Who’s hair do i envy?
Cheryl Cole’s, whether it’s all her own or not..i think it looks amazing.
I know i will never have hair that will be as high a standard as hers..but i’ll give it a damn good shot…plus..mine is all real baby. ;)

To achieve this voluminous style, i simply backcombed and hairsprayed the roots on the crown and sides of my head then gently combed over the craziness (to take it down a notch)
and using straightners (a flat iron) i turned in any layers towards my face to give it a much softer look.
I really despise mega straight, flat long hair, there has to be some oomph in it, or i will approach you in the street and ruffle it up…consider yourself pre-warned.

  1. I absolutly think you have the nicest hair I have ever seen. It's so pretty and the color is perfect!!

  2. abbzzw

    Gorgeous :D Love it sweetie and love your posts! Always make me giggle.. :) xx

  3. I love it :) I want my hair to be this long! It's taking forever to grow though :( Love the cardigan too :) x

  4. Lucy (:

    ooks lovely Zoe! :)
    And I adore your cardigan too – very pretty! :)
    I must say I am completely the same with volume these days – thankfully! I used to love flat, straight hair – eurgh, i was a bore! Ha, :) Is it possible that you could recommend any products for volume, or is it really all about the backcombing and hairspraying – i can't decide which works best! :)
    Lovely post as usual! Lots of Love, Lucy at lucytalksbeauty.blogspot.com :) xx

  5. lol Loving your blog! Well mine is as ruffled as Portuguese wind can get it x.x

    What straightener do you use?


  6. Sooshi

    what shampoo and conditioner do you use? You always make your loooong hair look so huge!

  7. tenxx

    i love it! backcombed hair suits you well.
    you are so beautiful darling.
    your blue eyes stand out so much!

  8. your highlights look really nice here =)

  9. Love it! You are blessed with GREAT hair :)

  10. Haha I totally agree there Zoe, I hate my hair when it is really straight and has no volume to it!
    Your hair looks amazing here (: Gorgeous.


  11. shei<3

    I love how your hair is always so voluminous. I put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears (well, not that extreme, haha) into making my hair like yours but my straight asian hair just falls flat within minutes! any tips?

  12. holls94

    it looks great and obvs your a lot prettier than cheryl cole! (: X

  13. xox D.

    gosh I love your hair!

  14. Kerry

    i love this! my hair never holds volume or curls! It really annoys me! I love your cardigan too :) xx

  15. Oh My God your hair is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  16. krystle

    i am in love with your hair! xx

  17. Kat

    your hair is huge & gorgeous :)

  18. Gorgeous lov it i think you have the prettist hair :) x

  19. Carine

    AAh cheryl cole is so beautiful, i'm jealous :p she's a great inspiration for fashion and beauty in general.

  20. You have gorgeous hair hun!! Wish mine would grow but I choose to bleach it so it wont!! Oh well on my head be it…. ;) hehe xxx

  21. Great hair! I love your cardigan… where did you get it from??

  22. Kat

    btw, your hair is twice as nice as Cheryls :)

  23. Heya, I just found your blog.. its so pretty! And your hair looks great!! I love the poofy-ness! Wish I could do this, but I don't think I'll ever be arsed to. ♥ x Livia

  24. oh your hair looks so nice and the cardi is cute :D

  25. Meg

    could you possibly do a video on how to do this please :) i did this and it kept going flat :( xxx


    I’m looking at these posts in 2016😂

  27. Suhani Rathi

    2017 and I’m still reading this! I’d love it if you came up to me and ruffled my hair 😂❤️❤️❤️