I thought I would share my current lippie collection, as it’s something I quite enjoy people showing me.

The Mac Lippies ♥

From Left to right: Show Orchid (love), Pleasureseeker, Vanitys Child (looks scary but it’s my favourite nude), Myth (we’re currently not on speaking terms), Bare slimshine.

The Barry M Lippies ♥

From left to right: 130, 136, 132, 129

Others ♥

Left to Right: GOSH darling, Nina Ricci in col. 41 Satin (Amazing, I need more of these & so do you!) & lastly we have an ALDI lipstick in col. 100

My favourites have to be Mac’s Show Orchid, Nina Ricci satin, Mac’sVanitys Child and Barry M’s 129.

Enjoy! ♥

P.S. As you can see, I am in need of the perfect red but I don’t want anything too bright.

Anybody have any suggestions?

  1. Nice collection. I usually put Myth over Cherish & that it makes it much lovelier. And I think every girl who loves lips should own Bare Slimshine. xoxo

  2. I love reading your blogs tooo
    i just made a contest so fingers crossed you get involved

  3. I think you’d love gash by UD for a nice red!

  4. heyyy
    i taged you in my “6 products i cant live without” tag
    let be know if you give it a go

  5. Ondine

    Any chance you could swatch some of these at some point? I’d especially love to see the Barry M ones…

  6. @Ondine – Sure thang :)

  7. Ondine

    Thanks a mill – that’s a great help. I think a little trip to the Barry M counted in Superdrug is now in order today…

  8. Ooo – love the lipstick collection :)
    Thanks for the comment on my Lush post, never came across your blog before but am now a follower, looks awesome!

  9. Hii you may think I am crazyy but I am from America where we can’t find Barry M and Gosh lippies anyywhere.. I saw on a previous post you swapped with someone from here.. I’d be willing to send you something.. anything! for those lippies. If you would be interested (I understand if you don’t want to or don’t trust me, internet is scary!!) but if you could message me – cristiana124@gmail.com, I’d so greatly appreciate it. Your blog is fantastic! :) xo – cristiana

  10. OOH you're just so helpful. I think I love you :p I've been after a decent nude lippie for ageeeesss, and I finally have inspiration!

    If you're after a decent red, maybe try Urban Decay in Revolution? It's quite bold but I like it, and it lasts pretty well if you blot it.

    Hannah xoxo

  11. i luv vanity child & bare slimshine

  12. Megan

    OMG! I am loving the way Show Orchid is loooking..I am tempted to go and buy it now!

  13. Meg

    I LOVE Show Orchid! It is one of my faves in my collection (which is fairly small)!

  14. Have you ever tried nars lipsticks. I heard in your recent Youtube videos that you filmed with Louise, (the Nars Virgin) that you liked Nars so was surprised not to see any Nars Lipsticks in your collection. My favourites are "Roman Holiday", "Barbarella" and "Dolce Vita" and I also love their Pure Matte Lipstick with one of their SPF lip treatments on top to add shine and condition! Sorry for the long comment, just thought I would share it with you!!!

  15. fantastic post! i like how you've shown the products n then shown the final result too :D xx

  16. Maddy J

    Oh my God the colours are all so gorgeous :)
    I've got a question…how do you keep your lips from drying out when wearing lipstick because I find that only an hour or two after applying they're dry :'(
    Is it just a case of reapplying or what do you recommend??


  17. i love alll the colours i bet they all look great on youxx

  18. Graciego

    Yay I’m the first person to comment!!! Thank you, I needed some inspiration!!There really pretty colours thanks Zoe

  19. Oona Wolseley

    By zoella my name is Oona and I was wondering how you started up your blog, like I know that you did beauty blogs but how did you come up with themes for your blog like what you were going to write about each week. If you see this can you answer me by dm me at @noonzzzzzzz

  20. Luisa

    I remember having so many of these lipstick shades myself! Over the past year I have started to use more Barry M products and have been impressed with the choice, quality and price!