As some of you may, or may not be aware, a large proportion of Lush stores across the UK & USA hold post Christmas sale’s.

Last year, in the UK, the sale was simply “Spend £20, get anything free”, so people were walking out with free “Lush Legend” box sets worth £97.
However this year, they have sorted out this steal, & now it’s box sets within a certain date/price, or simply pick anything from a massive box full of stuff.
In my local Lush shop, the massive box was full of Xmas box sets, and bags which were stapled so you couldn’t see inside, but i think most had a 500g Snow Fairy & various other Xmas items.
In the US, the sales are a lot more exciting (in my opinion anyway), & their deal is simply
“Buy one, get two free” – erm..yes please UK?
(If anyone actually knows why we don’t have this promotion in the UK, let me know…I’m intrigued)

I’ve never been shopping on boxing day, but this year, i had nothing to do, my family were meeting with friends and doing a local pub crawl & my brother went off skiing.
So me & my cousin drove into the city (which at 11.30 i thought would be seriously wasn’ was more quiet than an average day).
I went straight to Lush, thinking everything would be gone, but it was surprisingly quiet & lots of choice for the free gift.

This is what i brought home with me…

[3 more Star Melts (yeh, i think im obsessed), 2 So White Bath Ballistics, Medium Olive Branch showergel (my mum threw my other FULL one away because she thought it had gone funny where the two colours dont mix…urgh), Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Mr Butterball Bath Ballistic & Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic]

And i got this Stardust Christmas Box set, worth £24.95 for free :)
(It was actually the one i had in mind for getting so yay)

The box contains:
♥ 100g Snow Fairy Showergel
♥ Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub
♥ Candy Cane Bubble Bar
♥ Star Melt
♥ Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
♥ Angel’s Delight Moon Soap
♥ Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
♥ 10% Discount

I’m glad i decided to get out of bed & go to Lush, i managed to get myself an absolute bargain.
I could have kept it & given it as a gift, but..that moon soap was too hard to resist…
If you haven’t already been to your nearest Lush & would quite like to grab a bargain, im pretty sure they will still have stuff left…mine did & i think they will for at least a week.

What did you get in the sale & did your Lush have any other promotions?

  1. Louise

    well done you some nice stuff there I can't get to a store for a bit so I tried the online offer which is no where near as generous you need to spend at least £30 to get some freeebies hey ho bizarrely I didn't get any Lush for Christmas so I picked up a few bits – It will be interesting to see what I get x

  2. I think I'd have a bit of a cheek to grab some of these bargains, since I actually had 5 box sets for Christmas! I'm a Lush junkie though, so I'm definitely tempted lol. Great haul my lovely x

  3. Elle

    I managed to get lucky and get the Winter Wonderland box worth £49.95! Some people had like three of the £70 boxes, however they did queue for about 2 hours! I love the star melts too, they are lovely you done well! x x

  4. Wow, what a good bargain. Love the look of that big moon!xx

  5. Kelly

    Enjoy all those goodies! I didn't bother with the sale this year. Kinda wish I did now looking at all the stuff you managed to pick up

  6. Autaven

    I posted pictures of what I got :)

    My free gift was the Celebrate gift, I haven't used anything in it before so score! I'll have to give those star melts a try next time I'm in.

  7. Sarona

    the lush here sucks ! they never have sales or even give out samples and it's too pricy which I understand but when I see the Lush in UK & USA and how much samples they give out it's ridiculous

  8. Nicole

    i saw all that you got on twitter and was mighty jealous !! its amazing the amount of goodies you got for free!

  9. Was Christmas stuff still on sale for you guys? My local store had no more christmas stuff on sale and I wanted some star melts. :(

  10. xox D.

    I need to check if lush has those promotions in Munich as well… love it!

  11. Connie.

    Wow, that US offer sounds ace, damnit UK! Anyway, cheers for the review – being a Lush virgin (Gasp!) I've been looking around for some things to try when I go in a couple of days and I'm definitely going to pick up some of those Star Melt thingymajiggys :) x

  12. WOW this is a lot of products =)

  13. ellie

    Ahh im so exited, im going to ym lush store tomorrow! :) i hope they will still have sale stuff cause whenever i go to my lush on a normal day the queues are quite long anyway so im scared it will all be gone :( but i liked the stuff you got :) fingers crossed for me xx

  14. lol its okay don't worry i bought 8 star melts to add to my lush corner in my room, and use in the year…i'm soo sad we won't see until next holiday season

  15. ohh i am jealous! really good deal!
    buut, could you pleaase do a favourite lush products blogpost or video? would be so lovely as i am not tooooo sure about what to buy next but i got so much money for christmas.

  16. suzi.x

    I Q'd up for about 45mins outside Lush and got a £70 xmas hatbox free….the amount in it was amazing!!! They did have 2 Legend hatboxes which were in the offer but the first people in were smart enough to bee-line for them!! I've blogged about my freebies and cant wait to try them out!!! Hopefully I have enough Snow fairy to last me till next year!! :)

  17. jennie

    ooh so many goodies! that moon soap looks incredible :)

  18. I rushed to my local lush store (london liverpool st) and it was empty! I literally ran in expecting to queue for ages but I was the only person inside. I picked up a box set for just over 20 quid as the bf was rushing me, and I picked up the same box set as you for free. I also received two box sets for xmas – I definitely reckon I own at least half of Lush now!

  19. i picked up a lot from the US buy 1 get 2 sale myself. definitely got in on some star melts as well! I got a couple of the solid snow fairy perfumes, and I just can't get into it. Oh well! xoxo

  20. heyzoe

    oh, i went slightly crazy in lush this time! hehe
    i gooot three star melts, satsumo santa, candy cane, butterball, so white, jingle spells, cinders, sex bombs, helping hands hand cream, yummy yummy yummy & snow fairy shower gels :) because i bought so much i got two free gifts, i was so chuffed! so i got stardust and sweet and dreamy, both so girly (and quite expensive usually so i saved myself a bomb!)

  21. Jen

    I walked into the York branch and straight back out again today – it was madness! Great haul, though!

  22. These sales were amazing! I just grabbed three cinders but only spent four dollars! I couldn't even believe it. I wished I was carrying a load of dough to get some of those presents! Bogo is the way to go!

  23. laura

    It was buy 1 get 1 gift boxes in the US, too, so even though the christmas stuff was wiped out by the time I made it to the shop on Sunday (I managed to grab the VERY LAST sexy boy, though, and got a couple of bath bombs for free!) I was still able to make out like a bandit – I bought the honey farm gift pack and got celebration for free! spent $40 and got $90 worth of stuff, and I'm a totally new to lush so it's all equally exciting to me. The gifts are the best, you get so much that you may not think to pick yourself (flying fox was SO MUCH better than I was expecting!) and it's all little bits so there's no commitment required. I'm so looking forward to trying everything out!

    and thanks for all the reviews – because of your warning, I knew to steer clear of the jingle balls. :)

  24. I haven't been to the sales yet. I agree though the sales in the U.S are better than over here

  25. Loved your lush haul zoe!
    I managed to get the stardust set with my goodies too! Such a pretty gift box! Have just blogged about it! I love it!
    <3 xox

  26. The lush store in Bournemouth still had spend £20 get anything free-I went a few days ago.x

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  28. swinnie

    Wow oh my god I can't believe you got that box set for free! This year will probably be really hectic, hoping I grab some bargains too on Boxing Day :-)

  29. omg I remember when I went to lush for the Xmas sales, it was manic in Central London! I grabbed as much as I could from the Christmas collection, its defo my favourite time of the year when there's all these different bombs, bars and melts to chose from!

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  31. Erin Breanna

    Welcome back! Haha I dont know why I wrote this on The first Blog post!

  32. Leah Ketley

    I love you Zoe and I don’t know what I would do without you, your a amazing person and ian inspiration to everyone. Thank you for vlogmas and 24 days of Zoella. Xxxxx

  33. Leah Ketley

    Everything is half price even the gift sets.

  34. Rose_x

    This is the first blog of yours I have read I like it haha I have watched your vids for years

  35. Lucy Lou

    Hiya Zoe! Just want to say how glad I am to have came across such an amazing YouTuber and blogger! I have used your recipes, ideas, hairstyles and have even published my own blog and YouTube channel! I will read a blog or watch a video of yours and it will make me smile. I’m also just began to read Girl Online On Tour (outstanding work by the way!) Happy Vlogging! Lucy x:)

  36. Justine Machin

    Is this your first ever post Zoe? I’m just reading back over your archived! I don’t really buy Lush products, actually scrap that, I never buy Lush products but that’s because I rarely have time for baths. I tend to jump in and out the shower. This year one of my resolutions is to take more time out to indulge and focus on me so perhaps it’s time I paid a visit to my local Lush store! 🙌🏻❤️ Xx