I love when i find something that really does what it says on the tin.

Bare Escentuals has actually never let me down. It’s my number one foundation choice (makes me look flawless, easy application and it’s so light on my skin i forget i’m even wearing anything)
The blushes are amazing too. Anyway, i will do a full review on Bare Escentuals if you’d like me too, but for now i’m going to point out my current favourites.

There are a few reliable users on ebay that sell almost the whole range of Bare Escentuals for very good prices. That’s where i got these purchases.

The Skin rev-ver upper i have used for about 2 years. I wear this underneath moisturiser. It’s a vitamin serum and i have neglected this for a few months as i had run out. But looking at back at photos of me when i used to wear it i feel like it really did make a difference to my skin so i purchased a new bottle..yay.
It contains salicylic acid so it’s spot defending and is full of multivitamins. I feel like it’s a skin boost, almost like a power drink for my skin (dabbing red bull into your pores doesn’t quite have the same effect though ladies, don’t try and be cheap! :))

Now this is my absolute FAVOURITE product atm.
Bare Minerals “Faux Tan”. This one is 0.85g (the same size as the blushes)
I have been using alot of bronzer lately what with all the beautiful weather we’ve been having, & i had seen this before and thought i must have it. I am forever trying to tan my face, and my body tans fine, but because i have dry skin, i can put fake tan on my face, and by the next day it will have gone. I am horribly pale. eurgh. haha.
I apply this with my mac 209 brush to my cheek bones and as a contour. I then lightly dust it over the rest of my face…chin, nose, forehead etc & i absolutely love the effect it has. It does appear to be quite matte but on close inspection it has tiny gold specks making it just that little bit more gorgeous. Don’t be put off by the colour in the jar either. You only need a light application but if you did have darker skin than me, you’d only need to add a little more until you were satisfied with the colour payoff.

[Top: Skin Rev-ver Upper, Bottom: Faux Tan]

Without Faux Tan… Ghostly..haha

With Faux Tan…[Check out that trout pout..scary]

[Got a bit carried away & stupid…oops]

But, anyhoo, I love this, and if you are a mineral or bronzer fan you should deffo add this little gem to your collection if it makes you feel as satisfied as it does me.

  1. You looks so radiant with the faux tan on – a great endorsement! I have their warmth, which I really like too xxx

  2. My god I LOVE your hair! :D x

  3. Sarah

    How on earth do you do your hair so it always looks like you are fresh out of the hairdressers.. totally jealous!!

    I love Bare Minerals.. the Skin rev-ver upper sounds like something I NEED!

  4. @Sarah – John Freida brunnette liquid shine shampoo&conditioner,clynol centerstage serum and some hold&shine clynol hairspray ;) xx

  5. ahh, I hate how fake tan just disappears on the face, happens to make all the time! you look gorgeous =)

  6. It gives you such a lovely tan colour, your hair looks gorgeous too. . . would you mind sharing the ebay sellers, I love BE? x

  7. id like too see a bare essentials reveiw :]
    wenever i use i feel like i look shineyy.
    and i LOVE yor bangs! too cute

  8. ohmygosh it looks great! i have a bare minerals bronzer that i neglect waay too much. i just dont like how its loose powder, its so much easier to use my pressed bronzers! but after seeing this ill have to dig mine up and start usin it again! and i also used to use the rever uper but mine smelled horribly of medicine and i didnt like it :(
    and i love your cute little posey pictures :)

  9. Jean

    That does have a really nice effect :)

  10. Holly

    Love warmth, will look at this next time, looks gorgeousx

  11. ooo they look good, will have to try them out xx

  12. I know what you mean! My face loses color the fastest! I think I want to try both these products! I love BE!

  13. This is so random. But are you using a DSLR to tk these pics?! if yes, which one? BTW you look lovely with that bronzer! Now I have to go get it . ahaa *

  14. em

    love the idea of the the serum! your hair is ace too.

  15. Tali

    Wow looks great!!

  16. Moni

    Hi pretty lady:)
    Thank you fro your comment on ym blog. In regards to Inglot lippies you can get them in Westfield in LDN or when on holiday in Poland. I trully recomend visiting it not just for great hol destinatin (especialy north coast) but also amazing shopping trip!
    Thank you for such kind words you wrote on my blog!
    I adore reading your posts!! xxxx

  17. awww.. too cute!! i LOVE you hair btw!!
    i keep hearing good things about bare escentuals, they look nice on you too!
    too bad i cant use mineral products (strangely they break me out) :(
    btw, i love your blog! its soo pretty and adorable and lots of interesting posts :)

  18. Meagan

    I love the hair in this post! I wish I could make my bangs do that!

    Love the background :)

  19. Thanks for following me bubz :) I love your blog, hope when mines slightly more full up, youll enjoy readng mine too :)

  20. EmElle

    ohmygawd. firstly, you are so gorgeous, and secondly i keep getting bad skin with the products i am using (not Bare Escentuals)and i was wondering what would you recommend that doesn't make skin horrible (: thanks a bunch


  21. @EmElle – Thankyou muchly :) It really depends on the type of skin you have. I have dry skin, so i tend to buy VERY moisturising products & i find that liquid foundation can look blotchy. I always think that mineral foundation is alot less harsh on the skin. I could be wrong, but i feel like it makes a healthy difference. Maybe you should give Bare Escentuals a try :) They've been FAB for me & is definately my no.1 foundation.


  22. Anonymous

    Can you please do a full review on bare minerals!

  23. hey ino this is an old post but hey-ho! :)
    just a quick qqqqqqqq,, urm do you only use the powder foundation on your skin as your skin always looks perfeeeeecct an i can never achieve that with jus a powder! please write baaac :)

  24. Ivy Green

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