I got bored & so i decided to play with my shimmer cubes from The Body Shop that i was kindly sent last week. I had an extremely pretty set of colours which i think, make the perfect smokey eye.

Here it is ….

Gosh touch up concealer in no 2
Benefit Erase Paste
Mac select cover up
Bare Minerals Medium foundation
Bare Minerals Faux Tan bronzer
Well dressed blush
Benefit High Beam highlight

Mac Blackground paintpot
The Body Shop shimmer cubes for whole of eye
2true liquid liner (cheap cheap)
Barry m white kohl liner on waterline
Barry m black kohl liner under eye
Lancome Hynose mascara

Mac Hue lipstick
Mac Florabundance lipglass

I just realised in some of the pics i have major “hair-in-lipglossage” dang..that’s really irritating..just wanna pick it out…ah well :D
Hope you like it lovelies

  1. Again, LOVE the hair! Believe it or not, I haven't tried a proper smokey eye before – think I will attempt one tomorrow! :) Yours came out perfectly (as always!) xxx

  2. You look beautiful Zoe, as always! I love the eye makeup, and your hair is amazing!! :)

  3. Very pretty! I keep meaning to try out these Body Shop cubes.

  4. Gorgeous!xx

  5. You are SO pretty! Absolutely stunning! x x

  6. Your eyes are amazing!! What camera do u use!? Its great quality! xx

  7. Sooo Pretty – these colours go together so well and they really make the most of your fab eyes!

  8. Very pretty smokey eye, it has a lot of depth and really makes your eyes glow! Lovely ♥

  9. I wish I could blend my eyeshadow as good to create a nice smokey eye :(

    Your so pretty it's unreal! Incredibly photogenic too! Can't wait to see the shimmer cubes :) xxx

  10. Thats what i call a smokey eye! Better than what i can do, haha.

    And your eyes are super pretty – i'm officially jealous.

  11. @holly – I'm currently using a mahoosive nikon s2 digital SLR which i'm borrowing to use at a wedding..It has fab quality photos..but let me tell you, it's so difficult taking pics of my face haha. Makes my arms hurt baaad. :)

    @The rest of the girlies – Thankyou so much everyone. You're all so lovely :)

  12. wow!stunning and Im loving the hair too :)I have a shimmer cube quad too but not in those colours unfortunatly :( xx

  13. Laura

    Stunner :) These look amazing, well done :) xxx

  14. Sofee

    u look gor-juz..I love ur big hair!!

  15. you have such lovely eyes!!! xx

  16. u look like that 90210 girl in the first pic!!

  17. freakin gorgeous!!

    are you wearing contacts in there?
    love the hair too!

  18. Sylvia

    Gorgeous hair and makeup!!!

  19. ANGE

    so cute :)

    you remind me of kelly (we love glitter) in these pics!!

  20. Nicola

    Stunning. Your eyes are so pretty :) x

  21. Laurel

    This is such a pretty look.
    Your eyes are so blue, and pretty its unreal.
    Your hair looks so nice.
    Just jealous:( x

  22. ure bloomin gorge..when u gunna do makeup looks on youtube…youd be sooo good xx

  23. Av

    This is a gorgeous look. Will have to check out those shimmer cubes! Did you use the blackground paint pot all over your lid first then the colour on top??

  24. @Av – Yes i did :)It's a good way of mapping out the eyeshadow shape aswell xx

  25. ah this is lovely – i use the brown shimmer cubes to do my smokey eye – so easy and quick! These colours look fab on you – hair is amazing too – i want! x

  26. stop beign so pretty!! gah i hate you :)
    you look lovely- LIKE ALWAYS!

  27. Whit

    hey gorgeous girl!! i LOVEEEE your eyes! wow!!

  28. wow i'm totally diggin your eyes and the makeup.

  29. Angela

    I love it! It's a gorgeous look. :D I also loooove your hair! It has so much volume!! LOL! I hate it when hair gets stuck on my lips from lipgloss…grrrrrr….


  30. thats really suits you, you look really pretty :) xx

  31. Carly

    Beautiful, I love your hair!!

  32. I have nominated you for 2 awards.. ch-ch-check it out.


  33. Lauren

    You are so photogenic.. ! love the make up its gorgeous x

  34. you are SOOOOO blooming pretty!!!!!!! my boyf was with me while i was reading this and he was like 'wow she has such nice eyes' LOL :D xxxxxxx

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    Bonjour !
    First time i come across your blog ; i invite you take a cup of tea inspirations on boubouteatime :)
    hope you ll enjoy the visit :)
    a bientot !
    Boubouteatime xx

  36. @iheartmakeup – Awee haha thankyou Holly & George! :) xxx

  37. You look so beautiful, I love your blog :)

  38. you look stunning Zoe. I envy your hair so much! how do you like benefit erase paste? I've been thinking of buying it for ages.

  39. Hi Zoella! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog AND you've been tagged! There's no need to link my blog (as the rules suggest). Just make sure you share the joy that I received when I was tagged this morning! :) Danielle x BTW love your hair and makeup in this post, beautiful!

  40. wow your blog is really amazing, i love it!

  41. your hair is perfect and what a gorgeous eye!

  42. ahhhh , second picture is amazzzinngggg.. your eyes are perfect!

  43. Ashley

    you look incredible, the eyes are so so good!
    your blog is great! xo

  44. how did you do your hair like this?!?! i've ben dying to know!

  45. ohh myy you look GORGEOUS. I loveee your eyes, you have sucha fresh and pretty face. luckkyy haha. love your blog btw. keep it up =)

  46. krystle

    do you ever take a bad picture lol your so gorgeous. love the blog btw xxx

  47. Maddie

    what colour lipstick and lipgloss did you use? :)♥

  48. I really love different tones in eyeshadow :) looks really lovely!!

  49. I am currently in school for cosmetology, and will be building my portfolio. I would love to know what kind of camera you are using to take your photos? Thank you! http://www.facebook.com/ovamanda

  50. I am currently in school for cosmetology, and building my portfolio. I would love to know what kind of camera you are using to take your amazing photos? Thank you! Find me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ovamanda

  51. BEAUTIFUL hair ! Would love to see a tutorial. The eyes are gorgeous but THE HAIR !!!


  52. I adore the way you do the smokey eye, i would really love to see a tutorial as this is exactly what i want mine to look like but i can never seem to get it to work :(

  53. Ivy Green

    Ah! You look beautiful Zoë. First to comment!