Eve’nin Lovelies…

I thought seeing as it’s been about a month since i first purchased some LUSH skincare i would share my findings with you all, apart from the fresh facemask “catasphrophy cosmetic” which i have done a seperate review for…


I had heard some really good things from others about LUSH skincare, I really like the fact that it’s all natural and very “green”. I also like the fact that it’s not tested on animals.

For a list of ingredients for each of these products go to the website.

Skin Drink

When i first opened this i was a bit dissapointed with the colour..well..not dissapointed, thats quite a strong word, i was a bit surprised by the colour, it looks kinda like…baby poo? yum.?! This moisturiser is VERY moisturising. I have (thought i had) dry skin, but in fact this moisturiser was almost too heavy for me. It left an oily residue on my skin, which i didn’t like much, however, was a great base for makeup, and certainly dried up my dry patches. I would reccommend this as a night cream, or only to be used in dry areas of the face, or even if u really do have majorly dry skin, or in the winter. I’m thinking this moisturiser sorted out my dry skin, and then because i carried on using it, it got a bit much. I didn’t break out of anything though, which is good and i’m pleased it did its job but to be used with caution!

Mask Of Magnaminty

In all honesty i have only used this mask 3 times. I much prefer the fresh faced masks, but alot of people are put off by the fact they only have a shelf life of 3 weeks, and they cannot be shipped in America. But because they are SO fresh, they really benefit the skin alot more. I don’t reaallly see much of a difference when i use this? I’ve heard some people say it’s for oily skin, then some say it’s for combination..and some say it’s for dry skin…so i’m not sure if it’s suited to my skin type or not? I prefer the consistency of these over the fresh faced mask, they’re easier to spread and dont have chunky bits that are likely to hang from your face…scary! I love the colour and smell of this mask aswell. I would definately say give this one a try, but get the smaller pot incase you don’t get along with it, or ask for a sample! Not sure if i will buy this again, Obviously i’ll use up the pot and see if i notice a difference the more ive used it.

Angels on Bare Skin

This is a fab cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling so clean and soft. It does look kindof scary in the tub…but look past that for now. :) It’s also good for every type of skin which doesnt restrict anyone from trying this. The only downfall is having to make it into a paste in your hands…i find i loose half of it between my fingers down the sink. Anyone else have this problem or do i have gappy hands? The smell is..okay? I hated it at first, but now it’s grown on me. To be honest, it’s such a good cleanser that the smell and adding water to it isn’t enough to put me off. Try this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sympathy for the Skin

This is a body cream. I was really excited about this, Smells like bananas and vanilla yoghurt, and is great for dry skin. You can only get this in the large tub, so i was kindof hestitant anyway…how would i use all that up? I smelt it…and it does smell nice, you want to eat it…but the more i smell it…the more i hate it. It’s starting to make me feel sick. It doesn’t really feel like it does anything on the skin, i don’t know about you but when you have dry skin, you almost want it to feel kindof greasy after a cream before it sinks in…with this…2 seconds later it’s as if u didnt put anything on…and ur skin doesnt feel very moisturised. This might be because my skin is dryer than most? although its really not that dry? Hhmm, wasn’t too impressed with this one, i much prefer the massage bars on my skin.

Handy Gurugu

The best hand cream i’ve ever used. This one is suggested for dry hands, it’s the “strongest” one. Although it sinks in so quickly and smells absoloutley gorgeous. There’s not much more i can say about this one, other than the fact it’s bloody amazing & if u have dry hands you should deffo give it a go.

Heavanilli Massage Bar

This is my absolute FAVOURITE massage bar. I can’t get enough of this, I love the scent and i just think massage bars are the best invention ever. I seriously need to stock up on more of these. They moisturise so well, and leave that moisturising/greasy feeling that i mentioned earlier before sinking into the skin and making you smell gorgeous. Please buy this and love it like i do :)

I was in LUSH today (eek) and i got talking with one of the girls in there, i was looking for a new fresh face mask to try after catastrophe cosmetic. She suggested “A Crash Course in Skincare“. She put it on my hand and demonstrated it, as well as the cleanser “Ultrabland” and the toner “A breath of fresh air” I bought the facemask (along with another massage bar – strawberry feels forever) and got samples of the following things:

  • Ultrabland (cleanser)
  • Breath of fresh air (toner)
  • Imperialis (to replace skin drink as its become too heavy)

And i aso picked up a few for my boyfriend as i thought he could try some too(aren’t i nice), he has oily/spot prone skin, and she suggested:

  • Enzymion (moisturiser)
  • Tea tree toner (a toner :O)

I hope this helps, I will review the sample products and let you know if i’ll purchase the full sizes, all are looking good so far.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend

  • Ivy Green

    First to comment! This is a little (ok a few years) late. I love lush!