A few weeks ago i was really bored and was missing making things (Finished a level textiles last year) so i grabbed one of my cheap brown hairbands (10 for £1 in primark..bargainus) and at my 18th party last year my mum bought loads of little fake flowers to make table decs and she was throwing them all away! :O so i nabbed them and decided i’d make a hair band. This is the finished product. Bit messy and scew-wiff. But i like it.

Please excuse the lack of any eyemakeup.. i was half done. :)

Anybody else make random things?

  1. Laura

    So cute…oh and ps, I LOVE the 40’s and 50’s too! x

  2. its lovely :)
    perfect for spring & summer!

  3. Lol loved the reply ,really appreciate it. Yu considered acting before ?? bieng involved in the movies would give yu a great start if yu ever considered it . Anyway plz do let me know if any casting happen. thanxoxox


  4. aw that’s really pretty! i love handmae things :)

  5. i love it !
    its so perdy,
    and bohemian.
    x x x

  6. how cuteee :)

  7. Meya

    that is really cute! i love it! oh i make bow hair clips =]]

  8. super cute!! yes swipe the jumper quik time! I got a small, which is quite long, butnot enough for dress style, maybe get a M or sumin!

  9. Laura

    I think that this is such a fresh and natural look. I am sure it will look different with your lashes, but I really like it. So cute!

  10. That’s lovely! :)
    You have nice big eyes and I didn’t realize you weren’t wearing make-up. And I have made a few of my own headbands, they are on my blog :) My only blog :L But still :)

  11. So inspiring!! The 'scew-wiff' ;p of the daisies made me think it was real orginally! Love it!

  12. Kerrie

    I love this little hair band! Recently (and I have no idea why) I have started becoming much more creative! I designed a lampshade for my room at uni and decorated a couple of pairs of shoes…have a look and see what you think :)


  13. hey..oh really i like it…

  14. It looks very cute. :) Yesterday I've done something DIY, too. You can check it on my blog.

  15. I am an exceptionally bad 'maker' but this looks like such a cute idea, may have to find my creative side and make this! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  16. this looks really cool!!! :) i wish i was good at this kind of thing:( :( :D

  17. Ibtihal El manari

    One of your Oldest post Ever !!! Who would have thought you’ll be where you are now !! #ProudOfYou “OldFan

  18. Alice Wensington

    How did you get the flowers to stick to the headband? I have a really hard time with getting anything to stick to my headband. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong.

  19. Adele

    Wow, look how far you’ve went! 🦄✨💖🌟I’m so proud of you Zoe:) xx A

  20. Anna

    Super cute!

  21. Rebecca Lyon

    So proud of how far you’ve come! i really hope to have successful blog and possibly YouTube channel as you do!
    much love xx

  22. Cecilia Shih

    So cute!!! love it!

  23. Zoe Lason

    Wow zoella this is from forever ago x