A few weeks ago i was really bored and was missing making things (Finished a level textiles last year) so i grabbed one of my cheap brown hairbands (10 for £1 in primark..bargainus) and at my 18th party last year my mum bought loads of little fake flowers to make table decs and she was throwing them all away! :O so i nabbed them and decided i’d make a hair band. This is the finished product. Bit messy and scew-wiff. But i like it.

Please excuse the lack of any eyemakeup.. i was half done. :)

Anybody else make random things?

  • Ibtihal El manari

    One of your Oldest post Ever !!! Who would have thought you’ll be where you are now !! #ProudOfYou “OldFan

  • Alice Wensington

    How did you get the flowers to stick to the headband? I have a really hard time with getting anything to stick to my headband. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong.

  • Adele

    Wow, look how far you’ve went! 🦄✨💖🌟I’m so proud of you Zoe:) xx A

  • Anna

    Super cute!

  • Rebecca Lyon

    So proud of how far you’ve come! i really hope to have successful blog and possibly YouTube channel as you do!
    much love xx

  • Bookworm

    This is cute! Look how far you’ve come! xx

  • Cecilia Shih

    So cute!!! love it!

  • Zoe Lason

    Wow zoella this is from forever ago x