In my previous post i had alot of compliments on my hair.

In the photo’s i had used products from the Clynol “Look at me” range which i was sent a while ago to try out.
I am in LOVE with these products. I was sent the following…

[Left to Right: “Naughty” styling volume fluid – “Delicious” boosting hairspray – “Center Stage” smoothing styling cream]

Each of the products are designed to give shine and hold, and the intensity of both is shown on the back of the bottles.

When i first used these i wasn’t overly impressed. I tried the volume boost with the serum and it left my hair feeling greasy and heavy, and was very difficult to style, i had clearly overloaded my hair with product, (but hey, im here to test it for you guys so you don’t make the same mistake) But using the products on their own in smaller amounts is FAB!
My favourite has got to the hairspray! It’s by far the best hairspray i have used & i will definately be repurchasing. It doesn’t leave hair sticky, or rock hard. It gives it gorgeous volume and it really lasts all day. It definately adds to the shine aswell.

See results for yourselves…Eeep..i look nakey

Love. Love. Love it.

I also really like the smoothing cream and have been using this in conjunction with the hairspray and it makes my hair super smooth. The smell is gorgeous aswell. Coconut is my favourite scent and i find it a really “clean” smell. Although this is the only one of the three that has a distinctive coconut scent, the others still smell diiiiviine though. :)
I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair before blowdrying and VOILAA.

The volume styling fluid also does everything it says on the bottle. It has FAB hold & makes any style last. I did have quite knotty hair at the end of the day compared to normal but i’m putting this down to the fact that it gives hold aswell as volume..therefore is bound to have that effect. This definately works best at the roots of your hair & could be used instead of a mousse!

Overall i am seriously impressed with these products & i’m definately going to look into more from the “Look at me range”. I love the girly & vibrant, the prices are reallt reasonable & styling my hair was seriously so easy with these products, i hardly had to do anything but stand with a hairdryer, and that’s a winner for me.

You can find the products at the Clynol website & Hairsupermarket

  1. I use Clynol shampoo & conditioner and it works wonders for my hair so I'm defo going to look into these products. You have GREAT hair chick!xx

  2. Crissy

    I need some hairspray! I hate having my hair feel all sticky D:

  3. Wow your hair looks great!! Hmm I'll definitely check these products out

  4. I wish I had your hair (sigh)….. Gorgeous locks and a beautiful face to go with them. Some girls get all the luck! I seriously want to check these out if there is a chance I can make my hair look half as good as yours! Great post, thanks Zoella xx

  5. That hairspray looks awesome!.. LOVE your hair :) x

  6. you hair is gorgeous!!
    So envious :)

  7. you should really do a hair tutorial on how you volumize your hair because it looks so awesome! do you have a youtube channel, let me know i would love to watch your videos!

  8. Wow I miss the old you xx

  9. Alice Wensington

    It does look incredible. I love what it’s done to your hair. It looks really smooth and shiny.

  10. Keira Teale

    the best thing about it is that there is the best effect in the styling syrumn

  11. Ivy Green