I’m affraid that when it comes to storing makeup, i really am NOT very organised..although it looks tidy…i can never find anything easily because i throw it all in the silver chest. It makes life easier in the short term. haha.[Tidy Tidy]

From the Left: In the “Lamb” tin (which once had my watch in it) now has all my hair grips, then theres the classic light up mirror, In the little mirrored draws are all my eyeshadows, a tower or lush skincare, a small glass vase of fake flowers (haha), my large silver chest, a black cd storage box with 2 draws all of which include more makeup and on top of that is a picture holder but i use this to hang my earrings on…I used to have them all chucked in a draw but the nuisance of having to find the other one and untangle them drove me insane, and i find this method SOO much easier.Hhmm…this is the mess that is some of my most-used makeup. Things like eye pencils, mascara, concealer are in the small makeup bag near the front and thes rest is just blush, MSF’s, Dazzle Dusts…etc etc.

The Top Drawer…

Nail Polishes, Toner, cotton pads, Makeup remover, Hair Bands and the bag in the bottom right corner is full of all my lip products…

[Lots of lippie stuffs]

Draw of body lotions, deodorant, face washes etc..

[& my really soft lounge-about-the-house booties in the bottom left corner of the photo]

If anyone wants to do a review of anything you spot, let me know

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