My friend came to see me this weekend, and I also got paid yesterday, so what better way to celebrate than to go for a little shop? I wasn’t really planning on buying much, and really…i don’t think i did too bad, no serious damage anyway ;)

First stop was superdrug where I bought the following things:
First, I picked up the Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in “Nude Delight”. This colour is a really light wearable nude, it’s also very pigmented and goes on very smooth. I have really dry chapped lips most of the time, but this lipstick doesn’t accentuate that, which i like because i find alot of lipsticks have the tendency to do that. I also found that it has a great staying power! And was only £4.37!

I then went over to the Gosh counter where I noticed they had a 3 for 2 deal…how can you not get roped into that? I picked up my holy grail under eye concealer (no 2), a “Cool lip jam” in 107 and a foundation brush. The lipgloss is really nice, it’s just the right consistency (not too sticky, not too runny) althought i do wish it had a little more pigmentation. It comes out quite sheer, but then i didn’t exactly pick a very daring colour! I did question the “cool” in it’s title, but after applying it, i can see exactly why. It has a tingling cooling sensation, almost as if you were applying a peppermint lipgloss, although this smells of sweets :) another bonus. The foundation brush appealed to me because i have been using the mac 187 brush to do my foundation, but i have found that its started to make it look streaky, so thought i would try something else. It’s SO soft, I’m looking forward to trying it out. Anybody else tried it?
After superdrug i went to LUSH *sighs* that place has me hooked. They were handing out free fruit today, crazy times..although it was amazing to see the amount of people that didnt take anything, maybe they thought there was a catch..haha bit of psychology for you there. Anyway…These are my purchases…
I appologise if you’re sick of seeing things from LUSH, but i really don’t care :)


On the left is the “vanilla founatin” bath ballistic, This has the same scent as the heavenilli massage bar, which i love. Then next to that is “ma bar” which is a chocolate and honey toffee bubble bar. I really want to eat this. :( Then the pretty flowery one is called “Pop in the bath” (not as original or catchy as the other names) but smells gorgey.

The hand cream (on the right) is called “handy gurugu”. The lady in lush said it was the most moisturising of the hand creams. This stuff is amazing. I LOVE it. I can see myself buying pot after pot of this and applying it religiously. It soaks in so quickly, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy, yet it is so moisturising. The texture is alot like sudocrem, quite thick but also very fluffy and light. If you have dry hands like me, try this out.

In H&M i was browsing through the makeup and found these, I am super surprised by their pigmentation, i think they were £2.99 each!

The First is a gorgeous silver glitter dark grey. It looks quite black in real life, but on the picture it has come out quite alot lighter. The second is a gorgeous shimmery golden brown, i LOVE this colour. They are about the same size as a Mac blush. Look how pigmented they are with one swipe!I also picked up this pretty pale pink lipgloss…this tastes of watermelon. It’s not very pigmented but hey, for £3.99 it’s bloody amazing. It has a really nice consistency too!

I also picked these up from “Topshop” and “Cult”

Thought both would look good with leggings :) Hope you’ve all had a good saturday!

  1. Posey

    you got some awesome stuff!
    Also, i couldnt get to the P.O. today. I had to work! so i will be mailing it monday! i feel so bad, but my hubby needed me at work this afternoon! I will get it out monday!

  2. Great haul! The dresses are adorable, and I so wish they had GOSH here in the U.S.! :(

  3. geall

    Really cute dresses and adore the lush stuff, I really wish to try them out but since there are no stores here never could :( However will definitely order some from the internet hopefully :D

  4. Lottie

    amazing buys, love the topshop dress!
    thanks for following my blog:)

  5. great haul :) i must really buy me some lush stuff

  6. i love that rimmel lipstick :)
    it looks really nice!
    and the topshop top/dress

  7. I was really suprised by how good the H & m make up is 2! they have a great bronzer thats really big for about £2.99 xx

  8. Louise

    I have the gosh foundation brush! I love it :) hasn't shed at all or anything :)

  9. I have the same addiction *LUSH* :D YAY

  10. Chilly

    Going through all of your old posts. You were brilliant then and you're brilliant now! x

  11. Just starting out on blogging. Can you give me tips on getting it out there so more people can see it?!

  12. Love ur first post as much as your last:3 Love you!! ♥

  13. Aly

    (: ♥

  14. Zoella♡ I just started watching your videos last night and your my absolute favorite youtuber! I'm thirteen and now I really want to create my own blog now (I love writing);) Thanks so much for inspiring me:) Any tips for starting a blog???

  15. I love looking back on all of your old posts, they always bring a smile to my face, especially when you say things like "gorgey" :) xxx

  16. Chloe M

    Zoe it's so amazing looking back at your old posts and seeing how far you've come in these past 5 years, you and your book inspired me to write my first post on my blog, so thank you so very much!! :)

  17. Jezebel

    I love how far you've come, don't let the haters bring you down!
    Think they're just jealous that you're doing a job you love and you're so good at it! I've been completely obsessed with your Youtube videos and love reading/watching what you're getting up to.
    You're an inspiration to a lot of people and I hope every one stops hating for no reason :)
    Lots of love

  18. Love you :* can you please do a new updated makeup routine and how u edit your videos! ily
    If you want to see some of my vids if you want my youtube is called tayandlani

  19. Came back to all your old posts so proud of how far you have came!