It’s not very exciting but hey ho, I haven’t done a FOTD before so let me know if you like. :)

On my face:
  • Revlon colourstay foundation
  • Mac select cover up concealer
  • GOSH touch up concealer in no 2 (under the eyes)
  • a dash of benefit erase paste in no 1 (in the corners of my eyes to brighten)
  • A quick sweep on BareEscentuals foundation in medium beige to set foundation
  • Mac So Ceylon MSF on cheek bones
  • a dash of Revlon Blusher on tops on cheek bones
  • The lighter side of Mac MSF in red head on my cheek bones


  • Carmex for extra moisture ;)
  • Barry M Lip paint in 101
  • Soap & Glory mother pucker lipgloss in half naked

My Eyes:
  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • Mac e/s Sunday best all over the lid (is shown mainly in the inside corner)
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in Wild berry (number 88) On outer corner and on bottom lash line
  • Mac e/s Star violet on lower lashline (mixed in with wild berry)
  • Black ink Bobbi Brown Gel liner
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black

  1. You look absolutely stunning in these pics missy!! :) xx

  2. very pretty!

  3. These photos are gorgeous and your hair is beautiful!

  4. awww u look so pretty!

  5. Laura

    You are a little stunner my love…enjoy having the boyfriend home ;) x x x

  6. you look gorgeous! Love the hair.
    are those your real lashes?

    do you have extensions or anything?

  7. Noo, my lashes are all real :) with alot of help from lancome hynose x

  8. Posey

    hair tutorial please ma’am!

    seriously, i am in love with your hair!!!!

  9. OMG your eyes are so big and blue! Gorgeous! ♥

  10. Love your makeup but I really love your hair!

  11. Beautiful!!!
    Such a doll!!!

  12. Meya

    really pretty =]]

  13. Utterly gorgeous :) I love your hair, too!

  14. your eyes are so beautiful!! n you look so cute :3

  15. ANGE

    arghh.. i love your eyeballs! hehehe . you look like a living doll!! :)

  16. You look gorgeous…love the hair too :-) Have fun!

  17. your lashes are so long! and you have gorgeous eyes too :)

    ps you are the winner of my (last week) weekly giveaway! just email me your delivery address to, :)

  18. hi, i left my e-mail adress (see above), could you also let me know which necklace you want too in the email? Thanks! :)

  19. Ondine

    Love the colour of the dazzle dust and wow, your eyelashes are long – is that all the magic of Lancome?

  20. Anna

    you look amazing! i’m sure your boyfriend will enjoy it!

  21. Great look!
    i’m inlove with your eyes and lashes.

    You are too pretty. I am going to follow you. :)

  22. denise

    you’re drop dead GORGEOUS girly!!!!(no homo)…i lalalove your eye makeup!

  23. you look amazing!!

  24. lovveellyyy :-)

  25. Beautiful :) x

  26. kelly

    hi..i found your blog through Tina @ Luphia loves…

    i love this picture! you look amazing! Your make up and hair is perfect!! and your eyes are beautiful!!!

  27. Anonymous

    I love how you do your eyeshadow! What brushes did you use?

  28. I am looking for different ways of doing my makeup for my wedding and yours is really inspirational. Very pretty!

  29. emily

    you have the prettiest blue eyes!! :)

  30. Joan

    So pretty! I love your hair!

  31. wow. you have the most amazing eyes ever! totally envious of the colourrrr x

  32. I really like your hair and your make-up and of course your blog too! :)

  33. You are SO pretty and I adore your hair! x

  34. you are GORGEOUS my dear

  35. Nanzy

    Awwww you look like a doll =) and I’m uber jealous you were in Harry Potter!!!! HoLy Hamburgers!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ anyway, I’m Nanzy from Hawaii…nice to meet ya~


  36. i love mother puicker and was just talking to my friend about trying the tan-y frosty color which i’m assuming is the half baked color you’re wearing.

    i think i’m sold!

  37. is the barry m no. 88 e/s called winter berry as cant find one called wild berry?? Also the lip gloss youre wearing looks dark in the tube, is it definately the half naked colour? I love the colour on your lips, perfect nude colour

  38. @littlemissmakeup – Yes sorry complete typo there. It's winter berry :) & yes it is the dark colour but because i'd paled out my lips and only applied a smaller amount it doesn't come out dark. :) xx

  39. how do you pale out your lips? the colour you have is the nicest colour! Is Ondine from Nars similar to the Barry M shadow wouls you say?

  40. @littlemissmakeup – I used the Barry M lip paint in 101. i wouldn't say it's like any of the dazzle dusts really.

  41. I will def be trying that look out as I love it. Do you have any idea of a dupe for macs sunday best as i know it was a limited edition and they dont do it anymore? :)

  42. jess

    your eyes are beautiful!

  43. Peach

    You are so prettyyyyyyyy
    i'm jealous :P

  44. you look gorgeous :)what shade of the revlon colourstay did you use? xxx

  45. your hair is amazing zoe and your makeup!! you are sooo pretty zoe

  46. I love your eyes zoey!!!!

  47. Fetus Zoe! So sweet:)!xx

    Jasmine ||

  48. Still as pretty as EVER zoe xxx

  49. Georgie

    They are solo nice

  50. Ivy Green

    You look lovely Zoe!