Hello Everyone!

Thought i would show you a few snaps from yesterday.
Hope you all had an amazing day!

[Me & my younger brother, who is now bigger than me – hence the sulky face]

[Nice face Joe]

[Don’t really know what i was doing here, think i was flexing my “muscles”]

[My Grandad carving the Turkey]

[How freaky are these masks?]

  1. Love the sparkly top, hope u had a lovely day x

  2. Faye

    looks like you had fun :) xx

  3. Alice.

    Wow, you and your brother look so alike! I love your top, Looks like lovely family Christmas, Hope you had a lovely time! x

  4. Oh haha!
    It looks like you had a fabulous christmas zoe!! That mask is a tad disturbing though! xx

  5. Kelly

    Looks like you had a great christmas!

  6. you look like you had a whale of time!
    look ubber pretty in your pictures too :) x

  7. Arrr fab pics!! Love the one of your grandad and the turkey :) Hope u had a lovely day. xxx

  8. Too cute! Hope you had a great holiday.

  9. You and your brother have nice eyes :) And those masks are freaky!! Hope you had a fun Christmas~! xx Livia

  10. ;) you & your brother look alike

  11. Hi, I'm glad you had a great day. I always love your hair. :)
    xxx from madrid

  12. Hey, just came across your blog and you seem pretty down to earth and funny. Not everything is about beauty, gotta have a sense of humor and you seem to have one! Thats Beauty. Check out my blog at emanticoff.blogspot.com. I am from New York City. I am an aspiring Beauty Editor, so leave a comment if you want. Chow for now!

  13. xox D.

    lovely pictures! the perfect Christmas :-)

  14. Autaven

    So cute! You and your brother are a good looking bunch.

  15. hey! ive been such a fan of your blog for a longgg time. and ive finally started my own account. shared with my boyfriend and i posted tonight! :) you should check it out! jimmyxwhitney.blogspot.com

    if not, i love you anyways!

  16. you are gorgeous! and i want your brother.

  17. Hahha that mask cracked me up, hahaha

  18. Anusha

    Joe looks so different with the hair

  19. Katie

    joe's hair! he has changed so much!

  20. exactly what i was thinking :)

  21. joe looks so different now

  22. whahahahahhahaha omg joe your hair it is so funny, believe me you look so much better now! oeps that sounded bad, didn't mean to sound so rough sorry
    PS. zoe, I love your blog and I know I am not the first one how said that, but mean it,
    I just started my own blog and used your photo tips, maybe you could check it out and let me know what you think?
    PPS.your are a inspiration to me..

    hihi well, byebye,

  23. Mea

    omfg joee :D

  24. ryan

    Reading the first verse conjures up an image of the newborn baby Jesus of Nazareth resting peacefully in the manger and the cows calmly standing there become ordained online 'twitching the sweet hay'. 'Twitching' describes a jerky movement,

  25. JOES HAIR and you both look so different :)

  26. How time flies! :-) Look at you two now….. Lot's of love from Germany! <3

  27. oh my god!! Joe looks twelve!! haha

  28. omg, joe! He looks so young, which is obviously not the case aha

  29. I can't stop giggling at Joe's hair!! :3 love you Zoe <3

  30. Chloe M

    You both look so different, Joe's hair makes me laugh haha x

  31. Omg Joe looks so cute with his hair like that! Hehe!
    :3 Love ya Zoe x

  32. Omg Joe looks so cute with his hair like that! Hehe!
    :3 Love ya Zoe x

  33. It's Joe?! No way haha he's been adorable xx

  34. roxy11