Okay, So i had this idea to do a sortof Tag (If you like it & want to do it aswell) as i think it would be really interesting to see what people use the most.
It’s all very well having “Favourites of the Month” or “Favourites of the moment”
For example..my favourite lipstick changes almost every day haha.
What about the things we actually USE the most? The things we repurchase & show the most love to or use that have become a staple to who we are?

My Most Worn...


This is “Vanitys Child” which came out with a Mac collection, but for the life of me i cannot remember which one. I have used this so much, I love it. I really want them to re-promote but i haven’t seen it in any upcoming collection :(


I bought these earring from Accessorize around 4 years ago. I have worn these to death. Theyre so pretty! You can always find earrings like these floating about in summer.


These cute little shirt type dresses are from a shop called CULT that sell a range of different labels. They’re really cheap & i love wearing them with a simple waist belt, a bit of bling & my leggings. Every girl should own one of these. They have so many different designs to choose from. I need to go back & get more. :)

Nail Polish

My Most worn polish is this coral colour by Barry M (no. 296)
Perfect on the toes & on the fingers. :)


Now, don’t get me wrong, i LOVE shoes. But i can’t ever bring myself to spend over £30 on a pair. Both these shoes were cheapies. The first pair were about £4 from Primark & i have worn these babies to their death pretty much. I just find them so comfy & they go with every outfit as i love to wear gold jewellery. The heels were from Peacocks or somewhere equally as cheap, & i bought these on a whim as i had a fancy dress to go to & had forgotten a pair of heels. So i dashed into the nearest cheap shop & picked these up thinking i could just throw them away afterwards. But oh no…haha they are by far the most comfy heels i own. The heels isn’t MEGA high and there is no platform at the front, making them easy to walk in & comfy as hell. I like the inside too. :) I promise i do own alot more exciting heels/flats than these, but i use these the most.

Hair Product

I’ve done a review of the Tigi S factor range (which you can view here)
& this is my favourite. Have used this for 4 years now. I have tried other serums but i always come back to this one.


These are both “going out” scents. well..thats when i wear them. The armani is alot more stronger, so i would definitely only stick to this at night but the Gucci Rush 2 can be worn either way in my opinion. I love these! I think this is my 3rd bottle of armani & 2nd bottle of Gucci. My staple scents.


I got this handbag in TKMAXX. They have some great handbags in there sometimes. I really liked the colour & the pretty detailing. I have only had this for about 5 months so i can’t say it’s one ive had for ages but it’s definitely been my most used. I went through a stage of carrying really oversized handbags but i found that i could never find anything in there & now this is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Love it!

I hope you like the idea of this tag, Please get involved either by a blogpost or a video on yutube if you’d prefer :)
I’m tagging…

Holly – Hollymae20
Holly – theyummymummysbeautyblog
Hele – helesays
Emma – Magpiesparkles
Suzi – suzit86
Ella – Ellacinderellax
Vicky – Peachykeencheeks
Kelly – Kelanjo19
Lucy – LucyMarie85

Oh god..my list could go on.. but i’m going to stop at 10 & say if you’d also like to take part in the tag feel free & link me if you do it :)

  1. Suzi

    I cant wait to do this tag =) thanks for tagging me, That lipstick looks gorge, I want one lol

  2. That bag is gorgeous, the tkmaxx near me is rubbish :( my most worn shoes are the same primark ones you have, but in tan :) I'll defo get this done soon!

  3. Ellie

    Great tag! I love that bag, I can never find any nice things in the tkmaxx where I live! & your accessorize earrings are gorgeous! :) xx

  4. I've not been tagged on this but I like the idea so I might do a post on this soon.


  5. awww thanks for tagging me girlie!! this is a really good idea, i cant wait to do it :D i just wanted to say that without sounding silly i LOVE your blog so much, i get exited when i see that you have posted something new!!! xxxxx

  6. ANGE

    i <3 armani code too! my boyfriend got it for me by mistake, and i love it now! :)

  7. Jess

    Love the bag and top/dresses but can't find them on the website and don't have a cult store near me :( xx

  8. Tamara

    Ohh I love gucci rush 2 too. I use it almost all the time, I absolutely love it and find if appropriate for everyday use too!

  9. @iheartmakeup – Awee Hollyy! You're so sweet! I get as equally as excited when i see you have posted a vid/blogpost! The amount of times my boyfriend has been round & you've posted a vid & i've completely ignored him whilst im watching it. He's always like "Has that girl posted another vid" & i'm like "yup.. :)" love youuu xxx

  10. @Jess – The labels in the dresses say "R&R" So possibly try searching that :) Hope you manage to find them xxx

  11. Laurel

    Love this post. Its a good idea.
    I might get stuck in:)
    I agree with Holly i LOVE your blog, and i get excited when i see youve posted:)

  12. wow this is such a great idea! i think i will do it.. hehe

  13. Luc

    I love the first shoes, the tops and bag!!

  14. Ileana

    You have a good choice, my fav are the dresses :)

  15. Daisy

    This is a great idea! xxx

  16. I really love the dresses. they're cool

  17. I looooooooooooooove those dresses!!!

  18. Hele

    this is a great tag! will do this soon – thanks!! xx
    ps I've used that S factor hair stuff for a few years now, smells amazing! x

  19. THAT BAG IS AMAZING. Oh my, I want it! I love TKMaxx I spend hours in there, it's slightly embarrassing, hah.
    I'm tempted by the serum, sounds good! I need a tamer of my frizz.
    & the dresses are fantastic, I want one, specially for summer. Zo, I think I love everything, haha.
    Definitely doing this soon!

  20. Angela

    Very cute! I love your bag!

  21. What a fun tag! lovely earrings ♥

  22. Faye

    Just wondering if i could do a special Post entry on your blog?

    Sort of like promoting it, i do it once every month with blogs i adore but i obviously need your permission first (:

    Comment back on my latest post please, or my Meebo.

  23. Anna

    Ooh your Claudia handbag is sooo pretty! I love it! I'm so happy to have found such a great and affordable handbag range! :) xoxo Anna

  24. What a good idea!! Ill have to do this tag when i get a chance :) And fakk i want that lipstick it looks really pretty!! And those dresses!

  25. Anonymous

    hey there, :) the lipstick you love came from MAC's electroflash collection!

  26. ayuhmay

    I truly love that bag, and those shoes. I'm in the process of breaking out of my Plain Jane stage of clothes and accessories. I never have been able to find really cute, exciting things. But with the assistance of this blog (this is my first time seeing it), and my stylish friends (; I will morph into a fashionista :D

    PS- I'm going to follow you on twitter now :D

  27. omg!! is amazing!! i love the lipstick :D so hot! n.n

  28. Zoe,Youre amazing!<3 i absolutely adore you! I get super excited when i have seen youve uploaded a video or a post,You're my definition of perfect…It would mean the world to me if you replied to this or followed me on instagram ( @mitchie231299 ) or something! I love youuu!<3

  29. Ivy Green

    😁👍😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍❤😁👍 first to comment!

  30. David Taylor

    Great tag idea