Some of you may have watched me & my friend Becca getting ready for a night out on BlogTv a week & a bit ago now. Sadly, i took hardly any photos, so i have waited for some to surface on facebook so i could show you what i wore.

I appologise they aren’t “Lookbook” standard but you get the general idea?

[pretty sure my friend would KILL me if she knew i posted this. I don’t look that dapper myself, but it shows my shoulder up close. The things i do for you guys. P.S Check out my “claw”]

What I wore
Dress: New Look
Tights with small silk bows on back of ankles: QS
Suede high heeled Boots: New Look

I’d also just like to note that i wore the “Nicola” lashes from the girls aloud range, and have come to the conclusion i hate them, they don’t suit my eye shape at all…unless i had a dud pair..they just looked ridiculous, and i wouldn’t say my eyes were too small either. Very strange.


  1. Holly

    stunning, love the dress!xx

  2. Rogue

    Gorgeous dress :) Your hair is sooo long, envy! :) Ayden xx

  3. Caz

    I love New Look – last time I was looking for something to wear on a night out I went around so many shops but ended up going back to New Look as it was the only shop with nice things!

  4. You look lovely, strange I bought the Nicola lashes the other day and they are totally different to the ones yr wearing :/ x

  5. You looked gorgeous, you all did, that outfit looks amazing! xx

  6. Becca

    You look great and your hair is so gorgeous!! I bought the Cheryl lashes a while ago and they were soooo fake looking on me, natural looking fake lashes look so much better :) xx

  7. You are so cute! Love the outfit and make-up. Your lashes look uh-mazing!


  8. Haha love the last pic! Looks like you had a fab time :)

  9. Jen

    Gorgeous! The Nicola lashes look odd on me too, they stick out too much at the outer corners

  10. I like the lashes on you…you look a bit like Kate Hudson..super-cute…looks like you had a ball!

  11. jennie

    gorgeous dress! xo

  12. Cute outfit i love it=]

  13. LOLanne

    wahhhh… i was going to comment how your lashes looked amazing on the pics… then i read you hated them lol :P

    also like the shoulder accent on your dress… bahhh you're gorgeous :)

    Hope you and your fam have a happy holidays!


  14. What lashes are you wearing? They look amazing x

  15. i hate the nicola eyelashes aswell, eurrgh! they looked so ridiculous on my i ended up peeling them off in the middle of my night out…cue attractive eyelash glue and about three eyelashes!

  16. i actually thought you're lashes looks really good! they were the first thing that stood out to me in the photos… you look super chic!

  17. The pictures are adorable. :)

  18. MW

    pretty …i love that dress

  19. Jen

    I love that dress! Ah, it's so pretty. I have a similar one in black. Merry Christmas!

  20. holls94

    wow you all look lovely, i love your dress! X

  21. you look gorgeous babe! I've been looking for a dress like that for ageees, need to have a look in new look! I didn't like the nicola lashes when I wore them either, just looked weird with my eyeshape!

  22. Nicole

    you look amazing. the dress looks great on you !

  23. look lovely!! xx

  24. Muhsine

    You look gorgeous my lovely! X

  25. Rebecca

    you look so pretty! i love your hair.

  26. tiffany


  27. Ok I need to get that dress now lol =)

  28. paths

    u loook cute and ur friend josh………HOT!!!!!!!

  29. Been meaning to comment on this!
    Bought this dress a while ago, but been putting off wearing it cos i do not know what the frig to wear for undies! I think i have the top half sorted…

    BUT my knickers just want to be seen from underneath it! Thinking of wearing tights, but then ill have black ankle boots(which id rather wear) then black tights..too much blackk?

    hmm oh zoe what the hell did you doo!
    weird question ma love:)

  30. You and Becca looked gorgeous! Lots of love girls! >_<

  31. Both of you looking awesome,I am also doing Party Plan.I like your dress,thanks for sharing.

  32. Anya

    Love this zoe💕💕

  33. roxy11

    you r my idol