Imagine how excited i was when my boyfriend agreed to accompany me to Oxford to Bicester Outlet Village…er..very much so!!

Not only is it a cute day out, filled with amazing designer shops but they have a Cosmetic Company Outlet. Eeee.
Last time i went they didn’t have an overly impressive Mac display & i ended up skipping it altogether but this time i bought a few things. They had Hello Kitty, Fafi, Neo Sci-Fi & many different brush kits…so if you live near Oxford & you want to get your hands on any of that, i would suggest you go check it out. :)
I thought i was pretty good..i did start off with alot more in mind but i restrained myself & cut it down slightly.

“Spiced Chocolate” Quad
I eyed this up when it was released a while back but the price tag put me off. Being abit cheaper in the CCO i couldn’t resist. The colours are “Nano Gold, Brash, Sweet Chestnut & Spiced Chocolate”

Neo Sci-fi E/S “Femme Fi”

I also eyed this one up when Neo Sci-fi came out, but for some reason i left it..could have been the hole in my pocket. I am loving this colour!Swatches of Eyeshadows
From Left to Right: NanoGold (cannot see it), Brash, Sweet Chestnut, Spiced Chocolate, Femme Fi

Lustreglass in “Love Knot”
I think…think..don’t quote me, but this came out with Naughty Naughticals…i seem to remember one with a name very similar. I wasn’t really into MAC overly when that collection came out but this colour is gorgeous & i definately prefer the consistency on lustreglasses to lipglasses. It is a gorgeous pink with blue/purple reflex & you can really see it.

Lipglass in “Florabundance”
A gorgeous pinky nude!
Swatches of Lipglosses
Left to Right: Love Knot & Florabundance

I can’t wait to try it all out, especially the quad.

Last week i popped into LUSH with one thing in mind, and of course i came out with slightly more, and whats even better was i got out my card to pay and the ever so sauve boyfriend whipped out a £20 note before i could hand over my card. I told him off for being too nice & adorable… MEN! ha

“Lemony Flutter” cuticle butter
Have been eyeing this as lately my nails & cuticles have been damaged big time by acryllic nails & the warm weather has dried out my skin big time :( After using this a few times i can saftely say it’s love. Fab for elbows and knee’s too!

“The Olive Branch” shower gel
This is my new favourite shower gel. It smells absoloutley GORGEOUS. I was never really drawn towards this one as i think the word “Olive” really put me off. I never fancied smelling of olives, but im so glad my nose was curious as i could lather this all over me every minute of everyday.

“Creamy Candy” bubble bar
We all know what this smells like. Creamy candy… sickly sweet & i want to eat it.

“Oatifix” fresh face mask
This is what i ventured in to buy..(and almost forgot until i was at the till) this is the new facemask made up of ingredients especially for dry skin. (Click picture to enlarge & read the description) It smells SO yummy..unlike some of the others they have, which frankly i don’t think i could put near my nose at all. It smells like bananas, toffee & almonds. I have yet to put this on my face but i’m looking forward to it muchly.
So that was my little Haul-o-rama for you. I’m going to try & test all these goodies & will report back any significant info to you if any of you are interested. As always just ask :)
I’m SO tired as have been working 13 hour days all of last week as an extra in a bbc period drama called “Cranford” (don’t know if any of you are familiar with the series?) & i have yet to catch up on sleep but have been dozing off randomly at strange times in the day & talking rubbish and moving alot in my sleep…odd ball! So right now i just about have my eyes open. I will do a blog post all about being an extra as i got to meet some fab people/celebs & was totally filled in with celeb gossip by some of the assistant directors. Interesting stuff!

Anyways my lovelies, i’m going rest my eyes.
Night Night

  1. Daisy

    That creamy candy bubble bar is one of my favs! It just makes the whole bathroom smell like a sweetshop and the scent stays on your skin for ages- mmm, delicious!

  2. I absolutely love Lush! I'd happily buy everything in the shop :)

  3. Karen

    amazing post;
    so lucky your boyfriend went with you i have to Drag my :p lol

    loving the MAC lipglosses

  4. C.

    hey girlie, i just bought florabundance today too! so pretty! nice haul!

  5. haha lucky you :]
    im Dying to go there and hope someone would take me LOL im bad with directions T_T
    lovely lipglosses x

  6. Florabundance is loooovely! You're making me want to go to the CCO missy! & Sally's after your other post, hah.

  7. Lush19

    I used to work at Bicester Village… Awww I miss it! It's seriously worth going!

    Femme Fi, is that still there, I bought that months ago from the CCO! Haha.


  8. em

    great haul! I love that quad, such great colours!

  9. So many nice goodies! I sooooo want the quad!

  10. Ondine

    Oooo I didn't think we had CCO over here – how exciting. Was it much cheaper than usual?

  11. they have a cco in bicester!?! omg i didnt no, will have to go have a look :)

  12. Jean

    That quad looks gorgeous and I totally love that lush Oatifix mask it's one of my favorites.

  13. Thanks SO much for this post! I was planning on buying my first MAC product and wasn't sure what I wanted and I think florabundance is the one for me :D

  14. The quads gorgeous can't wait to see what looks you come up with using it :) Ella xoxo

  15. Aw my bf usually does that(whips out the spends) when I go to CCO and Lush. Mainly because most of the things we buy in Lush are for him. bless boys.

  16. Hele

    I love lemony flutter- been using it for a few years now. I always wonder why they make the pots so big as mine always expire before I get anywhere near finishing! I go to Bicester every so often- I went a few weeks ago and they didn't have the spiced choc quad, it looks gorgeous and I really regret not buying it when it came out! Xx

  17. ahhh, all gorgeous!!

    do you know where the other cco's are in the uk? xxxx

  18. Is this outlet in the UK or in the USA? I've been to 7 of them and something when I am traveling I look up at the other cco in other states, but never heard of this one. I'm surprise they have it in the UK, it's awesome that they do. I really want the spice chocolate quad, you're so lucky you've found it. Please let me know where this cco is located?

  19. I ♥ bicester village!!

    Princess Juicy T xx

  20. I have to say that hands down oatafix is my favorite lush facemask.I have tried many facemasks for my dry sensitive skin but nothing compares.first off the smell is to die smells like banana bread!it leaves your face so soft and smooth like if you just got a peel loving it and il probably do a review on it very soon!
    please check out my fairly new..but im passionate <3

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  23. Ivy Green

    Love lush! First to comment!