, merry christmas! haha

  20. I want to come and have Christmas at your place! ;) How beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  21. Your pictures are beautiful! Merry Christmas! :)

  22. R-a2bit

    Gorgeous! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  23. Diane

    Wow that looks gorgeous!! :)

  24. tiffany

    BEAUTIFUL!! i have to know where the little mice are from xxx

  25. xox D.

    nice pictures! Wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays

  26. Love the snow!
    Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year! :)

  27. Kat

    Wow Zoe, it's beautiful. I decorate my little home with pink stars & lots of glitter :)

  28. Shirley

    Oh Zoe, those photos are so lovely! I had to share this post with my friends. haha

    I love how Vintage your Christmas tree looks.

    Have a happy Christmas and an amazing new year.



  29. its sub

    WOW! I am stunned. Love the decorations, probably the best i've seen yet!

  30. Kelly

    Lovely pictures. The way we decorate the house is tacky tacky tacky! The more lights, tinsel and baubles the better!

  31. Zoella.

    To those of you who asked, Im not too sure where either the wooden mice, or the hanging material mice are from but i'm pretty sure the brand is "SIA". The stockings were actually handmade by my mum a few years ago :) xx

  32. I love the pictures! And… You have two dots on your e like me!! :) xxx

  33. seriously, zoe… may i please come and live with you?

  34. Oh, wow, beautiful decorations Zoe!!!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas (well, how couldn't you in a place like that?)! :)


  35. You live in a lovely home Zoe, love the pictures!

  36. Morgan Stroud

    Lovely picture Zoe

  37. Katherine Jerenashvili

    I know that Zoe is not reading it. Hello! I am Catherine and Zoe inspired me to make my own blog. it is 2017 and I am the happiest person to watch zoes videos and read Zoes blogs. I love her very much and even though maybe I will never meet her, I want her to know that she is the most amazing person in lots of lives. I love you Zoe and want to be happy.